Sunday, 22 July 2012

Labour councillor banned in drink drive shame

A councillor who was caught drink driving after his own council’s CCTV operators shopped him to the police has been banned from the road for 16 months.

Michael Whitley was almost twice the legal limit when he was stopped by police just yards from his Ashton home.

The council camera operators were alerted to Whitley’s movements by staff at the town centre Engine Room pub in Ashton where he had been drinking.

When they witnessed him drive off at about 4pm on Friday June 29, operators alerted the police who found Whitley, 59, parking up half a mile away on Cumberland Grove.

Whitley, who represents the Ashton Waterloo ward, told officers that he had had ‘a lot’ to drink but before he could be breathalysed at the roadside he attempted to smoke a cigarette. He was arrested and found to have a reading of 62mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The legal limit is 35mcg. Read more at the Tameside Advertiser website.



scum ?

Anonymous said...

They're all doing it, these are the ones getting caught now. Philip Fitzpatrick, now this Labour tosser.
They've been in power for such a long time now, that they actually believe they can do anything. Like he said to the copper "I can do what I like".
Andrew Doubleday's another Labour tosser. All above the normal rules of conduct.

Anonymous said...

Here's one of Brenda Warrington's Favorites causes of facebook.
Get The English Defence League page off facebook. So we can just see her ugly mug on there no doubt?

Anonymous said...

The Advertiser's headline reads....

'Councillor banned from the road over drink-drive shame'.

If instead a BNP (instead of Labour) councillor were banned it would read....

'BNP Councillor banned from the road over drink-drive shame'.

Anonymous said...

Above that puts it into a nutshell.
But dumb voters will never see it.

Labour Loss said...

He will now resign I take it? Does that mean there will be a by-election?

EDL said...

Councillor Brenda Warrington is now leading the campaign on facebook, to stop the EDL from having free speech. To get their page off facebook.
Is this rigt?
You can write to her and ask her.
Councillor Brenda Warrington
26 Haughton Green Road, Denton M34 7QN
Tel-0161 336 5693

Anonymous said...

Lee Jasper said on the radio last night, that black people can't be racist.

Anonymous said...

I notice that John Taylor's concern for the fox, and it's well being. Does not show itself so much these days.

jack cole said...

Please any news of the Alan Kibble neighbour dispute? What are the implications if this dispute continues? Who owns the land that Alan Kibble is trying to grab?
Should Alan Kibble use his position in new charter to harass people?
We are a small group of animal rights protesters, and we want to find out what Mr Kibble's true interests are on fox hunting methods.

Thank You all. And any information will be greatfully received

Dumb, dumber, dumbest. said...

I can understand a female councillor wanting to attack the EDL due to their strong anti-Muslim stance. Because as we all know Muslims are famous for their fair, repectful and non-violent treatment of women. Perhaps some of the councillor's female descendants will rap the full beatings...sorry benefits of her sensible actions.

Hit me again Ali, and this time put some stank on it.

In the name of God, go! said...

All elected representatives (name one exception) are now either: irrelevant, useless, worse than useless, enemies, cowards or traitors.

Major said...

Gwynne would never say that to his wife lol.

jack cole said...

We are hoping to do a number of video interviews with Mr Alan Kibble's neighbours. We want to expose the man that makes people homeless. We want to expose Mr Kibble's neighbour dispute to the max.
But we need cooperation from his neighbours.

Anonymous said...

Yet again there is no mention of Labour in the headline. Absolutely typical.

The Trinity Mirror Group owns the Tameside Advertiser and the Manchester Evening News.

And the Trinity Group is headed by 'Sir' Victor Blank, who is a ... you guessed it.

The above author is correct; if it were a BNP Councillor arrested for drink driving, the headline would read something like:



English Democrat said...

We welcome all young people as members and supporters and stand up for their common interests. What unites us is far greater than what divides us and young people in the UK - of whatever skin colour, religion or otherwise - all face the same basic problems, i.e. difficulties finding a job or starting a business; high rents and house prices; and the heavy burden of taxes on income.

The large parties try and triangulate between pandering to racists and enforcing political correctness, and use immigration and its flip side racism as a crude wedge to trick us into making false choices. For example, it is probably true that recent arrivals are given priority in the allocation of social housing, and the BNP and UKIP then go off on a false trail and blame immigration for high house prices and rents. That is missing the point, the point is that there is not enough social housing in the first place and house prices would be too high even in the absence of immigration.

Similarly, while we have no grudge against economic migrants seeking to earn an honest crust, it is clear cheap labour from Eastern Europe is great for businesses or people who need nannies or work doing to their houses, but their gain is young people's loss, it is yet another way in which wealth is transferred from the young to the middle aged and the already wealthy.

We would pull the rug from under the racists and speed up the integration and assimilation of all the 'communities' by simply reinstating the immigration policies we had before 1997; reining in political correctness and clamping down on racism in the police. From there on in, we are just going to have to try to get along as best we can.

SerpentSlayer said...

Do the EDs have an initiation ceremony where they whack new recruits around the head with a frying pan fifty times?

People are starting to be fed up of white genocide, back-pedalling will get you nowhere, the establishment won't give you the time of day just because you have a picture of an interracial couple on a tandem bicycle on your website.

The government is the evil, white Europeans are it's current major victims and everybody else is burned as a consequence.

Race exists, we are unequal, we may not even like each other, but we are all under attack. When they have blended Europe out of existence they will do the same with the orientals and presumably the Blacks after that. Race is crucial and the villains know it. We need to work together to bring them down but we must always respect racial differences.

Anonymous said...

Any guesses where this item ended up in the paper? Page 19. Where as library closures ended up on page 2. The Advertiser is weak and the so called "journalists" that write for it are weak and pathetic. I would be ashamed to say I work for the MEN.

Something needs to be done to level the playing field. TMBC shouldn't be allowed to use it's advanced advertising budget or printing contracts to buy the press.

Anonymous said...

More sinister aka Paul Wilson and Mr Alan Kibble's involvement, in making people homeless.
New charter claim to be a charity, yet Mr Alan Kibble (ex-police) is not known to be a charitable man. Ask his neighbours for first hand proof.
According to Mr Alan Kibble (storm trooper) for new charter. Taking a stance against blood sports, puts you in the Category of being an animal extremist.
Mr Alan Kibble says that new charter have had threats from animal extremists. So that means, in his eyes that no one has the right to oppose blood sports.
Well done Mr Kibble the Fascist enforcer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. "Threats from animal rights extremists."

Anonymous said...

Tameside BNP "officially disbanded"
Salford bnp to take over the group with no candidates or activists to speak of.

I swear, even as a pacifist I would be part of this firing squad said...

Quote of the week: Labour MP Frank Field, responding to the census figures showing the population of England and Wales had soared by 7.1 per cent due to increased immigration, said: ‘This is not so much a wake-up call. It is almost time for the firing squad for politicians who have allowed this to happen.’

SerpentSlayer said...

Respect for a member of the Labour party, it's a bit like being sexually attracted to a shelf, it just doesn't feel right.

Red River said...

There are indeed a few elected representatives and senior public figures etc with principles. But if it came to it, they'd shit themselves and run away at the mere thought of doing one-thousandth of the highly unpleasant things that are a necessity to save our nation.
An ancient, courageous and ruthless mentality is what's needed for our country and similar lands to survive.
I believe SerpentSlayer, even with his eccentricities, understands what I mean by this.

Eric Thomas said...

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