Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Curse of the Citizen

The resignations of Christine Green and Tariq Mahmood from their positions in Tameside Hospital have been announced today.

Ms. Green has been chief executive of the NHS Foundation Trust for 15 years, Mr Mahmood was the Hospital's medical director. The announcement of their resignations came soon after a statement issued early today by Tameside's three Labour MPs calling for Ms. Green to stand down.

This has been a bad week for the hospital management. The censoring of the by now famous "Grim Reaper" picture by Google (reported on the 26th) again brought into sharp focus the appalling death rate of Tameside hospital as well as numerous individual failings and tragedies.

It has now been revealed that Ms Green agreed to go last Thursday (June 27) but only announced her departure today.


Expediency and money, Gods of the modern age said...

15 years too late.
All the local bigwigs started shifting and in many cases totally reversing their positions on Tameside Hospital's record a short while ago, wonder why.

tonydj said...

Check the Chronology.

26th June. M.E.N. Carry the "Google ban the Grim Reaper" Story.

27th June Ms Green agrees to resign.

3rd July The three MPs call for her resignation

3rd July resignation announced


Curmudgeon said...

802edesammeAccording to 'our Andrew' the crisis in Tameside A&E is all down to the coalition and once again he's 'calling' for David Cameron to keep his promise to 'protect' the health service!

He then criticises the PM for spending £3billion on a top down reorganisation, then calls for the resignation of the Hospitals Chief Executive and the Medical Director which surely must then trigger a top down reorganisation!

Confused? Vote Labour!

Curmudgeon said...

In trying to prove I'm not a Robot, I seem to have proven I'm not very good with the cursor!

Please ignore 802edesamme

Anonymous said...

Those recently sacked from St Lawrence's Lodge Residential Care Home in Denton. For stealing from residents, and neglect of the elderly in that place. Should never be-able to work in any care home again.

Reimer said...

Doubtless a case will be made through the local press that Roy caused it all. Letter from Tameside Council's deputy leader urges GMP action to save the NHS etc.

Anonymous said...

Tom Rowley's article on the troublesome Roy West in the advertiser needs to be look at through the eyes of the public.
Tom Rowley says, that West is claiming he is being filmed from the house next door.
People of Dukinfield should have the opportunity to see if West is telling the truth, is he being filmed or not?

Alderman Shit-Forbrains. said...

'Print what I f***ing tell you, where I f***ing tell you.'

Glass House Resident said...

Of course Roy West has NEVER filmed anyone else has he?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Curmudgeon. Labour really need to answer what they were doing at the PCT. Look at the list of non executive directors and it's a bunch of Labour councillors from Tameside and Glossop chaired by MP-wannabe Dr. Kailash Chand.

There have been numerous calls in the past for Christine Green to go. All have gone ignored with promises and spin saying "Things are getting better". See what's happened now the whistle has been blown on Mid Staffs and those campaigning have had death threats and abuse.

What exactly did the Labour politicos do at these meetings to scrutinise the hospital? Did they just stick their fingers in their ears and nodded their heads to the right people? How much were they paid?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Curmudgeon. Labour really need to answer what they were doing at the PCT. Look at the list of non executive directors and it's a bunch of Labour councillors from Tameside and Glossop chaired by MP-wannabe Dr. Kailash Chand.

There have been numerous calls in the past for Christine Green to go. All have gone ignored with promises and spin saying "Things are getting better". See what's happened now the whistle has been blown on Mid Staffs and those campaigning have had death threats and abuse.

What exactly did the Labour politicos do at these meetings to scrutinise the hospital? Did they just stick their fingers in their ears and nodded their heads to the right people? How much were they paid?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous7/03/2013 8:34 pm
So who are those who will be taking the compulsory decisions to cut out organs and provide who knows who with such transfers.
I am not knocking any donors or the need of recipients,its just I do not trust the health service for its track record is seriously flawed in many area`s,such as here in Tameside.
The most disgusting aspect concerning the health care of Tamesider`s, is the deplorable,vile and endemic negligence which has been shown by Tameside Hospital for years backed to the hilt until now by the PCT and TMBC with nepotism absolutely rank throughout all these administrations,and now the 3 MP`s are being promoted as bastions of Tamesiders health care as they get on their sickening pedestals
proclaiming their suggested success at getting rid of 2 only top Hospital Staff.
This is exactly how the ruling scum continually act in Tameside.
All the healthcare committees (and there`s loads in the region),healthcare panels and scrutiny panels filled with non medical sheer cheek parasites who have all backed those involved and responsible for the dead and the disgusting negligence endemic at the Hospital.
The removal of many individuals sat in healthcare positions in Tameside need carting right now because they also have the blood of the dead and neglected on their arms up to their arm pits.
They will now regroup again as the new healthcare pretenders who are a disgrace to humanity in Tameside.
All those involved and with links in the past twenty years with Tameside Hospital should have been investigated by an independent Police Force because too dish out such deliberate hospital negligence causing deaths
and suffering should have been found guilty and imprisoned to safeguard the thousands of public from these offenders.
Those are the facts which like myself many hundreds of Tamesiders can confirm.
So sweep through TMBC,PCT CCG members and dispense with all those closely involved in the Hospital scandal for years which has caused much real suffering and despair.
Perhaps the notorious BMA
leader who regularly appears on behalf of the Labour Party in Tameside should be one of the first to go,with the 3 MP`s as well for never openly showing disgust and shame over many years at what has been meted out to the men,women,children and babies in Tameside.
All of those closely linked over years to these disgraced two people now named for a start, should pack their bags right now because of their direct complicity in the notorious long standing scandal.
J.Hall (on TC and Cumudgeon)

Should you have read this above then read the devious trash and real sodding smarmy rhetoric from A Gwynne MP when he spoke in Parliament this week:
Andrew Gwynne (Denton and Reddish, Labour)
I agree with my hon. Friend. Had she been listening to BBC Radio Manchester this morning, she would have heard me making precisely that point. The situation at Tameside is incredibly frustrating for me and my hon. Friends the Members for Stalybridge and Hyde (Jonathan Reynolds) and for Ashton-under-Lyne (David Heyes). Whenever we meet the chief executive and chair of Tameside hospital—we do so frequently—they always give us excuses as to why Tameside is different from the rest of Greater Manchester because of the industrial legacy and poor health outcomes in the borough, but one could make exactly the same arguments for Salford: there is no reason why one part of Greater Manchester should have an excellent hospital while another has one with long-term problems.

Part 2 by J.Hall continued

Anonymous said...

My response by J.Hall
Such a pity the House of Commons system does not allow your Constituents to hear,see,and know the real truth about you and your close friends and Councillors who have guarded and protected the Tameside Hospital executives for years and your Labour network of individuals who have been more than close to the Hospital Chief Executive as part of her defence are an insult to humanity and the "decent" folk of Tameside seeing they are and have been directly complicit in why people died and were neglected.
Mr Gwynne as always you will screw any opportunity in the Advertioser,Reporter,and now Radio Manchester to declare how whiter than white you are,.when the honest real facts are that you are the Tameside league leader in Hypocrisy,Deceptions,
Manipulations,and with no guts whatsoever to admit your own despicable role in causing serious health problems for thousands of your own Constituents.
Then you had the bloody cheek to come out in the Commons with this:
I quote:
Let me now turn to the funding crisis in social care. The Library’s analysis, which is borne out by the Local Government Association’s statistics, shows that Government funding reductions have forced local authorities to reduce their adult social care budgets by £2.7 billion over the last three years. They have had to slash services and increase charges in order to balance their books, leaving thousands of vulnerable older and disabled people facing a daily struggle to get the care and support they desperately need.
"NO Mention at all" from you Mr.Gwynne of how you duped the taxpayers with your own flawed expenses,how we pay 3 Councillors in each Ward luxury charges for their part time services,how the £millions paid to Councillors can be justified,and how many are very definitely linked to nepotism paid appointments
to other organisations,and what about Labour Councillors who did not declare their annual outside interests for bloody years as required by all Councillors in the UK.
You may think you can get away with hiding the facts but forget it because your not that clever enough to even be an MP.

Anonymous said...

What about Gwynne`s disgusting silence about his large AQMA Air Pollution constituency affecting thousands which he has deliberately ignored and is and still in hiding for years on this issue.
probably the most callous politician in Tameside even though there are many.
Another Gwynne Shadow.

Unnecessary troublemakers said...

All state funding to prop up self inflicted derelicts like drunks and junkies should be stopped.

Unnecessary troublemakers said...

Remember, it's your responsibility to financially prop up people who've given up but haven't got the guts to kill themselves.

Anonymous said...

The Patients Association's Dr Mike Smith said "urgent steps to up the ante" at the hospital were needed.

Where the hell has this bloke been these past 15 years.
Where was he when babies died,the elderly died,men and women were treated with negligence all because the Tameside Hospital Executives in charge hid in bunkers with their blood curdling secrets.
"urgent steps to up the ante" comments Dr.M.Smith should be treated with total contempt by the 225,000 Tamesiders.
Where have you been hiding ??
I well know from experience
what facts have been covered up Doctor.

Anonymous said...

Such scandals affecting all people seems to be ignored on TC
Funny how the topics revert back to the Ducky issues regardless
Does this indicate something of concern

Less s**t than nothing said...

The 'Duki issue' relates to the treatment of one (sometimes misguided) individual who's got under the skin of certain senior officials in the borough.
On this occasion it's also on the front page of the Advertiser despite being a trivial matter.
It probably does get too much attention on here, but as virtually no-one else stands up against the local ruling clique in such a direct way due to borough-wide mass apathy, that's not that surprising.

Anonymous said...

Well done to Tameside MP's for speaking out on the issue of Tameside Hospital. Mr Hall should hang his head in shame at all his rants.

tonydj said...

anonymous @1702

But the three MPs issued their statement on Weds 3rd July, a week AFTER Ms Green had agreed to resign.

And do not forget former MP James Purnell was so unconcerned about the hospital that he missed a photocall and was subsequently airbrushed into the group photo.

Anonymous said...

Well done to Tameside MP's for speaking out on the issue of Tameside Hospital. Mr Hall should hang his head in shame at all his rants.

If that is the best a TMBC sycophant can come up with it proves the atrocious quality of individuals we have running OUR borough.

As the advert says "come on more style".
Now thats an impossibility
for TMBC.
No rants just facts that brings them out from under their stones.

Come on Hally, do the right thing said...

Hall should make a personal apology to his local MP. If he was a gentleman he would.

Anonymous said...

Come on Hally, do the right thing said...
Hall should make a personal apology to his local MP. If he was a gentleman he would.

Has the penny not dropped yet after all this time mouthpiece,in which case I would seek some form of assessment re your obvious serious inabilities to recognise the fact known to numerous Tamesiders.that I have every right to despise
Andrew Gwynne.
Let me spell my opinion out to you seeing you have a vacancy in understanding.

Andrew Gwynne in my opinion is one of the most devious and manipulative person I have ever encountered in my entire life.
His utter disregard and total callous attitude towards thousands of families in his constituency regarding his years of constant support for more developments and road schemes which have overloaded our area with vehicles and serious air pollution is an utter and total disgrace.
I therefore consider him an serious abuser of children and infants because he has acted with complicity in making those children to be forced daily to increasingly continue 24/7 to ingest into their tiny undeveloped lungs large volumes of deadly toxins which cause diseases and deaths.
I consider him therefore a danger to the public,and a person totally unfit for any administrative or employment position in
anything other than perhaps
a clown for childrens parties.
I can prove his many devious,and deceptive actions as a paid inept servant of the public.
So I demand a reply from A.Gwynne to this question:

In the Tameside Reporter a close biased aid of his, it reports that his friend J.Reynold MP is still bleating about the traffic in Longendale but "surprise surprise" the background facts he refers to is that further road schemes would assist the economic benefits between Yorkshire and Manchester.
Last time you supported the Mottram ByPass which showed your total contempt for YOUR Constituents seeing they could expect another 45.000 daily traffic with far more HGV`s into the Hyde,Denton,Audenshaw areas
with the Mottram ByPass,so Mr.Gwynne "will you reject any forthcoming road plans
whatsoever which further increase vehicles and air pollution into those area denoted above".
To assist your extremely slippery character Mr.Gwynne the answer we are entitled to is a precise YES or NO.
No further bullshit,deceptions,lies or cop outs from you, just answer a valid important and honest question put to you.
I know this brings immense problems to your personality Mr.Gwynne however if you cannot answer simple questions or refuse to do so,you need to consider your future and resign from politics because of your failed and
contempt for men,women,children,and infants in your own constituency.
Apologise to you is the most idiotic comment your sycophantic nutters could ever suggest,especially considering your threat to me of legal action and a notification to the Commons security division which you stated some time ago.
Should that ever occur Mr Gwynne,trust me, Pandora`s Box would be totally lid less,so its me who expects your apology A.Gwynne

put up or shut up said...

Oh give up the ranting Hall and explain why life expectancy in your neighbourhood is the highest in the borough if, as you wrongly claim, the locality is smothered in deadly airborne toxins?

Give me strength... said...

Biggest problem with pollution in Mottram is there isn't a bypass.

traffic sits there in gridlock pumping out fumes because it can't no nowehere. The bypass would make Mottram a better place. If i lived their I would beg on m,y hands and knees for it.

250,000 extra primary school places,WAKE UP. said...

Build a bypass, build more houses, build build build. Destroy our country because it's easier than actually DEALING with the cause of all these problems: Overpopulation caused by mass immigration and the immigrant breeding rate.

Anonymous said...

Try keeping you gob shut Warrington before you get another panhandling.
Try talking from an alternative orifice,has anyone never told you the truth about yourself.
Crown Point Dentonian.

Anonymous said...

Let's expose those sacked for stealing from residents at St Lawrence's Lodge Residential Care Home in Denton

Anonymous said...

The case for a by-pass was being made decades ago, when the population was relatively stable. The case in favour is now even more compelling.

Denton folk stick to Denton's affairs, and Mottram folk will stick to theirs. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Anonymous said...

rdsoiz 16ngedls 17Denton folk be careful if you put someone in St Lawrence's Lodge Residential Care Home in Denton.
A lot of bad shit as happened in that place................

Anonymous said...

Denton folk stick to Denton's affairs from another anon.

Listen pal we already get thousands of your traffic every day into our area,stick any further of your increases up your a---
We don`t live in a rural open countryside area so those living in Hollingworth,Glossop,
Tintwistle, Mottram keep in your area and don`t stuff our area up in Denton,Hyde,Audenshaw and Denton.
Yes all keep in your own patches we don`t need the air pollution you create for us.

Anonymous said...

To those in Longdendale
If thousands from other area`s of Tameside were stuffing your lungs with
toxic air every day with cigarette fumes would you sit there and accept it.No you would not well we have to accept large volumes of lousy air,far far more than ever you get.
Equate pollution from 400,000 daily traffic to your few thousands each day.
Tell us all !!!! why TMBC,DfT,Highways Agency and you MP`s have refused for 20 years to ensure a HGV ban on the Longendale route from Yorkshire coming into some of your narrow locations.using it as a rat run.
Lets hear the real reason why this HGV ban was never tried regardless of the common sense involved.
"Why no HGV Ban" should be on all your Posters in Mottram,besides which less than 9,000 live in all of Motram,Hollingworth and Tintwistle.
So don`t dictate to numerous others in Tameside
simply get your fingers out and demand a HGV ban and solve your problems.

B said...

Oh bloody hell, change the record Hall.

Anonymous said...

Big MEN headlines repeated again.

Jonathan Reynolds, Andrew Gwynne and David Heyes, the three MPS whose constituents use Tameside as their main hospital, said in a joint statement they hoped Ms Green’s departure would be a turning point for the hospital.
Shadow health minister Mr Gwynne said last night: “What we need imminently is a strong leadership team put in place that will listen to the concerns of staff, who for too long have known what the problems are and have been silenced.

Its bloody time the M.E.N
Advertiser and Reporter got their comeupance from the public in their crawling cosy patronage of three MP`s
Perhaps if we stopped buying from anyone advertising in these Labour hand rags we could win
In liverpool it happened to a daily paper who sided with the police reports and even accused Liverpool supporters of causing the problems,and no-one bought that paper en mass.
We could do it locally if you put it to the test,or are you pi----- in the wind with complaints about local Labour riff raff papers who deny us democracy because they are all right up the a---- of reporters and correspondents and all swim in the same cess pits.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if traffic is travelling through Mottram toward Denton, then it's Mottram suffering Denton's traffic.

But in actual fact, a vehicle travelling through two adjacent towns is no more the property of one town before the other. If you have to resort to such fatuous arguments, then it's little wonder they continually fall on deaf ears.

Perhaps you also think the low flying aeroplanes travelling over Mottram before passing through Denton's air space are somehow Mottram's aeroplanes invading your sacred town, which suddenly has the right to tell all & sundry within a several mile radius exactly what roads they are allowed or disallowed from having.

Denton's holier than thou crusade as self appointed chief decision maker on Greater Manchester's entire road network is all well and good. But being Labour's numero uno for support in Tameside doesn't bestow you special privileges, where other people in other towns must humbly submit to your dictats on their town's affairs.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see a £5m pinch point scheme at Denton Roundabout. Andrew Gywnne has been instrumental in achieving that. Well done Andrew. And we'll done Jonny for getting the Mottram traffic problem back on the agenda. Stop the ranting Mr Hall

Siege Committee said...

We have had very positive news regarding the bypass and fingers crossed we will soon have a major announcement which will signal the start of something wonderful which will free our villages of congestion.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall calls for a HGV ban. What a cretin. So the answer to all the country's problems is a HGV ban regardless of the economic impact. The answer does not rely on banning HGV's as I'm sure Mr Hall enjoys the benefits of 'Just in Time' deliveries to his local shop but then wants to criticise them. The answer is not total bans on HGV with the economic impact and loss of jobs this would result in. No the answer is a bypass for Mottram. The HA Pinchpoint scheme at Denton which local MP Andrew Gywnne has campaigned for will ease traffic there. But Mr Hall just wants to find the negatives and rant and use foul language in his posts. He can't string a sentence together without the use of foul language or insults. And no doubt when he reads this he'll go on and on and on and on and on and on...

Anonymous said...

Those complaining about increased traffic if the bypass goes ahead should note that problems of congestion will increase. Meaning longer periods of peak traffic are only going to make it a more unbearable place to live.

Fact is the current Transpennine links are not fit for the 21st century. Population is is an ever increasing problem everywhere and sorry but Longdendale will have to accept it. Many other areas have had to adjust to changes too.

It will also help boost much needed investment in our borough which I am afraid some sacrifices will have to be made that very few people will have to put up with.

Search for JUSTICE said...

Question: who was sacked from St Lawrence's Lodge Residential Care Home in Denton?
Who were the night staff asleep when my partners mother lay on the floor?

Anonymous said...

The countries entire road network needs a major redesign with much better planning. Problem is that most A and B roads and are cluttered with buildings that make it too costly to increase capacity. There are too many bottle necks that would need radical thinking to overcome.

Many roads could be ripped up all together and pedestrianised if we have more highways and less pointless backstreets with sensible places to park.

The money that could be saved from the maintenance of potholed minor roads would be able to at least put some funding into achieving that.

In a efficient traffic system you shouldn't need to drive down a B road unless you like within easy walking distance of where you are going. It shouldn't be a means to get somewhere 10 miles away.

5 miles = 8800 yards from Gorton said...

Build the bypass, build ever more housing to destroy our local and national countryside, but on no account DO anything about the cause, overpopulation and the cause of that, immigration and the immigrant breeding rate.
Keep voting for parties with the same 'look the other way' gutless mindset. If action isn't taken (and UKIP's policy of banning immigration for five years would at least be a start) what's happening to other more 'enriched' parts of Britain will creep its way up to the Longdendales of the nation in a few years.

Hallelujah said...

That's shut Hall up.

Come on Hally said...

Mr Gwynne is a brilliant MP and he always puts the wellbeing of his constituents first. J Hall ought to make a public apology for his baseless accusations.

play it again sam said...

Does anyone else think that West and Hall are like a pair of stuck records?

Big brother is coming for everyone not just me! said...

Protests in Ashton Under Lyne today

well done said...

The man who defended his right to film against the authoritarian bullies is a hero. Well done that man.

Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do. said...

What the hell has it got to do with a councillor and which councillor?

Anonymous said...

What is it all about and who are the Labour vermin saying you cannot film in a public place? The big gormless twat sat on the bench looks familiar.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Focus in said...

This is the man that told me that John Taylor asked him to beat me up.

tonydj said...

Many years ago I used to photograph "the Left"

It was a point of Honour NOT to be seen doing it. I used SLR cameras with 300mm lenses.

Nowadays any amateur with a cellphone does it. With my equipment you were not seen. I was stopped once going to Belfast and questioned by special branch -not a plastic policeman- when a routine search uncovered my equipment.

In those days we would not lower ourselves to whining about being allowed to photograph. We just went ahead and did it!

Anonymous said...

@5 miles = 8800 yards,

Can't blame the recent immigrants for a problem existed about 25 years ago. Blame the Romans they didn't build big enough roads.

Your comments are that of nothing bugt a racist pig.

Anonymous said...

Hattersley was built to accommodate the overspill of population. Don't think you can blame the Polish or the Asian breeding program for that one.

The idea that Longdendale is this protected nature reserve in the "countryside" is nonesense. Just because its got a couple of fields don't mean its an area of outstanding natural beauty.

It's not against the law said...


Labour don't like it said...

This Labour Councillor does not want to be filmed, yet he is officially there in his yellow jacket.

Who is this man? Ashton protests said...

Who is this big bully Labour Councillor thinking he can tell people what to do?

The REAL UAF scumbags said...

This scum bag laughs about how a bunch of cowardly muslims and uaf members assault a woman

Only Tameside Council can film and take pictures of us in public said...

Why is this man taking pictures of people then? What's his purpose for doing so?

Lee said...

It is racist to blame immigrants for overcrowding and congestion. If we had more housing and more roads there wouldn't be an overcrowding problem. Petition your local MP to encourage more housing and road building projects. Vast swathes of this area are totally desolate wasteland and there is no reason why houses and new roads cannot be built in such places. We are an ageing population and we need immigrants and we thank those who have decided to make Britani their home. Britain has always been a nation of immigrants and the more the better as far as we are concerned.

Anonymous said...

Later on in the day I will be posting audio footage of an evil man, that has decided to openly spread vile untrue allegations about me.
Not only this audio footage, but he is now shouting pervert and paedophile at me in front of my partners grandchild.
This man now believes that he is free to openly make these vile untrue allegations.
I have made a statement to the police, they say he will be advised about his conduct.

Reimer said...

Looking forward to reading about "Lee" in the next edition of the Pradvertiser -

"Tameside 6th former uses internet to challenge entrenched views of racists and reactionaries...Lee hopes to study Politics at Mancat...Councillor James Hoffa (Lab) sees a bright future for him, and calls upon the present govt to etc etc"

Anonymous said...

Exclusive article Tameside Citizen Tomorrow. Secret filming, allegations, collusion, video audio.
All on Tameside citizen Tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I agree with an earlier post that our MPs should be congratulated and Mr Hall shoud look in the mirror before posting on here. His rationale on most topics do not make sense and he uses' offensive language to make his point. This is always a weakness in an individual but he will not accept that. I'm afraid whilst he claims to want a public debate he would be ridiculed if he behaved like he does on this site.

Hall should apologiise and eat a large slice of humble pie said...

Don't hold your breath for an apology from Hall. He's far too thick skinned for that. He likes to rant and make unfounded claims but when push comes to shove and he's proven wrong he disappears back under his stone without ever thinking of making an apology.

tonydj said...

@Reimer said

"Cllr James Hoffa (Lab)"

nice one Reimer

Anonymous said...

I note TMBC have let their human pit bulls loose again.Don`t waste your breathe or finger exercise.

Forget your wasted words I have every confidence in what information I release especially when it exposes the semi illiterate,devious
antics which Tameside Councillors enjoy.
Always more to come which makes the dogs frantic.

Not in hiding Councillors like you lot in permanent hiding,but doing lots more trawling and collating facts for release.
Talk about hounds on heat at TMBC,its laughable.

Remember the victims and remember the traitors said...

Lee, let us all remember what happened on on this date 7/7/2005. If it was not for people with your corrupted worldview such a terrible event could not have happened on British soil. It is people like you who are guilty of letting the enemy into our camp. Let's hope one day you have to answer to the people for your actions.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall really is a joke. He always thinks that anyone on this site that questions him is somehow connected to TMBC, labour councillors or MP's. When will he realize that normal people will frequent this site and just not agree with him or his arguments. Or just objects to his use of foul and abusive language in his arguments. No matter what the subject a debate can be conducted in an adult way but Mr Hall feels incapable of doing so.

Anonymous said...

@ Remember the victims and remember the traitors said...

Blaming all immigrants for things they have nothing to do with is unfair to put it mildly.

This country does have serious flaws in its immigration policy and has had for far too long. You cannot blame immigrants for seeking a better chance in life.

Those 7/7 terrorists were and brainwashed and radicalised Islamist preechers. Islamic leaders are just as keen as we are to stop them as we are. They don't want to see their children involved with them and we should be uniting with them to solve the problem.

I would also point out that London is full of foreigners anyway so who's way of life were they targeting?

Anonymous said...

Well London's completely gone now anyway. Vast area's are no go area's for English whites...........

Reimer said...

"I would also point out that London is full of foreigners anyway so who's way of life were they targeting?"

Excellent capstone on a small monument to glibness and mendacity there.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said. He always thinks that anyone on this site that questions him is somehow connected to TMBC.

That`supposition considering the facts.I have every right to use terminology which can be understood by the TMBC despots,and dealing in the manner you suggest is after years of experience the only way these puppets can understand.
My normal demeanor is unsuitable in addressing the types linked to TMBC simply because they prefer to hide themselves under Anonymous or otherwise false identifications because why ???.
Its because they are denying the people of Tameside real democracy once they inhabit their portals in TMBC and are prepared to use any method
ie threats,slander,warnings,
discrimination,and abuse.
If you expect such as myself to sit back and accept such antics then forget it.
I present only well founded substantiated and confirmed facts to denounce those who
administrate our lives,who have closed all doors to the reality Tameside free speech.
Disagree with my points by all means but please argue the facts with contradictory facts !! not repetitive one liners which
is the normal method adopted to discredit anyone
who recognises the types now embedded in TMBC.
Methods utilised by TMBC are akin to an absolute dictatorship which the majority are afraid to expose which is fine,by who will expose the real facts linked to those paid by the Electorate to represent their concerns.
I don`t recall any comments
such as my recent post where I indicated from Council files those Councillors who had in the past usurped legislation by not declaring their annual paid other interests for many years.Are you prepared to accept that,or delve into backgrounds of those highly paid for a part time job which feeds their greed.
You may have your opinions,but I suggest my substantiated facts delivered in a robust and vigorous manner are the only methods Tameside Councillors have problems with.
Some hardworking posters on TC are unravelling the dirty tricks utilised by TMBC simply because based on confirmed data they have no answers only their own abusive brief snide remarks which are posted anonymously.
Perhaps a level battling field should be utilised by TMBC its Councillors,MP`s and supporters by indicating their actual identities or ask yourself why not ?? if they are 100% certain of their facts.
You may not recall I was a staunch Labour voter for almost 40 years but then based on considerable research and fact finding the real truth about TMBC was seriously alarming,in its scale,methods,and perpetual destruction of democracy by using extremely devious objectives.


5 miles = 8800 yards from Gorton said...

@ Anonymous 00:18, 01:04, Lee, The recent massive population surge is down to mass immigration. Their massively higher breeding rate and total unwillingness to integrate, is what's causing the immense strain on our infrastructue, NHS, schools, roads, pollution, congestion, civil disorder, the destruction of our countryside, terrorist threats etc etc.
Your comments are nothing but that of a anti-White, nation hating bigot.
Hattersley was built 50 years ago, the problems Britain faces now are of a completely different kind and magnitude.
We do need immigrants, in controlled and selected numbers, those with necessary skills and those likely to assimilate and reproduce at a similar rate, not ghettoize themselves and live an utterly alien and separate lifestyle.
Immigrants, especially those from the Third World bring hordes of often elderly relatives with them in the following few years who add even more strain to our infrastructure.
There's nothing to celebrate in flooding highly reproductive, alien immigrants into a country which already has a population density of 1100 per square mile, and to say we have acres of desolate wasteland in what is already virtually the most overcrowded nation in the world is a comment of the grossest ignorance and immaturity.
The left appears to have run out of quality activists, the truth is they've mostly retired and run away to less enriched areas to escape the hell they helped create, all that's left are a few low quality, prattling juvenile dregs trying to climb a greasy pole and secure a cushy number with the state, or local authority cesspit.
The ongoing effects of the planned, destructive immigration lunacy are all around us and worsening exponentially.

Death to traitors said...

Hundreds of MPs are too scared of losing their seat to tell the truth about immigration because of the size and block nature of the 'community' vote in their constituencies.
Islam in particular has always been a (weight of) numbers game. Whatever the faults of this 'culture' it lives in the real world of 'might is right' and survival.
The ones really to blame are: the self-seeking cowards and traitors who facilitate the destruction of our country for their own political, career and pecuniary self-interest; the ignorant, cowardly masses who repeatedly and unthinkingly vote in the same three gangs of traitors; the apathetic millions who can't even be bothered to vote.
There are signs however that with the rise as the, as of yet, undemonised UKIP, British people are starting to wake up.

Anonymous said...

For the benefit of all TMBC councillors and those who have cause to monitor TC daily. and MP`s of course
Its time you dumped anyone who is still pathetically ignorant or has difficulty in reading such as Councillor Warrigton,Councillor Smith,and Councillor Dawson Lane.
Manchester is equal to London in the immense amount of pollution now breathed,to contradict or dispute this clearly denotes YOU are not fit for purpose because you and Gwynne prefer to bury the facts with the dead,and that`s why I despise your positions in Tameside.
If anyone gets fed up with these almost weekly facts from the top world scientists,then tough,because for 15 years I have fought anyone in Tameside who continues to abuse the kids,infants and the next generations with known deadly diseases.
How the hell these tin pot riff raff have the bloody audacity to even walk the streets of Tameside knowing they and their masters enjoy deliberately harming
kids is obscene which makes them filth living amongst the decent folk of Tameside.
Don`t start your feeble rhetoric in Warrington as head defender of Gwynne,because you both need counselling for your vile attitude to kids who cannot defend themselves from you.

Europe must tackle air pollution, warn UN scientists
The Guardian
The health effects of air pollution have been underestimated and Europe should review its laws to tackle the problem, UN scientists have concluded after a major review of new evidence. Sixty international scientists, commissioned by the World Health ...
See all stories on this topic »

The full report is staggering and all UK Politicians of whatever colour need a rebellion against their deliberate gross negligence.

put up or shut up hall said...

Hall, explain why life expectancy in your locality is the best in the borough if, as you wrongly claim, you are being smothered in airborne toxins?

Anonymous said...

This imbecile who thinks they are vastly more intelligent than the whole of science world wide needs
definite help to recognise reality which is not surprising when its appears to be our Councillor Brenda Warrington who posts absolutely ridiculous gob shite which is her norm not mine I would add.
Questions to her and her extremely close friend? A Gwynne which they refuse to answer time after time.
1 Why did you not respond to this:
Who made that declaration of life expectancy details ??
Well let me tell YOU it was lies produced by TMBC to contradict the facts that Air Pollution in Denton and Audenshaw is the worst in the North of England.
2.Why do you never refer to the fact that for 12 years Pollution Maps drawn up by TMBC as required by Government show the huge massive area where 47,000 live ie Denton West,Audenshaw and Denton.
3.Why is the pictorial evidence concerning the Tameside real time monitoring equipment stuck in a field up two trees lane in the local countryside location and is the biggest scandAL OF ALL EVENTS because its one of the devious actions ever taken by TMBC to play down the real facts relating to pollution levels or are you
visually and technically

4.Is it a criminal act to deprive the population of Tameside of the amounts of real pollution which is a right under legistlation.
(this should be used in a criminal case and those involved jailed for crimes against humanity which includes Tameside Councillors and MP`s)
You are the mouthpiece employed as Gwynne`s main assistant as shown on Commons registers,which confirms what he actually is !!!. and his nil concerns about his constituents ingesting dangerous toxins which he has admitted behind the scenes but is prepared to bury the truth with the dead and dying,
Tameside Hospital executives backed by Warrington and Gwynne for years are definitely part of Tameside's serious health problems and should be ashamed and pilloried
for deliberate negligence
against society by hiding the facts which all Tamesides residents should have been told years ago.
Now in your type of terminology BW belt up and
stop your abuse of kids by not combating the increasing air pollution.
Shame has no reckoning in your postings,which continues to confirm my facts.

Anonymous said...

Next time I see you in any public place Councillors Warrington,Smith and Lane I will certainly openly seek an answer from you as public servants representing thousands,regarding "what you have done in recent years" to decrease,limit and curtail further air pollution in this existing and specified official
Air Quality Management Area
where you do not live but are highly paid to represent.
Perhaps Morrison`s,Sainsbury`s,
Tesco,Lidl or Aldi may prove a suitable venue.