Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Buzzards Are Back

Check out the downdraught at 0.19 and 1.43 as these large and impressive birds land. The first buzzard to land is one of the breeding pair and has been established at this location for at least three years. The second buzzard is new and unrelated to all the others. It must have made contact with one of the local buzzards while circling round in the sky and followed it back to this oasis of free food.

The breeding pair produce chicks every year, and the 1.43 arrival is one of the chicks from last year. New chicks are up in the branches at the moment. I can hear them but I have not yet seen them, no doubt they will be making an appearance here when I manage to film them.

Sadly a number of buzzards have been shot dead recently. One near Bolton on June 25th and four in Wiltshire last Friday. What kind of moronic vermin would gain pleasure from killing such magnificent birds?


GMP'S Most Wanted said...

Please help the police find this person.

He is from the Levenshulme area.

raptor fan said...

Nice footage. Well done.

Curmudgeon said...

Thank you! I can't wait to show this footage to my grandchildren!

The Somme said...

@ GMP's Most wanted, he'll stand out like a sore thumb in New Levenshulme won't he.

hoisted on his own petard said...

Salford Labour councillor could be jailed over Twitter comment on BNP - still think postal votes were not introduced by Labour to benefit Labour?

The M.E.N. article is first class Marxist reporting by the way. It's interesting that they still treat the dead corpse of the BNP as if it is a threat.

Anyone surprised that cllr Balkind just so happens to be Jewish? Oy vey!

councillor could be jailed over ‘off the cuff’ Twitter remarks made during an election count.

Howard Balkind was reported to police by the far-right BNP for tweeting that the party would be ‘lucky to get 10 votes’ at a by-election last month.

It is alleged that Coun Balkind broke the law by revealing the results of postal votes before polls had closed the Weaste and Seedley ward.

Coun Balkind, a prominent anti-fascist and anti-BNP campaigner in Salford, now faces a wait while the Crown Prosecution Service decided whether to press charges under the Representation of the People Act.

Under the 1983 act, the maximum penalty for making ‘any statement relating to the way in which voters have voted at the election’ before polls close is six months in prison or a £5,000 fine.

The BNP’s complaint was made after polling closed, shortly before midnight on Thursday, June 20, over the tweet, posted the previous Tuesday.

The election campaign became mired in controversy after Salford council were legally obliged to supply Ms Pollitt with a room to stage a public meeting, leading to protests joined by Coun Balkind which caused the meeting to be moved at the last minute.

The councillor has now shut down his Twitter account and says he and his family have received ‘veiled threats’ from the @BNPSalford Twitter account.

BNP leaflets were also stuffed through his letterbox three days in row, Coun Balkind says.

He added that the police are looking into the claims.

Coun Balkind, 61, told the M.E.N. that the remarks were ‘off the cuff’ and not an attempt to reveal the results of postal voting – and called the BNP’s complaint ‘vexatious’.

A GMP spokesman said: “On Thursday 20 June 2013, police were called following allegations of a breach of section 66 of the Representation of the People Act. A man was interviewed under caution at Pendleton police station and enquiries are ongoing.”

A BNP spokesman confirmed that party members had reported Coun Balkind to the police.

He added: “After legal advice from Salford city council, the Electoral Commission and our own legal team it was established that Mr Balkind acted in a way that breached the secrecy code in regards to the election process by tweeting from his official account, results of the first postal vote opening that he had attended earlier that week, before the close of ballots of the recent Weaste and Seedley by-election.

“We cannot comment any further as a criminal investigation is under way, and for the record the British National Party will press for charges.

“In relation to further claims of harassment, that is nothing more than a smoke screen to cover up the key fact of him breaking the law.”

"BNP leaflets were also stuffed through his letterbox three days in row" Oh, how shocking, leaflets through letterboxes during an election campaign, but these leaflets were not delivered or posted they were "stuffed" - how pathetic.

King David Hotel bombing said...

Monday was the anniversary of the terror bombing of the King David Hotel. Pray for the victims and curse the terrorist bombers for ever more and expose their supporters at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

My uncle was outside the King David at the time.
I need to say no more on this outrage on British blokes (our John) in the Army.
These warmongering assassins who continue to blackmail the world should never have equality simply because of their suggested but never ever proven demand for land
based on Jewish scribes thousands of years ago with
pirate objectives.

Aye aye captain, how did you gues their background before reading the article? said...

Three Manchester men guilty of grooming and exploiting two vulnerable teenage girls

A jury was told the girls were passed around and raped while they were overwhelmed by the effects of drink and drugs.

Three men have been found guilty of sexually exploiting two vulnerable teenage girls.

A jury was told the girls were passed around and raped while they were overwhelmed by the effects of drink and drugs.

It was claimed the girls, aged 14 and 15, were taken to houses and hotels and attacked while they were so intoxicated that they were falling over and feeling sick.

Manchester Crown Court was told one of the girls was so distressed that she wrote desperate messages all over the walls of her bedroom.

"The two girls were initially flattered by the attentions of the adult men in this case. They were groomed, and plied with drugs and large amounts of alcohol and then manipulated so that they felt obliged to repay their abusers in the form of sexual favours.

"This often took place when the victims were so intoxicated that they were in no position to freely consent to the sexual acts. Nevertheless, the men used them for their own gratification and cruelly exploited them.
There are scores of similar trials to this going on right across the country at present. Click the blue link to reveal the ethnicity of these gentlemen but don't let racism take control of your mind by making you jump to early conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Roy said it's no holiday camp like you might read about modern prisons in the media but that he's keeping his spirits up.

Brits Abroad Behaving Badly said...

It's incidents like this which at times make me feel ashamed to be British. What will our European neighbours think when they see Brits behaving like this?