Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Tameside: Bottom Of The Class Yet Again

Ofsted bosses have demanded 'urgent' action in two of the region's local authorities – where fewer than half of kids go to a 'good' secondary school.

Salford and Tameside are among just a handful of areas nationwide in which more than half of youngsters attend high schools rated 'adequate' or worse. In the first report of its kind, the education inspectorate raises major concerns over the situation.

While in Bury 95pc of pupils attend a high school with one of the top two ratings, in Salford the figure is 47pc – and in Tameside, 46pc. Read the full article: Manchester Evening News

This damning report does not make good reading. There are many good things about Tameside but if you asked someone from another part of Greater Manchester what is Tameside famous for would they answer:

The Moors Murderers

Dr Harold Shipman

Dale Creegan

Tameside Hospital Death Rates

UK's Heart Disease Capital

Or last but not least

Worst Schools In The Country?


Revealed: How the UK population could DOUBLE to million within a century said...

High immigration and rising birth rates are behind the forecast from the Office for National Statistics.

It said the UK population – already the fastest growing in Europe – will hit 100million by 2075 and 132million by 2112.

(the scare stories about Tameside won't put these lot off and that's a fact)

David from Manchester said...

The problem is down to new comers from culturally dissimilar places with far higher birth rates than ours (I'd love to say where). For example one of these countries had a population of 43 million in 1965, it is now 187 million. Next door is another country which had a population of 439 million in 1965, it is now 1.21 billion. If we don't want to follow suit then we need to deal with this problem robustly. We need to realise that this isn't about hat-red or ra-ci5m, it is about survival. You see a culture is the product of a people, not a people the product of a culture. If you change the population mix you will change the culture. Are the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish really so worthless? Do we deserve this gen0cidal destruction of our cultures? Because that will be the unfortunate result of this continued influx.

Anonymous said...

Don`t worry about UK children`s future education, they are going to Israel for their education and obviously return as Zionists.
The same applies to Israeli children
coming here,and promoting Zionism.
Keep your eyes open to the ultimate
Could it mean eventually no more pork pies at Old Trafford and Etihad Stadium.

State for Education Michael Gove signed an agreement in the Knesset on Tuesday for increased collaboration in the field of English studies.

“Cooperation will strengthen the relations between the two countries and will contribute to advancing educational systems in Israel and the UK through the sharing of knowledge, teaching methods and learning techniques,” Piron stated.

“I am delighted to sign this agreement, which will greatly contribute to the quality of English education in Israel,” said Gove.

“Broader professionalization of teachers will result in more students graduating with a better understanding of English,” hed continued.

The agreement calls for collaboration between the two countries in the implementation of a national plan developed by the British Council aimed at improving the professionalism and English language skills of hundreds of Israeli teachers.

Details of the plan include participation in joint seminars, development of online tools and support in acquiring English language skills tailored to the 21st century lexicon.

“Educational cooperation is a good example of the blossoming relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom in many fields such as trade, technology, science and education.

Christmas could soon be banned ?

Anonymous said...

Ofsted report what their masters tell them.

They just want to see more privatisation - not that it seems to work, compare the results for Academies with the rest of the Borough's schools.

Would Poundland Academy or Cash Convertors High be any better?

Education needs to be separated and protected from the whims and pet projects of whatever shade of self serving political scoundrel who happens to have been handed control of our children's future by their mates or masters.

Failed State said...

To be marked well below Oldham and massively behind Rochdale shows just how appallingly educational standards in Tameside have fallen. Everyone concerned should hjang their heads in shame.
This of course is largely due to the Labour monopoly which breeds absolute complacency amongst our borough's elected representatives, plus the vast number of deadheads who automatically vote Labour in the face of a mountain of evidence of failure and gross incompetence in a whole range of spheres, not least health and education.
The real culprits are the apathetic 75% who can't even be bothered to vote (the only motivation you need is, GET RID OF THIS DISASTROUS LABOUR REGIME) or get informed or involved.

Anonymous said...


6. Most online grumblers in the country.

Anonymous said...

I got accosted by a woman beggar tonight as I parked the car in Stalybridge Tesco. She was about 5'8 scraggly dark hair and a few teeth missing. She has a well rehearsed spiel which starts with tell me to get lost, everyone else does and I won't hold it against you and with that she starts walking away before you even answer. I called her back and asked her to come back and asked her to tell her story. She said New Charter evicted her two and a half years ago and since then she has been living on the streets. I said how do I know you're not just a devious smack rat making that up to make people feel sorry so as they will give her money. She said no she is genuinely homeless so I gave her the benefit if the doubt and gave her some money. Does anyone know if she is a genuine homeless or just a junkie using clever psychological techniques to extract money from good hearted people?

Failed State said...

@ Anonymous 23:58, correct but many posters on here have been involved in numerous local election campaigns and so have first hand experience of trying to get through to the electorate.
The worst are the basically intelligent apathetic, they KNOW where Britain is headed and KNOW what the best available voting or getting involved options are, they just can't be bothered to do either.

A bot o' Yorkshire common sense said...

@ Anonymous 01:12, If in doubt, do nowt.

Tameside has highest rate of domestic violence in Greater Manchester said...

Here's another one for your list just published today.

Hidden and deliberately ignored by the authorities said...

Thank God there's no domestic abuse in Muslim households.

Anonymous said...

Telegraph database: find out if your MP is planning to take Ipsa's 11 per cent pay hike
Search our database: The Telegraph wrote to ALL of Parliament's MPs asking if they would accept or decline the pay rise suggested by Ipsa
Andrew Gwynne Labour Denton and Reddish No response
Jonathan Reynolds Labour Stalybridge and Hyde No response

This must tell you something

Muslim Anti-Alcohol Patrols To Target Revellers said...

Anonymous said...
Can we hope that this case will turn out to be a flood?"The little boy with his finger in the dyke"can only last so long.

Anonymous said...

Why does Our MP Mr Andrew Gwynne stay silent about Zionist war crimes against Palestinian children?

Anonymous said...

Not sure I blame the schools on this one. If parents don't care then who does. Legacy of labour is you can have a kid and let the state sort it out. No wonder there is no hope.

Where there's life... said...

'No wonder there is no hope.' Translation: I've given up.
You'd better commit suicide then.

F**k Amnesty said...

According to Amnesty International Britain is a disgrace for not offering to take Syrian refugees. If so we should take back the extremely genrous (massively over generous, compared to what many of these countries would give us if the situation was reversed) £500 million (OUR money) the British government has donated to helping refugess in countries surrounding Syria, which is where they should be. There's no reason to let them into England, which is already virtually the most overcrowded country in the world.
Reasoned and proportionate compassion is one thing, national suicide is another.

Anonymous said...

@Where there's life

Do you translate everything as "I've given up"?

I haven't given up its not my problem pal.

Where there's life... said...

If you're stating there's no hope, you've given up, the two are mutually inclusive.
If it's not your problem why bother commenting.