Thursday, 31 January 2013

New Charter Housing to introduce star ratings for neighbourhoods

Thirty-two areas across Tameside are receiving a star rating as part of a plan to tackle anti-social behaviour, crime and unemployment. Social landlord New Charter Housing is rating neighbourhoods from three to five stars with each area having its own plan to improve the locality. The housing association said it is the first in Greater Manchester to adopt this approach.

Tameside star ratings: 

Five stars - The neighbourhood is popular offering a good quality of life and access to good services. The main aim is to make it sustainable.

Four stars - The neighbourhood is a good place to live but experiences some problems that affect the quality of life. The main aim is to identify the specific issues to improve it.

Three stars - The neighbourhood has the potential to be a great place but is experiencing a number of issues affecting the overall quality of life.  

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Chavsville, Kentucky said...

Minus Ten stars - It's Hattersley.

Anonymous said...

So God has declared Israel is now the caretaker of the Universe.
This interests me more than the Tameside Spin machine rhetoric on TC.
The only result from these star ratings is another load of bullshit
to comment on.
Check out the wide world sometimes
and what`s happening.
Not just the black white asian shit
situation we have already have and cannot change.
How many commenters ever write to any authorities and openly complain
or is TC as far as the rumblings go.

Deputy Leader Of Tameside Council said...

The deputy leader of Tameside Council is a hypocrite.
He went to Hyde to support the Muslim community when the EDL came.
Yet you can see here on facebook, that he calls for 150 rockets to kill women and children in Palestine.
What a nice man we have here.

“Ridiculously wide” and a “significant breach of Freedom of speech” said...

New Charter Housing remind me of the Fascist EU takeover of Europe.

Remember this? “Ridiculously wide” and a “significant breach of Freedom of speech”
New charter can't seem to get a grip on what that actually means.
That is a big statement to make by a Judge. "protecting New Charter from legitimate criticism."
Sentiments from a Judge, that will show people that new charter housing have no regard for human rights or free speech in Tameside and beyond.

Anonymous said...

'@ Anonymous 23:45, 'The Black White Asian shit. Situation we have already and cannot change.' Says who?
Who says we can change the Israeli situation, or does your defeatism only extend to 'Black White Asian shit.'
We need to put our own house in order (nationally and locally) to provide a solid foundation to tackle every issue that might affect us, national and global.
Many posters on here write to the authorities regularly and have campaigned and stood in elections numerous times.

Englishman jailed for ‘burgers and Buckfast’ jibe said...

We are not a different race...what the hell!?

This isn't the first time Scottish, Welsh and English people have been classifed as being capable of 'racially offending' one another by the leftist idiots in power who apparently can't even understand the different between a race and a nationality.

This is complete and utter madness, the word 'racism' doesn't even mean race anymore, it just means 'shut your mouth and keep your head down'.

Eight months? What kind of sick, vile, scum of a judge would give that to a man for saying 'burgers and buckfast' to a fellow Briton? They don't even want us to be willing to exchange words with our own people anymore, they want a population too fearful of being thrown in prison to converse with anyone, their own race or not, out of fear of 'racism'.

Jura said...

Would you get nicked if you made a joke about Jocks being tight fisted or pissheads? Or about skinflint Yorkshiremen?
It's pathetic, how do these coppers and people who work for the 'justice' system live with themselves. Perhaps they just take the money and go with the flow because it makes life easier.

SerpentSlayer said...

The police aren't selected or trained to think, just to execute the orders of an increasingly despotic and hostile government.

The dross, brainwashed, sociology graduate-type that they are gunning to recruit recently are unable to understand concepts of personal freedom, beyond the freedom to be offended perhaps(if you belong to an ethnic, sexual or substance abusing minority that is), so naturally the idea of arresting somebody for saying something nasty and bad is as natural as clapping everything the war criminal Barack Obama says or as backing up a Paedophile "who can't be blamed for being that way".

You can't expect brainwashed trash who have had their delicate brains saturated with Marxist propaganda from before nursery school to understand anything about people taking it on the chin or giving as good as they get. To them everything must be solved by the all powerful state.