Friday, 15 March 2013

The Perks of the Job (part 93) Owning the newspaper.

The CEO of New Charter Housing Group is a man not only with many strings to his bow but a growing number of strings. Last week saw him with the pupils of Copley New Charter Academy as they modeled  their new uniform for a local paper.

This week sees him on the front page of The Tameside Reporter attacking the new "bedroom tax" in an open letter to the Prime Minister.  As a social housing provider it is to be expected that he has a view on housing issues. What we find hard to stomach is the (apparent) new concern for the vulnerable tenant.

He laments that "People who need medical equipment" and "homes that have adaptions for the disabled" are affected. He finally rounds on the Government by claiming "...the impact of these changes hits the poor, weak and the VULNERABLE...."(our emphasis) .

Now,Mr Munro, let's see your concern for the weak etc extended to Roy West's partner and stop the eviction of her because of his actions.

I am disappointed that the journalist who wrote the article did not raise this issue, but then again she was talking to her boss. That's another of Mr Munro's bow-strings. He is a director  of Piccolo Communications Ltd, publishers of the Tameside Reporter.

Given the close links between Tameside Labour Party and the New Charter Organisation we are concerned about the impartiality of the local press.


Anonymous said...

Ha, love the Blofeld Munro imagefrom James Bond. You raise an important point about this organisation having too much power in a localised area.

Liam said...

It isn't a bedroom tax though is it? It's a spare room subsidy.

Mr. Munro should stop obsessing with politics and appealing to his Labour masters and instead focus on getting his rents down.

Look at this document:

Notice that some properties are more expensive to rent from New Charter than a local private landlord.

New Charter obviously has too many overheads and commitments that a private landlord doesn't take into consideration. Do you see Belvoir lettings employ a Social Welfare Action team or numerous community officers? No. Do Belvior have a loss making radio station and newspaper? No. Do Belvior have schools to look after? No.

New Charter are ripping you off. They couldn't care less about you. It's a job club for TMBC Labourite deadlegs.

Curmudgeon said...

If he and his organisation are so concerned about those who will find it difficult having their welfare payments adjusted, why doesn't he reduce the rents to offset the difference?

What a major Public Relations coup that would be!

Ex-Reporter Columnist, CURMUDGEON

Anonymous said...

Liam and Curmudgeon, all that is missing is J Hall and Tony DJ. If those four - The Fantastic Four joined forces on a non-party political platform of holding the local politburo to account, the local Labour Mafia would have to tread very carefully because the Fantastic four have all bases covered.

Liam: Political analyst and exposé master extraordinaire

Curmudgeon: Journalist with inside knowledge and gifted writer

J Hall: Tenacious opponent of corruption and star player in preventing the Mottram Bypass

Tony DJ: Published author and historian noted for his quick wit and expertise in the field of intelligence gathering

Anonymous said...

Re Mr Munro
You can easily check out his several Company background positions held and get full Directorship of all those at TMBC who have various appointments within the New Charter group tentacles.Martin Frost is an interesting member of New Charter group.
Not sure the Broadcasting licence heads know the full implications of Tameside Radio,the Press links,and the direct links with New Charter.
and TMBC.
It would be interesting how other
independent parties would view this increasing enlarging situation when impartiality is at risk concerning the public and broadcasting standards.
Plenty have the facility to further show an interest.

Anonymous said...

I believe Mr Hall has mounted a vigorous campaign in recent months concerning air pollution in Tameside which is amongst the highest in the Country.and is constantly feeding info to the European Commission unlocking the facts concerning TMBC
and their negligence.
Having read his blogs on other sites he is certainly not silent.

Worst for jobs, scools and hospitals. said...

The problem is they've got no effective opposition. It's like a cosy little club with the Tory lapdogs being thrown their favourite biscuits to quieten their very occasional gentle yapping.
The only time Labour were scared was 2008- 2010 when the BNP rattled them with about a fiftieth of the manpower.

North Korea exposes life in the USA (click here to view) said...

This is truly hilarious. It had me roaring with laughter, but it is not a joke. It is a North Korean propaganda film about life in the USA, a place so poor that coffee is made from snow and there are no birds in the trees because they've all been eaten. (Warning, do not drink tea when watching or you will guaranteed to spray it all over your pc monitor as you burst out laughing)

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that the phantom
J.Purnell is already having an influence at the BBC,how the hell this bloke could get a job when he made an utter balls up of his time In Tameside,where he couldnt even manage to get his constituency office sorted and ended up continually getting rid of his staff.
I note A.Gwynne is now asking in the Commons how many Tamesiders were admitted to Hospital having loaded themselves with drink,but
was a backer of his pal Purnell when he was the No1 advocate in the Commons for getting the open all hours for new pub rules passed.
He was the leading figure in the Labour Party who demanded this bill
be passed and where has he got the UK.
No sorry Purnell you were not fit for purpose then and still not fit to ensure the BBC runs independent of the Labour Party.
Marvelous how these Labour thickos
are bred in Tameside and go onto big money,perks or scamns.
As for Munro well he looks like
being egotistical has blown his brain apart seeing his picture with the cat,what "man" has that picture available for everyone to see.
Seems like a R.Oldham mentality being copied and we all know of his eventual fate being pissed on by the TMBC group.

Anonymous said...

How the Israeli tentacles are in position now to rule your lives.
A useful site above to keep your eye on.
No doubt its watched by Israeli mates Purnell,Gwynne,and Reynolds.

One nation said...

@ 19:05, North Korea has many problems but as it's a monoracial country with a fundamentally patriotic populace it has the potential at least for a better future. In multicultural Britain that increasingly appears not to be the case.

Brenda said...

I think the local trouble causer is back. Keep an eye on him.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gwynne: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many
admissions to hospital with an alcohol-related diagnosis via accident
and emergency departments there were in (a) Tameside, (b) Stockport and
(c) the North West in each of the last three years by trust area.

Why worry AG you backed all hours drinking didn`t you

Stingray said...

He does look very smug sat there smirking with the cat and what is that outfit about? He looks like an extra from Stingray.

Curmudgeon said...

Andrew Gwynne reminds me of a weathervane spinning in the political wind! He's never one to miss jumping on a passing bandwagon!


Anonymous said...

Curmudgeon said...
Andrew Gwynne reminds me of a weathervane spinning in the political wind! He's never one to miss jumping on a passing bandwagon

Weathervane is not an accurate description,when this Ex Tameside Councillor was even banned from serving as a Labour Councillor for months by the Council itself for manipulating voting procedures to
get his close Labour Councillor into position on the local District Assembly top job.
We don`t want his type was the cry from the Labour cartel.
Other examples of his duplicity has shown up as an MP so in a nutshell
he is unfit for purpose unless you like a exceedingly manipulative MP
who will do whatever butters his bread then slinks away for a while.

A380...over Stockport said...

They report on all my videos on youtube.
No, really they do! Ivan Wright of new charter housing, checks through them all.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Munro could not make his £200,000
a year with-out the massive, housing benefit, hand outs for 90% of new charter tenants.

Principle Free Zone said...

Roll on October when they'll have to COLLECT (as opposed to it being sent direct by the benefits agency) the rent from the massive number of deadlegs they've filled the properties with. Maybe RESPONSIBLE WORKING PEOPLE will get more priority now.

Tommy Watkins of skins said...

Housing Benefit = New charter housing
= Ian Munro = £200,000 a year = Private Schools for his Children.
Not a man that needs to worry about the bedroom tax, or maybe he sees the gravy train coming to an end.?

Another shitbull attack said...

Fortunately the poor injured dog survived. But it's another potent to all dog owners to be wary of this growing menace. Note the pitbull owner - muslims don't like dogs. They regard them as spiritually unclean devils and never keep them as loving pets, but they do use for them for utility purposes -including dog fighting. I wonder if our schools' diversity tzars teach our children that?

Curmudgeon said...

Ian Monroe's article, uncovers a deeper problem, see

Anonymous said...

May elections are imminent, so bring it on.
Now that will definitely unlock the TMBC caged animals.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mr Hall, no local elections in 2013

Anonymous said...

always his finger on the pulse, Mr H

23/08/1346 said...

As the Euro elections are next year does thet mean there'll be no council elections then as well? And will there be a double election the year after to make up for it?
Christ we'll be stuck with some of these gravy train riding no-talents forever.