Friday, 28 February 2014

"Secret" deals not to prosecute IRA men. Were they THAT secret, and why were some still prosecuted?

Alleged IRA Hyde Park bomber John Downey was released from custody and will not face prosecution. All part of the "Good Friday" agreement to bury the past and move forward, So we are told, But there is a fly in the ointment, by the name of Gerry McGeough, ex-Provisional IRA.

Gerry McGeough was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2011. In 1981 he shot and severely wounded Mr Sammy Brush, a postman and off-duty UDR soldier. He failed in an attempt to gain a RPM (Royal Prerogative of Mercy) and the trial judges rejected a claim that Sinn Fein and the government colluded to get him imprisoned. This even though "The Belfast Telegraph" reported in 2010 that he had received a Royal Pardon

But the facts hint at a different story. McGeough was arrested in Omagh in 2007 while attending the count for the elections to the Stormont assembly. He was standing as an Independent candidate. Note that, "Independent".

He left Sinn Fein in 2001 and in the 2004 European Election he supported the campaign of Justin Barrett. Barrett is opposed to immigration into |The Irish Republic and like McGeough is a traditionalist and Roman Catholic.

So there we have it. An alleged mass murderer who is still "on-side" is free to walk the streets while a man who's Nationalism is more traditional is jailed. Collusion??? What do YOU think.

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Anonymous said...

All the best with the treatment.
See you fighting fit to carry on the fight soon.

Chocolate Limes said...

BRITS OUT! (Every other non-indigenous to our islands group IN).

The words: Total, F***ing, and Hypocrisy spring to mind.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gwynne (Shadow Minister (Health); Denton and Reddish, Labour)
It certainly is a two-horse race in my constituency; do not let the Liberals tell you otherwise.

Hows that for sheer utter arrogance from A Tameside MP who out of 66,000
electorate just 19,000 decided to vote for him which appears to be 47,000 who do not want this MP to
be their MP.
Known for deceptions he is unfit for purpose and his ego is controlling his brain cells.

Anonymous said...

Give the blog back to the old administrator.

Anonymous said...

Good article shows the sinister forces now at work to destroy objectors to the new order of things.

Shared Identity said...

It's pure hypocrisy to say 'Brits Out' then be in favour of international immigration. It's also quick national suicide in a country with such a small population.

tonydj said...

The contrast between the professionalism of the P-IRA at it's height and the later split off groups ("Real""Continuity") always struck me as interesting. Also the reluctance of the P-IRA to cause REAL havoc as opposed to the occasional showpiece attack was noticeable. It was left to a group of jihadists, whose genuineness has often been questioned, to launch a serious attack on the tube. And look at the chaos caused by a simple fire in a scrap yard. Couldn't P-IRA emulate this?

tonydj said...

This is the evidence for my above comment

All Roads Point To said...

The ugly FACE of Tameside MBC!

Anonymous said...

He deals the cards as a meditation
And those he plays never suspect
He doesn't play for the money he wins
He don't play for respect.

He deals the cards to find the answer
The sacred geometry of chance, The hidden law of a probable outcome
The numbers lead a dance.

Bias Brits & Northern Ireland FULL documentary said...