Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Denton South Independent says: This Is not strong politics

The Denton South Independent candidate and community campaigner Carl Simmons makes some good points in this letter which is published in the current edition of the Tameside Advertiser. Who could argue with this line "The truth is that Tameside Labour council rely on apathy rather than good government to remain in power" ? Certainly not me.  If all those who moan about the Labour Mafia actually turned out to vote there would be a realistic chance of breaking the Labour stranglehold on power in the borough of Tameside. (click the image above to read Mr Simmons's letter)


Anonymous said...

Not a world shattering conclusion by the Denton South Independent considering the numerous TC posters have repeatedly stated the same for years.
This Independent seems reluctant to get stuck in with all the vigorous and robust terminology which is used on TC.Like the TV travel advert says "more style please"

keep up the good fight Carl said...

The Independent is good man and tireless campaigner.if 20% of people did 50% of the work he does, the Labour rats would be out.