Monday, 4 November 2013

Duchess Green, Hyde, Another New Charter Eviction

This lady claims she has changed her ways and no longer deserves to be evicted. After watching her explain the situation in this video what do you think? Can 'neighbour from hell' type tenants change their ways or are New Charter right to evict without giving the evictee a chance to redeem themselves?


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for anyone in a desperate situation living in a housing association. Since the two main ones took over from the council many vulnerable people have been pushed out of their homes. Although I am on my feet again it happened to me not too many years ago. I spent years in turmoil.

The idea of social housing is to help people who struggle. Sometimes people become detached from society specially when young and need a bit of encouragement to fit in with everyday life. She is barely past being a child and has children of her own. It takes a village to raise one.

Anonymous said...

Extremely difficult to have an objective opinion in this instance TC
No-one can ascertain the future situation,what fears and tribulations have affected other peoples daily lives,plus a total uncertainty of any attitude changes being made and the duration of such changes.
Careful scrutiny of the total evidence is essential
including that of neighbors affected and the apprehension they may feel.

Alf Garnett said...

chuck her out ? dont you know we have lots and lots of new comers that need good homes

Anonymous said...

New charter took a woman to the courts for not paying her rent by lunar month.
Anyway, the judge told the charter solicitor that he would put him in the cells for the night, then his manager then the executive if they ever tried bringing this poor woman before him again.
Did you put that case together Mr Wilson?

Anonymous said...

@04/11/2013 19:28 you seem to beware of situations like this, but surly you can't evict someone because some paranoid individual may fee apprehension?

Anonymous said...

Must have been reading TC

First, the good news. Islamic leaders across the nation are urging members of their congregations to wear the poppy in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday.
Stalls selling poppies have been set up at mosques, in conjunction with the Royal British Legion. Julie Siddiqi, the executive director of the Islamic Society of Great Britain, said: ‘British Muslims should be wearing poppies not burning them.’

Anonymous said...

Fabrication And Collusion The Perfect Combination.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gwynne: And of course it says “certain public procurement
contracts”, not all public procurement contracts, and it will be
for the public body to determine whether it requires them.

This sleazy imposter with his Private Bill is making sure when TMBC gives more contracts to such as Carillion or any other "close business partners"
do not have to specify that apprentices should be attracted or sought by such as these cosy TMBC /
Carillion links.
This MP is definitely one you need always to suss out his objectives and what he omits which is always part of his persistent devious character.
Why should the TMBC Chief Executive show up as a Director of Carillion ???? when I last checked.
Open and objective decision makers have never been part of TMBC methods
thats why the tentacles of TMBC are widespread ensuring Councillors are looked after and get plenty of dosh.
Why are so many TMBC Councillors sat on the Greater Manchester Pension Fund panel the largest
Public Sector Fund in the Country.
How many Financial Experts
Councillors have we got in Tameside try naming them ?start with JT on the GMP
GMP management group.
The GMP Pension fund was always an administration
R.Oldham dominated,no wonder the Councillors and MP`s are streets ahead in the dash for wealth in our society.Tell us one you know without a belting pension,plus paid to serve on other Tameside linked organisations.
They don`t flaunt their wealth assets as was agreed by R.Oldhams dictat.
A "few months" claims by Gwynne allowances were almost £25,000,lets see what the annual amounts total.
Add in his MP salary,
and his wife`s Councillor
entitlements from TMBC and we have a very very wealthy family in our area.
Doing WHAT ?????????????
compared with Nurses,Miners,Engineers,
Road Workers, Bricklayers,
Electricians,Plumbers,etc etc all contributing to our needs so why have non productive politicians getting our money in large lumps.
Having been a Labour Voter and Party worker of many years never have I encountered such out and out dross as those administrating Tameside.


Brenda said...

This man has been causing trouble in this borough for years. He has no respect for the elected representatives of the people yet he refuses to stand for election himself. If he dislikes Tameside so much why doesn't he bugger off back to Levenshulme and give us some peace and quiet.

I smell dog shit said...

John Taylor ‏@JohnWagTaylor 16h

@TamesideCouncil good advertising campaign on dog fouling ,now lets get more irresponsible dog owners caught shame them



tonydj said...

Are we sure this is a New Charter tenant? The original YouTube video says it is a City West Housing Trust property.

tonydj said...

Brenda said...
....... He has no respect for the elected representatives of the people......

So what? I have no respect for the "elected representatives" of Tameside. Perhaps you'd like me to clear off back to errrr Tameside?

As for "Neighbours from Hell" perhaps we should report on "Housing Association Employees from Hell"?

Tameside Citizen said...

Yes Tony, she is definitely a New Charter tenant. See here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Brenda said...
This man has been causing trouble in this borough for years. He has no respect for the elected representatives of the people yet he refuses to stand for election himself. If he dislikes Tameside so much why doesn't he bugger off back to Levenshulme and give us some peace and quiet.

How about that for a ladylike person demanding respect from Tameside folk.
Your only claim to fame is being Gwynne`s chosen No1 mouthpiece whilst he needs
someone who expresses themselves in an manner heard often years ago in the back streets of slums.
Definitely proves birds of a feather links.
Respect 0
Achievements 0
Background 0
Intelligence 0
Ladylike 0
Respect !! not a chance.

tonydj said...

You are quite right TC. Having listened carefully to the soundtrack she clearly says "New Charter"

But the caption does say "City West". ???

Votewhore Labour scum said...

How can Hall go back to Levenshulme, he doesn't speak Urdu.

Anonymous said...

Look at what new charter owns now in Tameside and beyond the borders.
They are a growing sinister empire, millions to be made and lots of evictions to be carried out by their armed wing (police)
Because if someone won't go the police are called in to do their dirty work for them.

Time And Relative Dimensions In Space said...

There are some dodgy 'enforcer' types about these days wearing official uniforms. Makes you wonder what they might have got up to in the past.

Anonymous said...

@04/11/2013 19:28 yes I agree
"Careful scrutiny of the total evidence is essential"
If I was to set out to destroy someone's life with fabrication, lies, and rumour spreading, then I would feel apprehensive.