Thursday, 19 September 2013

I told you I was ill

An interesting video by Roy West. Mr West is becoming quite an accomplished film maker. The steam train is of interest to an anorak such as I but the inscription on the gravestone which appears at 4:00 minutes really cracked me up. The deceased must have been a real character to think up an inscription like that.

Thanks to the efforts of people such as Roy West and Vanessa Dixon future generations will be able to see what life was like in and around Tameside in 2013.


Kiwi said...

Same as Spike Milligans ?

Tilly Maid said...

Spike Milligan made that saying up

Henri Charriere said...

Now Roy's out of jug, I'm sure many people are looking forward to reading his prison memoirs on the TC blog. Hope he kept a diary? Roy West - Tameside's own 'Papillon'.