Saturday, 14 December 2013

UKIP are not a racist party

That is the claim made by Audenshaw Ukip candidate David Turner in a letter published in the current edition of the Tameside Advertiser.

I do not for one moment doubt the sincerity Mr Turner when he says this, but racist is a word that can mean things to many people.

When you study the origins or the feared big 'R' word you soon realise that it was a word created to silence dissenting voices. The use of the word racist/racism is more about emotion than logic. For example, during the last few weeks Saudi Arabia has forcibly expelled 115,000 Ethiopian economic migrants. This event has gone virtually unreported in the Western media as Saudi's do not fit into the category of those who can be accused of being racist. Had France, Ukraine or Canada deported such a massive number of Ethiopian economic migrants in such a brutal and organised fashion even the funeral of Mandela might have been sidelined as various Western commentators fought back tears to express their feigned anger and outrage at such a brutal and 'racist' event.

The Cultural Marxists who have relentlessly propagated the racist/racism bogeyman myth have been working to a long term agenda and the success of this strategy is now apparent for all to see.

It is impossible to defend yourself from an allegation which has its roots in emotional and mental conditioning rather than logic. In the Advertiser letter Mr Turner states that Ukip "resist mass immigration" but according to the illogical logic of those who use the big 'R' word as a weapon that is a racist statement despite 'mass immigration' not being a race. The same applies when discussing the topic of illegal immigrants who have no right to be in a particular country. If you raise the issue in almost any public debate you quickly be drowned out be yelps of "racist racist racist". The fact you are talking about criminal law breakers matters not, what matters is that you have placed yourself in the cross-hairs of those who use the word racist as weapon to stifle debate and forward their own agenda.

The Chief Constable of GMP recently called for a change in the law to allow discrimination against native British applicants in favour of those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. There was no outrage or choruses of racist/racism blurted out by the usual suspects yet these are the same people who can find racists/racism even in the most unlikely places.

Take the example of Alan Hanson the former Liverpool football player and Match of the Day pundit. Mr Hanson was publicly hung out to dry for the heinous crime of referring to a black footballer as "coloured". Now when I was a lad, coloured was a very polite term used when speaking about a person of colour. However as Alan Hanson and many others have discovered only when it's too late; if you wish to stay on the right side of the race obsessed zealots such as the resident in Audenshaw who believed Ukip to be racist, you must keep up to date with current News Speak trends. What is polite and accepted one year may be 'racist' the next. Another obvious example is how when speaking of people of mixed ancestry half-caste is out and mixed-race is in.

It would be possible to go on and on about this subject but most people are not concerned. Many fail to join the dots which when joined reveals an uncomfortable truth. They accept without question that racism is a one way way street. Incidents such as the industrial scale targeting of white children for rape and abuse by immigrant gangs are just 'awkward' one-off events to those who wish not see.

The only antidote to avoid being cowed into a humiliating climb down when unjustly accused of being something which could mean a multitude of things (racist) is not denial or justification of your point, no, quite the opposite. The onus is on the accuser to prove their case and if you are prepared to ignore the non-factual based emotional broadside they unleash against you, you will destroy them every time as in almost all cases their argument is built on nothing but empty words.


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Alf is that it.

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Alf why is always HA HA HA LOL it seems rather childish playground stuff?

Speak your mind said...

I used to know a South African who came from a part of the country where the Afrikaaners had had a very rough time in the last few years, particularly the way many of their people and farmers had been oppressed, killed and mistreated by Blacks. One day he said 'I don't hate the Blacks, I just don't like them.'
A racially based comment certainly, directed against one race, in support and empathy with another. Controversial maybe, and unreasoning bigotry should be condemned, but he should be free to express and explain his views and preferences without being demonised and suppressed by ANYONE whatever their agenda.

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Like his nom de plume, Alf is a total imbecile who is incapable of any reasoned comment.

Lunar vs Lunacy said...

Congratulations to the People's Republic of China for successfully landing their moon rover, Jade Rabbit on the lunar surface.
A significant achievement and the first 'soft' landing on the moon for an astonishing 37 years, time disgracefully wasted in man's essential quest for progress.
China is, of course, by the western liberal definition, with its culturally homogenous, patriotic (and racially very similar) society, a chronically 'racist' country. Their increasiong dominance is all the more surprising given they don't have the 'benefit' of hordes of unwanted, often hostile and parasitic immigrants constantly flooding in which we in Britian have.
Our British and western version of 'morality', re immigrants, refugees, the Third World etc is in fact attempted national suicide. If action isn't taken very soon, immigration toxicity levels will go beyond the critical point and the would-be suicide will indeed expire.

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Pipes of Peace

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Ex article TC