Sunday, 17 November 2013

Gatso Speed Camera Torched

On High Street close to where The Norman pub used to stand. It must have been a ferocious fire to gut the Gatso like that. I wonder if it melted the film contained within?

The torching of speed cameras is not unique to Tameside. If you type 'speed camera torched' into a search engine you will see that it is nationwide phenomenon with people taking extraordinary risks to avoid getting speeding tickets. The logic is strange as getting caught speeding will result in a £60 fine and three penalty points whereas getting caught for torching a Gatso could potentially lead to massive financial penalties and a prison sentence.


Tram Trains for Glossop said...

This sounds exciting.

Mass immigration was a 'mistake'? Come off it, Jack said...

Labour was founded to promote the interests of the British working-class but in recent years through its ideological attachment to mass immigration the party has grievously betrayed the people who were once regarded as the backbone of our country.

Most of the British public has been increasingly appalled at this process of national selfdestruction.

A recent opinion poll shows that 78 per cent of voters believe Labour let in "too many immigrants" during its time in power between 1997 and 2010.

Sensing the deep unpopularity of its immigration policy the party now wants to give the illusion that it has retreated from its dogmatic stance. Promises of a tougher approach are about to be set out by Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper. Apologies for the past are uttered with increasing frequency.

This week former home secretary Jack Straw confessed that the last Labour government made a "spectacular mistake" by relaxing border controls on eastern European migrants.

His admission follows the grim statement from another Labour former home secretary David Blunkett who warned that the antisocial behaviour of Roma migrants in Sheffield is fuelling "understandable tensions" that could "lead to disorder".

YET this orchestrated pantomime of contrition could hardly be less convincing. For a start all this hand-wringing from party elders has been focused entirely on the European Union, yet the majority of immigration to Britain under Labour was from outside the EU.

Most of the vast influx, running at an annual rate of more than 550,000 new arrivals during Labour's last years in office, came from Asia, Africa and the Americas.

There is a foul stench of hypocrisy about Labour's pretence of concern on this issue given how it tried to silence critics.

In power Labour portrayed all objections to open borders as racist, outdated xenophobia, as exemplified by Gordon Brown's denunciation of Rochdale voter Gillian Duffy as "a bigoted woman" for daring to voice her concern about the transformation of her neighbourhood.

Above all Labour wilfully created the very problems about which their politicians now complain.

Blunkett might now wail about the impact of the Roma in his Sheffield constituency but he was one of the chief architects of the immigration free-for-all famously declaring a decade ago that he saw "no obvious limit".

Labour politicians now try to pretend that their approach was, in Straw's words, "a mistake" but in truth the obliteration of our borders was a deliberate policy to transform our society. Britain's demographic revolution was carefully plotted in Whitehall.

As Peter Mandelson recently put it: "We were sending out search parties for people." And one of Straw's very first acts as home secretary in 1997 was to remove restrictions on migrants bringing their families into Britain.

continued said...

There followed a host of other measures such as dishing out work permits, British passports and student visas like confetti and allowing the asylum system to slide into chaos. At the same time the 1998 Human Rights Act - another of Straw's dubious achievements - made it harder to deport illegal immigrants while Labour's remorseless expansion of the benefits system acted as a magnet for foreign freeloaders.

One of the great myths of immigration peddled by Leftwing ideologues is that all arrivals come here to work. In fact as a recent independent study demonstrated migrants from outside the EU cost our society far more than they contribute because so many are dependent on welfare.

Labour's abolition of controls was accompanied by remorseless pro-immigration propaganda where the work ethic of the British people was constantly derided and our national identity trashed.

IN 2001 the Labour foreign secretary Robin Cook sneered at the very concept of Britishness declaring that our nation was just "a gathering of countless different races and communities, the vast majority of which were not even indigenous to these islands". In reality Britain was, until the arrival of Tony Blair, one of the most homogenous nations in the Western world.

Labour pursued this policy for two reasons: one cynical the other ideological. The party knew that it would vastly expand its base of support through an increasing foreign influx since 80 per cent of migrants vote Labour. Just as importantly New Labour under Tony Blair was filled with loathing for traditional British nationhood.

As Blair's former aide Andrew Neather revealed, "Mass immigration was the way that the government was going to make the UK truly multicultural" and "rub the Right's nose in diversity".

The British people, especially Labour's traditional supporters in the working class, are paying a terrible price for this social experiment as our public services slide into permanent crisis and neighbourhoods become ever more fractured.

Apologies from the likes of Straw and Blunkett are not only too late but they are also meaningless. The hollow, deceitful verbiage provides no real evidence that Labour has changed its outlook on immigration.

'Labour's pretence is hypocritical'

British immigration policy was not a mistake, it was an attack on British society said...

Two former Labour Home Secretaries are being congratulated on their belated candour about immigration. Jack Straw now says letting so many people settle in Britain was a ‘spectacular mistake’.

David Blunkett has gone further, warning of civil unrest in his home city of Sheffield because the behaviour of recently arrived Roma gypsies is ‘aggravating’ the locals.

Joy there is said to be in Heaven over every repentant sinner. But before the angels start cracking open the Bollinger, it is worth pausing to consider the part played by both men in creating the mess we find ourselves in today. Straw and Blunkett were two of the most senior figures of the Blair/Brown era. They were fully signed up to the New Labour ‘project’.

Mass immigration wasn’t a ‘mistake’. A mistake is forgetting to take an umbrella when heavy rain is forecast. A mistake is wearing brown suede shoes with a blue pinstripe suit.

No, trawling the globe for immigrants was a deliberate Labour policy. It was designed, in the memorable words of former Blair speech-writer Andrew Neather, to ‘rub the Right’s noses in diversity’.

Neather says Straw conspired with Blair to ‘dishonestly’ conceal the plan from the public because they knew voters would never go along with it if the truth came out. And Neather should know, because he worked for Straw at the Home Office.

The reptilian Peter Mandelson, another co-conspirator, has since joked about Labour ‘sending search parties’ for immigrants from the four corners of the Earth.

Labour set out utterly to transform the demographic make-up of England without making any attempt to obtain democratic consent.

I say ‘England’ specifically, because it is England which has borne the brunt of mass immigration and is now struggling to live with the consequences.

New Labour hated the English. We weren’t to be trusted. In 2000, Straw himself damned the English as violent nationalists who have used force to subjugate other races. It was a despicable slur, but entirely in keeping with Labour’s core strategy.

That preposterous Welsh-born oaf Two Jags, who demeaned high office for a decade, even claimed: ‘There is no such nationality as English.’

The fear was that the love affair with New Labour wouldn’t last and the English would revert to type and return a Conservative government. So the plan was to flood the country with immigrants who would then repay the favour by voting Labour.

Ministers told bare-faced lies about their true intentions and smeared anyone who objected to the unprecedented influx of foreign nationals as a ‘racist’ or a ‘xenophobe’.

Labour Voters = various forms of detritus said...

The next Euro and general Elections may be the last DEMOCRATIC chance we have to meaningfully influence our own destiny.
Don't forget, many of the non-traitor, traditional category of voter are so thick, deluded, self-interested and/or spineless they'll STILL vote Lib/Lab/Con. A comfy seat at the highest part of the sinking boat is the extent of their ambition and expectation.

Alf Garnett said...

I think west did it ? LOL

Anonymous said...

Don`t kid yourself how Labour will deal with it if the get less votes.
One of their top objectives over recent years,one which would have been implemented
if Labour had got in last time was Votes for 16 year olds,now we have a Labourite Health Professor
announcing it would be beneficial for 16 year olds to have sex legally.
How low can they get this sordid bunch of absolute shit.
How many Councillors will be sniffing round the Tameside schools.
Remember the Oyston, Pendry,Oldham hunters at the time when Oyston also ran the girls only football team the Oyston Tigers.
Sick is not the word.

SerpentSlayer said...

All this talk of the age of consent is control freakery. Having a line at which you become legally old enough is silly.
Its legal for a fifty year old bloke to live with an harem of 16-17 year olds but if a 16 year old boy sleeps with his girlfriend who is a few months younger, he's breaking the law.
If the legal apparatus would just but out and let people sort it themselves there would be no problem, certainly paedophiles who pray on little kids wouldn't leech off the taxpayer so long.

Bill said...

Help for UKIP to get Britain out of the EU.

Anonymous said...

Who is Mike Hallsworth Tameside Radio
Is he the arrogant self opinionated TMBC Labourite
who pretends to know it all.

New BNP leaflet said...

Pretty good

SerpentSlayer said...

It looks like a brochure for tacky souvenirs aimed at tourists.
Their old leaflets were better and probably cost a fraction of the price. The claim that the leaflet is back to basics when they can waste space on a massive corny proclamation that 'we heart mcr' is laughable.
People are in genuine need of help and leadership, electioneering and egotism will serve no one, except maybe Nick Griffin.