Friday, 13 July 2012

Andrew Gwynne MP listens to residents concerns over the closure of Haughton Green Library

A great turnout from the people of Haughton Green over this important issue. The impressive turnout was no doubt helped by the tremendous community campaigning by the Denton South Independent, Carl Simmons,  who rallied the troops with the statement below. A fair performance from Andrew Gwynne MP too which can be watched on the video above. Let's hope the library which is an important community asset can be saved.
Dear Editor,

Contrast the recent local election result in Denton South:

Labour 1369, Independent 675, UKIP 302, Conservative 250, Green 78 and compare that with:

The Haughton Green Library Petition: 1457.

More people signed the petition to keep open Haughton Green Library than voted for any of the individual candidates in the last local elections.

This shows that though people may have become discontented with politics and the political parties; they are still just as ready to put their faith in the ancient democratic power of PETITION!

Tameside Labour Council, who conveniently claim to be endorsed by the "Will of the People" whenever it suits them, are equally just as ready it seems to adopt the most callous disregard for the wishes of the electorate once the election is over.

We have already lost Two Trees High School and now we will soon lose our Library too. Not having Haughton Green Library will create a big void within our community. It will also have a huge impact for our children and for adult education, as well as for our social development for generations to come. This is very sad news for everyone, especially for the many people who supported my campaign against the closure!

Why were the announcements for all the Cuts not made before the recent local elections? After all, if the Tories are solely responsible, what would Tameside’s ruling Labour Council have had to fear by announcing the closure of Libraries, Public Toilets and Youth Clubs across the Borough before Polling Day?
Yet, with no other thought than to have themselves re-elected, Labour’s Councillors decided to wait until after the votes were cast before making the “tough decisions.” Now, with no further election until 2014, they believe they can safely ride out the storm of public outrage; secure in their own minds that in two years time the people will have either forgotten or returned to their usual apathy.
It bodes ill for Democracy when politicians put the interests of their own party first before the welfare of the people, when self-preservation far outweighs the public interest and when the electorate can be treated with such contempt.

Carl Simmons
Denton South Independent


Anonymous said...

Amazing the way such people can be fired up into an almost revolutionary mind-set when it comes to the closure of some backstreet library, yet exhibit nothing but pure indifference when it comes to the slow death of our nation via mass immigration & multiculturalism. If I was ever to have an exchange of words with a Labour politician I'd have other things in mind.

Death by Library Closure said...

Note the number of elderly there. It's only a cock stride (with cheap concessionary fair for pensioners) to the main library in Hyde town centre, a trip they all probably make at least once a week. Probably got nothing better to worry about in retirement.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone ought to explain to the local Library Volunteer Force that Labour (far and away the biggest party in Denton / HG) left the country on its knees financially speaking, and cuts have to be made somewhere. Maybe my priorities are all wrong, but some tinpot library in a dosshole like HG where probably most the population can barely even read doesn't strike me as being any great loss.

its a fair offer said...

How many libraries do you want in Denton greedy bastards, think about the rest of Tameside please .

Clique of Cunts said...

@ Death by Library Closure, yes there are plenty of councillors a bus ride away in Hyde too. In fact there is one Tameside councillor for every 3700 residents, MPs have to represent 90,000 plus.
If libraries are being closed why aren't the massive surplus of councillors being culled and their expenses cut?
But of course they're exempt from the recession. Why? They just are.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment on this, why bother about some run down building? Why not kick up a fuss about the destruction of our nation?
People use these places just to meet up not read books and son on.
Kids don't use them anymore, they use their phones to do reading, you can download books on the phone now.

Tameside Citizen said...

Breathtaking pomposity from the person who commented at 10.13 and 10.27. To slur the good people of Haughton Green in such a way proves nothing but ignorance of the actual area and people of Haughton Green. I have met some truly wonderful and informative people from Haughton Green over recent years. Take ‘old John’ from Wordsworth Road on the council estate. A true salt of the earth working class northerner.

John knew I have an interest in history and he very kindly took me on a guided tour of the woods pointing out the remains of all the miners cottages, the enormous wire works and the long forgotten Haughton Green colliery and railway as well as many other major industries of historical interest that he remembers from childhood.

He also told me of an aunt who was tragically killed just near the Carters Arms pub as her house received a direct hit from a Luftwaffe bomb during the war.

Another thing I have to thank John for, and he really is an oracle on all things relating to Denton, was his solving the mystery of the vast amounts of pottery and earthenware which I often find in the River Tame. I asked viewers of this blog if they had any idea where it come from back in 2009 but nobody knew. Thankfully John did, and the pottery ended up in the River Tame from a glass and pottery factory at a nearby place known locally as Glass House Fold.

As it happens, John does use the library, as do many other local residents. Maybe this is part of the reason why he is so knowledgeable. This library is a vital community resource and as we know; books are food for the mind and if no library equates to no books, the pompous opinionated twit who condemns the good people of Haughton Green would no doubt be happy to condemn the people to a life of unenlightened darkness.

Moron-nation Street said...

Child (and adult) reading and literacy standards have plummetted in the last few years. Getting rid of libraries will send out the message that the authorities don't care about books and reading. There's plenty of money, apparently, to be spent on immigrants, welfare parasites, junkies, drunks, overpaid council staff, elected and otherwise etc. Cut ALL those types of things first.

Black Sabbath said...

Gwynne should ask his 'mates' for some money to keep it going. THEY'VE always got plenty.

keep calm and drink tea said...

@Moron-nation Street said...
I second that motion put before the workers. put it to a vote.

The bark and the tree said...

I admire Carl Simmons and all people like him.
But I will say, and some will say different, there's bigger fish to fry. He knows that. Not being funny, this means nothing in the long run.
You come to understand these things along the grinding road of life and politics.

Opinionated Pompous Twit said...

No I don't consider that some shack loaning out second rate literature is the guard against mental retardation in HG. In the internet age I don't think state run libraries are nearly as important as they once were in safeguarding literacy standards. If nearby town centres have large libraries, then that is more than adequate in my book. Anyone with the keen interest in reading you refer to should think nothing of a short bus ride to the main library, especially at the knockdown concessionary fare pensioners enjoy.

If cuts have to be made, then they'd be first on my list. Those who bemoan such trivialities normally have nothing to say about how to fix the wreckage of 13 years under New Labour (other than to keep voting Labour). When the police, NHS, army etc are all facing big cuts, I'm sorry but this really doesn't register on my radar. No-one should need a nanny state to spoonfeed them books - local charity shops sell them for less than a pound.

inverness road voter said...

I read in this weeks advertiser about roy west i voted for him and will do in the future.
What concerned me about his neighbours statement after the cass. Miss Holt said: "we are very pleased - we just want to be left alone." but mr west was locked up for filming councillor john taylor coming from her house. This was thrown out by the judge. I think they are the ones that need to grow up. speaking to many people up here agree the same.

Anonymous said...

In an age of austerity, if these small local libraries cannot be sacrificed then it begs the question as to what can be. I think tc expected us all to sympathise with the noble cause of these dear old folk. The biggest joke is the placard 'NO LIBRARY NO VOTE FOR YOU'. When that is directed at a member of the party that did its best in permanently destroying Britain, then I'm sorry tc we know what sort of people we're dealing with. Of course, help turn us into sharia Britain and the vote is fireproof. Close a small library and a lifetime's loyalty is over.

greatful library user said...

Opinionated, you are thinking about yourself and your own situation. The library is not just about books its where us old codgers go for company and in my case to use the internet. My arthritus makes travelling difficult and if I had to travel to another town to use the library I wouldn't be able to. You will be old one day too you know.

common sense bloke said...

The way to cut the deficit is not by closing libraries but by declaring the regime running this country between 1997 and 2010 illegal, repeal every act of treason they imposed upon us including the importation of five million third world immigrants. Deport the immigrants back from whence they came then its job done. Back to a spacious and happy green and pleasant land.

do you have any books on staying out of prison said...

Roy, stop posting under other names, your only fooling yourself again,do you have any hours left of the unpaid work you got for making your neighbours life hell, volunteer librarians are needed in some areas.

Roy K West said...

14/07/2012 16:28
Sorry not me, been in Dewsbury from 10 this morning, then drinking in the pub on the train station.

Anonymous said...

Typical response from Gwynne. As the regards his favourite 'School application Story' near the end, everyone was sent a letter saying that the application process would be on-line. Only one person to blame if they don't read the post.

Peace At Last said...

Where's Hall these days, has he finally popped his clogs?

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see Gwynne's bodyguard making his appearance at 6.05. Well those old ladies could have done Gwynne some serious damage lol.

In the name of God, go! said...

Once the first few hundred corpses have been piled up it will accelerate out of control as people become accustomed to the sights, smells and sensations of civil war.

It is racist to say this is a crime committed by Asian men said...

10 more suspected child rapist groomers arrested.

Anonymous said...

Gwynne said in that video things are going to get worse. Think of all the other services the Council provide.

stern rod said...

The place is empty most of the time it's just a meeting point for all the old biddies.
Kids don't use these places anymore. Close all these back street ones down keep the big ones in Hyde, Ashton, and so on. All these old biddies have got bus passes anyway. What more do these people want.

Anonymous said...

It's a library not a tea and cake shop for pensioners.

Back to Black said...

There's only a very limited amount of money to go round at the moment, locally and nationally. British pensioners, the vast majority of whom, have worked and contributed for decades, shouldn't be having basic amenities like libraries closed when there's plenty of money to provide housing for fucking Somalians, Romanians etc and their hordes of children.

Freshly laundered minds said...

In mad Britain:
Patriot = Evil/'Fascist'/Racist.

Traitor = MP/Councillor/MEP/Judge/Senior Police Officer/Journalist/Teacher/Celebrity etc (with apologies to the miniscule number of exceptions).
When was the last time you heard any public figure or person in authority go remotely against the 'accepted' politically correct liberal mantra?

Anonymous said...

@Back to Black

Perhaps the most appropriate line is that in times of hardship public money should not be wasted on such frivolous schemes as housing foreigners AND mini book lending outlets. There are many areas about Tameside that don't have one of these 'basic amenitites', and I'd be highly surprised if when questioned the locals considered themselves hard-done-by as a result. So unless you propose opening up one of these little joints every 100 or so yards across the borough, perhaps you could explain why haughtongreeners are some special case.

And once again the pathetic excuse of mass immigration gets (mis!) applied to just about anything and everything on here that some people take issue with. In which case I'll turn the tables and state that due to the costly immigration fiasco caused by oap Labour voters (of which HG / Denton is saturated), the cost of dealing with the problem will have to result in such 'amenities' being sacrificed. If in this day and age political allegiances are determined by the closure of some tiny library, then we know what sort of people we're dealing with.

Billy Liar said...

I'm telling you, just because another four Asian men have been arrested and charged with child rape, this time in Suffolk, this does not mean there is a nationwide epidemic of Asian men raping white children.

code 1259/nine said...

be very careful they'll come for you.....naughty, naughty.

Back to Black said...

Anonymous 13:02, the Haughton green library is an example of the lunatic and criminal deliberate misjudgement of prioritising funding in a Britain which is at financial breaking point.
Billions are still being spent on the mass immigration that is actively destroying Britain, in other words, the insane, the cowardly and the treacherous in authority are throwing money and resources at communities and causes that are actually in the rapidly accelerating process of destroying our nation. Try and put your manifest hatred of public libraries and pensioners aside and look at the bigger picture.

High Windows said...

Public libraries for many decades have sent out the message that the state cares for and wishes to encourage literacy and knowledge among its citizens. Closure of libraries sends out the exact opposite message.
According to some of the arguments posted on here there should only be one central library in Ashton which is of course 'only a bus ride away', all local libraries should be closed. And this, at a time when money is tight for many people, the book options will be whatever's available in charity shops or Poundland.
What a shocking indictment of the country that gave the world some of its greatest literary geniuses
The money is there in Britain, just as it is to avoid the massive cuts in our armed forces, tax cuts that would reward the decent law abiding responsible majority and stimulate the economy. But modern governments would rather spend it on a millions strong army of parasites, native and imported, criminals and associated scum. Tens of thousands to house one prisoner in luxury accomodation or hudreds of millions to provide interpreters for throngs of foreign benefits scroungers whilst important local facilities are destroyed. The powers that be have the priorities of the madhouse.

Anonymous said...

@High Windows

There are in fact two main libraries - one is in Hyde. And like I've said - if these tiny libraries are so vital then why do we not have one on every estate? As it happens I am of the younger generation who (thanks to the older generations) faces the prospect of old age sharing Britain with tens of millions of muslims. So do forgive me if I struggle getting hot & bothered over their woes relating to the terrible inconvenience of having to hop on to a bus at cheap rate for a browse at the library. You stick to your miniature libraries bookworm, the rest of us have bigger fish to fry.

High Windows said...

@ anonymous 21:15, there are twelve libraries in Tameside, if you don't care about Haughton Green's presumably you won't be bothered if they all shut. None of them are tiny but many of them are well frequented, important local services. One on every estate would clearly not be viable and no-one is suggesting that.
Many of the older generation have been just as betrayed as the younger regarding mass immigration, particularly that of the massive Muslim influx.
You could just as well blame the legions of Afro-American gang culture infested, tattoo covered, characterless, spineless, self obsessed, ignorant, drug addled, apathetic, subhuman moronic zombies who make up a large part of the younger generation for failing to fight back against this invasion. Especially as NOW it is totally obvious what is happening. When the older generation was growing up it was nowhere near as clear. The full ramifications of mass immigration have only become apparent in the last twenty years, Labour's post 2000 treachery significantly increased and accelerated the problem. Why aren't hordes of our wonderful youth clamouring to join Nationalist parties and organisations? Because they're too busy playing computer games or being 'individuals'. Significant numbers are in fact semi-literate, unread (libraries again) morons brought up by almost equally inferior parents, or as is increasingly the case, parent. I'll stick to reading and activism because, as you're clearly almost completely unaware of, knowledge is power. I'd rather be called a bookworm than an ignoramus.

Anonymous said...

@High Windows

The crucial difference between the younger and older generations is that the latter are the ones who personally remember what this country once was - you know, that overwhelmingly white nation more or less free of the scurge of cultural marxism. The younger generation don't know any different, it is what they have been born into and have been systematically brainwashed by the powers that be.

The older generations know this, they were not brainwashed to anything like the same degree in the Britain that existed many decades ago. Like it or not the responsibility lies first and foremost with the generations that oversaw the transition this country has undergone - and that has been several decades in the making.

Also - each generation is the product of the one previous. So what you term "the legions of Afro-American gang culture infested, tattoo covered, characterless, spineless, self obsessed, ignorant, drug addled, apathetic, subhuman moronic zombies" are the legacy of several decades of liberal left and Tory right governments propped up by the unthinking support of older generations that (ideologically speaking) have shown themselves to be incapable of seeing beyond the end of their noses. Time and again on the streets I encounter old folk sucking up to foreigners and mollycoddling black kids. They're certainly not speaking out about what's happened. And neither are they en masse expressing any kind of support for nationalist organisations - they're voting Labour so long as their pension pot's safe and their local library is staying open.

It is their indifference to what has happened and their continued support til death of the system that is the most unforgivable. They caused the problems, but they will not be the ones to face the consequences. Given the kind of old age today's youngsters face (eg - civil war) I really don't think the younger generations owe their forebears any thanks whatsoever. They're labelled as lazy, made to compete for jobs with foreigners, denied any prospect of homeownership, and made to share a country that should be their own with the world and his wife. All courtesy of older generations who enjoyed full employment, (relative) ethnic homogeniety, cheap housing and early retirement.

Sorry pal but the changes this country has undergone haven't happened overnight. The floodgates may have opened post-97 but the foundations were being laid for a very long time, and that should've sounded the alarm bells in most people's minds.

backs to the wall said...

The bloke with the glasses speaking in the vid sounds a bit on the fruity side.

Anonymous said...

I have to chuckle at the pseudo-intellectuals arguing among themselves on this blog.

Where's Peter Rushton when you need him?

ShitStirrer said...

Receiving instructions from MI5?

SerpentSlayer said...

Anyway I feel I have to post constructively here. maybe closing this library will give some people the kick in the arse they need to give their local parasite the boot, but that can hardly be counted on and as people have commented and as is the cliche "Knowledge is power".

As a child I relied on the local library for school work and to feed my imagination, it may even have saved me from being a hot tempered thug (well, more of one :D)

Libraries are a great place to find out about local goings on, groups and things.

Also a great place to pick up posh birds.

I would far prefer we cut the police (all they do is nick you for calling people 'kraut' or for having arguments at football matches) or we axe more councillors and that.

Anonymous said...

Most worrying to me, is the growing empire of new charter housing. New charter are making vast amounts of money out of the poor.
In the days of Peter Rachman, he was up front with his vile methods ruling over his tenants.
New charter are more subtle they sponser the police to intimidate and harass their tenants.
Senior tenancy enforcement officer (Alan Kibble) trys to frame people with crimes and animal extremist threats.
Paul Wilson trolls this very blog to try and frame people with incitement.

Tameside TPA'er said...

Look at the people in that video. They are all... old. No young person was there to support libraries as they don't use them; they now get all the information they need from the internet.

The Big Conversation which Tameside Council is holding on libraries and to quote Ed Miliband here "isn't radical enough".

What we should be doing is CLOSING ALL LIBRARIES. Instead, we should utilise the school libraries and share staff resources there. This would save on costs, yet expand the library network in Tameside. School opening hours can be extended to allow people to borrow books, hold extracurricular classes for children who are behind in their studies and those who want to advance themselves. Adult learning classes could bring in extra revenue for the schools, just as they do for Tameside College.

The demise of the library is upon us. It is an ancient relic of times gone by. It is an expensive drain on council resources. Books can be bought on the cheap - even brand new or second hand from charity shops. I buy my books, why should I pay for yours?

Anonymous said...

On the 6th of July Mr Paul Wilson (new charter solicitor) Went into court confident that the judge would except the injunction in full.
Never expecting the judge to call the terms of Wilson's injunction "offensive"
Paul Wilson never used the so-called evidence relating to posts on this blog.
How could he do so? when the judge himself said "what ever happend to free speech"
Someone should do some research into Paul Wilson's background, and his solicitor credentials.

Liam Billington said...

Tameside Council publishes these books which can be found for sale in local museums and libraries. They write their own history books!

One book they have for sale is "Here to Stay". The blurb taken from Tameside Council's website states: "A collection of memories of people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh who have come to live in Tameside."

I'm aware that staff chip in to contribute and edit these books. One has to wonder, how much these books cost to produce and how many have been sold?

Liam Billington said...

Oh and for those on here interested in reading Here to Stay can buy it direct from TMBC's website for £3.00.

Britain2050AD said...

I don't think you can blame any one generation for the way the country has gone. Most of the post-1945 generation that are still around seem pretty indifferent to what's going on as do much of the younger generation. We do have to ask ourselves though which generations brought to this country the muslim paedo gangs abducting young women off the streets. The blame for that certainly doesn't lie with today's youngsters. If this country does go down to multiculturalism / islamisation, then history will condemn mostly the generations who witnessed both sides of the coin. Namely the generations of the latter half of the 20th century who are still around today.

It's a strange old world said...

Ghandi wanted the British out of India and Griffin wants the Indians out of Britain but one is considered by the 'great and good' to be a saint and the other a demon.

Anonymous said...

Griffin wants money, he's not a nationalist, but scum.

Truth Truck Trucker said...

The two are not mutually exclusive.

Huge Population Surge said...

The do gooders and spineless politicians are killing this country. They've opened our borders to all the foreign parasites from every third world sewer, with promises of benefits that they have never contributed to. The bastards in parliament sold out their own people for a seat on the corrupt Brussels gravy train, power, and the foreign vote. Blair should be executed for what he and his lot did to this country. The current ruling tyrants are just as bad and should join him on the scaffold, along with a lot of others.

For the sake of your childrens children please wake up to this crisis said...

A decade of mass immigration, a baby boom and longer life expectancy have caused the biggest jump in the population since records began 210 years ago.

The first results from the 2011 census show that the population of England and Wales surged by 3.7 million in the last decade – or 7.1 per cent – to 56.1 million people.

When the census results for Northern Ireland and an estimate for Scotland are taken into account the UK population stands at an estimated 63.1 million people – up four million in the last decade.

Immigration accounted for more than half of the growth.

A surge in the number of immigrant births – with 13 per cent more under fives than there were a decade ago – also contributed to the population jump.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the pressure group Migration Watch UK, said: “This census confirms the impact of mass immigration on our population.

“We now find that even the official numbers previously understated the scale of net migration by 14 per cent and even this does not account for the illegal immigrant population who would not complete the census form.

“Our population growth in the last decade was twice that of the previous decade. The latest projections show that immigration will account for two thirds of our population increase in the next 15 years.

“That is 5 million people and is the equivalent of the combined populations of Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol. Nobody wants to see the population grow at this rate.”

Daily Telegrapgh 16/07/12


spot on pal

Ex-Monday Club said...

The governments census is a total fraud. In 2008 a Tory MP Greg Hands was told by a leading figure at Tesco that the company estimates the population of the UK to be closer to 80 million, they based this on certain staples that they sell. This is backed up by a major agricultural institution that reckoned there are 77 million people in the UK, again they based this on how much we eat. Last year alone 593,000 aliens arrived mostly from Africa & Asia. Add this to the children of these newely arrived immigrants and the prospects for the true Brits is horrendous.

Neil v Cooper said...

Even if we halted all immigration tomorrow, the birth rates of non-whites will continue the upward trend. Just seen the story on BBC 6oclock news, staggering the way it was reported in an almost positive light. Above link for BBC's most rightwing dissident Andrew Neil grilling Yvette Cooper yesyerday on Labour's immigration record.

SerpentSlayer said...

The gods have a sense of humour, just wait and see. Train weights, run, read, proselytise, cycle whatever.

Just be sure that the universe is little like we have conceived it since the great darkness first imposed by Rome and then by it's rebels.

Be the best you can be, in ten years, those of us still standing will be in a different mind to what we are now, both the sheeple and the enlightened.

Back to Black said...

Anonymous 22:42, you can't absolve the younger generation anymore than you can castigate the older. What about almost everyone inbetween, say 25 - 55, aren't they to blame as well for not spotting, or not being aware of, the subterfuge of their own government's and internationalist Marxists.
Most people are apolitical and simply put, in the good times virtually everyone relaxed too much and fell for the comforting illusion of permanance and the lies they were (and still are) fed.
Glorying in the removal of local literary facilities that will make things even worse for every generation is pointless and self defeating.

England: 1054 per sq mile said...

The truth is, the liars, traitors, self-seekers and cowards in power are now meaningless as they have given up on saving our nation.
The two best chances for British (and European) survival now are: Mass public demonstrations. Something for which, judging by the fundamentally inferior nature of significant numbers of British people in particular, I won't be holding my breath.
The other option is an almighty cleansing in blood.
The western world has become a soft, feminised, ripe for destruction cess pit of weakness, depravity and meaningless self-indulgence. It isn't too late yet, but very soon it will be.

God willing said...

Once the killing starts it will hopefully gather ultimate momentum and drench our ancient homeland in purifying blood.

Red Horizon said...

Amen to that my kinsman, Amen.

Anonymous said...

@back to black

"you can't absolve the younger generation anymore than you can castigate the older" So the generations who actually set the wheels in motion are blameless, whilst those who are the mere recipients are entirely to blame?? As for 'library facilities', what we're discussing is the minor inconvenience of a short bus trip to Hyde or Ashton town centre. You've already acknowledged that a library on every estate is unrealistic, condemning many thousands of residents to this terrible fate of potential illiteracy. You have yet to explain however why (if many others have to do without) the likes of Haughton Green should be some special exception.

Back to Black said...

I never said a particular generation was 'blameless' or 'entirely to blame'. Who's to say our 'wonderful' modern generation would have acted any differently in the same circumstances, no-one apart from the very young is a 'mere recipient'. Everyone is to blame in some part, apart from the miniscule number who have actually campaigned against our destruction by immigration (and I'm one) and have received plenty of vitriol for it.
You seem to hold the baby boomers entirely responsible, and whilst they do hold a fair share of the responsibility so do their descendants and the modern zombified generation who exhibit virtually no fight, guts or interest at all.
The average person in their mid 20s has been generally or very aware of what is happening since their mid to late teens (as it is now completely obvious) yet how many have done anything at all about it? If they've been brainwashed so were previous generations.
This is a national problem and malaise not specifically a generational one.
A library on every estate isn't viable and no-one has suggested it. Twelve libraries for 220,000 people seems very modest and they appear to be sensibly and reaonably located and spread. Who, specifically, are the 'many others who have to do without', and why do you care anyway as you manifestly hate libraries.
The removal of one long standing local facility whose existence emphasises the importance the state places on reading, and literacy in genral is a significant error and other cuts should be made first. Such as councillors, councillor's expenses, the massive payments made to drug users, alcoholics, welfare parasites and their offspring, immigrant groups, translators, local 'equality' organisations etc etc.
The verminous cowards, chancers and self-seeking spivs in the Wellington Street dustbin however have chosen to attack a building that houses and disseminates knowledge, literacy and learning, presumably because they think it's an easy target and there are no elections for two years.

Agamemnon said...

There's no question things LOOKED less clear and ominous in the semi-recent past and their were some signs of assimilation up until the 80s or so.
The massive influxes of the last few decades in particular, and the phenomenal breeding rates, have encouraged many immigrant communities to revert to type. Any Muslim town now has a sea of hijabs and burkhas, that wasn't the case when their numbers were less a few decades back.
Previous generations failed in some ways, but to be fair it WAS less obvious where things were going. Now it's absolutely patent where Britain's heading but I see little or no sign of any fightback, or willingness to fight, from younger people.

Human Race said...

Just give up on this negativity vibe. We are all human and so what if some people have a different skin colour or if they call their churches mosque or temple. We are all the same and celebrate diversity rather than fear it.

Leo McKinstry said...

No greater bunch of treacherous charlatans ever held office than the last Labour Government.

Without any consent from the British people, this gang of traitors enacted an unparalleled social revolution in our country by promoting by mass immigration on an epic scale.

Our national identity was shattered, our mutual sense of belonging obliterated and our civic infrastructure put under intolerable strain.

Tragically, the Tory-led Coalition has dismally failed to reverse this disastrous trend.

From Ministers, we have had nothing but hollow words. The colonisation of Britain by foreigners continues to accelerate.

A limited insight into the impact of Labour’s open door policy will be provided today by the release of the first results

Now we are plagued by female circumcision and honour killings, forced marriages and Sharia law

With the census figures now released and which show a population explosion which were never once thought possible where is the outrage?

For all the shock that these figures might generate, they are likely to be a gross underestimate of the real effect
of mass immigration.

The true size of British population may actually be much bigger than today’s survey indicates, for there are a number of serious flaws with the current Census.

One is the simple fact that the information has already become hopelessly out of date, thanks to the unprecedented and growing waves of immigration.

In 2011, an incredible 593,000 foreigners, mostly from Asia and Africa, came to settle in Britain, an increase on 2010 when 582,000 immigrants arrived here.

Moreover, migrant families tend to have far more children than the indigenous population, further speeding up the rate of change. Indeed more than a quarter of babies now born in Britain have foreign mothers, while in London the figure rises to almost 60 per cent.

At that level of demographic upheaval, a single snapshot taken once a decade is almost useless.

Furthermore, the methodology used by the Census is dangerously unreliable in an age of flux.

Dating back to pre-Victorian times, it relies on householders filling in the longwinded forms, backed up by threats of fines for those who refuse. But it is not difficult to evade, given the serial incompetence of the state’s bureaucracy.

Nor does the threat of prosecution carry much weight in a justice system that refuses to jail serious offenders or deport foreign criminals.

The 2001 Census was a byword for inaccuracy, with huge gaps that had to be filled in by guesswork.

Slough Council, for instance, said that no fewer 30,000 people in the borough were missed.

I am a pacifist by nature but the criminals responsible must hang said...

It is unlikely that the 2011 version will be any better.

Crucially, the Government machine has a vested interest in downplaying the number of immigrants living here.

For if the true picture were presented, most of the British public would be outraged. Yet through the fog of official manipulation and propaganda, the alarming reality can sometimes be glimpsed.

According to the Conservative MP Greg Hands, a leading figure at the TESCO supermarket chain said in 2008 that “they estimate the population of the UK to be closer to 80 million, based on the volume of certain staples that they sell.”

This is backed up a major, non-commercial agricultural institution which reckoned that there are 77 million people currently in the UK, this figure again based on how much we eat.

Our border controls are notoriously inadequate, while the Home Office admits that it “hasn’t a clue” how many illegal immigrants are living in this country.

Moreover, the total of National Insurance numbers dished out by the Government is far higher than the official level of immigration. Between 2004 and 2007, 270,000 work permits were issued by the Government to non-European nationals, yet over 900,000 National Insurance numbers were issued.

As a graphic illustration of this farce, just 1455 Nigerians were given leave to enter Britain in this period, yet 35,900 Nigerians got NI numbers.

We can see with our own eyes how immigration is transforming Britain far more radically than officialdom ever admits.

All around us are over-stretched public services and overcrowded roads. Vast swathes of our urban landscape, dominated by the babble of foreign tongues, squalid markets or ethnic gangs, no longer resemble Britain any more.

The great lie perpetrated by the Labour Government was that the mass immigration was a means of improving our country. The tidal wave of foreigners would not only raise our prosperity but also enrich our culture, claimed the Labour politicians.

But the opposite has been true. Immigration has been a vehicle for economic destruction and social disintegration.

With 90 per cent of new jobs going to foreigners, millions of Britons have been thrown on the economic scrapheap, while the taxpayer has had to cope with the mammoth costs of providing healthcare, schooling, welfare and social housing to much of the migrant population.

And far from enriching Britain, mass immigration has led to the import of crime, terrorism, misogyny, superstition, and barbarity from the developing world.

We were once one of the most gentle, well-ordered places on earth.

Now we are plagued by female circumcision and honour killings, forced marriages and Sharia law. Similarly our democratic system, which relied on trust, is now awash with mass voter fraud, most of it arising in Asian.

Anonymous said...

Thicker skins now on sale at the Council offices (wellington road) Ashton. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

The population of England and Wales has risen by an unprecedented 3.7 million in the past ten years according to just published results from the 2011 Census. This is the fastest rate of population growth since Censuses began in 1801.

55% of this increase was officially accepted as due to net Immigration. The rest is undoubtedly due to higher birth rates amongst ethnic groups of post-1948 Immigrant origin.

There dire figures, worse than had been feared, reveal further strain on our overstretched national infrastructure, environment and resources. England and Wales is one of the most densely populated countries of a comparable land area on Earth, and is now totally unable to feed itself from its own soil. Should any serious crisis, such as a banking or eurozone collapse, make our country unable to buy the huge and increasing amount of food it needs to feed our people on the global market, millions of Britons would simply starve to death.

These appalling Census figures also bring significantly closer the date at which native Britons will be an ethnic minority in our own homeland. This could now happen within 30 years. Unless we do something….

Knee deep in human blood said...

We need civil war on a massive scale. Twenty years of hell would ensue but at least we'd survive. The alternative can be summed up in one phrase: In a few years we'll be outnumbered.

Your name IS Toby said...

@ Human Race, let's hope your ilk are the the first casualties.

Lesser of two evils said...

Mentally accustom yourself to the two posssibilities:
National destruction.
Civil war.
Both are horrific but one is infinitely preferable to the other.

Olympic Fiasco said...

This is really an inevitable outcome of turning the money-making side of the Olympics over to a private company, even (or perhaps especially) one with Princess Anne on the board. It's jobs for the boys, snouts in the trough and the devil take the hindmost. The very essence of 'Anglo-Saxon' capitalism.

As a private company LOCOG doesn't have to comply with the Freedom of Information Act, now isn't that a handy coincidence.

Majeed Mohammed-Redah said...

A takeaway owner who defrauded Westminster Council of more than £100,000 in housing benefit has been sentenced at the Old Bailey.

Majeed Mohammed-Redah, 53, of Rodney Court, Maida Vale, was given a 15 month jail sentence, suspended for two years after admitting obtaining money by deception.

Shofik Miah - Most Wanted said...

Is this Shofik Miah from Hyde wanted for immigration and fraud offences in any way related to the newly elected Idu Miah?

Anonymous said...

What the press have never ever mentioned is for years Tony Blair`s brother(Barrister) has become a world top adviser on money laundering.
His articles and books are well known to Governments and he has been a paid adviser to the World Banking Authorities.
These completely corrupt bastards who are now slowly found to be crooks employed in Banks,Government and International and regional organisations,have the F?Cheek to sit pilfering our pockets and purses should now end up in the same situation as the hierarchy did in the Russian Revolution.
Yet here we have T.Blair earning £20 million pa pushing to get into main stream politics again,where the brain deficient shite can vote Labour again.
Culling must be considered if we are to regain our true dignity and
allowed to imprison for years anyone who financially dupes the decent folk.
Want to stick your money away from the rules and regulations apply to
the Blair Brothers who obviously have and are passing on their considerable illicit knowledge to the wealthy and the banking groups world wide.
Re-incarnated Pierrepoint
The same applies to all our Politicians who all need shafting.

SerpentSlayer said...

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My mate who I was visiting hated it.

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