Sunday, 19 May 2013

Rubbish dumped in Denton (of interest to smartphone users)

Illegal fly tipping is one of my pet hates and sadly it is a growing problem right across the borough. These pictures were taken in Denton Woods and you can only imagine the kind of tramps responsible.

I took the pictures using my Nokia Lumia smartphone, the lighting was poor and as a result the pictures will win no awards, a dedicated SLR camera would undoubtedly have achieved better results, but an SLR camera is also bulky and heavy therefore it is not on your person most of the time, whereas virtually everyone has a mobile phone with them all the time.

I have not included an exact location for the fly tipping, but the secret is in the image. A lot of smartphone users are unaware of Geotagging and it is worth knowing about so here goes: When you take an image on a smartphone or a GPS equipped camera of any description there is digital information contained within the electronic signature of the image known as metadata . All digital images* contain Exif data which provides information such as the type of device used to capture the image, the time and date as well as technical info such as exposure values, focal length and shutter speed. That kind of information is harmless and of not much use to anyone other than professional photographers, but the geotagging of photographs is a different matter.

Geotagging photographs are a fantastic tool for people such as Bill from Walks in Tameside as they can use their smart device to capture an image, and should they forget the exact location of the image at some time in the future, it would be easy to identify where the image was captured due to the embedded and geotagged information.

However geotagging is also a useful tool for criminals and this is why; imagine you have an expensive item in your possession, say for example a Rolex watch. You decide to take a photograph of it on your smartphone to advertise it for sale on the internet or post a picture of it on a forum. Contained within the image metadata is everything a burglar would need to know in relation to where the photograph was taken, so if it was taken in your house, you would be telling potential burglars your address which is something to bear in mind.

*Exif data can be removed using programmes such as Adobe Photoshop and other editing software.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that Ivan Wright (new charter housing enforcer) spends more time watching youtube videos during new charter hours, than he does dealing with normal housing issues?

SerpentSlayer said...

Why is it the more money people take home from a job, the less work they do? Public sector, bands, football, TV etc.

The Norman Cut said...

"That subject is hair length. I find it strange that throughout most of history long hair has been seen as the mark of a free man, of vitality and status. In ancient Europe, in both the civilised south and the more advanced north, short hair was the mark of a slave or prisoner."

Both the Normans and many of their closely related viking contempories had short styles - with the back of the head completely shaven bald. Short hair represents the masculine domination of nature, long hair an effeminate adornment of the head. The ancient Greeks and Romans wore moderately short styles. Now go get a short back and sides before der fuhrer turns in his grave.

SerpentSlayer said...

"Greek soldiers are said to have worn their hair long in battle. Such warriors considered it a sign of aristocracy and are said to have combed it openly in order to show off. Also, in order to keep enemies from getting a hold of it in battle, they were known to cut the front short, but leave it long in the back, where it was more out of reach. A widely held alternative interpretation of the conventional belief is that they kept it long, and simply tied it back in a style known as a ponytail in order to keep it out of their enemies' reach. The ponytail method allowed warriors, who often traveled to battle with a minimal amount of equipment in order to avoid excessively heavy loads over long marches, to keep their hair manageable with a small piece of string to hold their pony tail in place and a knife to cut the back to length with one simple slice. Around the sixth century, however, the Greek men shifted to shorter hairstyles, with the exception of the Spartans."-Wikipedia

"Usually only thralls (slaves) wore very short hair17. Probably the average man wore his hair about collar or shoulder length, and his beard as long as was comfortable for him. A professional warrior might make other choices for hairstyle to minimize the hazard of having hair or beard grabbed in combat."- Viking answer lady

The Normans were pansies, Christians too scared to fight on foot, their ancestors were brave though, long haired Pagans whose wild appearance made women wet their knickers.

St. John Chrysostom: "I know that many people hold a high regard for the Jews and consider their way of life worthy said...

What about Christians like St John?

Anonymous said...

If the Normans were pansies what did that make the English??

SerpentSlayer said...

Knackered and Outnumbered.

Man kills himself at Notre Dame Cathedral in gay marriage protest said...

A right-wing historian and author killed himself inside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Tuesday in front of horrified tourists, police said.

About 1,500 people at the cathedral were evacuated, CNN affiliate BFM reported. The site is one of the world's most prominent churches and a huge tourist attraction in the French capital.

BFM identified the man as Dominique Venner, 78.

Le Monde newspaper quoted a rector at the cathedral, who said the man placed a letter on the altar and then shot himself

On his blog, Venner has lashed out against same-sex marriage and what he called a future Islamist takeover of France.

In a post published Tuesday, he wrote, "The essence of a man is in his existence and not in another world. It's here and now that you have to play out your destiny until the last second. And this last second has as much importance as the rest of the life."

In the blog, Venner voiced his support for those expected to take part in a massive demonstration in Paris May 26 against same-sex marriage. But he said their fight should not be limited to that issue, and they must also denounce what he predicted would be the replacement of the French and European population with Muslims.

"There certainly have to be new actions, spectacular and symbolic, to shake up the sleepiness, to shake the numbed consciences and wake up the memory of our origins," the blog said. "We're entering into a time when words must be authenticated by actions."

Right-wing politician Marine Le Pen tweeted about her "respect" for him. His "last gesture, which was highly political, was to try to wake up the people of France," she wrote.

Traitors Justice said...

The cursed traitors who are destroying Europe must be destroyed. It will only take one spark for the silent majority to rise up and bring down the traitors.

SerpentSlayer said...

To all I recommend the absorbtion of philosophical tracts.

For consideration I recommend picking some of the following:

The Art of War (Tzu), The Dhammaphadda (Buddha), The Book Of Five Rings (Musashi), Meditations (Marcus Aurelius), the Republic (Plato), Mein Kampf (Hitler) The Analects (Confucius) The Poetic Edda, The Prince (Machiavelli) and the various articles of Varg Vikernes available online.

As Socrates is quoted by Plato as saying: "There is no hope of the ideal form of government ever coming into existence in human society until either kings become philosophers or philosophers become kings"

And how would we ever be able to both wrest control of our people from foreign evil and maintain control and build and govern a new society without some understanding of the universe devoid of obsolete Marxist and Christian dogmatic ideals?

The spirit of Joan of Arc said...

Oi, Serpent Slayer, what's your opinion on the Norman, Dominique Venner who paid the ultimate price to bring the destruction of France to the attention of the ignorant masses? Hero or cowardly Norman?

Anonymous said...

He should have took a few with him.

SerpentSlayer said...

How could he be Norman? The Normans, as they were were an elite that produced their own culture upon contact with northern France, prolific bottom kissers to the church with an elite guard of armoured golem to serve it's purpose.

They were never a true ethnic group like the French, the English or the Dutch, but a cultural gloop, like the British, a temporary culture that has now largely died out (but lives in our aristocracy)

What made the Normans pathetic was their abandonment of their religion in favour of servitude to the church, they elected to live as slaves and curry favour from their big papa in Rome.

They allowed Jewish money lenders to need the poor dry and have more rights than the peasant population (90% of England) until one of theirs fell victim too, they also permanently muddied our relations with the Irish and established a hereditary kingship where once an elected kingship was, impuned our rights to the point of rebellion, wasted our money on endless wars with the kings of France and generally sent England into an age much more worthy of the term 'dark-age' than the popular usage of the term to describe our English England ever did.

Their post-1688 successors were just as bad. They were keen to open the world up to Jewish finance through, murder, slavery and the destruction of our rural way of life, but I'll save that rant for later.

impressed from Hadfield said...

Serpent Slayer is a very interesting character and his opinions are uniquely original.You should consider a career in teaching.

SerpentSlayer said...

I have considered it but in this day and age there is no space for such teachers the government only want people to repeat a curriculum of selective and biased history to a captive audience. Perhaps I will find a use for my love of history one day, maybe I could write a book or two at some point.

Anonymous said...

Get stuck into the reality of what really is something
you should be concerned about.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Bilderberg gathering is of importance. It is the breeding ground of new and up and coming dupes who the NWO hire to implement their plans. Most of the heinous traitors with potential for forwarding Bilderberg global ambitions; mass third world immigration, the destruction of the church, promotion of homosexual marriage will be in attendance or have attended previous events. The list of past and present attendees' reads like a who's who of the elites traitors, Blair, Heath, Roy Hattersly Ken Clark and so on.

Anonymous said...

£100bn lost in tax avoidance by individuals
People using tax havens have deprived governments worldwide of £100bn in revenue, enough to end extreme poverty twice over, according to new figures published today by Oxfam.

These bastards should get 5 years with no perole.

Englander said...

The only things they fear are: the weight of public opinion and consequent changes in established voting patterns; committed action from smaller groups that might stir the masses.
The latter in particular - a commitment to act decisively on what you believe in - requires courage, which requires conviction, which requires knowledge.
Both changing your vote or taking part in active opposition, of course, require a greater or lesser degree of said knowledge, which is why dumbing down and distraction tactics (bread and circuses, footie and computer games, drink and drugs - the downgrading of cannabis was no accident - etc) are of vital importance in creating a climate of ignorance, trivial individualism, selfishness and ignorance.

Relative breeding rates said...

They should be made to pay their corporate taxes but £100 billion or £100 trillion would make no difference to the bottomless pit of Africa. Funding Africa and many other parts of the Third World is literally funding our own destruction.

Englander said...

Love of the Nation is poison to the Internationalists.

Depraved traitors said...

David Cameron said today that young gay boys at school could 'stand a little taller' knowing that parliament has given them equality, and that 'the highest parliament in the land has said that their love is the same as everyone else's love.'
This is the Prime Minister of our country and these are CHILDREN he's referring to.

If this is the way the country's heading and being led you can chuck the rule book out of the window on EVERYTHING including the ordinary citizen's responsibility to obey the law as far as I'm concerned. Depravity, perversion treachery and lust for power, money and status has corrupted the entire establishment which, on its present course, if it's not stopped will destroy everything decent and fundamental to who and what we are as a people and nation.

Reimer said...

Sky News asks "local" African-sounding woman for account of events in Woolwich - "It was just outside...I was watching TV...I'm going out for a meal later...this isn't a bad area".

the balloon is about to go up said...

They were reported to have shouted "allahu akbar."

This could happen to any Englishman.