Saturday, 12 January 2013

Excellent customer service from Nokia

My daughter has a Nokia Lumia smartphone which recently stopped working as it wouldn't take a charge. After eliminating the charger as the possible cause I decided to call Nokia to see if it could be fixed under  warranty, but there was a problem, I no longer had the receipt. I explained the situation to Nokia and they took the serial number from the phone and said it comes with a two year warranty as standard, and seeing as it had only been out for a year it was covered anyway. They then agreed to send a courier to collect, and repair or replace it. The next day a courier arrived as promised, the day after I get an email confirming the engineers have it, the following day I get another email saying it is going to be replaced rather than repaired and the next day a courier returns with a brand new phone with all the latest updates already installed. now that is what I call first class customer service. Well done Nokia!


The Road to World War 3 said...


SerpentSlayer said...

I'm almost certain that TC is working for Nokia now.

Only kidding of course, he is starting to sway me though, I am in need of a phone that actually works afterall.

If they aren't paying you TC, give them a bell!

A disarmed people and a disarmed nation said...

How Britian's current military forces compare to 1982:


Armed Forces Personnel: 320,000

Ships: 2 Carriers, 2 Assault ships, 32 Submarines, 15 Destroyers, 46 Frigates, 1 Ice Patrol Ship, 12 Hydrographic survey ships, 15 Patrol ships/craft, 29 Minesweepers and minehunters, 45 Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Aircraft: 400 plus


Armed Forces personnel:160,000

Ships: 0 Carriers, 9 Submarines, 7 Destroyers, 13 Frigates, 2 Assault/Helicopter Carriers, 2 Assault/Command Ships, 3 RFA Landing Ships, 3 Survey ships, 1 Ice Patrol Ship, 4 Patrol Ships, 15 Minehunters, 10 Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Fighter Aircraft: 130

Anonymous said...

The Fleet in 1914

Battleships (Dreadnoughts): 24

Battleships (pre-Dreadnoughts): 38

Battlecruisers: 10

Cruisers: 47

Light cruisers: 61

Destroyers: 225

Submarines: 75

Anonymous said...

Car Exhaust: The World’s Second Fastest Growing Cause Of Death
11 January 2013, 11:15 BST
The Uk Lancet Medical Journal has reported that air pollution is the second fastest-growing causes of death in the world. The Lancet is a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal. It is one of the world's best known, oldest, and most respected general medical journals.

The recently published study showed that in 2010 3.2 million died prematurely due to air pollution - compared to 800,000 air pollution deaths reported in 2000. Air pollution is everywhere and there are a variety of culprits. However, the study found that it was specifically the type of air pollution caused by car and truck exhaust that are doing the most damage.

Why does no-one give a shit or does everyone want Cancer and Heart Attacks

SerpentSlayer said...

All the better for the big bad EU to swallow whole. If you ask me, the EU has placed secret limits on the militarys of it's slave states.

Personally I hope that Britain one day leads a unified European resistance against the puppet governments of the increasingly authoritarian EU. A short walk out of the house often convinces me that we are sliding deeper and deeper into the Soviet union.

It will not be long before we will all have to shoulder a heavier burden than we currently are.

Tameside Citizen said...

I know you’re only joking SS, but no, I can assure you I don’t work for Nokia. I just like to give a heads up to products and services which I think deserve praise.

If you’re going to get a Smartphone there are a number of different platforms to choose from. There is Apple who use their own operating system. There is Android which is a Google designed operating system. There is Windows like the one I use, and there is also Blackberry.

Apple and Android are the two biggest systems but I don’t like the ethos of the Apple behemoth and Android is good, but there are too many infected apps in their app store for my likening. Blackberry is good if you have lots of friends or colleagues with Blackberry devices because they have a system known as Blackberry Messenger (BBM) which allows free messaging between Blackberry devices but I like the Windows system and the Nokia Smartphone I use. If you are in the market for such a device please do not hesitate to ask and I can tell you the pros and cons of each in greater detail.

Vast Android botnet claims 1 million victims said...

Looks like you made a good point about Android.