Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Patients to take part in death-rate probe at Tameside Hospital

Visitors and patients at Tameside Hospital are to share their experiences directly with health chiefs as part of a probe into high death rates. A public forum is being held later this month on the same day as a major government inspection of the hospital.

Some of England’s top health experts will inspect the wards next Thursday, watching doctors and nurses at work and speaking to patients. After the visit, a panel of inspectors will hold a public meeting at Dukinfield town hall to listen to views of local people.

Tameside is one of 14 hospitals in England to be inspected as part of a government probe into higher than expected patient death rates. Between October 2011 and September 2012, 18 per cent more patients than expected died at the hospital, according to figures. Read more here: Manchester Evening News


mrsa v dettol said...

It would take some bottle to go in there for a major operation.

Basic hygiene standards said...

Keeping a hospital clean is a simple business and those failing to do so through incompetence, neglect or indolence should be charged with criminal offences.

The collusion of evil said...

Remember if you don't wake up and see, that new charter housing is an evil empire, then you will endure what she had to endure!
You've got this Alan Kibble going around hammering on people's front doors.

One real-life example of evil New Charter - a poorly mother-of-two from Denton was forced to defend herself in court in the face of false accusations by New Charter of unpaid rent. After proving her innocence by providing the relevant bank statements, the judge told New Charter's representatives that if they ever tried it again on her, they, their manager and the Chief Executive would be brought before him and would spend a night in the cells!

anyone but the pest said...

We only have your word for it. As far as we know she may be a neighbour from like you are.

Anonymous said...

anyone but the pest said.
blah blah blah.

Another shit laden sycophant
is released from the bowels of the TMBC cesspit.
Get digging into Kibble instead of waiting for HIM
to pursue his objectives.

Secrets they want to keep secret said...

Kibble's Army days maybe?

list of labour scum! said...

If you dig deep enough you'll find what they really are.

The collusion of evil said...

@16/05/2013 12:25 don't take my word for it at all, ring up Mr Paul Wilson of New charter and ask him to deny it.
They had a poorly woman from Denton in court, saying that she was not paying her rent by "lunar month"
The judge told Wilson he and the chief executive would spend a night in the cells if they ever tried this again.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how snap visits are told weeks before this visit
If you want the real truth
drop in unannounced and discover reality.
The PR job will be another biased whitewash to appease those who raised complaints.
People dying does not matter to the Administrations which
are responsible.neither are deaths important to the groups who announce their visits to ensure cover ups are buried,and the Government Dept of Health
want any complaints discredited.
We are in the grips of a period of years time when
the deceptions,
manipulations and lies are
day in day out methods used
by Politicians both national and local,and the public are brain dead zombies just interested in
"bloody nothing whatsoever"