Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dr Kailish Chand: Tameside hospital 'chased targets not care'

Tameside General Hospital failed patients when "target chasing became the real goal rather than duty of care", a leading health official has said. That is the damning conclusion former Tameside GP Dr Kailish Chand has drawn about the reasons for failings that led to its high death rates.
Management failings in understaffed wards at 14 hospitals, including Tameside, have been highlighted in a report by NHS England's medical director Prof Sir Bruce Keogh. Read more: BBC News and Daily Mail: Labour's Day of Shame


Anonymous said...

How dare this devoted Labour Party member with the objective of being an MP start pontificating.
His senior role in Tameside during recent years with Labour Councillors and MP`s,PCT and CCG prove to me he had no regard for Tamesider`s Health care at Tameside Hospital else where was he when children and adults were dying from malpractices for which the Hospital paid £30 Million pounds in compensation.
Did he not query the Coroners constant death reports over the years,or the massive financial pay outs to victims and families.
This latest news confirms his ego and aspirations mattered far more than his
duty as a Tameside Doctor
honoured ??? and now a leading light in the BMA.
His credibility is finally completely destroyed and this latest rhetoric from him is a smoke screen in which he hopes to vanish.
Go now Dr.Chand you are an embarrassment to Tameside people.
As for Gwynne sat besides his mate Andy Burnham,with Gwynne snarling with venom at the truth coming out,then patting Burnham on the shoulder as he sat down after Burnham`s vitriolic attempt to blame anyone but himself for the deaths of children and adults in Tameside through his persistent gross negligence to halt the malpractices and resultant deaths.
Having Labour Councillors
positioned on Healthcare Committees,Panels and scrutiny groups to protect the Hospital management is a cynical and callous act especially as the riff raff parachuted onto health care
needs in Tameside were either not capable of even writing or simply a loud mouthed union rep whose knowledge of medical issues is shown by her repeatedly on TC.
The whole structure of Councillors,PCT`s and CCG should be cleansed and if you check back on the actual people chosen to
to be on the Independent ?? Quality Health Care visits to Tameside you will find their roles were also to protect the status quo and they also were not qualified to act as Inspectors.
Thousands in Tameside suffered and many died because of the constant negligence shown by TMBC and the large Labour cartels negative sole desire to protect by ALL MEANS the stranglehold,nepotism,and influence on Tameside folk`s lives,"or deaths"
No comments facility on the MEN front page news either.
The influence of Labour cretins placed in all organisations should be
totally dismantled whilst they are all shouting "Foul" it was not my fault.
Yes it was, so sod off now.
A quite interesting subject on Tamesides Postal Votes
records will be forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Hospitals provide death to the innocent.
You and your families need to take every precaution to protect yourself from those administrating your lives in Tameside which includes TMBC

Gravy Train UK said...

It's an odds on bet that Chand will be selected as the next Labour PPC for Ashton when Heyes calls it a day.

The Kailash Chand Appreciation Society said...

Local celebrity GP Kailash Chand use to frequently write in to the local papers airing his views on everything from obesity to the Iraq war. He ought to retire gracefully (and quietly) from the only profession he's qualified to spout about, back into obscurity from wherever he came. Now he's a bloody columnist in leftist rag The Guardian.

SerpentSlayer said...

I think Dr.Chand has long since lost all his integrity in the eyes of people who understand politics, he has behaved as my puppy does when she wants a treat, all silly grins and doing backflips.

Anonymous said...


Get it on YouTube man, this time next year Rodney...

Tameside General survivor said...

Shocking report about Tameside hospital tonight on Sky News. Lots of true horror stories from survivors and relatives if deceased patients.

Anonymous said...

Last year a coroner condemned Tameside hospital, which was put into special measures by the Health Secretary today today, after a girl died in her bed and was left by staff for so long she developed rigor mortis.

John Pollard said it was ‘simply not acceptable’ that Mike Stones should find his 12-year-old daughter Emma (right) stiff and cold to the touch – despite being told by staff she had died minutes before.

An inquest heard that as well as not being given a blood test, Emma had not been monitored in the early hours by nurses, who also failed to take her blood pressure.
Did you hear an outcry of disgusting,shocking,
deplorable,absolute shaming
from K Chand TMBC,A.Gwynne,
J.Reynolds and the Ashton phantom MP.
That tells you the full story of this families horror.
Did any of these top tameside leaders go to the parents home and express their grief at what occurred ??????????
This little child`s case should haunt their nights sleep forever.

Love the NHS said...

Watch the parliament channel and you will see shadow health secretary Andrew Gwynne giving the Tories a real bashing over the scandals at these failing hospitals. The NHS has always been safe when Labour are in government but look what happens as soon as the Tories take over.

Anonymous said...

MEN press.
A huge rallying call has gone up re Tameside Hospital.

Where has the call been for almost 20 years.
The dead cannot hear it,benefit from it,because the Labour traitors were part of the scandal.
Vote Labour and live a dangerous life from Blair onwards.

Anonymous said...

Love the NHS said...
Watch the parliament channel and you will see shadow health secretary Andrew Gwynne giving the Tories a real bashing.

How much longer are we to get the Gwynne defence group putting crap on this site.
He has proven himself what a hypocrite,deceiver,and coward he is time after time.
His interest in the health and welfare of people in Tameside is the same as Dr.Chand his friend and careerist,like birds of a feather.
Pack in in distorting the truth about Gwynne he has been and still is a serious danger to the Health and well being of Tameside people,and he knows it over a period of years,
Just go Gwynne and sell your sole elsewhere.

the best health service in the world said...

I visited one of Andrews surgeries and asked him about the NHS and he said the only way to secure the long term future of our wonderful health service is to keep on voting Labour otherwise the Tories will destroy it and then privatise it and I believe him because as a gentleman he gave his word

The Cock Beck said...

West sent down. ANYONE could be next to be punished.

Not Surprised said...

The NHS has been bastardised by Labour they claim it is safe in their hands but the only cover ups which were going on while they ran the show wasn't the nurses tucking the patients in at night (they were busy filling in forms) but in Andy Burnhams office from Mid Staffs to Tameside hospital they have blood on their hands. The saying Labour offended by everything ashamed about nothing has never been more true. Until Burnham Gwynne etc accept and take responsibility of their actions Labour will never change.