Friday, 5 April 2013

J Hall: Short-Term Particulate Pollution Exposure Linked to Significant Brain Damage

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt recently launched the 'dementia friends' scheme in central London. The government wants to train a million people in England by 2015 to become "dementia friends", able to spot signs of the illness and help sufferers. It is part of plans to raise awareness of the condition, which affects nearly 700,000 people in England.

By 2004 there were nearly 800,000 French people with dementia, including a growing proportion of women and 18% of all people over 75. More than 165,000 new cases of dementia were diagnosed annually, with an associated life expectancy of eight years.

Germany dementia statistics:Affects 1,200,000 people at the moment (70% women, 30% men)experts estimate for the year 2030 2,500,000 people affected by dementia
every year 200,000 new cases of dementia are diagnosed

The prevalence of dementia among individuals aged 71 and older was 13.9%, comprising about 3.4 million individuals in the USA in 2002. On the basis of these estimated prevalence rates, it is estimated that there are approximately 684,000 people with dementia in the UK, representing 1.1% of the entire population. Of this total, 562,000 are living in England, 55,000 in Scotland, 36,000 in Wales and 15,000 in Northern Ireland. Because of the demographic changes set out above, the number of people with dementia in the UK is expected to increase to 940,000 by 2021 (a 28% increase) and 1,735,000 by 2051 (a 154% increase).

Prior to 1980 No awareness of AD and dementia; Conclusion Long-term exposure to PM2.5-10 and PM2.5 at levels typically experienced by many individuals in the United States is associated with significantly worse cognitive decline in older women.

A report for Alzheimer's Disease International, published in The Lancet, found a new case of dementia arising every seven seconds. It estimated 24.3 million people currently have dementia, with 4.6 million new cases being diagnosed each year as the population ages.
By 2040 the number is predicted to have risen to 81.1 million.

Neil Hunt, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society In Japan as of this year, people aged 65 or older now number an estimated 30.8 million — an increase of about 7 million in the past 10 years.

In 2011, 747,000 Canadians were living with cognitive impairment, including dementia - that's 14.9 per cent of Canadians 65 and older. By 2031, this figure will increase to 1.4 million.

Conclusion Long-term exposure to PM2.5-10 and PM2.5 at levels typically experienced by many individuals in the United States is associated with significantly worse cognitive decline in older women. Short-Term Particulate Pollution Exposure Linked to Significant Brain Damage Typical of Ageing, Memory Loss, and Alzheimer’s Disease. A recent study finds brain damage typical of ageing and memory loss after short-term exposure to vehicle pollution A new study reveals that after short-term exposure to vehicle pollution, mice showed significant brain damage. Many reports in renowned medical journals have proved a direct correlation between the air pollution index, strokes and dementia, so the government should set stricter safety standards on PM2.5 and PM10 to protect people’s health. From this they conclude researchers, it appears that a large proportion of the extra strokes on fine dust and exhaust fumes from road traffic is due to airborne traffic pollution.

Even without the brain damaging stroke and dementia place data close to the Nurse’s Health Study of nearly 20,000 women over the age of 70 years. Most would agree that polluted city air is unhealthy and is the source of respiratory problems and allergies. However, according to two new studies, published on February 13 in the Archives of Internal Medicine, air pollution can cause strokes and memory loss. One study explored the link between air pollution and stroke; the other reported a link between air pollution and cognitive decline in seniors.

Now with hundreds of other worldwide scientific and Epidemiological studies confirmed results just think what Tameside Council has and is subjecting its population too.

All Tameside Councillors,MP`s and Council Executives should be dispensed with urgently because of their direct callous complicity in allowing air pollution to reach extremely dangerous levels. Because they know the facts and have done for years I believe their actions have been and still are deliberate criminal acts against Tameside society and its time with all the established evidence and their deliberate sustained lack of care,they should be removed from any involvement in Public administrations, quangos, and committees.

Because they deliberately and knowingly hid their Real Time Monitoring Station away from sources of pollution each Councillor/MP are definitely guilty of crimes against society including present and future generations.

I can only sum the facts up by stating these callous actions and deliberate gross negligence implemented have originated from an Administration whose members because of their actions should be classified as absolute sick and evil cabal who are totally unfit for any administrative duty whatsoever.


(So to my local MP and your on-line mouthpieces, this is not a rant or a load of bul----- but an exposure of what you and friends are deliberately doing towards Tameside children which is an abuse of their bodies and their internal organs which makes you and your colleagues absolute low life's compared with the majority of Tamesiders.)


Anonymous said...

"dementia friends"
New Charter Housing must have had a touch of dementia. They came round the other day "you asked for a front gate in 2008, We've come to measure up for one."

Roy West! said...

The Deleterious Impact of Exposing People to Noise

Health Deteriorates as Emotional Distress is Fostered and Functioning is Impaired
This link will take you to the index of a website that features noise-related information provided by the World Health Organization. Once there, click on Adverse health effects of noise. There you will learn that intrusive sound, like that of a barking dog, constitutes a potent stressor that can result in increased blood pressure, essential hypertension, increased heart rate, ischemic heart disease, headaches, nausea, an altered blood flow, changes in blood viscosity and blood lipids, and shifts in electrolyte balance, along with elevations in gastrointestinal motility. In addition, according to WHO, exposure to noise increases drug use, fosters substance abuse, and promotes anxiety, stress, irritability, depression, aggression, interpersonal conflict, and sexual impotency.

Brenda said...

The man is causing trouble for the sake of causing trouble. Do you think we would live and raise our families in the area if we had information suggesting Tameside is a pollution hot spot?

SerpentSlayer said...

I wouldn't wager most wagers give the slightest Frigg about the health of their children, the amount who vote Liebour convince me that not too many people in this borough consider anything gone worth caring for, beyond their own selfish amusement.

Anonymous said...

Your contributions are amazingly pathetic.Never any substance just someone full of wind who has done nothing,knows nothing,and incredibly cannot even remember its you and Gwynne who sent a communication calling the locality the worst in the north.
You don`t even live in this constituency just like Gwynne and the other 2
dumb parasitic Councillors we have.
You and your ilk deserve all the trouble you get and will keep getting,because my deep honest concerns about air pollution and children is something you don`t give a sh--about,your therefore not fit for purpose.Every post you submit proves conclusively that you and the other 3 stooges for this area are just very happy to see kids and babies getting their lungs stuffed every day with toxins thickos.
You cannot even remember what AQMA Maps are all about which TMBC produce.
Numb is not the word to describe your comments.
Get back to your wanting everyone to smoke which as the paid for representative as a lobbyist for cigarette companies was also totally disgusting.
J.Hall (more trouble coming

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info mr hall.

LFI. No lie said...

Gwynne's vociferously against the absolutely necessary scientific testing carried out on animals. But deafeningly silent on the barbaric, archaic, alien and TOTALLY UNNECESSARY atrocities that are Halal and Kosher slaughter.
Can't think why.

Anonymous said...

For those reading this lets not forget that Mr Hall lives in the area of Tameside with the longest life expectancy.

Indigenous English said...

The problem isn't pollution as such, cars and industry are cleaner than ever, it's the sheer volume of people.
The population density of tameside is 5400 per square mile, typical for a Greater Manchester borough, apart from Manchester itself which, unsurprisingly given its higher immigrant content, is more than double the average. This goes for England as a whole with its massive 1054 people per square mile, making it virtually the most overcrowded country in the world. For example our near neighbours:
France 303 per square mile, 348% less crowded than England.
Spain 243 per square mile, 434% less crowded.
Portugal, 298 people per square mile, 354 % less crowded.
Even the relatively very overcrowded European countries like Italy and Germany are 200% and 177% respectively less crowded than England. For England to have the same population density as France our population would have to be cut from the current 53.1 million to just over 15 million, which brings home the scale of the problem.
Add to this the massive immigrant birthrate, particualrly from certain sections: sub-saharan Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and some eastern European countries etc and we see an enormous two fold problem of overpopulation and the destruction of our indigenous identity.
The figures for many urban and increasingly semi-urban areas are becoming increasingly unsustainable in terms of pollution, resources, general quality of life and above all overcrowding. The promises and talk about increased class sizes from a few years ago is now a forbidden subject by the media/establishment as it is directly and obvioulsy linked to immigration. Massive and increasing class sizes will, of course, have a significantly adverse impact on education standards, especially as homogeneity simultaneously declines.
Time is running out for England, and rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
For those reading this lets not forget that Mr Hall lives in the area of Tameside with the longest life expectancy.

Your another absolutely pathetic bag of wind.
Prove your claims,lets have details who originated these claims,which and where is the substantiated data you suggest which proves your assertion and when was it researched.
All these anons resort to lobbing out infantile and
crazy 1 line quotes,they obviously cannot read,in fact they are totally bloody ignorant when it comes to accurate knowledge,so get back in your shell Anon and get yourself educated.
Don`t ask your mates in the Council for advice, they are probably even thicker than you.
(that`s exactly how Oldham kept his position for over 25 years,he selected who should be a Labour Candidate like despots do,
and made sure no-one was capable or knowledgeable
enough to challenge him for over 25 years,leaving us with a bunch of semi literates dependent on TMBC office staff to provide them with some knowledge.
Tell me oh wise one should we trust the multi million pounds of "our money" into the hands of window cleaners,pavement slabs layer, hairdressers,ex market stall blokes,ex posties,shop stewards in ciggy factory`s (not exactly high tech)
these a just a sample few3737 of those you speak for.
Why remain an anon with such a wealth of knowledge.
or better still ask our MP to challenge me 1-1 in an open forum public debate
on facts not rhetoric.608

Anonymous said...

Indigenous English said...
The problem isn't pollution as such, cars and industry are cleaner than ever, it's the sheer volume of people.

Sorry but it does not stack up,yes we are overloaded with bodies who require benefits,education,health care and jobs plus houses,but Air Pollution is not emitted directly from humans its the incredible increases in vehicles they require which produce the killer toxins and should you read the data from the Department of Transport over the last thirty years and the forecasts for the next 25 years,the data will surprise you.
Vehicles cannot be classed as cleaner because rapid increases in Diesel Engines
create enormous levels of Particulates and Nitrogen Dioxides and if vehicles were cleaner as you say what creates the chemical components that now cause such destructive toxins into humans.
The WHO reports and the Royal Commission reports over a twenty year period all agree the amounts of toxins in urban area`s is a serious threat to humans.
So immigration is a serious problem but toxin levels are rapidly increasing more than the percentages linked to immigrants.
More rapidly increasing Cars.HGV`s,and Foreign Deliveries = substantial increases in vehicle toxins
which most definitely destroy human organs in all ages.
One regional fact is that the UK North West has the least tree coverage of any other European Country at 6% because as we all know this Labourite dominated region are more prone to destroying anything green and replacing it with concrete as has happened in Tameside.
Only 30 years ago 1 vehicle families were the norm but now 3-4 is not unusual according to DfT data.
I accept where your coming from regarding overcrowding
however the main impact on humans is the numbers of vehicles pumping out toxins withe larger hold ups and out of town shopping malls,and the need to travel to occupations all are major issues.
Tameside according to DfT reports was number one in the UK for traffic volume increases and this results when Councils do not take present traffic numbers into account whatsoever when they pass development plans and Tameside have no interest in other than deliberately increasing traffic flows and hold ups
because their considerations towards sustainable environments do not exist at all,and I have ample proof of such cases.
Such debates are vital more than ever in the history of mankind.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but the 16.25 blog comment was mine.

Anonymous said...

I would love to watch a J Hall v the Labour mob debate. I think Hall really would destroy them.

Indigenous English said...

I do not dispute your specific figures but the plain fact is a hypothetical 348% cut in the number of people in England would produce a massive cut in all pollution, 15 million people producing pollution as opposed to 53 million.
Vast amounts of pollution are caused by queueing then stopping starting traffic, the direct cause of this, especially in conurbations, is the massive overpopulation in England.
Modern petrol engines are cleaner but the massive increase in particularly domestic diesel vehicles has indeed produced a whole new set of problems.
As the REAL population of the UK (according to a consumer survey done by Tesco several years ago is at least 77 million) making England's in excess of 64 million, the problems of pollution (overcrowding, transport problems, education, resources, infrastructure, the destruction of our identity and everything else), however ameliorated by the authorities being rightly called to account and technological and legislative improvements being made to reduce pollution, all this could be wiped out by the breeding rates of incomers. The population of England could well be in excess of 75 million in a few years.

Labour's Comrade Cruddas said...

Do as I say, not as I do. Labour Party mantra.

Bulls**t in red said...

Reminds me of the people's songwriter, Billy Bragg's nice big country retreat in extremely UN-enriched Devon.

traditional socialist said...

We desperately need a true socialist alternative to the Labour freeloading money grabbing chuggers.

Leftist, feminist, Calls for Paedophiles to be allowed to adopt said...

Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics, called on Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to relax rules which automatically ban sex offenders from caring for children, including convicted paedophiles.

I have had a little look into Miss Reece (look at her photo and you see why she is unmarried and a feminist)and her background and views are yet again another example of a Common Purpose stooge in positions of power able too influence the destruction of moral standards and our nation.

Coming from the LSE, this should be no surprise to anyone. It is the very epitome of the sort of hard-left nation wrecking institutions that blight Western nations. Lest we forget, they have a Ralph Milliband memorial lecture, no less. Need I say more?

You may think that things like paedophilia and bestiality are the unbreakable taboos, but 50 years ago people probably thought the same about homosexuality. Now we have the Prime Minister as a champion for the cause of gay marriage, seemingly at the expense of far more pressing political concerns.

The tactics and the rhetoric remain the same, as does the end goal. As the illegal immigrants in the USA are fond of saying "We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us!", substitute the word 'border' for 'age of consent'.

Study the Modus Operandi here, with regards to an episode of Fear Factor which involved contestants
drinking donkey semen and urine.

How soon before we see such 'across the (legal) age divide' storylines on soap operas? They'll start with a small age gap, then once that passes off without too much complaint, they'll start widening it. If the depicted couple happens to be interracial, then all the better, as any criticism can be effectively nipped in the bud with the implication of racist motivations on the part of the dissenters.

I had the misfortune to be in someone's home when they had Channel 4 on recently...The Simpsons ended, and on came an ad for Hollyoaks, I believe, wherein someone gets their car covered in what looked like Post-It notes, and two men passionately kissed. This is, of course, before the watershed...could you have imagined such a thing a few decades ago?

No. But it's 'the new normal' now...the question is, what will be 'the new normal' in 10-20 years time?

Satan, alive and well said...

They think homosexuality has been normalised, next it's incest and paedophilia,
A convicted paedophile shows sexually explicit material to a young child, the police, having been tipped off, break the door in and arrest him. A teacher shows sexually explicit material to a classroom of five year olds and it is LEGAL.
What's the difference between the two acts? The teacher SAYS they're 'educating' the child. That's what they SAY, but they would wouldn't they. Judge them on their actions.
Whatever names you give them corruption is corruption and evil is evil.

Anonymous said...

Greater Manchester Pension Fund administered by TMBC.
The Fund has investments in major UK arms companies such as Rolls Royce, Smiths Group, Alvis and BAE Systems which is one of the top ten of world arms companies. In 2002, the Fund revealed it had, at that time, shares in US arms companies United Technologies and General Electric, respectively the ninth and twenty-eighth largest arms companies in the world. The Fund has the capacity to invest internationally and could therefore be investing in arms companies around the world. Profits from these investments - from arms exports and also more recently as a result of the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq - form part of the current and future pensions of Fund members.

You can rely on TMBC to always be a the forefront of killing people one way or another.
Scum is not an adequate word.

Anonymous said...

27 January 2012
Commenced: 11.00am Terminated: 12.05pm
Present: Councillor J Taylor (Chair)
Councillor Baldwin
Councillor J Fitzpatrick
Councillor Smith
Councillor Pennington
Councillor J Lane
Councillor Sweeton
Mr Mulryan UNITE
Mr Thompson UCATT
Peter Morris Executive Director of Pensions
Steven Taylor Head of Pension Fund Investments
Ray Grainger Head of Pension Fund Legal
Charles Lofstedt Head of Property Investments
Tracey Boyle Head of Pension Fund Accountancy
Jean Shutt Pension Fund Accountancy
for absence:
Councillor Whitley

Not bad for an ex postie bloke and a market stall bloke at the top

What`s their qualifications other than zilch

Anonymous said...

TMBC`s Press Release States

Does anyone know where we can find some scruples,we have tried around because its getting serious and non of us knows where to look.

Anonymous said...

Could I please ask TC subscribers to view the internet site
which shows MP Gwynne on this brief film seeking sympathy
with a vomit producing self indulgent item about himself.

Its my opinion that this MP is totally and utterly
unfit for purpose and should resign from Politics
because of his deliberate gross negligence in totally
avoiding for years the plight of infants and children
who in his own Constituency have to daily ingest large
amounts of seriously harmful toxins which remain in their bodies.
He talks about himself and Pulmonary effects on his body
in a self seeking sympathetic crawling presentation
but has backed all proposals for more traffic arriving into
the Denton/Audenshaw region Junction 24 of his own Constituency.
If ever there was a brazen callous person in our midst its him
and his sycophantic mouth pieces.
How dare these charlatans take "our money" and harm our children
and grandchildren at the same time with their vile duplicity.
So B.Warrington,M.Smith,D.Lane and A.Gwynne just remove
yourself from a Constituency non of you live in,which should
be quickly changed to "Councillors must live in the Constituency
they live in" and get the same doses of toxins which thousands get
now courtesy of A.Gwynne,B.Warrington,M.Smith and D. Lane

Start protecting your children and grandchildren
from being forced to have their lungs filled with dangerous toxins.


Anonymous said...

TC I am very please to let readers know that, Paul Wilson of new charter housing lost a case for wrongful eviction. A decent lady was forced to be made homeless, by him and new charter, but she took them to court and one her case.
She works in Stalybridge!

Roy West!

Here's a gun Rastus, the rest is up to you said...

Nothing wrong with investing in British armaments, it's one of our most important industries.