Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Stalybridge Street Pastors

They seem like good people. I know Roy West is often in Stalybridge and like the street pastors he comes across as a deeply religious and conscientious individual. Maybe Roy might one day become a street pastor?


SerpentSlayer said...

I would rather we had "street pasta", less bad for your mental health. Salvation won't come to you, you have to grab it for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Jah Pastafari. The Flying Spaghetti Monster will save us.

Dead as a Dodo said...

Looks like an act of desperation to me. Whatever their denomination, all Christians in the UK must be worried at the ageing demographic of their dwindling congregations.

The death of the Anglican church will be particularly welcome, given how the organisation is permeated from top to bottom with liberal / left dogma.

They've made a particular habit in recent times of making party political broadcasts on behalf of the status quo aimed at legitimate nationalists exercising their right to engage in that heavily flawed process called 'democracy'. That is when not providing shelter and support to third world aliens who have no moral right whatsoever being here in the first place.

Come to think of it Christianity is an alien entity which has no business being here either. Time to get back to our roots....

Anonymous said...

After reading the absolute
trash which Dr K Chand offers to the public of Tameside in his Advertiser
article,never have I read such manipulative shit which he portrays.
The Health Board he keeps referring to is nothing other than a bunch of TMBC sycophants and yes people,
similar to Dr Chand who was desperate to be a Labour MP.
This large health group which I read about on TC recently shows the absolute depths to which Tameside has gone these past years,and its membership is another example of the way Councillor misfits are installed who know bugger all about Health and who backed Christine Green for years whilst the constant deaths through negligence
Dr Chand will no doubt is surrounded by head nodders
like a chimps tea party,and that gives him even more dubious power.
I saw the list of who`s who on this latest Tameside health board,and the entire Tameside public should fear for their lives at this bunch of self selecting idiots who imagine they have intelligence.
Get rid of the chimps who are destroying Tameside and who resemble car rear window nodding objects.

Anonymous said...

Christianity may well be a target for other faiths or
thinking but you need to be aware of who is supporting and deeply involved in Israeli Zionism support.
These links offer you substantiated details of the extremely close links between Israel and British
Labour Politicians which include Councillors.
I do not recall any Labour politician ever in their electioneering campaigns stating Vote for Me because I support Israeli
Zionism,therefore their declared agenda and objectives are deliberately hidden.
Trust Me is their cry,not bloody likely should be the response.

The Labour leader emphasised his admiration for Israeli democracyThe audience included key members of the New Labour aristocracy, including Douglas Alexander, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, Tessa Jowell and Alan Johnson as well as rising stars such as Luciana Berger, Mary Creagh, Michael Dugher, Rachel Reeves and LFI chair John Woodcock.

Seek and You will learn who and what your Politicians are really doing.

Bishops of Destruction said...

The Church of ENGLAND???

Could've fooled me....

Foundation Stones said...

The Church's silence on the persecution of the guesthouse owners who refused to allow homosexuals to stay in their property is deafening.
Their 'fault' was upholding and standing up for Christian values.
Christianity is clear on homosexuality, is is abnormal and a sin. That is, it was. Until 'modernists' AKA destroyers decided to warp every Christian value to 'fit in' with modern corrupt, selfish and deviant practices.
Let's hope the current, perverted 'tolerant' (i.e. go with the flow, it's easier) versions of Christianity are destroyed as soon as possible and REAL Christianity is restored.

Bring back the birch said...

Re Street Pastors, The scum, drunken, drugged up street detritus that now infest many parts of Britain don't need the love of God putting into them, they need the fear of God putting into them.

Bill said...

@Foundation Stones

Wait till we are an Islamic Republic. Then the s... will hit the fan.

@Bring back the birch
Couldn't have put it better myself.

SerpentSlayer said...

The old ways are the only ones that can redeem us, honouring our ancestors and our ancestral gods. We already celebrate the main festivals of our old religion, albeit in a watered down and commercialised form.
Yule comes soon, and when it does raise a glass to your loved ones past and present, to our old English god Woden who we still celebrate as a giver of gifts (father Christmas!) and to our people as a whole, the English and that we will survive to celebrate many more yules, and eostres and blotar.

Anonymous said...

I want to know why it appears that foreign Doctors have taken over the health service in all its area`s
Hospitals,GP Surgeries,Health Committees,British Medical Authority
Why do I want to know ? well based on my experiences these past 10 years,my confidence has reached rock bottom in regard to having trust in
medical care now.
I am led to believe qualifications granted abroad are not adequate in the UK.
Also struggling to understand each other is not my idea of NHS service.

to this song said...

I want you to listen

Angola accused of 'banning' Islam as mosques closed said...

Well done Angola.

Anonymous said...

The present and previous Archbishops of Canterbury
have been destroying the fabric of the Christian understandings.I feel they are actively pursuing the
intentions of the evil amongst us.
Each week there is a terrible diluting o diluting of the Christian beliefs which is having serious repercussions,therefore
a historic faith which many still try to uphold
as their objectives is definitely being trashed by the very so called "leaders and upholders of
The world has never witnessed such deliberate destruction of a faith and no longer can these heads of OUR CHURCH be trusted because I consider them to be working for something extremely evil.

Tameside Citizen said...

During the height of the Asylum Seeker invasion I went to Christmas Midnight Mass and I could not believe the priest was using the pulpit on such an occasion to promote a political agenda during the homily.

First he talked about Mary and Joseph having nowhere to stay and that as a last resort they had to settle in a stable while the baby Jesus was born. He then asked the congregation, if Jesus was homeless and without shelter and he knocked on their door would they welcome in and the congregation nodded that they would. Then come the sting, he asked if an asylum seeker come knocking on their door would they be welcomed likewise. Stunned silence followed and the priest then chirped that if you would refuse asylum seekers a warm welcome it would like refusing Jesus a warm welcome because, according to the priest, Jesus himself was an asylum seeker.

I think most people now realise that the church of all Christian denominations is now more of a left leaning political movement than a religious institution.

Can anyone remember when the lady with the Italian name (not Mrs Mussolini as someone hilariously once called her) stood for election as a BNP candidate in Hyde and on the day of polling the Tameside Advertiser front page featured all the leaders of the various Christian denominations in Hyde urging the electorate to vote for anyone but her? It was as shameful as it was shocking and if I remember correctly she went on to get the highest ever BNP vote in Hyde so their interference in the democratic process backfired which served them right.

Britain OUR land said...

Ros Gauci, I believe her surname emanates from her previous husband who was I think originally Maltese.
I have met Ros many times and she has always been unfailingly polite, dignified and a staunch patriot. As a person and as a candidate she's worth ten of any of the Tameside Labour mafia, not least because, unlike them, she actually BELIEVES IN THE CAUSE SHE STANDS FOR.