Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Give us this day our daily bread...

For once, a good story about New Charter.

 New Charter Homes has set up a scheme with bakery company  Greggs to run healthy breakfast clubs in schools in Tameside. Both organisations are funding the clubs at New Charter’s sponsor school Silver Springs Academy in Stalybridge and Broadoak Primary School in Ashton-under-Lyne. The scheme is to run for two years.

Greggs will donate fresh bread daily from a local store and the cash funding will help to buy cereal, fruit, toasters and crockery for the clubs.

The scheme will utilise parent volunteers who will join "work clubs" to gain work experience on the scheme.

The two breakfast clubs will be two of approximately 260 similar clubs which Greggs have around the country.

Anything which helps the ordinary citizen in these stringent times is to be welcomed. But are we being too  cynical if we reflect that this announcement has come at a very convenient time for New Charter homes, whose charitable status was the cause of some comment and questions?


It's all open and above board no secrets said...

Information from appointment at GEDLING HOMES

Anonymous said...

TC charitable status helping Primary School children.
FACT new charter housing are now in the process of trying to make a six year old child homeless in Dukinfield.

Anonymous said...

Dukinfield AND Denton baths, extremely popular local exercise and leisure facilities next on the hit list. New aquatics centre proposed on green belt land on Cemetery Rd in Denton.
Now I WONDER what will happen to the land on the two former sites if this scandalous plan goes ahead.
If highly significant and essential local facilities like these plus libraries, children's centres are being shut and as squeezing money out of motorists, including the disabled, to park and all the other nauseating, money stealing schemes accelerate, it's clear we're just cash cows to be milked whilst getting ever less in return.
They local powers that be believe the apathetic dross that make up 75% of the Tameside electorate will just bend over and take it once AGAIN. In May we'll find out if they're right.

Anonymous said...

TC maybe you can answer this question as you seem to know a lot about how new charter work the media.?
How in the world can new charter avoid the wave of bad publicity coming their way as they prepare for a two day trial to try and evict Roy West's partner, her six year old grandchild, her daughter, son.?
People may not know but new charter attempted this before but back away from it.
New charter have already spent thousands for this eviction.
One important note; the judge has already expressed sympathy for Roy West's vulnerable partner in this case he said "why are you taking action against her, if Roy West is the problem"

Anonymous said...

This brazen hypocrite MP is constantly pretending he cares for the health and welfare of families.
I quote:
Andrew Gwynne (Shadow Minister (Health); Denton and Reddish, Labour)
It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Mr Davies. I pay tribute to Tracey Crouch for securing this important and sensitive debate. There are few more pressing issues than protecting the health of small babies and reducing the deaths of babies under one.Quote END.

He knows full well the serious dangers his constituent families are facing including the unborn fetus and babies as they are force fed huge levels of toxins which kill and main because of Tameside being one of the most congested and air polluted regions in the North West of the UK.
How do such beings without consciences end up being complicit over many years in backing every instance of attracting traffic into his constituency and then having the bloody audacity to constantly open his mouth in the House of Commons and spew out despicable references to his concerns.
The latest official notification from the Highways Agency concerning the road changes at the M67/M60/A57 major interchange states:

The numbers of vehicles which daily utilise this junction exceed 450,000,so they Gwynne and his cronies have got their way in "increasing" the interchange capacity which will as always attract even more vehicles into his constituency.
The level of sheer undiluted hypocrisy is an absolute scandal and this MP needs carting a.s.a.p
because of his proven contempt for men,.women,the aged,children,
babies and fetus health and welfare.
I repeat "do your own research into PM2.5 Particulates and Babies,Fetus and pregnant mothers"

Reimer said...

Banner spotted on footbridge over M67 in Denton at 7am: "Stop Paedophile Rings - BNP".

Anonymous said...

Reddish Vale Technology College has been put into special measures following a damning Ofsted report branding it ‘inadequate’.

The Stockport school was judged inadequate in every area – achievement of pupils, teaching, behaviour and safety of students and leadership and management.

So where`s A.Gwynne as MP for this
school,hiding away behind his barricade I bet.
He tweets all day,promotes himself
constantly but that`s about it for this well paid MP

Anonymous said...

No mention of Tameside Hospital failing again anywhere,what`s going on with TC.
Why exclude the truth when thousands could still be at risk ??????????
We deserve more exposures than just New Charter.

Telegraph said...

film footage of house collapsing in Ashton town centre bottom of Stamford Street. It once belonged to poet Francis Thompson who lived there between 1864 and 1885.

And this is when the were great said...

@10:55 new charter have got more chance of getting a court to order this eviction than Leeds United have of winning the title.

Anonymous said...

@27/03/2014 10:55 re eviction the only CCTV footage of Roy West is on the 23/03/2012, this footage was used against Roy West in 2012 by new charter as a breach of the injunction. Yet Roy West as been branded the neighbor from hell that's led a a five year hate campaign, and not one single CCTV footage WILL be shown to substantiate these allegations.
I think that the eviction case will reveal a number of big holes in this long running Roy West saga. There comes a time when evidence is needed.

Anonymous said...

Roy West is not allowed to ask for evidence he's supposed to except his fate.

Tulip Foods Pigs Jammed In said...

This video will shock people.
If you are in favour of animal well fair and well being send in complaints to TULIP FOODS in Dukinfield it's on Bow Street.
These trucks are jamming in pigs on top of each other.

PM Cameron hails legalised homosexual marriage said...

Gushing live Sky TV coverage of the first UK homosexual 'marriage' which took place in Brighton at 12.01 this morning. The gleeful way it was presented was telling. The inexorable destruction of our way of life at the hands of the Cultural Marxists is rapidly gaining momentum. Soon there victory will be total - until the Muslims take over that is.

Anonymous said...

Reading TC Posters items over a long period of time I would suggest that the majority take their blinkers off and recognise the other alternative serious problems than New Charter and RW are hitting the populations of Tameside repeatedly year after year yet when such instances of widespread problems,negligence and contempt by TMBC are pointed out the interest becomes almost zero.
Whilst the brain dead continue to vote their local administrators and politicians in regardless,I suggest that its obvious that many posters sit back ignoring the exposures which arise on TC and have no concerns other than the daily dosage which is repeated.This signifies there is a brain dead blinkered and obsessive
group who couldn`t give a toss about the many examples of Tameside Politicians absolute continuing disregard for their deliberate avoidances on examples of gross negligence and sycophantic upholding of the continuing scandals.
Just one item this week has been that Tameside Hospital is continuing to breach the required standards big time,and yet who gives a monkey`s about it other than when they or their families become victims of Hospital negligence.
Whether it be the stand in Chief Executive,the constant Health care
leaders such as Dr.Chand,plus the local MP who pontificates on health care for the Socialist Party,and the Councillors who monitor,debate and sit on quangos
boosting their wealth yet ignoring as always the deplorable failures of our local Hospital.
It seems TC Posters sit ignoring this situation and prefer to persistently shout out about their almost daily rhetoric concerning the BNP,Immigrants,New Charter and RW.
Now thats` what I suggest is blinkered singular thinking whilst
damage to the provisions required by Tamesiders occurs daily courtesy of the sleaze ridden authorities which maintain their grip on YOU and YOURS.

Anonymous said...

@14 09:27 Anonymous maybe you would like us to all talk about you?

Anonymous said...

@29/03/2014 09:27 maybe when you become a victim of injustice and persecution. You'll think differently, when you try to get the police to see the whole story banging you're head against a brick wall.

Anonymous said...

@ 09:27 you should try living in Roy West's shoes before you point the finger at him.
Live what he's had to live through, the persecution, harassment from the police. The vile Labour smear leaflets. The stitch up.

Anonymous said...

@Percy Sugden 9:27

If everyone really is 'braindead' as you claim, then why fuss so much over those who (apparently)take advantage of them? You rant endlessly about people you clearly have no respect or sympathy for, and then in the next breath start having a hissy fit because others are taking advantage of them. Do you not cotton on to the senselessness of your position?

You are of course right in one regard - many of the locals are dense feeble minded lemmings. The difference is I don't fret endlessly about things I cannot effect. The politicians have the unqualified support of the local population, and as such have (in some respects) a blank cheque to do pretty much as they please. And that's the way it is. End of. Move on, live life etc that kind of thing.

Democracy and accountability will continue to work within its limited remit to counter corruption etc. But to suggest that all of us should commit to obsessive Roger Cook pursuits because the local TMBC oligarchy are (like many local authorities)not entirely above board is quite literally barking.

If you or anyone else wants to spend what is a short life endlessly fretting over such trivialities fine. But don't expect the rest of us to and (as they say) live and let live.

Anonymous said...

Roy wests persecutors have had it all their own way for along time. Now they've made a number of mistakes in their statements. . Matters that can't be covered up or ignored by the police. I do feel that Roy West has been persecuted. Let's hope that what comes to light will so this.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 13:11, Live and let live isn't the solution to the ongoing destruction of our nation.

Anonymous said...

If yo get on the wrong side of someone with influence like Roy West has, then they can just real off what they like. But power and influence does not mean you can't get caught out.