Sunday, 8 December 2013

Dear Santa, I want one of these

Hartshead Pike as you have never seen it before. This is brilliant, you could be forgiven for thinking you can make out the curvature of the earth, but it's not really, it's the wide angle lens on the Go Pro used to film it. I have always wanted to look inside the buzzards nest when they are rearing chicks but it is near impossible to reach, however with one of these nifty little machines I think taking a peek would be a real possibility.


Anonymous said...

Oh peace no barking dogs noisy neighhours.

Telegraph said...

White children from working-class families are being “written off” by a culture of low expectations in state schools, according to the education watchdog.

In a major report to be published this week, Ofsted will warn that a failure to raise standards among tens of thousands of poor British pupils represents an “unacceptable waste of human potential”, the Telegraph understands.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, the chief inspector, will say that improvements have been seen among deprived children from every ethnic group over the last six years but progress has been too slow in schools dominated by working-class white children.

Last year, just a quarter of poor white British boys gained five good GCSEs.

This compared with around four-in-10 deprived boys from black families, half of those from Asian backgrounds and almost two-thirds of poor Chinese teenagers.

(Look at the difference in spend per pupil between areas where there is a high ethnic population compared to a mainly white but working class area, and there can be a difference of thousands , not just hundreds of pounds, in favour of the ethnic pupils. The Labour Government lavished money on areas like Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Brent, whilst allowing areas like Barnsley to languish at the bottom of league tables. Money counts in education.)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many hits a day this blog is now getting, I don't expect you to publish the statistics.
I do know you've got something on your hands with this blog.
It's big no?

Bill said...

TC, the paths around Hartshead Pike are regular walks for me. I have seen the tower from many angles but never like that - brilliant.

The only time I have seen the tower from above is flying in to Manchester Airport. I can see why you would love a camera capable of taking those sort of images.

Anonymous said...

In the 1930s the tower was open to the public and contained a sweet shop; it closed at the outbreak of the Second World War and the tower entrance was bricked up.

SerpentSlayer said...

The poor education is not the worst thing. Once leaving school or higher education, the working class children find a world of few jobs, an incompetent healthcare system, corrupt politicians, a police force that helps criminals, an army used for fighting the interests of the people who like to keep the country this way and more.
Why should children try hard at school when they will be lucky to work as a low level employee however well they do, when they will struggle to find housing, where there poor situation will make finding a mate difficult, where they cannot afford food for their children and struggle to find a place at school for them, where they will get no pension and die on a hospital trolley in a crowded ward, forgotten by all?
What meaning does any of that mean, the only fulfilling life left to our young is to fight against our government and organise, as the youths of other European countries are doing, against the corrupt bureaucracy that would be happy to see them starve and their heirs theirs, eliminated before birth.
My advice to our young is to ignore our schoolwork, organise to play sports and fight each other, join the army cadets, toughen yourselves up and never forget who stole your future from you.

Anonymous said...

sanom 21.07.
I was born in 38.and have been inside numerous times.The last memorable one was taking a bulb out of the Victory Vee sign,The bulb was US as it was low voltage

Anonymous said...

You will never experience democracy because like filthy scum, those who administer your lives are floating at the top of every single organisation in the UK,whether it be entire media,police,health,banking,share markets,councils and all politicians.
If you cause anyone of them to be
exposed their ravaging animal instincts will be shown amongst their formed packs.
Stand firm for they will eventually be unmasked along with other pack members,but you must maintain your attacks with facts which is not that difficult if you persevere.

The Crux Of The Matter said...

Let migrants into UK to take Britons jobs

More immigrants should be allowed into the UK because British people don’t want jobs at Domino’s, said the chief executive of the company.

Lance Batchelor said the pizza chain was unable to expand quickly enough because of a lack of people wanting to take jobs as drivers and chefs.

His comments follow those of Sir Stuart Rose, former chief executive of Marks and Spencer, who recently defended immigrants who come to Britain and are prepared to work for lower wages.

(Like Jamie Oliver and the rest of the Capitalist elite who rely on imported cheap labour and condemn British workers for wanting a decent days pay for a decent days work this parasite should be and hopefully one day will be stripped of his assets and deported)

Anonymous said...

Great all the whites eat Halal. The Muslims are over the moon with the white lower classes.
They spend all the benefits in their shops.

Liquidator said...

Money is the god of these pigs in human form.
Standards, decency, patriotism, loyalty to history, heritage and identity are anathema to be shunned by the beasts worshipping at the shrine of greed.

The poorest pay the price:Workers face biggest fall in living standards since Victorian era said...

And these Capitalist swine keep calling for yet more immigration to make us poorer and them richer. Bring on the day of the rope.

Differences in facial morphology of homosexual and heterosexual men said...

A study conducted by researchers from the Center for Theoretical Study at Charles University in Prague and The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic examined the possible differences in facial shape between homosexual and heterosexual individuals and found "significant" shape differences in faces of heterosexual and homosexual men.

Their results found that homosexual men were rated as more stereotypically 'masculine' than heterosexual men, which they said undermined stereotypical notions of gay men as more feminine looking.

Anonymous said...

So what?

Anonymous said...

Poor whites in Dukinfield at the cash machine 12 at night getting their benefits.
Druggies yes, their sunk in faces give them away.

Anonymous said...

If you think that all right wingers are for putting homosexuals in the dungeon, then think again. I've meet some vile left wing bigots wanting to do that.

Anonymous said...

@09/12/2013 18:27 Everyone is an individual start from there/

SerpentSlayer said...

In a dungeon? A few of them pay good money to go into them, if they are into that thing.
I would likely hold more sympathetic views about homosexuality if they didn't insist on rubbing it in our faces on every tv show and pretend as if its the same.
Sexuality doesn't belong in public, whether you like women tying you up, a man up your jacket or just plain having it off, its no ones business and people shouldn't try and make it so.
I dont like it, most blokes dont but if we rarely hear of it and aren't told we have to pretend we think its wonderful then who would give a care?
So long as it doesn't involve the dead, animals or children then enjoy yourselves quietly, that goes for straight couples eating each others faces off in public too.

Anonymous said...

@SerpentSlayer you don't know much about life.
Read up on the Hitler youth, lots of homosexuality going on in that movement. I know you don't like to hear this but it's only a vocal minority shouting about it.
What makes you think an homosexual would want to do anything with you?

Pink Adolf said...

"The sexuality of Adolf Hitler has long been a matter of historical and scholarly debate. Historians such as Lothar Machtan have argued that Hitler was homosexual or bisexual, and that the Nazi Party's opposition to homosexuality and its persecution of homosexuals demonstrate a reaction-formation defense mechanism of his internalized homophobia."

Mann, Frau und Kind said...

@ Pink Adolf, there's never been any genuine evidence of Hitler's supposed homosexuality despite years of well funded attempted smear stories.
The Nazis were anti-queer and strongly pro-normal German family because they believed homosexuality was fundamentally abnormal and needed to be clearly exposed as such by the state.

SerpentSlayer said...

That's Freudian nonsense, there is no evidence to even suggest Adolf Hitler was a homosexual. It is simply an attempt to further fog our memories of the great man.
I never said that homosexuals would be interested in me, you seem to be inventing things as you go along. If you wish to aggravate me at least have the decency to contact TC and we can arrange for you to do it to my face instead of behaving like a coward and trying to provoke me on the internet.
Instead of trying to insulting great men like Hitler, just come out and call me to my face, I doubt you would have the bottle to look me in the face, let alone spew your nonsense at me.

Tameside Citizen said...

I don't buy into the theory that Adolf Hitler was gay but what is a certainty is that some of his toughest and most loyal SA street fighters such as Ernst Rohm and his immediate circle were. During the Night of the Long Knives a number of these gay Nazis were literally 'caught in the act' when the SS pounced to arrest them

SerpentSlayer said...

Aye and thank god for the SS, they made sure no nonsense happened in the third Reich. Communists, Liberals, Degenerates, Scoundrels, Capitalists, all dealt with. Even better, they fought Germanys external enemies too and its those brave lads I most envy, riding around in hanomags wearing awesome camouflage and carrying assault rifles, they make most modern armies look like amateurs.

Rather fetching said...

The man did have a certain look....

Blood Fire Death said...

Deaths star on horizon
Lightning and rain
Black winds and thunder
The skyline is in flames

Written in the red mist
The sign of the one
Who rides deaths cold wind
And walks disguised among

All you vagrant souls
Of profane disbeliefs
False prophets and deceivers
Shall swing from the trees

Soon the dawn shall arise
For all the opressed to arm
A chariot of thunder shall be seen
And bronze horns shall sound the alarm

Fists will raise like hammers
To a cloudy black sky
Bonds and chains fall to the ground

Children of all slaves
Stand united and proud
All people of bondage shall triumph
And live by the sign of...

Blood Fire Death

The moment is chosen
The Battlefield is bare
Take now thy stand people
The true ones don't fear

Now choose your weapons
And fall in the line
Choose well your colours
And follow the sign

Blood for all tears shed
And Fire for hate
Death for what shall become
All false ones fate

The standard bearer is chosen
And the day has just begun
Shadows growing long by the rising
Of the awakening sun

Fists raise like hammers
To a clear sunny sky
Bonds and chains fallen to the ground

Children of all slaves
Now united and proud
All people of bondage now triumph
And live by the sign of...

Blood Fire Death

Children of all slaves
Unite be proud
Rise out of darkness and pain

A chariot of thunder and gold
Will come loud
And a warrior of thunder and rain

With hair as white as snow
Hammer of steel
To set you free of your chains

And to lead you all
Where horses run free
And the souls of the ancient ones reign...

The were the master race said...

The German psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing introduced the terms "Sadism" and "Masochism"' into institutional medical terminology in his work Neue Forschungen auf dem Gebiet der Psychopathia sexualis ("New research in the area of Psychopathology of Sex") in 1890

The Symbolic Destruction Of Our Way Of Life And The Victory Of Cultural Marxism said...

First gay weddings in UK in time for Easter

First same-sex weddings in UK will be on March 29 next year, Coalition announces as Culture Secretary says historic switch is "just another step" in evolution of marriage

Same-sex couples will be able to marry legally in the UK for the first time on March 29 next year after the Coalition brought forward the date in time for the Easter wedding rush.

Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary played down the significance of what will be the most radical change to Britain’s matrimonial laws ever made, insisting it was “just another step in the evolution of marriage”.

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, said it was a "wonderful step forward for equality".

But the Coalition for Marriage described the news as “sad” and accused the Government of “putting the rights of one minority group above the rights and beliefs of the majority”.

The redefinition of marriage was one of the most bitterly contested pieces of legislation introduced since David Cameron entered Downing Street.

But it secured overwhelming support in both the Commons and the Lords.

SerpentSlayer said...

They wouldn't dare ask for a referendum, nonetheless the people here make no fuss, in France there were mass protests. In Croatia, the public were asked and they answered loudly, "no!".

By far the least worst alternative said...

The apathetice and/or moronic masses in Britain are to blame for sitting back whilst: deviancy is promoted as normal; our nation is deliberately deluged with aliens; our heritage, history, culture and identity as a people is destroyed; the traditional family unit, the bedrock of all civilistiaon, is destroyed. Whilst all this is happening the masses either can't be bothered to vote, get informed or involved or when they do vote over 60% STILL vote main party.
In the next 17 months they will have one of their very last democratic chances to act in next May's European elections and then 12 months later in the general election. There is now an 'easy', non-controversial (for those who are frightened of being demonised) alternative option to tell the three party clique that has nearly destroyed Britain that WE'VE HAD ENOUGH. That option is UKIP.

Alf Garnett said...


Anonymous said...

Alf, What is your alternative?

Alf Garnett said...

theres only one party that will sort it out and we know who they are ? UKIP LOL

Anonymous said...

ALF - The Tree Is Known By It's Fruit.

Anonymous said...

Alf, as you won't answer my question properly I assume you mean the BNP, judging by your past comments on this blog.

You need to get yourself a reality check. If you think the BNP are ever going to gain many seats locally or nationally you are more deluded than you appear.

Mike said...

Flight around Park Bridge.

and the centre

Mike said...
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