Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Council Priorities “Wrong” Says Local Conservative Deputy Chair

The Deputy Chair of two local Conservative organisations has questioned the priorities of Tameside Council regarding the Borough’s unemployed.

Liam Billington, who represents both ‘Ashton-Under-Lyne Conservatives’ and ‘Tameside and Oldham Conservative Future’ claims that the Council has the ‘wrong priorities for the people of Tameside’.

He said: “Last week Councillor Kieran Quinn launched the website ‘Help with Benefits’. This site is all about keeping people trapped on benefits. What the website doesn't help with is how people can get into work.”

A report by the Union Unison showed there are 9.9 people on unemployment benefits chasing every job advertised in Tameside. In neighbouring Trafford this figure is only 1.7 people.

Mr Billington went on to say: “Labour’s answer is not a ‘jobs bus’ but a ‘benefits bus’ – yet another way in which to trap more Tamesiders on a life of benefits. The Conservatives in government are encouraging that being in work pays – through increasing the basic Income Tax allowance, so a person on the minimum wage pays half of what they were under Labour, and introducing the benefits cap, so no-one on benefits receives more from the taxpayer than the average person earn from their job.”

He finished by saying: “I believe that local Labour councillors should be doing more to encourage more jobs to the area rather than encouraging a life of benefits through Benefits Buses and websites. The people of Tameside deserve better.” Source: In

I am not a natural conservative but I do have a lot of time for local Conservative activist Liam Billington who is without a doubt a rising political star. Hopefully Liam will soon be elected as a councillor which would be a great thing for all Tameside residents as Mr Billington is a formidable campaigner who is not afraid to point the finger at wrongdoers. 

When Mr Billington becomes a councillor the local Labour Mafia's free run in Tameside would come to an abrupt end. Liam may just be one person, but his knowledge, courage and determination would be more than a match for all the Labour Mafia drones combined. 

Roll on the elections and let's hope that soon there is a Cllr Billington in the Council Chamber. Tameside Citizen


Anonymous said...

Knowing Liam and his abilities I was somewhat surprised at his somewhat tepid references to Tameside Council and its leadership.
To denounce and remove our despot Labourites we must deal with them with total and absolute united strength.
Liam to succeed you need a
vigorous group of fearless
opponents to the present cartel,and be capable of being robust in attack,otherwise you will be targeted with vigour and sleaze by those who only understand the rough methods to survive.
Keep active on blog sites Liam and open up facts that you have knowledge of that is absolutely essential.
Your own conservative colleagues have stitched you up in past years because its to their advantage they enjoy being close to Labour.
Do it mate.

Alf Garnett said...

look at this ? openly touting for votes ? but you cant say EDL or BNP on hear

Alf Garnett said...

TCs good at sensering this if he dont like the truth

Tameside Citizen said...

It has nothing to do with censorship Mr Alf Garnett but it has a lot to do with common decency. This is a family blog site so keep it clean and keep it sensible and you are as welcome as anyone else to contribute to debate.

I have no problem with you discussing the EDL or whatever but you must understand it can become tiresome in the extreme for other blog users when that particular issue is discussed time and time again.

P for Paedo and P for Prophet said...

I said E. E. EDL.

Anonymous said...

Alf Garnett you are a very strange man.

Red Drought said...

It's hot hot hot. Let's hope it doesn't spark off any trouble in London Ta'rn like two years ago when the pathetic MET Police stood back and let the beasts roam free smashing the place up all night. Still, at least 'community' relations weren't damaged.

NCB said...

Liam was one of only a handful of activists from the main parties who appeared to possess any kind of decency.

For someone as young as he was, he was quite knowledgeable about the political scene in Tameside, and regularly offered interesting insights in to what was going on "behind the scenes" at TMBC. I remember him explaining about the incestuous relationship between the Tameside Labour party and the Tameside Advertiser, and how, in exchange for adverts paid for by Labour, the Advertiser would give the Labour party glowing press coverage.

There are some other things which can't be discussed on here, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Interesting you say this is a family blog.
In another entry you were slating another man for 'exposing a young child to the word paedophile', yet the word has been used countless times by on another thread,
Therefore that initial argument doesn't stand, seeing as this is a 'family blog' and therefore YOU are exposing children to the same

Anonymous said...

The Tamesid Advertiser has proven over many years a massive stumbling block re.
the much needed democracy
In fact I have no hesitation in saying the reporters,correspondents and editorial staff have proven to be a group of total sycophants and a large tool of Tameside Councillors and MP`s.
If ever you need the real truth and updates on TMBC sleaze certainly discard the Advertiser and spread the word throughout the Greater Manchester area that Tameside Citizen and 2 other local blog sites are the only available media which deals with facts,the real truth and has a widespread following built on honesty and exposing the despotic and greed ridden TMBC

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree concerning the Advertiser Labour Party weekly newspaper,but look for the Labourites being prodded each week by Councillors to send in letters trying to glorify our area.
These are the dying struggles of a disgusting and hated council.
Do you ever read the regular scandals affecting TMBC.

SerpentSlayer said...

"Do not give yourself into slavery, as long as it still remains open to you to die freely"- Euripedes

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11:23, As the subject under discussion was someone making vile allegations whilst a child was present it would have been impossible to discuss that event without reference to the word allegedly used.

Anonymous said...

How long have you spent going on about peadophiles on here y'self, Roy?

Curmudgeon said...

Regrettably Liam, it is increasingly the nature of ‘the council’ Councillors and council bosses employ-bullying and peremptory measures because there is the power to do so.

That attitude permeates down without any responsibility or loss for the abuse of that power. The whole tenor in every aspect of public service contact with the public is now demanding and intimidating. “Do this on time, or pay that, don’t put your bin out on the wrong day, or else...”

It seems pretty clear that councils are using all sorts of fines and charges as an alternative revenue stream

But we shouldn’t be surprised; it just reflects the reality that we now exist to serve “them”.

We must have all had experienced the council worker, who has suddenly become ‘power mad’. Put parking attendants in a uniform and they become dictators.

The people who work in the public sector are supposed to be public servants. They are supposed to serve us with efficient services. The problem is that on the whole, the council provides a monopoly service, and when you get a monopoly service it is nearly always bad

However, even when the council decides to sell off a service to a private contractor it would appear that they to maintain the same amount of bureaucrats to monitor the now private services….

But let’s face it; we Tamesiders are hardly blessed with a council that’s groaning with heavyweight talent…

This of course should come as no surprise to anyone who has had the misfortune of having to deal with Tameside Council's Senior Officers who lacking in both vision and values have comprehensively failed the citizens of Tameside.

It seems to me that the primary concern of these Elite Officers is self-advancement; they operate within a culture of collective self-preservation that obviates constructive challenge and creativity in either forming policy or implementing practical solutions.

Labour child molesters said...

@11/07/2013 23:12 big difference these are all convicted labour child molesters..........

Anonymous said...

I went down to the bottoms of the mountains; the earth with her bars was about me for ever: yet hast thou brought up my life from corruption, O LORD my God.