Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tameside makes the top ten in the UK league of premature death hotspots

While beaten to the top spot in the league table of early death hotspots in the UK, Tameside did still manage to make it into the top ten. If you want to die young; Tameside and the North West in general is the place to be. 

In the mortality rankings by local authority Tameside come in at 142, the worst being 150 and that was scored by neighbouring Manchester. 

Looking at the tables is truly shocking as it proves there really is a north-south divide when it comes to premature deaths. Read the full shocking report by Public Health England by clicking here


Who ate all the pies said...

No doubt the authorities bear some responsibility but so too do the massive number of fat, lazy smokers and drinkers in the borough. We must have amongst the highest proportion of fat women in the UK.

SerpentSlayer said...

We ruddy do, I can vouch for that as an avid student of the female form. Thank god for posh birds.

Tameside Citizen said...

Poverty will play a significant part too. It’s not by chance that the areas at the other end of the table where life expectancy is above average are all well to do and mainly in the south. The divide in London illustrated in this BBC map shows that despite many parts of London having above average life expectancy, the poorer parts such as Hackney and Barking have mortality rates similar to our own.

Even locally I would bet that life expectancy in Bramhall, Hale Barnes, Wilmslow and Prestbury will be as high as anywhere else in the country whereas Wythenshawe which is only a stones throw away from Hale will have appallingly high premature death rates due to widespread poverty.

When people are living on the bread line they eat what can they afford and that means they eat cheap and cheap usually means processed food with high fat and sugar content. This coupled with a lack of exercise and bad habits such as smoking is certainly one reason why the grim reaper has a permanent presence in these parts.

Britain's glorious allies execute teenage boy for ‘heresy’ said...

Makes you feel proud to British doesn't it - not!