Sunday, 20 January 2013

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Charter...

Came across an interesting web document from New Charter which can be viewed by clicking here

The picture and article remind you of anything? Building relationships with policing teams and signing your kids up to "Children's Centres"?
Meanwhile, the document also tells us that New Charter jointly funded a "Preventing Violent Extremism" Theatre Production which toured all Tameside secondary schools to encourage "Community Cohesion". Community Cohesion AGAIN! Remember the government report in 2008 in which Tameside boasted* that they censored the news? THAT was in the name of "Community Cohesion"!

Finally the document tells residents how they can become a "Resident Inspector" who's duties will include "getting feedback from other residents in person or on the phone". Anonymously????

*The original document has been pulled but can still be found in the Government Web Archive


Manchester youngsters learn about hate crime said...

Manchester youngsters learn about hate crime as awareness week begins.

Pupils from Manchester Communications Academy in Harpurhey will watch a special play written and performed by members of theatre group Exceeding Expectations to help them understand what hate crime is, who can be affected by it and how they can report it.

The event, held on Monday January 21, is being held to launch a hate crime awareness week organised by Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police.

Earlier in the day, people from a wide range of organisations across the city, including faith groups, disability groups and those representing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, attended a launch event at Manchester Town Hall to launch the city’s new hate crime strategy.

Abraham Moss and King David High School will hold the first of a series of events which will include visiting victims of the Holocaust and atrocities in Rwanda and Kosovo.

The city centre’s Lesbian and Gay Foundation will hold an event encouraging people to report homophobic hate crime.

Councillor Bernard Priest, Manchester City Council’s executive member for neighbourhood services, said: “We are determined to make sure that hate crime will not be tolerated in Manchester, but for us to deal effectively with this issue.

Tony Lloyd, Greater Manchester Tony Lloyd, Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Hate crime is a blight on our society. No-one should be a victim of crime simply because of who they are.

“This kind of work is incredibly important as it helps people understand what hate crime is and shows that police and other agencies will listen to the diverse communities affected and take it seriously. By standing together we can stamp it out for good.”

Orwellian nightmare?

Cattle keen for slaughter said...

'Extremism'- Translation: Anyone opposed to the ongoing destruction of Britain and its identity.
Re violence, if a sizeable proportion of the TWENTY SEVEN MILLION Bulgarians and Romanians (two of the poorest countries in Europe) who will have unfettered access to our already chronically overstretched resources, infrastructure and welfare system in a few months, turn up there MAY BE civil unrest. And THAT won't be the fault of 'extremists' it will be the fault of the former and present governments and the ignorant, spineless masses who voted them in.
Did anyone see the 'intellectual' on Question Time, Lincolnshire last Thursday, stating that the area and its resources could cope with YET ANOTHER influx. A woman from Boston, i.e someone whyo actuall has a clue what's going on on the ground, soon put her in her place with a devastating description of the numerous and growing negative effects mass immigration has had on the area and Boston in particular already. NO doubt EVEN NOW many Bostonians would STILL vote Lib?Lab/Con out of a brainless herd mentality or fear of being branded 'extremist' or 'racist'.

Shocking: Ethnic Cleansing in England said...

I bet they won't be talking about this type of 'hate crime' during the Orwellian "hate crime awareness week". Click the blue link above to watch.

I know of two separate cases identical to this taking place in Levenshulme and in Oldham. The case in Werneth, Oldham was particularly disturbing as a veteran of the battle of Monte Casino was intimidated by the same type of criminals but he wouldn't budge. They were determined to force him out as he was the last remaining non immigrant on the street which they had all but colonised. In the end he was beaten up and ended up with two broken hips and had to go in an old peoples home. When I visited him, he was a broken man. He had a very valuable piece of memorabilia from Monte Casino, he had the German Fallschirmjäger battle standard which he took as a trophy following the battle. It must have been worth thousands.

He died a broken man, he could not believe that he served his country with distinction and worked hard all of his life but when he went to the police telling of the intimidation and violence they were totally unsympathetic and unwilling to help. The attackers who beat him were never caught and his house is now occupied by the people who were behind the intimidation.

If anyone doubts the authenticity of this sad tale, why not contact Michael Treacy from Oldham and he will verify all I have said true as an independent witness.

SerpentSlayer said...

Cohesion or neighbours grassing on political dissidents?

Why don't they get survivors from Communist purges to lecture children?

Those who lost their families to the totalitarian ideology being implemented by New Charter and Tameside Council would be much more informative.

A bad analogy I would say TC, in the Third Reich, people who called others names were not prosecuted, the kind of person who would push for it to be illegal would be though. They also taught children to be proud of who they are, instead of guilting them about massacres they had nothing to do with.

This needs exposing for what it is. Will Private Eye do a piece on it do you think?

HOLODOMOR 1932-33 said...

Yes, Holodomor survivors, but they wouldn't suit the agenda of the elite so that's a no no.

tonydj said...

@shocking ethnic cleansing

I truly believe that had your old soldier Cassino veteran been taken as a POW by the Fallshirmjaeger at Cassino he would have received better treatment at their hands than he received from his fellow "Britons".

Errr can I say "Britons" or must I say Britons. Hmmmm prosecuted for use of quotation marks. Now that would make a Wright interesting case.

ID said...

They're UK passport holders and every one of them I've asked from similar communities (and that's a lot) described themselves as 'British Asian'. I've never heard ONE describe themselves as British, let alone English, Scottish etc.

Votewhore = Traitor said...

Only 16% of Britain's non-white electorate voted Conservative at the last General election in 2010. David Cameron has ordered a series of senior Tories to make speeches and appearances at Hindu temples, Sikh gurwaras and Islamic mosques this year.
Consrvative efforts in this area are as much of a waste of time as those in Scotland where a significant proportion at the moment vote SNP but with a still rock solid, braindead Labour hard core. But as 27% of under five year olds are now non-white maybe power hungry Dave thinks it's worth a try, and that as there's no will or guts to tackle immigration (from any main party) grovelling to recent arrivals is the only alternative.

Tameside Council Deputy said...

Labour Councillor calls for more bombs on Gaza

Anonymous said...

So a party which likes to portray itself as 'tough' on immigration(tougher, or more accurately put just not quite as weak) hopes it can attract the support of immigrants and their UK born offspring. Can anyone spot the glaring inconsistency in that strategy??

Such only demonstrates how utterly impotent the Tories are (and always have been) at tackling the enemy on the left. Labour's unassailable policy of 'diversity' did (amongst other things) have the added bonus of securing their long term political future. Fiddling with borders is only one way of gerrymandering the vote, mass migration and social engineering being another useful tactic.

The Democrats in the US also understand this, the Latin American vote has proven crucial. Like our conservatives, all the Republicans understand is economics, so they joined in the mass immigration jolly to please their friends in big business with cheap foreign labour. Now the USA could be lumbered with Obama for a generation if the 22nd amendment is repealed. That currently limits a president to two terms in office, but Democrat congressman Jose Serrano *surprise* has been hard at work to secure Obama's position long into the future.

Meanwhile the Republicans are now busily soul searching to figure a way of appealing to the ethnic minority electorate - any of this sound familiar?? Like traditional white tory middle England, the white American middle class has always been hostile to mass immigration. That leaves conservative politicians on both sides of the Atlantic trying to appeal to two interest groups with irreconcilable differences.

Labour won't change policy because it doesn't have to - the average white working class Labour lemming voter is psychologically incapable of switching allegiances. The average Tory voter though is in possession of a bit more grey matter, which is where UKIP come in. Compared to Dave's pink conservatism, Farage looks like the bona fide no bull-t alternative. Having not a hope in hell of attracting non-white support, a vote to keep Labour out may look increasingly futile for traditional tory voters, with UKIP ever more appealing. Ultimately, the end result may be an end to our two party state. Labour will dominate for decades, opposed by three smaller and similar sized parties.

With Labour having free reign in office, it will also have an on-going incentive to darken the complexion of the electorate. As 'party of the people' it will have no problem evolving policy to cater for the ever growing new islamic Britain, fielding more muslim candidates and morphing into a semi-islamic party. Our own example in Tameside (Idu Miah, Mossley) shows that white Labour voters have no issue whatsoever electing a muslim as their representative. If you thought 13 years under Blair was bad, it may prove to be just the beiginning.

Reimer said...

SerpentSlayer said...

"This needs exposing for what it is. Will Private Eye do a piece on it do you think?"

I take it you're being sarky, SS. Hislop's paper is of course right at the heart of the Liberal establishment and would doubtless cite some sub-minor incident like Roy's original spat as justification for liberal totalitarianism.


Long Drop for treason said...

@ Anonymous 12:05, Labour 'morphing into a semi-Islamic party' good point and that's exactly what's happening. Labour are the worst votewhores of the lot (and that's against some extremely strong competition) and they wouldn't hesitate for a millisecond to sel the British and their country down the river if it meant getting/keeping power. It's an undisputed fact that 85% of non-white Commonwealth immigrants (who get FULL voting rights the minute they get here) vote Labour.
Re democracy, I see the Israeli general election's tomorrow and Netanyahu's expected to win. The increasing power of the ultra orthodox Jewish community is based on guess what, their burgeoning population. A lot of the men from this community refuse to work and naturally a lot of Israelis are fed up of it. But all the parties have to pander to the workshy ultra orthodox because, you guessed it, they can all vote and there are a lot of them. Ring any bells re Britain's exploding immigrant communitites?