Sunday, 23 February 2014

Anti-Slavery team to be based at Manchester Airport

Nearly two hundred years after the final abolition of slavery in the British Empire, over 150 years after President Lincoln's proclamation of emancipation of the slaves, a special anti-slavery unit is to be set up at Manchester Airport. Check here

Modern Slavery and Organised Crime minister Karen Bradley has claimed that the Border Control officers are often the first authority figures the new arrival in country comes across, hence they are the natural choice to staff these units.

One could be cynical and suggest that they would be better based at local Jobcentres, given the introduction of "Workfare" or "Work for your dole" schemes but this hides the fact of yet another addition to the list of "enrichments" our "new citizens" have brought to this land of ours.

Just consider how bad the situation must be when there is an actual named "Modern slavery....." minister!


1968 documentary in Batley said...

Please watch this 1968 programme about Batley in West Yorkshire.
Fascinating. Community no longer there. My old school at the start of the video, and at that time I was in the playground.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry England, the blood that has been spilt was for nothing.

Tom Paine's Bones said...

Thank's for the article Kick of slavery.

As I Walked on the Road said...

Slavery is a terrible thing, to force a man into the ground.
Labour should be given freely, not forced and wiped.

Anonymous said...

TC can you help to us understand, from the Jesus prospective on slavery? It's evil, no other argument can put put.
Can you help us to forgive those that abuse us and persecute us?
Jesus said love our enemies, and do good to those that abuse us.

Telegraph said...

US tells Russia to keep troops out of Ukraine as Crimea flashpoint looms

Turmoil in Ukraine is turning attention to Moscow's claims to the Crimea, where Russia keeps its Black Sea fleet

The USA has already begun to make preparations for war. Ms. Rice, US foreign secretary today warned Russia in no uncertain terms that putting troops on Ukrainan soil would not stand. And to make it even better, she said the East will not be allowed to form a new independent state with freedom from Kiev's revolutionary un-elected government.

So the USA has revealed it's stance, the Ukraine must submit to a government run by revolutionaries funded by the USA to overthrow a government that won the last election, in an election the EU certified as free, open and fair.

This Mr. Rice, imperial ruler of the world, has made a mistake, that bitch failed to notice that Russian military has huge forces in Crimea, an area claimed by Kiev as part of Ukraine. So, pretext for war already exists.

I see the game plan is going according to plan.

1. fund, arm and train a small group of extremists, including nazis to overthrow the elected government.

2. once the government leaves, recognize the revolutionaries as legitimate government.

3. Announce that Kiev has absolute power and anti revolutionary districts must submit to Kiev.

4. announce no break up of Ukraine is possible

5. threaten war if the people of East and South Ukraine refuse to pay taxes to Kiev and submit to the unelected revolutionary forces.

6. [this is where we are today]. Announce that Russia must not put troops onto Ukrainian soil at risk of US Attack against Russia. This precludes any military support for East and South Ukrainian people seeking freedom and democracy. The East and South are to be militarily crushed to make way for the revolutionary government's complete control/

7. [where we soon will be]. Announce huge bailouts of Kiev, and announce a request from Kiev's new government for a mutal defense treaty [NATO] protection against Russia.

All this is the "End Game" I mentioned already several days ago. NATO will absorb Ukraine.

What we do know for a fact is Karkov and the East, along with the Crimea, is majority Russian, and not loyal to this revolutionary government. Claiming self defense, they both have voted to begin local control of their areas, to recruit individuals to aid police in protecting their territory from armed gangs that the USA will try and send East and South. This is where war can begin. When Kiev tries to exert authority of the revolutionary government over people who do not want to be ruled by Kiev. The USA and Kiev are the same entity now. Will they go to war? Russia has announced, after a top national security meeting, that they WILL go to war in Crimea. As to the East and Odessa areas, I suspect they will await Kiev's offensive, and then react accordingly. Lucky for Russia that they just converted their air defenses to the S-400 and the new upgraded TOR-M2 with new missiles. These can cover the East from Russian territory and the Russian Navy in Crimea has the same navalized missiles in the fleet. A no fly zone by revolutionary Kiev will be destroyed.

Tameside Citizen said...

As far as I recall the Crimea was populated with the Tartars until finally conquered in the 1770's. The Russians then built the port of Sebastopol. It was a base for the Black Sea fleet and thus gained a Russian Population. Invaded in 1942 by the Germans the Red Army reconquered in 1944. The Tartars were deported to the east as pro-German.

In 1954, shortly after Stalin died, the new Soviet leader Krushev gave the Crimea to the Ukraine. This meant nothing in reality because the USSR was bound together in an iron grip. BUT with the fall of communism and the break up of the USSR it means a lot.

Ukraine. UK rain. said...

The EU's owned body and soul by Internationalist bankers, Russia isn't. Ukraine is the latest battleground in the Internationalist's fight to draw another major country into their clutches.
Putin totally wrongfooted the west over Syria, particularly exposing the naivete of Cameron and the desperate inadequacy of Obama.
An election in Ukraine is the only realistic solution if the country can be held together. The Russians won't sit by if the Crimea is threatened and the west's bluff WILL be called.
Despite the conflict it is heartening to see, in Ukraine both a country full of natives and their near (if in dispute) kin, and a people prepared to fight and die for the national cause they believe in. It's difficult to imagine many of our British youth would have the knowledge, conviction, belief or courage to do likewise.

Ivan Popov said...

So TC, who has the legitimate claim to the Crimea, the Ukrainians or Ruskies?

Anonymous said...

By far the best book I've ever read on the slave trade was: Who Brought the Slaves to America? (Jewish Involvement In the Black Slave Trade To The Americas) by Walter White Jnr.

Tameside Citizen said...

@ Ivan Popov

Who ever has the majority population. There should be a plebiscite.

The main point I was making is that historically the Crimea was part of neither Russia/Muscovy nor the Ukraine, and it is now disputed between two populations who are both relative newcomers to the Crimea.

(Note. A plebiscite's result is legally binding, a referendum is a consultative process not legally binding)

tonydj said...

@Tameside Citizen

I visited the Crimea in 1993 so my recollections are a little dated. But as far as I remember although it was legally part of the Ukraine it was linguistically and culturally Russian. Sebastopol was a Russian city. Perhaps the big give away was that I flew to the Crimea from the domestic airport in Moscow and not the International airport. Though I did have to go through "passport control" which was a portacabin with a hole knocked in the wall!

I met the actor Tony Haygarth at the airport, on his way to the Crimea to film the SHARPE series, they were having problems relating to going to a "different country than Russia"! Didn't see Sean Bean.

The truth about Labour's apologists for paedophilia: said...

TC this is an article of national and local importance when you take into account that Stuart Hall was a local Labour member and he was always at The Old Rectory with the council leader. Please make an article on this subject to see who we can smoke out.

Your name, is Toby said...

Re slavery: Went past the splendid independent, Marple Regent cinema the other night. There was a large queue of locals (Marple, so they were all indigenous and mostly prosperous looking) waiting to watch Mr McQueen's epic, '12 Years a Slave'.
No doubt they all felt suitably chastened and purified afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Here he comes again hinting at Israels "(other parties" concerns.
People didn`t vote for an Israeli
spokesperson in Tameside.
Funny how he is not a member of the House of Commons Friends of Palestine group along with other Labour MP`s ??

Andrew Gwynne: The Foreign Secretary will be aware of recent reports
that Hezbollah forces are now fighting alongside the Syrian army loyal
to President Assad close to the Syrian-Lebanese border. Given the
potential that has for wider regional instability, what more can be done
beyond the Geneva II process to prevent other parties from being drawn
into what is already a highly volatile and bloody conflict?

Anonymous said...

I too saw the dreadful '12 Years A Slave' the other day. Only just recovered!

Your name is Toby. Who is this Toby you're always on about?

SerpentSlayer said...

You couldn't make me watch it at gunpoint. The Lego film on the other hand I could watch a few dozen more times. It has a message all the idle dolts of this burnt out island could do with taking to heart.

Oh, I went to Alabama... said...

@ Anonymous, Check out 'Roots' on YouTube or Google if you want to know who Toby was.

Reimer said...

Re '12 Years a Slave' -

yes, Marple, a bolt-hole for pious selfish Ostriches hiding from their ostensible beliefs' bankruptcy (see also much of High Peak).

Directed by Mr Steve McQueen...saw him on TV talking about the film...he hasn't half let himself go.


Anonymous said...

Roy West#s videos might be about Tameside, but 99.9999% looking up videos on youtube won't be interested in his thousands of 20 second clips. They tend to be after something a bit more substantial and informative.

As for his mate serpent slayer, if Tameside ends once you're behind closed doors, why do you come to website. You think that because you personally are not interested in any video about Tameside except West's clips everyone else thinks like you.

Check the view count of West's videos, and then ask yourself how useful and helpful it is to have thousands of such videos completely drown out the website for everyone else interested in Tameside matters.

Anonymous said...

@18:39 you are really get hung up about this YouTube.
Step back and reflect.