Thursday, 27 September 2012

Muslim community in 'denial' about grooming rings, says Jack Straw

He said that the scandal, exposed by the trial of nine Asian men jailed for grooming and sexual abuse of white girls in Rochdale, raised a problem which had to be “faced and addressed” within some communities in northern cities. He was speaking after a damning report into the handling of abuse allegations in Rochdale by social workers, police and the Crown Prosecution Service which highlighted a catalogue of failing and “missed opportunities”. The study, by the Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children’s Board, found that social workers repeatedly failed to take action in response to complaints from under-age girls who had fallen into the grip of a paedophile ring. Rather than being treated as victims, they were viewed as “problematic” and “ wilful” and thought to be “making their own choices”

Tameside children have been targeted by these type of paedophiles, but thankfully not to the same extent as children in neighbouring boroughs. It is important to remain vigilant at all times. These paedophiles rarely act alone and are highly organised, and as evidence shows, it is not a localised problem specific to a particular location or borough. Children from all areas and all walks of life are at risk from these predatory paedophile gangs. Now the taboo has been broken and the make up of these paedophile gangs has been established, it is everyone's duty to keep a look out and report any suspicious activity without the fear of being branded racist.

For far too long these organised gangs of ethnic minority paedophiles have been free to operate with impunity as the authorities were prepared to turn a blind eye, for the sake of 'community cohesion' and for fear of being branded racist. This is not racist BNP type propaganda, but proven fact.

It is incredible to believe that many of these child sexual abuse victims and their parents were literally begging the authorities to take action. For many years the authorities refused to help and often they accused the children or parents of being racist for actually complaining. As well as being accused of being racist, some of the child victims were also accused of being prostitutes. That accusation in itself is so outrageous that it defies belief. Would the authorities have accused Asian children reporting sexual crimes at the hands of organised gangs of White racist* paedophiles as prostitutes or as coming from "council estate backgrounds". That slur alone says a lot about those in positions of authority and about those who they consider to be 'untermensch' because they happen to live on council estates.

Anyone who has watched TV news today will undoubtedly have come across this story, but few will have picked up on the subtle ommisions. When ever these outrageous incidents are reported, they are always dealt with as isolated incidents. The powers that be know full well that the grooming of White children by ethnic minority paedophile gangs is, and has been, a widespread epidemic right across the entire country for many years.

Prior to 2009 'the powers that be' and their media puppets would rarely ever mention this scandal. But thanks to the BNP gaining MEP's in 2009 in two of the worst affected regions; the North West and Yorkshire, the news blackout was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and the authorities simply had to act because at last there was a national organisation with high level elected representation who were actually prepared to bring the issue to the public's attention. Now we see Jack Straw, Anne Cryer, Dennis McShane and other politicians who previously kept schtum tripping over themselves to talk about the scandal and in that respect, the unsung heroes are people such as Tony DJ, Roy and others who did help create a minor political revolution that led to the scandal finally being addressed.

*In case anyone is still in denial about the racial element to these offences, here is a short extract from the transcript of police interviews with one of the victims published in the Times yesterday: Police officer: And then what happened then? Amy: Then we were all sat in the car and  started calling me a white slag and a ***** and that, saying that he hates white people and he's racist. All white girls are used for is sex. They're just slags and he'll do owt to 'em and stuff.      


Anonymous said...

your poll seems to be a bit wrong it says 22 votes so far.

Anti-Islam filmmaker jailed said...

President Obama publicly denounced the film, and requested Google, which owns YouTube, take it down, but it refused claiming that it did not violate content standards.

Anonymous said...

The two better votes personal finances Brian Wild property landlord, and John Taylor with his villa in Spain.
Ian Munro of new charter not voted yet.

Anonymous said...

Jim Taylor, the council's chief executive, used to be director for young people and education at TMBC. Now there's a thought.

charitable status new charter homes said...

TC in regards to your article on the new charter eviction letter sent to Roy West's partner.
These letters from new charter are wicked and evil. Yet again, new charter are not going any further than the letter they sent.
These letters are worked to cause fear in a vulnerable person.
And new charter housing in supposed to be a charitable status.

£7 Million profit last year said...

We are a not for profit organisation and this year obtained charitable status for New Charter Homes. We own 14,700 properties in Tameside.

UKIP said...

Ashton CID put vital resources into ivestigating comments on here that upset the sensibilities of John Taylor.

Couple that with the remarks made by Judge Osbourne recently.
"I think Councillor Taylor needs to grow a thicker skin."

The Sun apologise to the BNP and admit BNP was right on grooming scandal dating back to 2001 said...

"Disgrace 'racism' fears allowed thug gang to rape girls- by Rod Liddle (The Sun)

How was it allowed to happen? Why did the police do nothing? Why were the politicians silent?

For a decade and probably longer, scores of white girls in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham were groomed and sexually abused by gangs of semi house-trained, back-woods Muslim thugs.

The police and the other relevant authorities knew all about this - but they did nothing. The abuse went on and on. In some cases, as reported by The Times, when the police were called they arrested the white girls for being drunk and disorderly.

In one case a dad was arrested when he tried to get his daughter back - he was charged with, yep, you guessed, being a racist. For trying to get his 13 year old daughter back from a gang of pigs who had plied their victims with drink and drugs and forced them to have sex with their unspeakable friends. The greater offence is being a racist, or suspected of being a racist.

Yes, we've heard it all before. Local people screaming blue murder in Blackpool or Rochdale about stuff they know is happening, but the authorities do nothing. They seem paralysed by a warped fear of been seen to act against the actions of a tiny minority within an immigrant community.

Take the Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children Board. This organisation suggested that the crimes on their patch "had cultural characteristic, which are locally sensitive". So do nothing then. Some safeguarding. The Children's Commissioner suspects this sort of abuse is happening in thousands of cases up and down the country, but still we do nothing-because we do not wish to offend.

For a decade or more this has gone on. I'm no fan of the British National Party, because I hate racism, but the BNP was warning about this back in 2001. And what happened? Its leader was arrested and charged with inciting racial hatred.

No wonder, then, that so many local people gave up hope in the civilised mainstream parties and turned towards the BNP. This is what happens when political correctness gets in the way of common sense and common decency.

People feel they cannot trust the establishment and they begin to look beyond the establishment for a bit of help. It may hurt to say it, it may be politically inconvenient, it may stick in the throat - but the BNP were right about this issue.

Incidentally, here's some political correctness from me. We keep calling these vile people "Asian gangs", as if that defined them. It does not. Race plays no part. There are no gangs of Vietnamese or Chinese or Japanese blokes plying young whit girls with drugs and drink then raping them.

The people doing it are Pakistani or Bangladeshi, and there are Iraq Kurds involved too. The common thread is Islam, not a race.

There is nonetheless something within the ideology of Islam which lends itself to a jaundiced view of the female sex, or towards people of a different faith to their own?

Is there something which enables stuff like this to happen? I suspect there is. But there are still plenty in our establishment who will object to such a question even being asked."

(Such as our very own Wag who has been demonising those who have fought against grooming for over a decade)

Former BNP councillor - Michael Coleman found guilty of racism charge said...

Same old sob story.

Anonymous said...

Please sir can we talk about blood sports and hunting with dogs.?

BANNED: Cruel Carted deer hunting said...

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports very much welcomes the passing of legislation in the Dail on 29 June 2010 to outlaw the hounding of deer with a pack of dogs. The successful Wildlife Amendment Bill 2010 bans the Ward Union thunderer which for 150 years has been terrorising tame red deer.

Sickness that needs cutting out said...

Staffordshire Police obviously have time for serious crimes such as calling someone a darkie.
I remember someone telling me years ago this force was one of the first to recruit queers by advertising in the homosexual media, and Stonewall the homosexual supporter's society has stated that Staffordshire Police are one of the most homosexual friendly forces in the country.
I wonder if the coppers are promoting this stuff when they give talks in primary schools:
'Yes Johnny when you get older if you want get your genitals cut off and wear a dress that's perfectly normal.'
Britain (and much of the western world is) is rapidly turning into a cesspit of perversion, control freakery. The establishment is now riddled with degenerates, traitors and the evil.

Labour trogs good looking twin sister said...

What about the cabbage patch doll labour trog. With an ugly mug like that who can blame her for being bitter with the world.

Sickness that needs cutting out said...

South Yorkshire Police, Greater Manchester Police and all the rest obviously didn't have time for the trivial crime of the systematic, long term mass rape by Pakistani/Bangladeshi Muslims of white children.
If Muslims or black girls had been the victims of organised gangs of white padophiles every promotion hunting senior copper/politician/media organisation would have piled in like gangbusters and there would have been a massive investigation, public enquiry, parliamentary commission and all the rest, YEARS AGO.
All these establishment figures are living a lie and are vile unprincipled hypocrites, cowards and traitors of the worst order.

Go and jump in de Nile said...

'In denial'! They'd have to give a s**t to be in denial.