Friday, 22 March 2013

J Hall Article: Air Pollution Standards

In December 2012 the UK Government notified the European Council that it did not intend to comply with the required European Air Pollution Standards.

For 10 years the UK Government has annually requested that the EEC should defer any legal action and allow the UK Government to establish the situation where it could comply with the air pollution standards. The UK is the worst air polluted region in the EEC and Manchester is highlighted in reports as being extremely air polluted. Not only is this Government and the previous Labour Government prepared to accept even more escalating toxins for people to ingest, therefore increasing the 50,000 annual deaths in the UK from Air Pollution related diseases which the Commons Select Committee announced in 2012, the deaths will increase accordingly now that the EEC has been told what to do with its directives to lower the pollution because of the serious dangers to human life.

The EEC works in conjunction with the World Health Authority when fixing required maximum toxin levels for humans to breathe and seeing that Tameside already is a major hot spot for air pollution as defined in Government Maps yet this bunch of ruling despots (Tameside political elite) are deliberately and knowingly complicit in the deaths and diseases inflicted on Tameside residents.

What are the different steps in the infringements procedure?

Article 258 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFUE) gives the Commission, acting as Guardian of the Treaties, the power to take legal action against a Member State that is not respecting its obligations under EU law.

The infringement procedure begins with a request for information (a "Letter of Formal Notice") to the Member State concerned, which must be answered within a specified period, usually two months.
If the Commission is not satisfied with the information and concludes that the Member State in question is failing to fulfil its obligations under EU law, the Commission may then send a formal request to comply with EU law (a "Reasoned Opinion"), calling on the Member State to inform the Commission of the measures taken to comply within a specified period, usually two months.

If a Member State fails to ensure compliance with EU law, the Commission may then decide to refer the Member State to the Court of Justice. However, in around 95% of infringement cases, Member States comply with their obligations under EU law before they are referred to the Court. If the Court rules against a Member State, the Member State must then take the necessary measures to comply with the judgement.
In the specific case of Member States that have failed to implement Directives within the deadline agreed by the EU's Council of Ministers and the European Parliament, the Commission may request the Court to impose a financial penalty on the Member State concerned the first time the Court rules on such a case. This possibility, introduced by the Lisbon Treaty, is laid down in Article 260 (3) of the TFEU.

What happens if a Member State does not comply with Court's ruling?

If, despite the first ruling, a Member State still fails to act, the Commission may open another infringement case under Article 260 of the TFEU, with only one written warning before referring the Member State back to the Court.

If the Commission does refer a Member State back to the Court, it can propose that the Court imposes financial penalties on the Member State concerned based on the duration and severity on the infringement and the size of the Member State. There are two elements:

A lump sum depending on the time elapsed since the original Court ruling;

And a daily penalty payment for each day after a second Court ruling until the infringement ends.

Who decides on penalties in the end?

Financial penalties are proposed by the Commission and the Court may modify these amounts in its ruling.

What is the Commission's role?

The Commission is the guardian of the treaties. It is his role and obligation to ensure the protection of the public interest. The procedure is governed by the Treaty (steps, time limits). This may involve taking Member States to the European Court of Justice.

The decision to open infringement proceedings against a Member State is taken by the College. This decision is based on accurate and unbiased legal analysis conducted by the Commission services on the documents and information submitted by the parties and on any complaints.

The decisions of the Commission on infringements are collected once a month in an overall process involving different policies. These decisions are made public.

For current statistics on infringements in general, see: EU Law Infringements

This is what Tameside residents should be insisting on now: European Court action and the naming and shaming of certain Tameside politicians for gross negligence.



Anonymous said...
Andrew Gwynne: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport (1) what
his legal obligations are under the Environmental Protection Act 1990,
section 89, with regard to litter on motorways; (2) whether the
cleaning regime specified for the M60 and M67 motorways is designed to
meet his duty to keep the motorway clear of litter and refuse contained
within the litter code at paragraph 9.1 or to meet the last...

Yes and here is Gwynne`s latest Commons effort and total interest in his Constituency.
Bloody litter and sod what kids are breathing in.
This confirmed charlatan
is definitely unfit for purpose.
How can such a bloke ignore the plight of children and infants,well he sodding well can year in year out.
No1 Tameside bloody parasite
living off the backs of families whilst he enjoys seeing them choke on toxic air.

Anonymous said...

Great Article!

Anonymous said...

He's talking hot air as usual. We have monitoring stations throughout the borough and the air we breath is as good as in any other urban area and well within safe limits.

Anonymous said...

The trash have been let out of their cages again Mr.Hall
and the thickos have crawled
out again.Sroopm18011

Curmudgeon article: Confused Of Jubilee Ave (Click Here) said...

There’s a hugely important article on the Curmudgeon blog regarding the local Labour gangsters. Pay particular attention to the groups connected to Labour such as Demos. This country was not betrayed and destroyed by accident, it was a wilful plot. Curmudgeon is right on the mark with his analysis. Read and bookmark his article for future reference

put up or shut up said...

Oh come on Hall, who are the families choking on toxic air?

SerpentSlayer said...

As a frequent runner I can testify to what Mr.Hall is saying. I can tell a world of difference between running in Droyslden and running in Deerbyshire, when every breath is a salvation, you note the difference.

greatful resident said...

We all should be thankful to J Hall and his friends. If it was not for their efforts we would have the detested bypass bringing more traffic and pollution into Tameside.

Weight of Numbers said...

The highly educated patrician, liberal democracy lovers and 'experts' in Britain have always assumed that the sensible British electorate would always sort things out and supply the checks, balances and warnings to the executive.
Unfortunately there is now irrefutable and growing evidence that a very large and rapidly increasing proportion of the electorate are one or more of the following: Ignorant, thick, selfish, indolent, apathetic, spineless, alien (usually in block voting 'communities' who look after their own interests), traitorous and degenerate.
Democracy could be the thing that destroys our country.

Anonymous said...


Are you suggesting we turn the whole of Britain into one big Derbyshire? No-one would deny that vigourous exercise in an urban setting would be tougher than in more rural parts. But Tameside's very own armchair ecotoxicologist J Hall is adamant that Tameside MBC would upstage Saddam Hussein in the air pollution stakes.

SerpentSlayer said...

I would definately prefer a more rural Britain with no cities, fewer towns, more villages, generally how it was pre-industrial revolution.

Non muslim parents react with outrage over plans to serve only Halal meat said...

Is halal served to Tameside school kids who are not Muslim?

Anonymous said...


yeah, and that really would be the fast track to being conquered by a more developed and advanced civilisation wouldn't it? Human history cannot freeze at circa 1749AD.

Anonymous said...

Great advocacy for speeding up the traffic at Denton Island. As we all know, its deceleration and acceleration that creates the most pollution. Fly over the junction A57/M67 and vis versa, free flowing left turns on and off will greatly reduce the pollution. may lose a few houses but Mr Hall is right, the kids health is more important.

+ knock down the brothels and the marginal businesses at Reddish bridge and widen the road there

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall

Its far easier to just say "read this" and copy the url of the text that you are copy/pasting. You might also want to credit the source of the information so that people dont think its some original work done by yourself and that you have simply copy/pasted from various EU docs and inserted "tameside labour mafia" and "fit for purpose" in random places

Brenda said...

He's been a thorn in our side for years. We find if you just ignore him he will get bored and move on to pester someone else.

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make if its copied and pasted as long as its accurate information. Unless you know different.

Weight of Numbers said...

Walking through Hyde Park earlier I saw a row on the five a side pitch between a group of twenty Asian youths and half a dozen Whites. It appeared to be about the usage of the pitch. Frequenters of the park will know it regularly has large goups of Asians on it on Sundays.
It was getting heated and when one particularly aggrsssive Asian tried to intimidate one White youth he refused to back down. There was then what I can only describe as an instant swarm of Asians from their end to the White end. After a bit of finger pointing etc the situation calmed and both sides returned to their respective ends for desultory kickabouts.
Going by the fates suffered by other areas in Britain, this and similar scenes are set to increase in frequency in the borough.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Mr Hall

Its far easier to just say "read this" and copy the url of the text that you are copy/pasting. You might also want to credit the source of the information so that people dont think its some original work done by yourself and that you have simply copy/pasted from various EU docs and inserted "tameside labour mafia" and "fit for purpose" in random places
Please prove you're not a robot.

Nice insult but runs of my back because I have the ability to find the facts
which the public are not aware of.
Its time you devoted your time to stop the abuse by TMBC with its disgusting manipulation of the facts which harms Tamesiders.
Perhaps you can suggest how my at least 7000 documents
which expose the sleaze,deceptions,gross negligence and total lies
have been offered to the Tameside Public over the past 15 years and the totalc contempt TMBC have for its people.
Lots more coming Anon and if you keep on sniping on behalf of TMBC bring it on because you might end up "egg on face"soon.
I have considerable abilities to root out the TMBC truth and facts which obviously troubles you for whatever reason,plus of course I prefer to man up and offer my name.
Tell your friends too demand an open public forum debate where I can unload all the facts on the somewhat thick public Councillors with big mouths who are seriously damaging the environment for greed whilst supporting their close friendships
outside TMBC.
Always surprises me when Anons start firing off silly words which are meaningless and are obviously against protecting the children and infants from despot administrations.
PS Most of my work is done by researching large amounts of facts which are substantiated.if you can then do it.

SerpentSlayer said...

Anonymous 23/03/2013 23:04

I am not entirely convinced that we would be at the mercy of other powers with less industrial cities, in fact so long as we maintain arms production, strong local economies and ensure that our roads are hard going (needing no great roads) for foreigners and our populace ready to go to arms at a click of the fingers, then we should be fine.

Time will iron out wrinkles.

Why we on the Left made an epic mistake on immigration said...

So now the "racist Fascist, Nazi bigots" (Joe Public) were right all along. They were right to want the third world prevented from ethnically cleansing them out of their own ancient stamping grounds.

What's the matter, Goodhart, someone who doesn't speak English with ten kids moving into next door to you? Your leafy suburb suddenly being inundated by people very different to you and your family? Our leafy suburbs were overrun decades ago. But you never gave a damn about that.

You betrayed your own people with a mindless, shiny-eyed certainty that brought disenfranchisement and horror to many. Do you think we forgive you now because of your pinkly faux, smack-my-bot confession?

We come last in the land we made because of you. We're dumbed-down, drugged-up and afraid to speak out because of you. Our little girls are being raped and prostituted as we speak because of you. Our safe, stable, proud old England is dead because of you.

Go to hell, Goodhart.

We'll see you there.

White British said...

The lefties have started to quote spurious economic figures instead on immigration now the game's up. Apparently all immigrants are hard working and desperate to assimilate. Of course a lot of them contribute, especially from eastern Europe, they'll unquestioningly work very hard for the minimum wage (or less) so employment agencies are full of them, as exploitative employers want them. The 'lazy' Brits expect a fair day's pay for a fair day's work, how outrageous.
The fact is if a concerted effort had been made to make our own unskilled people work we wouldn't NEED to import any. Plus these particular incomers' average age is low compared to the indigenous population, therefore they cost the NHS less.
The real questions aren't economic they're about identity and population level.
The more foreigners come in the more British identity will be diluted and destroyed. The more foreigners come in (especially those from sub-saharan Africa and the Indian subcontinent for example, as they have large families and bring in middle aged and elderly relatives) the more the strain on our infrastructure and destruction of our countryside grows.
We need methods to ensure our identity survives and thrives, the first should be stopping all but essential immigration. We also need methods to reduce our massively overpopulated country in a managed and orderly way.