Thursday, 10 October 2013

Greater Manchester Police and New Charter ...... Just Good friends.

The numerous links between GMP and New Charter have been documented in numerous posts on this blog and on other local blogs. Yet another has come to light thanks to a Freedom of Information request to GMP.

The request involved the identity of the firm(s) used by GMP for emergency boarding up and glazing. That is, those companies who secure those premises raided by GMP for drugs, fugitives etc etc.

It can be revealed that only one firm is used by GMP. It is used on a force wide basis. And it is chosen by competitive tendering.

That firm is New Charter Building Services.

How much this contract is worth is not known....yet. But watch this space.


Anonymous said...

Once again, a great fact finding article.

A Horse With No Name said...


It's Grim Up North said...

Greater Manchester = Labourland.
No wonder the North's got so many economic and social problems. All pseudo-socialism does is DESTROY, DEMOTIVATE and DEGRADE.

Anonymous said...

Bring the military onto our streets to produce martial law under the administration of TMBC,Police,New Charter,
with a cheerleader pack of Councillors behind them.
Then the apathetic tameside thickies might just grasp whats going on.
The benefits and money swilling around between these groups should be expected when you study their methods.

National Assets Stolen To Make The Rich Far Richer said...

Why no article on the first major Great British rip-off if the new millennium, the sale of Royal Mail? The Royal Mail was owned by us the people. The criminals have taken it from us and sold it without our permission.

Anonymous said...

@11/10/2013 10:59 send in your article to be published on the Tameside Citizen.

No Neocon Nonsense said...

I see feigned outrage by the usual suspects because Masala missed out in being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In my opinion President Putin should have been awarded the prize for preventing the Western Zionist powers from attacking Syria.

Anonymous said...

Would anyone explain why this freedom to be excused from declaring yourself in Tameside exists.
I refer to the Tameside circular requesting updated data for the Electoral Registration controller ie the Tameside Chief Executive from Broadbottom.

This exclusion states:
"If you do not wish to appear on the edited register" (you simply have to tick the box)

In my humble opinion this easy made exclusion has sinister ramifications courtesy of those controlling our lives.

Brenda said...

It's simple. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

Anonymous said...

I just had one of them about registering to vote. Is it me or is it not clear which box to tick. Someone else asked me.

Why should anyone have access to my name and address unless I let them have it. Who is selling information about me to who. Surely I have a right to know.

I asked for the forms to register early this year but had no idea and didn't bother. (I once had a letter from the borough solicitor once making threats for not being on it) No matter how much they want me on it I won't be voting for labour.

tonydj said...

The situation regarding the edited register is simple.

A few years ago an individual objected to his details being sold on to businesses and market research companies. He said that he was obliged to fill in the registration form under electoral law and so his personal details should be used only to facilitate his voting in an election.

The court agreed with him. Hence there is now an edited electoral register with some names removed which can be sold on and a full version which can only be used for elections.

That being the case I wonder why foreign non-voters have to fill in a part of the registration form stating their nationality. If they are not voters why do they need to fill it in? And what has credit worthiness got to do with electoral registration?

tonydj said...

@ Brenda Said...

We have a lot to fear even if innocent.

"If you are innocent why do you object to being filmed on CCTV, the innocent have nothing to fear." is a common mantra of the state.

To which I say "If I am innocent why are you watching me???"

Reimer said...

"Anonymous Brenda said...
It's simple. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear."

Spoken like a true Labour gangster.

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...
It's simple. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

Well well thats rich coming from an exposed person of deception as proved time after time on TC.

Anonymous said...

tonydj said...
The situation regarding the edited register is simple.

Not exactly a thought out reason,it may have resulted in a case you mention.
Look at the loop holes which abound in this method concerning false entries,postal votes,deceased people,declarations carried out on behalf of others even by Tameside Officials.
Your trust is unfounded and please look at the possible implications.

God, Guns and Guts... said...

If the US government tried half the overt control freakery that now goes in in the UK there'd be an armed insurrection.
Gun ownership is why the US government is, rightly, a lot more respectful (i.e afraid) of its citizenry and doesn't constantly attack their rights and freedoms. Over here the dumb hordes get dumber and more easy to manipulate every day.

tonydj said...

@ anonymous 11/10/2013 20:53

My post was addressing the issue of why we have an edited register, which is because some people do not want their details sold on.

The important issues you mention are separate from the matter of an edited register and I did not address them in my original post. I will do so now.

Shortly before the Hyde Newton by-election in 2009 I monitored the obituaries in the local press. The dead were removed from the register. Postal ballots went only to living people. Whether the elderly in the old folks home actually got them I know not.

Anonymous said...

The chickens are coming home to roost and this article will expose the sinister hand of new charter housing.
Make no mistake, that the police will be used to harass the disabled and the poor.
Get behind in the bedroom tax rent and the police will be used to throw you onto the streets.
If you can't see this all coming then I feel sorry for you all.

pictures of Broughton park said...

My pictures of Broughton par, protect what we've got from the builders.


The first eight minutes of the midday BBC news was devoted to the latest sinking of a vessel containing illegal immigrants heading to Europe. The BBC message was loud and clear: if you ae opposed to uncontrolled immigration to Europe you are complicit in the deaths of the migrants who are attempting to enter Europe illegally. If they were legally allowed to enter they would not have to undertake perilous journeys and therefore anyone who opposes the swamping if Europe is guilty by default.

tonydj said...

@ BBC=shameless

Well said!
Now read the novel which predicted it all! In 1974!

Billh said...

@ tonydj

Just read the plot of the novel on Wikipedia and what a prophetic book that is.

I will get around to reading the full version asap.

Anonymous said...

The real battle is certainly emerging,media controls,more police threatening postures,rise of the scabs in society,free for all money graspers,land pirates with no real legislation through Public Inquiries now limited,political bias controlling local media sources,unfit for purpose local authorities with blood sucking Councillors,
beware a knock on your door,never refer to a gollywog toy,or a foreigner from another country,never mention semitic influence,
wash your mouth out mentioning freemasons,
do not be critical of Israel,expect the already set up vigorous bands of vile mouth objectors to your views especially re Politics,religion,or even obese passengers our in society.
Well with so many shackles and manipulative pressures introduced daily,my heart and mind is totally saddened at the thought of decent home and family lads
shouting and running at the command to go forward and be killed for your Country,and we buy a poppy for all their life threatening efforts in WW1 and W11.
I do not support the BNP or any other similar vociferous group,I just need and want a decent,compassionate,
society which respects our homeland and which is not intent on diluting our history its regulations and its ability to have the free speech those men and women
curled up and died for in far away lands with no-one to share their tears.
Tameside just represents all that is rotten to the core,and its cancerous growths need immediate surgery by respectable decent folk without greed and deceptive objectives.

Act of Terror arrested for filming police officers said...


Pray For Blood said...

Apparently, according to the mass media, 'Europeans should be ashamed' about the sinking refugee boats.
It's our fault for welcoming massive numbers of them into our already chronically overcrowded, civilised homelands so a vast proportion of them can ghettoize themselves, fail to learn our language, culture and values, then receive free housing, money, education, healthcare and all the rest whilst breeding at a prodigious rate.
Remember we're ALWAYS responsible for our own actions. They're NEVER responsible for theirs.

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...
I think someone is likely to report the racist poster at 15.36 for using the outdated and hugely offensive term "golly•••"

Sod off you imbecile,how many times did you call Catholics left footers or call the Irish Micks,ot Gypsey`s Gippos.and how many of your Labour Comrades called the Germans crouts or the jewish people
And I bet any money you wet yourself with laughing when you watched the Comedians TV series,and the Dave Allen Shows where everyone was fair game and even those coloured were in hysterics.
Your just a sodding hypocrite looking for votes from the Asian immigrants and anyone else who is an incomer into our Country.
Such vile use of tactics are 100% typical of your collegues,and I speak from having worked alongside the Irish,Jamaicans,the Poles,the Jewish and the Asians where we enjoyed the daily patter which no-one other than "you" would think offensive to get votes by any methods.
You are a major threat to our societies because you enjoy stirring up all races
based on your two faced intent to gain votes.
Do us all a favour let us live in harmony with our various colours and religions because we are the people with no ulterior motives other than see you Labourites booted up the road.
I am great pals with Asian traders,having worked amongst them,have links with the Irish,and hold my Asian Doctor in high esteem.
Your a pathetic constant stirrer ready to pounce and get your police friends to back your political vote canvassing tactics.
If thats all you have for a future you need definite help.
Any more of your hinted threats and be very very careful with your mouth Brenda,YOUR JUST A GOBBY STIRRER OF ALL RACES WHOEVER THEY ARE.
Your antics of trouble causing needs monitoring by those you threaten to act on your behalf.
Go away and leave the normal people alone you stirrer.
Ask your Police friends what they call us plebs behind the scenes because if they will not tell you then I will through having links within the family group.

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...
I think someone is likely to report the racist poster at 15.36 for using the outdated and hugely offensive term "golly•••"

Delete this TC, its a blatant intent to incite racial disharmony through suggesting the police should intervene.
Its an out and out intended threat being posted by a Tameside Labourite.

Weight of Numbers said...

@ Anonymous 22:42, Some good points but don't go too far down the wishful thinking, 'we're all in it together road'. It's got very little to do with reality or the Muslim breeding tsunami that's engulfing Britain.

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson vows to help police track down 'racists' said...

Did he take the shekel or was he got at?

Demographics (unlike politicians) don't lie said...

I can understand Robinson packing the EDL in if his bottle's gone or he's just had enough but why the 'Muslims are now my best mates' stuff?

France's far-Right FN party in poll outrage said...

How dare the people vote for them in such numbers.