Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gunman spotted in vicinity of Walkerwood Reservoir

Naughty naughty, look what I stumbled upon today, blatant as anything, walking around with a shotgun and a dog - and literally within yards of the sign above. He was definitely up to no good. I watched him send his dog, which looked like some type of Labrador/terrier cross, into brambles and thick undergrowth while he stood with shotgun pointed at the ready. He had a whistle in his mouth and I think the intention was that his dog would chase out any foxes which may be hiding in the undergrowth, he would then blow his whistle which would cause his dog to freeze, and he then would then be free to blast the fleeing fox. The gunman is a white male, mid fifties with glasses, grey hair and small beard. Unsurprisingly he is a little camera shy, but he has an evil look about him too, so I would advise caution if you come across this character, especially when he's armed with a 12 gauge.

Close by I also discovered this abandoned mountain bike. It is on the moorland at the far side of Lower Swineshaw Reservoir. It is in perfect working order, no punctures or mechanical defects, but totally abandoned. I'm sure there will be an interesting story behind its abandonment.


Anonymous said...

He might have permission. Keep your nose out anyway police snooper.

Demographics said...

Oct 15, 2012

CATHOLIC BISHOPS meeting for a global synod in the Vatican today were shown an alarmist YouTube video on the spread of Islam in the West, participants at the closed-door meeting said.

Some of the bishops expressed “perplexity” and questioned some of the figures in the controversial video, which calls for greater evangelical efforts by Christians to prevent Islam from becoming the world’s leading religion.
The anonymous seven-minute video, entitled ‘Muslim demographics’ – which says France would become majority Muslim within the next four decades – was posted on the Internet four years ago and has received more than 13 million views.

The video has some factual discrepancies, however: it indicates the entire island of Ireland as being part of the United Kingdom, and describes the European Union as having 31 members. It also attributes statements to the German government which that country denies.

Anonymous said...

Good work once again

Anonymous said...

"calls for greater evangelical efforts by Christians to prevent Islam from becoming the world’s leading religion"

LOL. I wish you all well on that score. Perhaps Charles Martel should've relied on 'evangelical efforts' to keep islam out of Europe back in 732AD. The christian church and the bulk of its woolly headed followers will be the first to have the jackboot of militant islam over their necks, their only line of defence being.... "can we talk????".

A Fascist party in full cry. Black-shirts smashing migrants' homes. said...

I know the British people are thoroughly mentally conditioned. But does it really have to get to this stage before they see even as much as a sliver of that light that is shining down quite glaringly on the future if we allow Labour and the Conservatives to continue in their purpose without any political constraints. As we have foolishly been doing for decades.

It really is the time for the opening of eyes and the inward search for that seemingly lost British bulldog spirit.

It is time to put a stop to renegade politicians and their footsoldiers the immigrants walking all over us and trampling this once great country into the dust.

The future is not yet set but time is running out.

Who Is "Woolly Headed" Now? said...

As Christianity began to die in the West, something else occured: Western peoples began to stop having children. For the correlation between religious faith and large families is absolute. The more devout a people, whether Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, the higher the birthrate.

In New Square, New York, in the first wholly Orthodox Jewish community in the United States, the average family has ten children. This is in stark contrast to atheistic Jewish families of Hollywood and elsewhere, who, on average, have just one or two children - barely managing to maintain replacement levels among their own people.

In Kostroma, Russia, Vladimir Alexeyev, father of sixteen children, and his pregnant wife have a home full of Christian icons. "Even before our children arrived we were believers," Alexeyev told the AP.

In the Baptist state of Texas, the birthrate among Whites is higher than among Whites in decadent California.

Wherever secularism triumphs, POPULATIONS BEGIN TO SHRINK AND DIE.

Anonymous said...

Great post @14.53 and right on the mark.

God help Britain said...

@ 14:53, very relevant and interesting post.
Without a sense of purpose civilisations are finished. Any Christian revival would have to be of a very different order to the spineless, feminised, self obsessed, 'blind compassion is God', worship of pointlessness that currently passes for Christianity in Britain.
We need the Lion predominant not the Lamb.

Mary said...

People that hunt with dogs to kill other animals, are nasty evil people with a vile blood lust to kill.

Towton 1461 said...

Controlled blod lust in war is an essential part of survival. Without it Britain would not exist.

Job from the Bible said...

I think you've got some guts coming up against these blood thirsty types. They can turn very nasty on you, or anyone that puts their activities into the public light.