Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Peak District tunnel?

A proposal to build a tunnel through the Peak District, linking Sheffield and Manchester, should be looked at according to the area's MP. South Yorkshire MP Angela Smith said Barnsley businessman Tony Hickton's idea to improve transport links would need to provide value for money.

Mr Hickton said current routes between the two cities were not good enough.
He said a road and rail tunnel from around junction 36 of the M1 to the M67 would boost the economy.

The Penistone and Stocksbridge Labour MP said: "The economic impact of improving the link between Sheffield and Manchester shouldn't be underestimated."You can't put motorways through national parks, we've got to protect those very precious landscapes."If you stand above the Woodhead Pass and look down on it and see all those HGVs, it's a real blight on that beautiful landscape, and anyone who uses the road knows how difficult it is to use."So clearly there has to be a solution somewhere along the line to this problem."

Mr Hickton, from construction inspection company Hickton, said it could be built using a mixture of private and state funding. He added: "These tunnels won't be built tomorrow, but if we don't press the button now, we'll never be ready, so why not now?" BBC News

Interesting idea, and far far better than building a bypass and motorway, but I would imagine a scheme involving such a wide and long tunnel would be phenomenally expensive. It also would funnel a lot of traffic onto the M67 which would end up in Denton, this would undoubtedly have some Denton residents up in arms because of increased levels of pollution. Somehow I can't see this proposal getting off the ground - but time will tell! Tameside Citizen.


Anonymous said...

lets hope not but if these politicians can smell money they'll try their best to get it going.

White girl raped by 3 Asians said...

I have said it again and again...there is no anger on the streets, in any other country this filth would have been torn apart before they reached court, but in this country they are too concerned with who is going to win on the latest strictly dancing pile of sh1t.

Facilitators said...

No racism involved obviously. To even mention the possibility might harm the careers of senior police, politicians and other establishment figures.
After all it's the same people who've allowed unfettered Asian Muslim grooming and rape of white children to go on for more than a decade.
They've only admitted there might be a problem recently because it was no longer deniable.
They truth is they hate their own kind and worship minorities.

The Nuts are at the top of the tree said...

To make the tunnel a possibility there would have top be a giant overpass at the Denton bottleneck and priority given to traffic flow. Significant economic benefits would follow.
However the transport authorities are now riddled with former members of the anti-car brigade. They have no priorities except attack the evil, planet killing private car user and make his/her life as unpleasant as possible.
The irony is that their traffic obstructing policies create massive amounts of pollution and economic harm.


We don,t want anymore tunnels because soon as you build one a load of bleeding foreginers rush through it,what we need to build is a dirty great big cork for the last one.

He hated Britain and excused Stalin's genocide. But was hero of the BBC and the Guardian, Eric Hobsbawm a TRAITOR too? said...

No wonder he was a Labour Party member then.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Saville opened Wakefield ANL/WAFC with a scathing speech, all of it aimed against patriots.

Ancient Christian Symbol said...

More subtle than the cross.

HOBSBAWM: said...

(We) wanted to change the world. You see, we were the first globalisers, we believed as, indeed Marx believed from the word go, that this is the way history was going, therefore there must be global solutions… Nobody else produced global solutions… I wanted to stay to pay tribute to a cause which was a good cause, a global cause.

"Wanted to change the world? "Globalisers"? "Global solutions" "Good cause"? "Global cause"? At least we know now where our own Dear Leaders gets their ideas from.

In a period in which, as you might imagine, mass murder and mass suffering are absolutely universal, the chance of a new world being born in great suffering would still have been worth backing.

Let’s have a look at what Hobsbawm says in his 1990 offering, Nations and Nationalism Since 1780.

The word 'nation' is today used so widely and imprecisely that the use of the vocabulary of nationalism today may mean very little indeed…

Like most serious students, I do not regard the 'nation' as a primary nor as an unchanging social entity… Nations as a natural, God-given way of classifying men, as an inherent ... political destiny, are a myth; nationalism, which sometimes takes pre-existing cultures and turns them into nations, sometimes invents them, and often obliterates pre-existing cultures: that is a reality'…

I cannot but add that no serious historian of nations and nationalism can be a committed political nationalist… Nationalism requires too much belief in what is patently not so.

So now you know. If you were ever proud to be an Englishman, Irishman, Scotsman, Welshman or Eskimo, if you ever loved the land that gave you birth and the tribe that formed your identity, well, you are a fantasist, a fool who believes in fairy stories. At least, that’s what it says in the Gospel according to an Egyptian Jew called Hobsbawm. Hobsbawm’s Gospel also tells us that the 'loss of fifteen, twenty million' Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Polish people to the murder gangs of Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, was 'justified.'

One wonders if the fact that almost all of those who died were practicing Christians had anything to do with Hobsbawm’s casual indifference to the mass murder of so many innocents. One wonders if the fact that most of those killing these Christians were Jewish influenced his thinking in any way.

One wonders if the fact that these matters have been erased from the historical record has anything to do with historians such as Hobsbawm.

Hobsbawm is no original thinker. He is a bitter squeak at the end of a long, long line of disingenuous Jewish thinkers who thought and said exactly similar things. At one point in Nations and Nationalism Hobsbawm does say something I wholeheartedly agree with.

Historians are professionally obliged not to get it wrong, or at least to make an effort not to.

However, for a self-serving propagandist like him to say such a thing is, pardon my French, b***ocks. As David Pryce-Jones has said, in an admirably honest essay:

The purpose of all Hobsbawm’s writing, indeed of his life, has been to certify the inevitable triumph of Communism.

Anonymous said...

Hall would be beside himself, where is he by the way?

Anonymous said...

Heard he kicked it back in July.

Tameside Citizen said...

I have not heard from Mr Hall for a long time. He was convinced that a local MP, or someone working in collaboration with a local MP, had hacked into his computer and the hacker, or whoever it may have been was interfering with files stored on his computer.

I do know that on the 30th of August, I, along with all his contacts in his address book where sent a Phishing type scam email from someone who definitely had hacked his email account. This obviously was not the work of an MP or anyone interested in his ecological activism, it was an outright criminal scam probably undertaken from Nigeria or Russia.

The content of the scam email can be viewed below.

If you ever receive an email similar to the one below from a friend or family member, the thing to do is not panic. The scammers work on the assumption that if they send the same message to everyone in a hacking victims address book, someone will panic and immediately wire the money abroad (to the scammers) without first investigating the veracity of the plea. 99% of people will not fall for it, but the 1% that do can make this a very lucrative business for cyber criminals.

I do hope Mr Hall is well and that he gets back online in the near future.

I'm writing this with tears in my eyes, i came down here to Spain for a short vacation to visit a resort and got mugged at gun point last night at the park of the hotel where i lodged.All cash,credit cards and phone were stolen off me.I've been to the embassy and the Police here are not helping issues at all,my flight leaves today and I'm having problems settling the hotel bills.

The hotel manager won't let me leave until i settle the hotel bills which is 1,550 Euro or anything you can afford now am freaked out.Please reply back and let me know if you will be able to loan me the cash so that i can give you the necessary details you will need to get the cash to me via western union money transfer, i promise to pay you back as soon as i get home.

Empty heads are U.S. said...

Check out the US presidential debate. Oh dear, all the previous BBC/liberal media reports of every supposed minor Romney gaffe, and four year zero criticism of Obama campaign, have gone down the toilet.
Whether you agree with Romney's policies or not he annihilated a dithering, waffling, unconvincing and uninformed Obama.
Reading between the lines so to speak of the polite US TV analysis of this verbal massacre it's clear they and the US public now know the truth.
No matter what, the blacks in America will, like last time, almost universally vote Obama, and of course that won't be racist. The dumb white liberals will also vote Obama whilst indulging in self flaggelation.
Unless Obama's performance massively improves in the remaining debates NO-ONE who's honest could vote for someone so obviously and totally bereft of conviction.
Half hearted displays like this have shown him up as someone who doesn't appear to have, or believe in, any ideas of his own.

voter said...

LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR not sure if you're bnp but can you tell me when you are coming to leaflet dukinfield again?

Tameside Citizen said...

If forced to choose one of the two, very begrudgingly I would probably go for Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is bad, but Romney is bad, and dangerous too!

Romney is what Americans call an Israel Firster. Basically, he and his fellow Israel Firster’s put the interests of Israel before the interests of the USA, in a similar way that British Israel Firster’s such as The Labour Friends of Israel put Israeli interests ahead of British interests. Most readers of this blog will be aware that a current Tameside MP is deeply involved with the Israeli lobby to such an extent that he became chair of the Labour Friends of Israel.

Obama for all his faults does seem to be more his own man than Romney. We know that Israel and their very powerful U.S. based lobby groups have been urging the United States to take action against Iran, thankfully Obama has had the courage and strength of will to prevent this and thus prevent a possible spark that could start a global conflict. On the other hand Romney has stated that he would support an attack on Iran. Basically if The Knesset asks Romney to jump, his only answer would be how high?

Neither candidate would get my vote, the only genuine candidate who I certainly would have voted for was Ron Paul. Ron Paul was a gentleman amongst the charlatans and vote whores, but sadly there is little room for gentlemen in modern politics and the charlatans and vote whores are the ones who usually end up in office.

Barry, from Indonesia said...

Anyone who wants to BE President has to cosy up to the Israel lobby. Obama as standing President and with a massive black underclass who would vote virtually en masse for his dead body sooner than vote Romney is, like Romney, playing a balancing act based on how many votes, and how much 'key' support from powerful factions, he needs to win.
But nthe thing that really matters is, as George Bush senior said, 'It's the economy stupid.' That's what will shift the undecided mass of people voting, not Israel or other powerful vested interest groups. Said groups will do deals and meddle with WHICHEVER President is in power.
On the debate, Romney won hands down and Captain Autocue Obama was exposed, as his handlers and those who've hidden his weaknesses, must have dreaded for the last four virtually criticism free years when Obama has been treated with kid gloves by the media compared to his predecessors.

Hymie Gugenstein said...

So wot u saying Barry, the Jooz rule Amerika and without help from the Jooz it is impossible to get elected? That sounds a little anti-Semitic to me.

And the Lord said unto Moses... said...

Truman was told he couldn't win without them and reluctantly agreed. And that was 60 years ago.

Nixon on the Jews said...

And we all know what happened to President Nixon when he realised the danger. He is known as a corrupt president when in reality he was one of the last honest presidents who worked for America rather than 'the tribe'.

Head of Rochdale Social Services resigns and avoids disciplinary action over child grooming gang scandal said...

Mr Garner, who has been in position for three years and worked as a manager in children's social care before his promotion to director, was in charge at the time of the scandal, which saw at least 47 children used by an Asian gang for sexual gratification.

Nine Asian men were jailed this year for between four and 19 years for grooming young white girls in and around the town - picking them up from the school gates and taking them to houses and flats to be plied with alcohol and drugs before being passed around for sex.

Simon Danczuk, the MP for Rochdale, said the cries for help from the victims were systematically ignored.

This disgusting cowardice and refusal to accept responsibility for failure or dishonesty by people in officialdom has become the norm in Britain. It is one of the traits that sees this country sinking into a moral vacuum. Those who are supposed to lead by example, think MP's and fiddling money or Hillsborough, are leading us down the wrong path.

Heads never roll and the lessons that officialdom tells us they have learnt from these terrible breakdowns and failures, never are. And they never will while those who have failed - and most of these failures leave a lot of broken or lost lives behind - are immune to being held to account.

The best we can expect from these dishonourable people is lip-service.

There was a time when people in these positions took their responsibilities very seriously, they took pride in what they did and their professional reputation meant everything to them. And at the first sign of failure or sharp practice they would stand up and fall on their swords.

This kept people on their toes, standards rose, they really did learn lessons and didn't repeat them like we see over and over again today. Things continually improved and the inadequate or bad eggs were weeded out or openly and honestly confessed to being not up to the job and asked to be removed.

In the culture of today's officialdom where no one can be seen to fail, everyone is untouchable and covers each others back, and they stick together like glue. I can't see anything changing soon.

I see it only getting worse.

Lee Norton said...

Rocdale's authorities obviously not as keen to pursue racially linked cases as the FA. Can't think why.

Labour Voters For Justice said...


Nick Griffin on the Nolan Show said...

Just like Question Time. The rabble have no interest in debate. Griffin for all his faults did the best he could under difficult circumstances but he shouls drop the Mr Nice Guy act and attack the scum as they attack him. It is his phoney Mr Nice Guy persona that lets him down in these situations.

Yellow Nation said...

Stephen Nolan is like a lot of the smart arse, 'look how PC and onside I am' media bootlickers: Lots of quickfire, superficially 'clever' questions to big himself up in front of his audience fanclub, and total bias against any form of Nationalism or indeed anything mildly right wing.
I wonder how he'd go on if he was defending HIS policies in front of a barrage of hostility and open audience prejudice wihtout even a pretence of even handedness.
No doubt he'd be just as forceful and committed as he was against Griffin, as he and the rest of the BBC and PC media are when investigating and commenting on the total shithole 'New London' is rapidly evolving into. Not one of them has got the guts to even mention the REAL TRUTH about it.
Remember, the media you see now is the one that kept quiet for all those years when they KNEW MPs were at it with their expenses, the same media that sat back and said virtually FUCK ALL as Britain was (and is) being deluged with immigration, the same media that lies and lies about the ongoing destruction of Britain by immigration, that treats Islam with kid gloves, the same media that ignored racist Islamic grooming of white children for years even though they knew full well it was happening.
But the dumb, cowardly herd that constitutes much of the modern British population simply go with the flow. I wish they all had one neck so I could get my hands round it and squueeze.

Anonymous said...

On September 25th 2012 the English Judiciary in the form of the Fareham Magistrates Court drove another nail in the “Freedom of Speech” coffin for England and Wales.

On this date a 73 year old grandmother, Mrs Margaret Walker, was given an indefinite, lifetime, Antisocial Behaviour Order under which she is forbidden to send, post or deliver any form of ‘foul or abusive’ correspondence to any address in England and Wales which will cause alarm, distress or harass the recipient.

She must state her name and address on all correspondence.

She was further ordered to pay £5,000 toward costs for the hearing.

In delivering the order Fareham magistrate Gordon Burlinson ruled the letters amounted to ‘hate speech’ and Mrs Walker could not rely on her human rights of freedom of expression.

Anonymous said...

Two Muslim brothers from Telford in Shropshire have been convicted of sex offences against girls have been sent to prison for 18 and 14 years.

Ahdel Ali, 24, and Mubarek Ali, 29, both of Regent Street, Wellington, were also convicted of controlling child prostitution and trafficking girls.
Ahdel Ali, who was given 18 years at Worcester Crown Court after being convicted of raping a girl of 13.

The jury were told the brothers had sexually abused, trafficked, prostituted or tried to prostitute four teenagers from Telford.

Ahdel Ali was found guilty of one charge of rape, eleven charges of sexual activity with a child, three charges of controlling child prostitution, one of inciting child prostitution, an allegation of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and meeting a child after grooming.

He was cleared on one charge of inciting child prostitution.

Mubarek Ali was convicted of four charges of controlling child prostitution, two of trafficking in the United Kingdom for sexual exploitation and a charge of causing child prostitution.

Another case of justice for our young white girls whose lives are being systematically destroyed by these Muslim monsters, as these two beasts head off for a long stretch behind bars we must keep the pressure on the corrupt establishment who have known this practice has been taking place for many years, yet chose to do nothing.

Carnival of Freaks said...

Griffin should know better by now. How an earth can a public funded institution exhibit such blatant political bias against one group and get away with it? Never would anyone else face that level of all-out hostility. I mean seriously - can the leader of a England based party be expected to know the youth unemployment rate of NI for christ's sake?

A Declaration of War said...

If they succeed, I emmigrate to France to help them rebuild.

Invertebrate braindead sludge said...

Never underestimate the herd instinct of the human animal. We have an instinctive survival mode where we want to go with the flow because there's safety in numbers. If the facts say that that flow is going the wrong way the majority ignore the facts and concentrate on short term survival tactics. This type of bovine gutlessness, is increasing exponentially as a once great people demonstrates how far it has degenerated in terms of intelligence, courage and principle.
In modern Britain if the prevailing mantra is political correctness, multiculturalism etc, large numbers of people will initially tentatively follow it to go with the herd. If that tidal swell grows, more people will follow. Why, because it's easier and more comfortable. As for the truth about the ongoing destruction of Britain, hey, let it slide man.

Billy Graham preaching-What U Cannot Do Without part 1 of 4 said...

The Life Changing Message of Billy Graham...1975 Albuquerque,NM. Our society often thinks of life's luxuries as true necessities. Billy Graham explains that what we desperately need is to trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior and recognize His blood sacrifice on the Cross.

Wilfred Owen 4 November 1918 said...

How sweet and right it is to die for one's country: Death pursues the man who flees, spares not the hamstrings or cowardly backs of battle-shy youths.

For the ex-Grammar school pupil. said...

The Fox and The Crow (From Aeosop's fables).

A Fox once saw a Crow fly off with a piece of cheese in its beak and settle on a branch of a tree.

"That's for me, as I am a Fox," said Master Reynard, and he walked up to the foot of the tree.

"Good day, Mistress Crow," he cried. "How well you are looking today: how glossy your feathers; how bright your eye. I feel sure your voice must surpass that of other birds, just as your figure does; let me hear but one song from you that I may greet you as the Queen of Birds."

The Crow lifted up her head and began to caw her best, but the moment she opened her mouth the piece of cheese fell to the ground, only to be snapped up by Master Fox.

"That will do," said he. "That was all I wanted. In exchange for your cheese I will give you a piece of advice for the future: "DO NOT TRUST FLATTERERS."

Anonymous said...

or maybe not........

scumbag said...

Tattooed thug jailed after attacking former soldier in nightclub because he was wearing a badge in memory of fallen servicemen.

Outrageous! Insulting our Ancestors said...

Westminster Abbey is London’s most prestigious religious building – the setting for coronations, State funerals, and the burial place for every King and Queen from Edward the Confessor to George II – with the exception of just two: Henry VIII and Charles I, who are both buried at Windsor.

Jailed for insensitive internet comments said...

A Lancashire man who posted offensive comments on Facebook about missing five-year-old April Jones has been jailed for 12 weeks.

Matthew Woods, 20, made a number of derogatory posts about April and missing Madeline McCann.

He appeared at Chorley Magistrates' Court where he admitted sending a grossly offensive public electronic communication.

Woods, of Eaves Lane, Chorley, was handed the maximum sentence.

Chairman of the bench, magistrate Bill Hudson, said his comments were so serious and "abhorrent" that he deserved the longest sentence they could pass, less a third to give credit for his early guilty plea.

Meanwhile, A former south London councillor who admitted making indecent images of children has been spared a jail term.

Toren Smith, 42, resigned as a Labour councillor in Lambeth after his arrest in May last year.

At Southwark Crown Court he pleaded guilty to 24 counts of possessing or making indecent images of children.

Smith, of Lilford Road, Camberwell, was given a 12-month suspended sentence and ordered to sign the sex offenders register for at least five years.

He was also made subject to a sex offender prevention order for five years.

Insensitive comments = instant jail

Paedo Politicians = no jail

Vance Brent said...

That's why the Judge's role should be reduced to legal advisor to the Court or Jury and all sentencing should be mandatory.
If every burglar for example KNEW there was no possibility of a soft Judge and KNEW he would receive ten years hard labour upon conviction it would act as a significant deterrent to the vast majority. However the modern British criminal justice system isn't based on punishment it's based on an imaginary socialist concept called rehabilitation and the denial of people being responsible for their own actions.

House of Treason said...

Can you imagine if the NF or BNP was as riddled with nonces as the mainstream parties? Whilst the BNP has been subjected to three in depth BBC documentaries about dubious claims of inpropriety and wrong doing, the never ending list of liblabcon criminal convictions barely even makes the headlines. what exactly is it about liberal / left policy that is so appealing to perverts?

who does this man FEAR the most? said...



It always makes me laugh to read Labour scum attacks on the BNP.
Labour are a party of criminals and perverts.
The headlines read Muslim groomers target our children.
What about these Labour Cllrs in power, for years now being caught abusing kids.?
They've been using their positions of trust for years, to cover up their child abuse crimes.
All these sad bastards believe what they read about the BNP, and choose to ignore the vast numbers of child molesters hiding within the Labour Party.

Abdul Patel: Financial Irregularities said...

Kirklees Council is investigating allegations about the running of a Muslim burial ground which is partly operated by a newly-elected Dewsbury Councillor.

John Holden: Still got a years salary after Fraud conviction said...

John Holden (Labour)

John Holden was convicted in July last year at the city’s sheriff court for falsely claiming more than £43,000 in Council Tax benefit and Income Support over a number of years.

Kyle-Noel Taylor was convicted in December of four counts of assault by beating said...

So go on tell us what a nasty party the BNP is, ignore the never ending list of Labour crooks and perverts. They've got a nerve to post smear leaflets about the BNP.

Labour Ex-councillor Kyle-Noel Taylor

Kyle-Noel Taylor was convicted in December of four counts of assault by beating 19-year-old Rebecca Jackson following a trial at North Staffordshire Magistrates' Court.

Manish Sood (Ex-labour cllr) said...

Remember: There's no hiding place for BNP Candidates, nationalists are attacked at every turn.
But scum like Manish Sood can hide in side the ranks of the Labour party.

Labour paid sex offender for work said...

Birds of a feather. I bet there are a few local nonces yet to be uncovered. The sort who cannot wait to get their mugs in the local paper smiling while surrounded by children.

Just believe what you read about the BNP and ignore Labour scum said...

I just find it amazing to listen to Labour Councillors attacking the BNP for being a nasty party.
While Labour Cllrs like Mark Burton have been secretly, Sexually Abusing Children for years using their cover in the Labour party.
Mark Burton, who was chairman of a committee responsible for children's welfare for God's sake.

Labour Councillor - Child Porn said...

This guy was the A FORMER Labour Party councillor who was the chairman of a board of primary school governors for God's sake, you dumb Labour sheep voters.

When Brian Wild comes round with his smear leaflets attacking the BNP, why don't you ask him about these dirty bastards in is party.?

Azhar Ahmed spared jail over dead soldier Facebook comments said...

'All soldiers should DIE & go to HELL! THE LOWLIFE F****N SCUM!

'Gotta problem. Go cry at your soldiers grave and wish him hell because that's where he is going.'

Mr Ahmed was arrested and charged when the mother of one of the dead servicemen notified the police after viewing the message.

Azhar Ahmed has been given a community order for his grossly offensive Facebook postings

this is an absolute joke, Liam Stacey was jailed for 56 days and Matthew Woods was jailed for 12 weeks yesterday

Azhar Ahmed escaped jail because of the colour of his skin, if he was white he would would have been jailed as soon as he was found guilty in September.

The double standard here is sickening!


no one should go to jail for what they say full stop ?

Tameside Citizen said...

Quite right LTN. When I was at school we were always told to ignore silly name calling and just say “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”. All this nonsense about jailing people for saying stupid things on the internet is a waste of police time. I must however add, it does seem very odd how this Asian has escaped a jail term when people such as the physics under graduate from Wales was recently jailed for far less, namely making an infantile remark about a collapsed footballer. It is the disparity in sentencing which is of interest.

Edgar Mitchell said...

If things continue on their current course the Muslims will outnumber us in a few decades. Then Britons will feel the full weight of the 'mercy' of Allah and his followers.

The British People said...

Turned into a wasteful, pleasure-loving nation of weaklings by a controlled and pervasive media.

William Smith said...

Keeping their comforts is now the overwhelming priority of the people of the soft western world.
They have largely forgotten, prefer to ignore, or are ignorant of, the things that created the greatest civilisation of all. Things like: patriotism; knowledge of and respect for their heritage, history and identity; principles; conviction; belief and courage.
The result is the ongoing destruction by immigration, greed and depravity of their race and homelands.

Britain's first black female judge arrested for "undisclosed" criminal activity said...


Move along now, please - nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Irresponsible parents who allow their kids to ride motorbikes make me sick. They are a real problem around us, especially the f*****g quad bikes.

Tameside BNP - On the Road said...

The latest on the Tameside BNP comeback.

Vandals in Dukinfield said...

TC The police can't deal with this regular problem in Dukinfield.
Yet they can afford 4 CID officers to investigate Roy West, send six police officers to his house to arrest him, 15 police officers visit his house over a period of three months.

vandals are safe in Duki because the police are all round at West's house said...

Oh and don't forget the 4 Police Inspectors as well.

Anonymous said...

west will soon be back behind bars if he carries on.

Enceladus said...

Cameron was talking about his deceased disabled son today with a tear in his eye. He's obviously a good father and a sensitive soul.
Unfortunately he doesn't have one thousandth of the backbone required to take on the real issues destroying Britain, and like every PM for the last fifty years runs a mile when issues such as immigration are mentioned.

Anonymous said...

what for talking about vandals.?
And what do you mean back behind bars again.?

Social Inadequate said...

"I am a giant, I am immortal, no-one can ever destroy me. Take me to my earthly kingdom. I am a godlike giant walking among mere mortals. I am ENCELADUS. So great is my legacy they even named a moon of Saturn after me."

Someone on here has delusions of granduer that would make Del boy blush. This giant of men will WADE IN AND START HACKING everyone in his path come the final apocalypse lol.

Anonymous said...

@10/10/2012 13:13 sounds more like a threat than good sound advice.

the lights on but no ones home said...

And most of them are on the Council gravy train.

Enceladus said...

What's delusional about posting that the PM hasn't got the courage to tackle the real threats facing the country.
Who mentioned violence?

Anonymous said...

The Country is sinking FAST and the ENGLISH are fools.

Union said...

Tameside BNP?? Yeah right. It's long gone, like the rest of the Party.
Some people are still too deluded or thick to realize the BNP's a spent force.
Britain itself will be too in a few years if something isn't done.

Fouteen Days In May said...

Watch this fascinating documentary from 1987. Notice how the BBC deliberately incites hatred against whites.

Plague said...

On mass immigration since the end of WWII: I'd prefer it if they all went home and we could have our country back because at the moment we're accelerating towards a mongrelized Third World cesspit.

Anonymous said...

Those poor rabbits, what a terrible way for them to be dispatched.

same old story same old outcry from anti white said...


0% reoffending rate said...

@ Same old outcry, how can anyone defend a beast like that? He got what he deserved for child murder: Death.

Anonymous said...

not me.