Thursday, 27 June 2013

M.E.N. attempt to censor Tameside Citizen?

The Image "THEY" want to ban!

The Manchester Evening News has claimed that after they contacted Google the above image was removed,  having been posted on "a BlogSpot".

"A Blog Spot". Don't they mean TAMESIDE CITIZEN, the blog that brought you the news that "The Advertiser" had meetings with local politicians with a view to "Suppressing sensationalist reporting" The same Advertiser which is owned by the Manchester Evening News!

Yet again it is the small independent Blog which shows the big business newspaper the meaning of the phrase "Free Press"

A Tameside Citizen reporter contacted the M.E.N. today (Friday 28th June) . The MEN claimed that they contacted Google to ask them why such a picture was appearing on the web site. Google consequently pulled the picture. Whether the M.E.N. intended this result we cannot say. But it was the result which we got.


Anonymous said...

She was one on the night staff at the care home asleep while my partners mother lay on the floor, after the fire door struck her in the head.
Not even a sorry to my partner or regret after what took place at that care home.
She was sacked from the care home along with that worked there others.

Anonymous said...

It's something that I struggle to come to terms with everyday.
I know that my partners mum is at rest now after she died in Tameside hospital.
But I'm one of those people that can't stay silent.
Especially when no regret or apology was ever forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Spot on about the M.E.N
because the Guardian,MEN,Advertiser,
Reporter, have been rigging news by not allowing facts to be made known to Tamesiders.
A Guardian reporter was given a TMBC position a few years ago and without doubt
other Reporters have direct links with Labour Politicians which has led to the destruction of any democracy in Tameside.
In the past my substantiated,confirmed
and located facts have not been given room in the letters columns,and this is where TC scores and supports the truth.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the Tameside Reporters article (owned by new charter housing) on Roy West.
Don't forget they are trying to evict his vulnerable partner.

Anonymous said...

Ian Munro is a man on the up, newspapers, radio, schools, £200,000 a year. It's good life while thousands of young people are homeless waiting to get a new charter home.

tonydj said...

Oh. It's The Grim Reaper is it? I thought it was the "Liverpool Pathway" consultant!

Snailsville UK said...

Tameside control freakery now infiltrates almost every aspect of our lives.
Their latest attempt to deliberately destroy traffic flow and annoy drivers for example is the installation of TWO MORE sets of traffic lights at the ASDA and BT roundabouts in Ashton. Allegedly to manage increased traffic flow, it's actually part of the ongoing 'traffic calming' lunacy, by placing a set of lights every few hundred yards on virtually every main road in the borough.
This or speed bumps, 20 mph zones (the one in Guide Bridge is a complete farce) chicanes, watchman cameras et al.
The fact that nine out of ten of ALL accidents (Road Research Laboratory figures) are caused by pedestrians stepping into the roadway seems to have esacaped their notice.
The reality is all these extra lights and schemes are designed to control and annoy the evil, pollution causing private car driver, whilst simultaneously offering zero realistic alternative(there isn't one). If it was about traffic management, 95% of traffic lights would operate part time or (as they do in other countries) automatically revert to permanent amber - meaning give way - at off peak times.

Anonymous said...

Snailsville UK said..

I Must agree with you and the real facts re humps have been stated from other organisations.
The RAC said speed humps do not reduce accidents,but increase pollution by 40% in such locations because of the slowing down followed by instant acceleration.
In europe increasing numbers of countries they have dug up and eradicated speed humps because of their negative values towards road systems and safety.
I note that the Highway Agency in conjunction with TMBC have indicated their intent to make the A57 approaching the M60 Junction 24 a Trunk Road
without stating their ultimate objectives.
They both act like a chess game in all their decisions
by changing the highway definitions on roads and highways prior to their already known to them future intent to implement
their eventual objectives.
The words truth,honesty,openness,
accountability,future intended plans,are not recognised words by TMBC,Highways,Local Government Administrations, Health Authorities or Education regimes.

"We the public plebs who must be lied to at all times, must be thereby be stopped from weakening our powers over them in anyway
whatsoever by building a pyramid of friends supporting us such as Channel M TV,all local press groups,local broadcasting stations,police and health administrations,and thereby becoming a non announced dictatorship to do as we please.

Ivan Wright said...

Channel M closed in April 2012.