Friday, 15 November 2013

Boarded Up Bay Horse Pub In Hyde

It is sad to see grande old pubs like this boarded up, even if it was until fairly recently emblazoned with Labour Party posters at election times. This pub was also the place where Labour Party activists such as Adam White used to meet Labour's secret helpers to interfere with democracy at election times. Basically the Labour mob would bus in fanatical extremists from Manchester and beyond to distribute smear leaflets and intimidate opponents, often the smear leaflets were illegal or filled with lies and half truths but as a rule they did have the desired effect from Labour's point of view as they helped persuade enough non-Labour voters to abstain from voting and thus ensured that the Labour trough dwellers remained in office.

On a positive note I see that the weight restriction and "do not follow sat nav" sign has been installed at the start of Matley Lane. I suspect this video I posted back in December may have played some small part in bringing this about which can only be considered as a good result.


Anonymous said...

Good riddance. It's been boarded up for some time and I hope the former owners / workers are now living hand to mouth after using that pub as a political advertising bilboard.

Is Ragnarok coming on February 22nd? said...

Will the world end in 100 days? Sounding of ancient trumpet in York warns of Viking apocalypse on 22 February 2014

Legend has it that on this day, the god Odin will be killed by the wolf Fenrir

The soil and the sky will be stained with poison and the sea will rear up

Prior to the apocalypse, three freezing winters would follow each other

The sound of the horn is supposed to call the sons of Odin to the battlefield, where Odin will ultimately be killed

Serpent Slayer is the local Norse legend expert. What says Serpent Slayer? said...


Ragnarok, which translates to ‘Doom of the Gods’, is due to be preceded by the 'winter of winters'.

Vikings believed that prior to the apocalypse three freezing winters would follow each other with no summers in between.

All morality would disappear and fights would break out all over the world, signalling the beginning of the end.

The wolf Skoll would then devour the sun, and his brother Hati would eat the moon, causing stars to vanish from the sky.

Norse mythology experts have calculated that this is due to take place on February 22, 2014.

On this day, the god Odin will be killed by the wolf Fenrir and the other ‘creator’ gods.

There will be huge earthquakes, the sea will rear up and the soil and the sky will be stained with poison.

The Earth will sink into the sea, paving the way for a new utopian world with endless supplies

Dogs are European said...

A new DNA analysis has revealed that man's best friend originated in Europe - not Asia as previously thought.

John Taylor habitually moans about dog owners, and not just the irresponsible owners who don't clean crap up. He once remarked on his blog that dog owners should kindly dispose of droppings down their own toilets so his council doesn't have to pay to dispose of it themselves.

The fact that dog ownership is an 18,000 year old tradition of European man won't hold much sway. No doubt Labour infested multiculti TMBC believe the money's better spent catering for the newly arrived traditions of those who regard dogs as 'devils'.

SerpentSlayer said...

Something happened last night on some level. I felt the barest tinge, a heightened feeling of responsibility for the fate of my race, a night spent training my body for hardship.

We all know of the state of the world, mass conflict, breakdown of infastructure are inevitable and I have long felt the pull of fate in my own life, as if being prepared for something.

This will be a death, as happens in nature, that precedes birth. The endless circle of life turning. Time, though hard to believe is circular and not end to end. All that has been will be again and all that is has been before. A hard concept to understand at first but it needs to be understood.

What is coming is a result of trickery and malevolence, but more so our own weakness. We couldn't be in much a worse state to weather this coming strife.
Our people abandoned their gods, their tribal loyalties and their fighting spirit for comfort and promises of paradise.
Centuries of Christian warriors littering battlefields will have taken its toll on the intake of Odin's hall and the army that march alongside Odin will be outnumbered by the beasts conjured of the evil of the modern age.

This proclamation should serve as a reminder to prepare for a world of death and mayhem, what we all knew was coming. Even Christians should know what is coming, while they prey to their desert god, I'll be doing pulls ups and spending a few nights in the wilderness.

Rotten Borough said...

In 2009 at the Hyde Newton by-election Labour shipped in the Marxists and associated anti-democratic scum to put out 27,500 vile, lying smear leaflets. The electoral overseers did nothing.
The next year at the full council election the electoral overseers were trumpeting that electoral standards of the highest order would be enforced.
What a bunch of gutless, two-faced c***s they are.

Robert Neitzsche said...

If you're wondering what's got into ss lately, then he has (by the sounds of it) been reading a bit too much of this guy.

Bring it on said...

Party at Valhalla after.

White British said...

Why would anyone have a problem with racial separatism and what's it got to do with them anyway. Keep your nose out of other people's views and business. The only justification for interference would be if one race was harming or oppressing another.

Anonymous said...

Would you believe that 4 cid officers from Ashton police were called in to investigate, who called John Taylor a nasty violent man?
It really happened.
A man that posted thousands of smear leaflet in the community.
Not just that but using words of incitement on his website.

Anonymous said...

People don't realise that the police are being used as a snatch squad, taking people away from their homes and family. Against anyone that dare cross the Labour Mafia.
Why do you think, that the police turn a blind eye to Labour violence and to the thousands of smear leaflets posted by Labour and their left-wing thug helpers?
One day political opponents will disappear altogether.

Anonymous said...

Chief executive over £200,000 a year + Registered charity + New charter housing + sponsor police + police evict people from their homes + new charter share people's date with the police + Labour Cllrs make money from new charter building company + new charter is now a credit union + police give new charter contract to board up homes + new charter significant breach of freedom of speech + of course there's no need for alarm, new charter are no threat to civil your liberties.

Absolutely no threat to freedom of speech are they? said...

New charter housing + owners of Tameside reporter + Tameside Radio + significant breach of freedom of speech+ protects new charter from ligament criticism + Tameside county court.

Read about Labour scum Ben Williams said...

Makes me laugh, Taylor and his uaf scum going round posting smear leaflets about the BNP, yet does he want to talk about Labour scum Ben Williams.
If you vote for Labour, can you be absolutely sure you are not voting for a beast like Ben Williams?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

One day political opponents will disappear altogether.

Not a chance whatsoever
Anon,unless Dr.Kelly antics are used.

J Hall

B said...

Oh god, look who is back.

Anonymous said...

@16/11/2013 14:28 don't put anything past them as you personally know all to well my friend.

Anonymous said...

In-order to fight SMEAR you must use SMEAR.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Englishmen have the right to FREE SPEECH. After all, did they not die for such a thing at Dunkirk, Normandy and so on....?
It concerns me greatly that Mr Alan Kibble (new charter housing enforcer)
wants the names of people posting on here, that are opposed to blood sports.

Anonymous said...

B said...
Oh god, look who is back.

I never loose site of the TMBC scandalous behaviour
and sleaze which you are very much part of.
But hopefully not much longer your type will remain as facts increasingly unravel.

Anonymous said...

Tameside Citizen, I embarrassingly sit on the fence. Not this time. I watch your posts with interest and wonder if you could add some weight to a petition set up by a local resident in Stalybridge. It is widely believed that TMBC do not want our town to thrive and set every obstacle in our way. I sincerely hope you can help us with our plight. Thank you. Stan.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I forgot to add the link . . . Sorry, I have the passion but not the knowledge. Stan.

Anonymous said...

bloody hell, I am so crap at this . . the link is . . . Stan.

Tameside Citizen said...

Thanks for letting me know Stan and I would be delighted to help. A prominently displayed link has been added. If you would like to write an article highlighting the problem, with detailed background information I would be happy to publish it as a main article.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much TC, I will do my best to get a detailed artcle to you ASAP. Thanks again. Stan.