Sunday, 18 November 2012

Adrian Trudgeon leaves Tameside FM

I am sorry to hear that Adrian is leaving. I always enjoyed his sports show, especially the live updates from around the grounds. I imagine the comedian Peter Kay could do a fantastic sketch of the amateur correspondents when they present their half time and full time round ups. Picture the scene; It is half time, Bert the correspondent is at Hyde United or Stalybridge Celtic, his heart is pounding and his brow drips with sweat in anticipation of the big moment, his big moment. The big moment is here, the cellphone rings and 'Studio' is the caller, Bert tells everyone around him to be quiet as he going on the radio live on air with the half time update, then he begins, Alan Green or Stuart Hall have nothing on this animated character. Peter Kay could finish off the sketch, but if you've ever heard the correspondents you will know where I am coming from, and I am not knocking them, they're great and add real character to the show.

The other great thing about Tameside FM is an afternoon show called The Bradshaw's. It's hilarious. I think it is set in the 1950's in a northern town and it has three main characters. Alf the stereotypical old school chauvinist northern male, Audrey his long suffering wife, and their son Billy. Really, this show is worth listening to. It is only five minutes long and is on every weekday afternoon around 3.30. If it was available on CD or as a download I would definitely buy it. Try listening one afternoon and you will see what I mean.

The video above is really an audio clip. A listener sends in a message to Adrian asking why he is leaving, Adrian can not answer as he would like to for fear of being dragged out of the studio by 'heavies'. It is all very intriguing and Tameside FM has lost a good asset in Adrian Trudgeon.


Jaguar Land Rover: China approves joint venture said...

This is the beginning of the end of Jaguar/Land Rover production in this country. Just as with every other industry the capitalist enemies of the people spit on our workers by exporting jobs and technical know how to hostile nations for no other reason than naked greed.

the chairman and the board have full confidence in the manager said...

"it had no intention of moving its manufacturing base out of Britain". This is true, for the time being, but wait until the new cheap labour factory is built.

Anonymous said...

Would not listen to Tameside FM if it was the last media on the planet,not with their murky background and intended future objectives.

Leave Right Now said...

See Ya..............

All Time Love said...

The great struggle OF survival depends upon the one true GOD! in our HEARTS!

Anonymous said...

Deafening silence from the unions on the matter of Jaguar/LR jobs...............A pity we don't have a myriad of manufacturers here giving us goods minus the import duty.

The irony.............

Now I'm a union man
Amazed at what I am
I say what I think
That the company stinks
Yes I'm a union man.

When we meet in the local hall
I'll be voting with them all
With a hell of a shout
It's out brothers out
And the rise of the factory's fall.

Oh you don't get me I'm part of the union
You don't get me I'm part of the union
You don't get me I'm part of the union
Till the day I die, till the day I die.

As a union man I'm wise
To the lies of the company spies
And I don't get fooled
By the factory rules
'Cause I always read between the lines.

And I always get my way
If I strike for higher pay
When I show my card
To the Scotland Yard
This what I say.

Oh you don't get me I'm part of the union
You don't get me I'm part of the union
You don't get me I'm part of the union
Till the day I die, till the day I die.

Before the union did appear
My life was half as clear
Now I've got the power
To the working hour
And every other day of the year.

So though I'm a working man
I can ruin the government's plan
Though I'm not too hard
The sight of my card
Makes me some kind of superman.

Oh you don't get me I'm part of the union
You don't get me I'm part of the union
You don't get me I'm part of the union
Till the day I die, till the day I die.

Everybody out said...

That Strawbs song was written as an anti-union song but ironically the unions took it up and regularly used to sing it on picket lines in the 70s.
However keen to strike many workers were back then at least they didn't have the pig ignorant, spineless, apathetic, 'Yessuh massah' approach of the vast bulk of the British workforce who simply bend over and take it when their pay and conditions are decimated.

This could be the beginning of the end for the British-built Land Rover said...

Do you remember a car company called Rover? You can still see some of its vehicles being driven once a week to the supermarket by Daily Mail readers of a certain age.

As MG Rover, it was the UK’s last domestically owned volume automotive manufacturer. Its demise in 2005 marked the end of an era, the death knell for The British Car Industry. What its bankruptcy left is The Car Industry in Britain. Note the distinction. It’s in pretty good shape, but yesterday’s news from the frontline has made me wonder how long that might be the case.

Jaguar Land Rover – two iconic British brands but one company, JLR – has revealed plans to build cars in China. Cheap labour means that, over time, the potential cost benefits are huge. So how long will it be before bosses decide the UK’s ageing factories, decades of heritage oozing from their brick walls but expensive to upgrade every time a new model is launched, don’t have any place in the long-term future of JLR?

You might think this could never happen because the brands are simply ‘too British’ and so much of their history is tied up in their Midlands homeland. You might be right but think on this: who owns JLR now? Do you know? It’s not British any more, and hasn’t been for years. It’s just another example of The Car Industry in Britain.

The company bankrolling JLR’s current product development – desirable models like the Evoque sports utility vehicle and the forthcoming F-Type two-seater – is an Indian conglomerate called TATA. Once the new factory, to be constructed in Changshu, near Shanghai, is churning out Discoverys and XJs for the newly wealthy Chinese, how long will it be before JLR’s owner starts pressing for a similar one in Delhi or Chennai?

How long after that does the whole UK backstory of these great brands get sacrificed? Months of bad publicity for years of profitability. Give it time but 18 November 2012 could eventually claim its place in history, the tipping point that signalled the decline of The Car Industry in Britain.

JLR is on a roll, particularly the Land Rover division. Its sales in the first half of 2012 were up 30% on the same period a year earlier. The all-new Range Rover, launched to journalists in just the last month, has received huge praise. Yep, JLR is going places. It’s going to China.

Anonymous said...

Well the liberals (with a small l) have got their way again! To maker it a fairer world they have decided to push all means of generating wealth to the East. This has not been easy but with the collusion of the unions and senior mandarins within government by increasing costs, taxation and legislation, they have got their way. Do you think the Germans would ever give away Mercedes, BMW or Audi? The Indians and Chinese must be laughing all the way to the bank! So when you can't get a job and your house has been repossessed and your kids taken into care, you can sleep on that park bench with a clear conscience knowing someone in the East is now a billionaire!

Rogues Gallery said...

Grim reading.

SerpentSlayer said...

It would be interesting to know why the presenter felt he had to leave, We all know the extent to which this borough is run by Freemason interests, whether it is the council, the police, the hospital, even the schools now.

It would not surprise me if there were bad elements muscling their way into the local radio station on behalf of their dark masters.

Anonymous said...

China's push into Africa is said to be reminiscent of the West's imperial move in the 18th and 19th centuries - but on a much more dramatic, determined scale.

China's rulers believe Africa can become a 'satellite' state, solving its own problems of over-population and shortage of natural resources at a stroke.

With little fanfare, a staggering 750,000 Chinese have settled in Africa over the past decade. And more are believed to be on their way.

The strategy has been carefully devised by officials in Beijing, where one expert has estimated that China will eventually need to send 300million people to Africa to solve the problems of over-population and pollution.

The plans appear on track. Across Africa, the red flag of China is flying. Lucrative deals are being struck to buy its commodities - oil, platinum, gold and minerals.

New embassies and air routes are opening up. The continent's new Chinese elite can be seen everywhere, shopping at their own expensive boutiques, driving Mercedes and BMW limousines, sending their children to exclusive private schools.

The pot-holed roads are cluttered with Chinese buses, taking people to markets filled with cheap Chinese goods. More than a thousand miles of new Chinese railroads are crisscrossing the continent, carrying billions of tons of illegally-logged timber, diamonds and gold.

The trains are linked to ports dotted around the coast, waiting to carry the goods back to Beijing after unloading cargoes of cheap toys made in China.

Confucius Institutes (state-funded Chinese 'cultural centres') have sprung up throughout Africa, as far afield as the tiny land-locked countries of Burundi and Rwanda, teaching baffled local people how to do business in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Massive dams are being built, flooding nature reserves. The land is scarred with giant Chinese mines, with 'slave' labourers paid less than £1 a day to extract ore and minerals.

Pristine forests are being destroyed, with China taking up to 70 per cent of all timber from Africa. All over this great continent, the Chinese presence is swelling into a flood. Angola has its own 'Chinatown', as do great African cities such as Dar es Salaam and Nairobi.

From Nigeria in the north, to Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Angola in the west, across Chad and Sudan in the east, and south through Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, China has seized a vice-like grip on a continent which officials have decided is crucial to the superpower's long-term survival.

'The Chinese are all over the place,' says Trevor Ncube, a prominent African businessman with publishing interests around the continent. 'If the British were our masters yesterday, the Chinese have taken their place.'

Likened to one race deciding to adopt a new home on another planet, Beijing has launched its so-called 'One China In Africa' policy because of crippling pressure on its own natural resources in a country where the population has almost trebled from 500 million to 1.3 billion in 50 years.

China is hungry - for land, food and energy. While accounting for a fifth of the world's population, its oil consumption has risen 35-fold in the past decade and Africa is now providing a third of it; imports of steel, copper and aluminium have also shot up, with Beijing devouring 80 per cent of world supplies.

Fuelling its own boom at home, China is also desperate for new markets to sell goods. And Africa, with non-existent health and safety rules to protect against shoddy and dangerous goods, is the perfect destination

However, there is a lethal price to pay. There is a sinister aspect to this invasion. Chinese-made war planes roar through the African sky, bombing opponents.

After battling for years against the white colonial powers of Britain, France, Belgium and Germany, post-independence African leaders are happy to do business with China for a straightforward reason: cash.

police have just been round TC because of this said...


Anonymous said...

TC I wonder what is the purpose of all these police visits? Another visit this morning.
Simply for filming the fun fair in Ashton the other day.
What do you reckon the FILTH are trying to do to me and my family.?
I'm still trying to come to terms for being reported by my neighbour for staring, and having too many plants in my garden.

Police vs Citizen, UK - Man Harassed For Filming From His Own Doorstep said...


Grandson of RR said...

I think they are out ti get Roy West.

Rotherham’s UKIP Child-Catcher Joyce Thacker Follows Common Purpose’s Progressive Agenda said...

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