Friday, 17 January 2014

"High Noon" in Hattersley

When two GMP officers was faced with arresting a suspect in a Hattersley pub in November 2012 they decided that it was "Too dangerous" to enter the Queen Adelaide Pub. Accordingly PC Ian Johnson made a radio call hinting that the suspect had fled onto the estate.

In fact, he was still in the pub. The suspect subsequently left the pub, flagged down Officer Johnson and was given a lift home despite the fact that the police in the rest of Hyde were looking for him.

The Police Officer was cleared of Misconduct in a public office at Liverpool Crown Court this week.

His defence was that he had not acted corruptly but had been in fear of his life from the suspect, described as "an animal" and "a cage fighter who was 15 stone of solid muscle"

There are so many issues raised by this case that it is difficult to know where to start. I am  acutely aware that I do not put myself  "in harm's way" for a living, so it is easy to be brave on paper. But it is the police's duty to protect the public. And we are constantly told not to take the law into our own hands, not to mention the progressively severe gun control laws which make self defence harder.

I was under the impression that the average copper on the beat carries an arsenal of personal protection weaponry. Tear gas, tasers, truncheons and riot sticks to start with then guns of varying calibres as needed. Even with this there are some police who "Bottle it"!

Still, they can always raid Roy West's place, I believe he is armed with sharpened guava fruit.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, you mention Roy West at the end of the article.
Whenever the police turn up mob handed at Roy West's house, it's always a case of the police saying, there's no need for handcuffs Roy, we know you are not violent.
His 6 YEAR OLD grandchild sits in the chair terrified, his partner in tears.
Roy West is not violent he's just stood for the BNP.

Anonymous said...

The European Parliament is to spend almost £2 million to monitor blogs like this.

Reimer said...

I suppose I should be surprised at the plod-in-the-stand's antics but am instead rather taken aback that said antics are still taken seriously enough by someone (who?) to be deemed worthy of this legal path and with the clout to make it happen.


Free parking scrapped in Tameside said...

These lat are worse than Dick Turpin

Anonymous said...

Respect for the police is at all time low

We're exempt. Why? WE JUST ARE. said...

If I hear another Tameside Labour cu... sorry councillor (abuse is now verboten on this blog) going on about 'the cuts' I'll violently vomit.
It's ironic they do all the complaining yet are amongst the miniscule minority of the borough's residents unaffected by said cuts. Time some of our surplus local elected representatives (about 50 out of 57) were 'cut'.
If money's this tight why are we spending well over a million quid a year on councillors who only represent a paltry 3700 people each.

SerpentSlayer said...

The police resemble more a mob of psychologically damaged bullying victims, attacking weak targets as a form of therapy. That is when not acting as private security for fracking companies like igas or for sport fixtures.
The most worrying are the armed units, with members too soft to shoot live rounds into men who use machetes on soldiers, but ready to taze blind men and shoot innocent motorists. Not to mention raid the houses of young men like Christopher Philips (causing the suicide of his father) who dress in bed sheets on the internet.
I have more respect for common criminals these days than I do the police. Considering my innate morality, that should be considered damning.

Balanced View said...

@ Free parking scrapped in Tameside.
Perhaps we'd have a more car friendly (i.e. in touch with reality) policy in the borough if the cabinet member for transport, Councillor Robinson, was a member of a motorist's rights group, to go with his being on the TFGM committee, and Chairman of South East manchester Rail User's Group.

Tameside Citizen said...

@ we're exempt.
Abuse is not necessary when you have a good point to make, and you my friend made a very good point. We should not lower ourselves to their level.

Interesting Reading said...

Some people may find these statistics interesting reading.
Roy West's Dukinfield, police statistics visits, arrests, interviews.
Arrested 6 times since standing in local elections in 2007
Since 2008: An estimated 30 police officers have visited Roy West's home.
This including three police inspectors, and five cid officers.
2008: Two CID officers visit on election day wanting to see Roy
West's birth certificate.
2010: CID officer vists Roy West's home address to question him over "nasty violent man" comments posted on the internet.
2012: Police arrive at the West's home on election day to question his partner over contents of Roy's election leaflets.
2012: Police follow Roy West on election day, police knocking on doors wanting to see leaflets Roy's posted.
2012: (Election day) Police pull up in car on Victoria street, and question Roy West about contents of his leaflets (Expenses leaflets)
2012: Two police Inspectors from Ashton visit Roy West on election night at his home address.
2013: Roy West interviewed over "Just off the boat" comments.

Additional information: 2011 election day, threats to kill Roy West on Victoria road in Dukinfield not investigated(Threats were reported)
Police response was "Don't post BNP leaflets then"

Crime, Greed and Selfishness said...

Necessary welfare spending is beneficial to a civilised society. Unnecessary welfare spending, such as on the irresponsible, criminal or feckless, is as corrosive as sulphuric acid.

Anonymous said...

Investigative journalism.

Anonymous said...

Latest press release
Shows another important objective by the UK Government in silencing the facts governing your lives.

The Government is suppressing official advice over the legality of new rules to regulate the press, The Telegraph can disclose.
Ministers are refusing to disclose the contents of a key document on the Royal Charter, a new system of regulation which critics say risks granting politicians control over the press for the first time in 300 years.
The paper is thought to set out advice on whether the plans breach European law. Four QCs have said the scheme, which was drawn up based on Lord Justice Leveson’s report on press regulation, violates the clause concerning freedom of expression in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Anonymous said...

Good post serpentslayer that's what they want for Roy West. by the time the cops have left the house, everyone is traumatized. Including a child.

Anonymous said...

Roy wears expenses leaflets hurt them, Brian wild could not go in a pub without people waving tenners at him.

Anonymous said...

Those statistics involving Roy Wests police visits are shocking. can hardly believe them.

Anonymous said...

Typical TC shite. Blaming the good people of Hattersley with the headline when there is no such pub on Hattersley estate. Just typical. Hang your head in shame.

Achtung! said...

They want West out for committing a 'hate crime'.
Be a total scrote/junkie/chav piece of dross for years on end and you'll get leeway 'til the cows come home in modern Britain/Tameside.
Lose your rag once and use a verboten word and they'll come after you like you're a combination of Jack the Ripper, Ian Brady and Attila the Hun.

Tameside Citizen said...

Anonymous @19:17

This blog was not the only part of the Media to describe the pub as "in Hattersley". Admittedly the pub is not on the estate and should more accurately be described as "Gee Cross". But "High Noon In Gee Cross" doesn't have the same ring.

But "Sorry" if it annoyed you.