Saturday, 22 June 2013

Tory MP Nick Boles Says Build On Boring Fields

In controversial comments, Nick Boles said people must be "realistic" about the need for more housing, which will mean building on "environmentally uninteresting" green spaces.  He made the remarks in a letter to Anna Soubry, a Conservative health minister, who wrote to his department to warn that housing is being built on the Green Belt despite David Cameron's "repeated assurances" it will be protected.

Mr Boles underlined protections for the Green Belt but was unable to guarantee it will be safe in and around Mrs Soubry's constituency, while arguing it is necessary to build on some fields. "Given a two million increase in our population over the last ten years and historic under-provision of housing we have to be realistic that not all the housing that we as a country need can be on brownfield land," he said. "In some places, this may mean buliding on low quality, environmentally uninteresting fields. In exceptional circumstances, it may involve a Green Belt review."

Shaun Spiers, chief executive of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, criticised the planning minister's comments and accused the Government of being "in denial" about the scale of building on the countryside. "What he classes as uninteresting fields might be essential for growing food or somewhere that people absolutely love walking their dog on or just looking at," he said. Mr Spiers also called on the Prime Minister to "intervene" to stop the "huge amount of development going up on the Green Belt". Daily Telegraph

Mr Boles, how about tackling the elephant in the living room rather than telling us to be 'realistic' about the need for more housing. Why not embark on a mission to evict the millions of illegal immigrants who currently reside in Britain and then there would be no need to steal and destroy our greenbelt for housing? Tameside Citizen

Ps, and no more Hebrew lessons at tax payers expense so you can whisper sweet nothings into your Israeli boyfriends ear.  


Anonymous said...

What does Conservative mean?

Alf Garnett said...

well said ? vote BNP

Tameside Walks said...

They want to destroy everything, wildlife "go to hell" their aim to wipe out wildlife destroy the green belt through building houses.
There won't be anything like this left soon (see link)

Anonymous said...

Alf Garnett
Whats the BNP agenda if it was in Government.???
Plans for Europe?
Housing ?
Civil Service ?
UK Army,Navy.Air Force numbers ??
Nuclear Weapons?
Pensions ?
Education ?
House Building ?
Media bias?
Pensioners ?
Child Care?
Youth Employment?
Unemployment in total?
Family Allowances?
Human Rights ?
Bank Rates??
Local Government??
Immigration ??

Now that`s for starters so whats the intended policies
because at present BNP is just 3 Alphabet Letters

Lets hear it from Alf

Keep Britain Green said...

It will be a case of shut ya gob or the police will be sent round to fit you up on bogus allegations with no evidence

Death to Traitors said...

@ Anonymous 14:47, whatever ANY party did in government it could do no more damage to Britain than the thirteen years of treason and financial incompetence of Labour. Their planned immigration tsunami into what was already virtually the most densely populated country in the world, purely to 'rub the right's nose in it' and supply Labour with an exponentially growing voting base could destroy Britain.
The results of this pure slefishness and treachery are now beginning to be seen all around us with the massive demands on our infrastructure, NHS, jobs market, social services and the accelerating social division caused by the exponentially growing alien hordes in our midst. The destruction of our glorious countryside is ongoing as NO-ONE from any of the main parties has the spine required to tackle the root causes, immigration and ensuing chronic overpopulation.

Expediency and Money, the new Gods said...

Destroying the countryside isn't a policy, it's simply easier than confronting the cause.

Red River Roots said...

Anyone who votes main party is either thick, a traitor or a cowardly appeaser.

Anonymous said...

TC I have never associated fox hunting (blood sports) with left-wing politics.

Anonymous said...

Alf Garnett said...

well said ? vote BNP

23/06/2013 13:53
Nick Griffin will not allow the BNP to go forward, he will lose his seat next year no doubt about that.

Anonymous said...

I believe that killing foxes using dogs and guns is cruel.
Oh shit another night in the police cells for me.

Anonymous said...

So in a nutshell Alf
there`s no BNP agenda for each of those issues on TC
I will not be voting for anyone again.
Any individuals who want votes want power, money,fringe benefits,do as they want,and sod the the rest.
"Anyone" wanting others to give them votes whilst no-one actually knows their character,knows their personal objectives or what scam they intend is looking for mugs.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the smug Labourite on here(posing as someone objective) should try asking the average Labour voter what their favoured party's policies are on the aforementioned issues. I'm sure you'd be given a detailed exposition.

And as things deteriorate in this country, the number of issues of any real import for anyone will be counted on one hand. In another fifty years those fleeing the country with nothing but the shirts on their backs really won't be fussed about such pressing issues as bank rates and education.

Anonymous said...

23/06/2013 21:48 why are you so concerned with the bnp?

stop the blood lust said...

Stop killing foxes using dogs, call the police get him locked up in a police cell.

The Cricket Test said...

'British' Asians go into paroxysms of ecstasy as India beat England in ICC cricket final.
Don't worry, if we get in a REAL conflict with India or whoever their loyalties are assured, loyalties for India/Pakistan/Bangladesh etc that is.
And don't give me any shit about French, Germans etc living here, THEY haven't got passports saYing they're BRITISH.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with Indians living in Britain supporting the Indian team.

The problem is woolly headed whites who seem to think a person is 'British' by dint of the fact that they were born here. They don't get it and never will.

vote labour put your child's safety with them said...


Anonymous said...

Mr Paul Wilson of new charter housing can boast at least on case for wrongful eviction on his record, how many more?
To evict a woman and make her homeless at the same time, then send all her furniture to the tip not very charitable is it?

Anonymous said...

Mr Paul Wilson and new charter housing need to study the meaning of charitable. If you set out to make people suffer, like Wilson did with the lady from Ashton, then, the new charter charitable status claim is evil.
Come on Mr Wilson how many more cases for wrongful eviction do you have against your name?
The people have the right to know this question.

One walking, one in the pram, one in the womb said...

@ Anonymous 00:11, do you have a problem with ten million Pakistanis for example, living in Britain whose loyalties lie elsewhere, because that's the sort of thing Britain's heading for.

My name is Paul Weston and I am a racist. Click here to hear what I have to say said...

One of the best things I’ve ever watched. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I do not want more immigration and we need to repatriate immigrants who break our laws,but the fanatics are killing off TC with gross repetitions regarding furniture lobbed onto a tip,I estimate I have read this over 30 times at least.
What makes your posts somewhat concerning is your inability to take your blinkers off and also show concern for other major issues which Tamesiders are experiencing thanks to TMBC.
You never seem to hammer TMBC other than JT,why the hell don`t you look at all the other serious issues which people post,or are you completely obsessed with Asians UFA BNP EDL that the world could end and you would still be quoting the same time after time after time.
We need new information re TMBC to create a backlash against TMBC,and yet your playing into TMBC hands hammering the same message such a New Charter old news.
We all know TMBC and New Charter Councillors and MP`s are total shite but for god`s sake pin them to the wall with new damaging facts instead of rabbit,rabbit,rabbit month after month 24/7
What about the other 200,000 Tamesiders try your messages about the Council and New Facts you find or are you not interested in the wider community problems.Who agrees with that observation not Alf I bet who not even offers a interesting sentence.
Yes I detest JT and his ilk
but to get rid you need to build a substantiated case not just rhetoric.
People without allegiances to any party whatsoever should demonstrate against TMBC Council and if you cannot see the benefits of that then you are
p------ in the wind.
As soon as groups start taking control of any demonstration you immediately kill a demonstration,and the public will turn on you.

Anonymous said...

Hall, YOU use your noggin. Whatever pollution improvements are made will be swamped and annihilated by the immigranmt led, ongoing and exponentially growing population explosion in what is already virtually the most overcrowded country in the world. Overpopulation and immigration are set to dominate Britain (and our own area) in the next few years in a way we can't conceive of.
We need to get rid of ALL the main parties in EVERY part of the country before it's too late, they are an intrinsic part of the problem. Unless we wake the British people up there will be no recognisable Britain left to save just a mssively overpopulated Third World slum.
The vast majority won't ally themselves with anything unless they can be shown it will directly and chronically adversely affect them, their families and their way of life. UKIP's recent successes have been entirely due to people being made to wake up to the dangers of mass immigration; our continued membership of the EU and the consequent free access to Briatin by all Europe's detritus; and most of all the fact that the main parties aren't going TO DO ANYTHING about it. Many posters on this blog DO have Nationalist sympathies because they can see the REAL dangers facing Britain aren't confined to relatively minor localised issues.