Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A new video about the proposed Mottram Bypass

The local political establishment are determined that this bypass remains on the agenda. Rumour from within the local Labour Party has it that a 'big announcement' regarding the bypass is due in 2015. These people always work to a long term plan so it is always wise to remain vigilant and be ready for any surprise developments intended to wrong foot opponents.

Well done for making the video and explaining the exact route of the proposed bypass.

 Update (20.50)
Without meaning to divert attention away from the splendid video about the bypass, I have decided to add a little video I made earlier which is indirectly related. The video which can be viewed below is of traffic conditions on Stalybridge Road in Longdendale at 2pm this afternoon. The video is not exciting but it is a genuine reflection of traffic in the area of the proposed bypass. I was on the same road yesterday at fairly similar time and traffic was pretty much the same. This road has always been busy during the morning and afternoon rush hour but these days it seems to be busy all the time.

Before I started filming I had already been sat in traffic for three or four minutes. I was watching the traffic light sequence ahead and noticed they change very quickly at times. As any regular driver knows; regular traffic light changes, even on moderately busy roads leads to queues quickly forming. Bearing this in mind I could not help wonder if the sequence at this junction has been deliberately altered to wilfully cause congestion. If this were to be the case, it certainly would not be the first time congestion was wilfully caused to suit a political agenda which is food for thought when looking into the forces in the shadows who are determined to have the Mottram bypass built at any cost.


Just looking for answers said...

My focus on exposing the machinations of organised Jewry do not stem from an obsessive hatred of Jews, but simply from an understanding that in this part of the world, the West, organised Jewry are the group-centric players whose machinations have the most direct impact upon the British government and the British people in a wider context. There are not a disproportionate number of Brazilian people occupying positions of power and influence within the British mass media for instance and until the actions of the Brazilian people or the Brazilian government begin to have a significant influence on the fortunes of our people they will continue to be of little more than academic interest to me.

The greatest threat to our people stems from the uncontrolled increase in the population of the Third World. The annual increases in population and the increased resource consumption that follows as a consequence, dwarfs all Western attempts at resource conservation and renders the worldwide environmental lobby completely impotent. Furthermore, the universal humanism of Christianity, Social Marxism and Islam demand that these bourgeoning populations should have the opportunity to enjoy the same standard of living that we in the West enjoy. This is a demand that is impossible to satisfy as there simply is not the capacity for the world to provide the natural resources necessary. Unable to achieve Western standards of living in their own countries, there is now pressure from the growing surplus populations of the Third World to colonise the West and dispossess our people by insideous encroachment, taking what is ours in order to satisfy their own needs.

It is this relentless population increase which is driving up commodity prices and threatening to exhaust worldwide reserves of fossil fuels etc., and which if not stopped will erode the living space of our Western nations, causing our numbers to fall until we are driven to extinction. It is against this backdrop that Western peoples need to elect new leaders who have the will and the determination to navigate a way past this impasse and to oppose all of the ideological and alien group-centric movements that stand in our way, whether Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Marxist, universalist, African, Brazilian or whatever.

SerpentSlayer said...

Top marks to the above!

One of the best comments I've ever read on here if not the best. I hope you comment often!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what all the fuss over these beauty spots is for. In another 100 years there won't be any native Britons left to appreciate it. Who gives a damn what state the country is in when populated by a non-native mongrel race?

To hell with majority opinion said...

SNP ministers are facing accusations of “riding roughshod” over public opinion after confirming they will make Scotland the first part of the UK to legalise religious gay marriages.

Nicola Sturgeon, the Deputy First Minister, yesterday said she will introduce legislation but it will include “important protections” for clergymen, teachers and parents who oppose the move.

She said she is working with the Home Office to amend UK equalities laws and ensure that celebrants cannot be prosecuted by gay couples if they refuse to conduct a marriage service.

But religious leaders accused her ignoring the results of a Scottish Executive public consultation on the change, which showed almost two-thirds of people north of the Border oppose the change.

An analysis of the responses showed 64 per cent of people oppose gay marriage compared to 36 per cent who support it, but Miss Sturgeon argued that other surveys showed a majority are in favour.

A record 77,508 people responded to the consultation, three times the number who gave their views on the independence referendum.

Announcing the decision, Miss Sturgeon said: “We are committed to a Scotland that is fair and equal, and that is why we intend to proceed with plans to allow same-sex marriage and religious ceremonies for civil partnerships.

“We believe this is the right thing to do. We are also mindful of the fact that the leaders of all of the other parties represented in parliament support same-sex marriage and that there is significant parliamentary support for legislation.”

She denied ignoring the consultation results or that they gave weight to the Catholic Church’s call for a referendum on the issue, which SNP ministers have rejected.

According to an analysis, 62,057 of the responses came from Scotland. Of this total, 39,724 opposed gay marriage and 22,223 backed the change.

Wake up to the threat from real enemy said...

Don’t think that Marxist monsters like Sturgeon and her ilk have any genuine concern for rights of homosexuals. The agenda here is as transparent as it comes. This is about breaking down the remaining barriers of normality. Most homosexuals do not give a damn about marriage and could not care either way. What Sturgeon and her cabal are proposing here is classic Frankfurt School doctrine. The purpose is to undermine normality and keep the inexorable destruction of our way of life from running out of steam. However much these monsters get, they will keep on pushing for more until nothing they view worthy of destroying remains.

Anonymous said...

I thought this post was about a bypass? Call me a dumb duck but I don't understand what the relevance of most these comments have. Not having been a regular reader before I'm a bit confused.

all seeing eye said...

Ok Dumb Duck, it's about the conspiritors plotting this bypass.

Anonymous said...

Same as any other plot they come up with surely, like the metrolink we never needed, the northern bypass and all other things that do little for the people who actually live here.

Its the way the world is now get used to it nothing is going to change.

Union said...

The vast majority of voters who feel strongly against Sturgeon and her ilk's fascistic approach to facilitating perversion and normalising the abnormal, are so stupid, cowardly and brainwashed they'll still vote for them or another mainstream party next time.
The elected (and non-elected) establishment hates democracy with a passion and its 'we know best' PC, agenda driven approach is absolutely manifest.

Towton 1461 said...

@ Just looking for answers, highly perceptive comment.
What we need above all else, as Alf Garnett said, is "a bleedin' leader". There is currently no sign of one, and it would need someone absolutely exceptional to rouse to action the apathetic, moronic, cowardly, self-obsessed 'individuals' who now constitutes a significant part of the modern British indigenous population.

Population pressure is, as the video rightly says, the greatest threat to our countryside, especially that situated near urban areas.

Nelson Mandela said...

A warning from SA.... Anyone who still thinks blacks and whites can peacefully coexist long-term should read the above link.

Uppermill is Yorkshire said...

Don't forget it's Yorkshire day on the 29th of July.
Yorkshire County Fair Sunday 29th King George V playing fields Uppermill at 11am.
Come alomg to see the REAL English stock................

Anonymous said...

Regarding video original post of the traffic in Longdendale:

I used to travel by bus through that place in peak traffic for work and you could bet that to travel about 100 yards it would take about 15 mins. Sure glad I dont have to do it anymore.

common sense bloke said...

The solution to the traffic problem on the A57/A628 is simple to solve without the need for a bypass. All that needs to be done is some of the houses on one side of the road need to be demolished to widen the road through the bottleneck. Once this is done everyone is happy and traffic will flow freely.

Anonymous said...

Don't think widening the road will solve that much. Just kick the problem down the road to the next junction. Be a shame to knock down Lowrys place.

I remember the green party being dead against it being built of environmental reasons but looking at the situation I would say there is nothing green about traffic stuck at that junction.

common sense bloke said...

I hear what you're saying, but Lowrys place wouldn't be affected. Something needs doing about it, but a bypass is not the answer. A ban on HGV's would also be an avenue worth exploring.

Anonymous said...

One of biggest problems is the motorway leading to there has too much traffic at peak times and nowhere to go. One road traffic accident the whole thing grinds to a halt.

Banning HGV means that there is no other trans pennine route that is sensible as an alternative apart from Glossop that has similar problems. If the motorway went all the way to Sheffield it would solve both issues. Its a trans pennine motorway thats needed somewhere even if its not through Longdendale

common sense bloke said...

There is a trans Pennine route, it's called the M62. The HGV's using the A628/A57 do so because they view it as a short cut (rat run. If HGV's were banned and forced to use the M62, the congestion problem in Longdendale would be solved overnight.

Anonymous said...

Leeds adds a lot of millage and time to a journey if your Heading for Sheffield and beyond. I can agree with you though that area is not built to take what gets thrown at it and traffic somehow needs to be diverted elsewhere. Not for one minute saying the Longdendale bypass is the answer but there is definitely a probllem needs solving.

Longdendale like most places were built back in days of horse and cart not really knowing what was coming later.

The Whole Truth said...

"In fifteen years he has succeeded in restoring his country to the most powerful position in Europe, and not only has he restored the position of his country, but he has even, to a very great extent, reversed the results of the Great War...whatever else may be thought about these exploits they are certainly among the most remarkable in the whole history of the world."

Winston Churchill, on Adolf Hitler.

"As a dispatch-runner, he has shown cold blooded courage and exemplary boldness. Under conditions of great peril, when all the communication lines were cut, the untiring and fearless activity of Hitler made it possible for important messages to go through."

Citation for Hitler's Iron Cross 1st Class. Baron Von Godin, Regimental Commander.

Black Tide said...

Re the Nelson Mandela (one of the worst national Presidents in history) link.
I have relatives in South Africa and attacks of this level (and worse) of savagery are epidemic. They go either unreported or massively played down in the South African, British, and western media.
Depite the glossy tourist images and planned campaign of deception and obfuscation by internationalists, South Africa is now (like many parts of Africa) a crime, violence, murder, poverty and chaos ridden dump.
For all its inherent imperfections as a system, the country was far better off under apartheid.

SerpentSlayer said...

Hopefully the rise of electric cars (though slow now) will cause the problems of waiting to be only a short term worry. Destroying our increasingly stark green belt land for the endless tides of motorists now populating this island.

We are desperately over-populated, partially as a result of mass immigration and so long as oil companies control how we travel from a to b, we will live in a heavily polluted island.

I coulda caught that in me Mother's pinnie said...

Uppermill is in Oldham Metropolitan Borough, which is in Greater Manchester. Now get one of those 1930s white Fivers out of your padlocked wallet and get a round in you tightfisted Yorkshire t**t. (P.S. Leeds United were shite).

Agendas on track said...

Good video. A bypass of this size, in this area is bordering on criminal. The road widening/demolition argument is vastly preferable.
After all they have bulldozed many houses and have/are massively inconveniencing millons for years to come with the unnecessary absurdity that is the tram.

Darren Robsons said...

Wow this blog is amazing; I can see lots of opportunities to make money on here. Advertising etc.

Although with my track record perhaps I should leave the logistics to TC.

Anonymous said...

The person that made this video looks like a Greek immigrant.

Aristotle Boycott said...

Fine people the Greeks. Most of them.

In times of universal deceipt, telling the truth is a revolutionary act said...

Greeks are great. Here's a gorgeous Greek athlete who has been kicked out of the Olympics for stating a fact.

Real History not PC Bullshit said...

Why do they have to ruin everything with their PC bullshit propaganda? I am watching the opening ceremony and cannot believe the distorted view of the industrial revolution they are creating. It was our ancestors who created and suffered the industrial revolution not the fucking non-white hordes this shite is trying to depict.

SerpentSlayer said...

Rewriting history, can we think of any other governments that did that tovarisshi?

Don't trust any government that has been infiltrated with Marxist ideas, the west had Gladio, the USSR had the much more effective Frankfurt School.

Modern Britain Celebrated said...

OMG, what nauseating filth. Rappers, miscegenation and distorted history. The enemy truly are in charge and this is their rubbing our faces in it.

Dr G said...

One day the lie will collapse and truth will triumph once again.

Anonymous said...

Our Labour insider tells us the narrator of the film is a saddo who lives with his mum even though he is 40 odd.

Wayne Fontana and... said...

Come on, Doreen Lawrence and Shami Chakrabarti helped carry the Olympic flag in. How much more British do you want it.

Olympics opening ceremony was 'multi-cultural crap', Tory MP tweets said...

David Cameron will face pressure to remove the Tory whip from the Conservative MP Aidan Burley after he tweeted that the Olympics opening ceremony was "multi-cultural crap".

Downing Street sources moved quickly to distance themselves from Burley's tweets. "Clearly we don't agree," one source said.

The row erupted just after 10pm when Burley tweeted twice within a few minutes as the Olympic athletes started to enter the stadium after Boyle's staging.

In his first tweet Burley wrote: "The most leftie opening ceremony I have ever seen – more than Beijing, the capital of a communist state! Welfare tribute next?"

A minute later Burley tweeted: "Thank God the athletes have arrived! Now we can move on from leftie multi-cultural crap. Bring back red arrows, Shakespeare and the Stones!"

Anonymous said...

There was no celebration of ethnic pride in that ceremony. It looked like something out of the old Soviet labour day marches. If you are familiar with the Soviet Union, it was this authoritarian government that took over Russia and tried to outlaw ethnicity and all state celebration were about workers rights, and non threatening issues that did not bring up national pride or ethnicity.

Given the liberal and Communist dream of a united world with no ethnicities and no division, one is reminded of the story of the Tower of Babel, which is supposedly built at a time when every man spoke the same language and existed alongside one another as a worldly brotherhood. I only realised today how much wisdom is in that tale and why God decided to confound the world's tongues.


Organised by the Saddleworth Yorkshire Day Group along with the Saddleworth White Rose Society, the days proceedings begin in Uppermill at 11.00am beside the Ammon Wrigley statue next to the Museum where a garland of white roses in placed on the statue and a local brass band plays. After various speeches by local dinitaries adn the reading of the 'Yorkshire Declaration of Integrity' by Delpher, Mr. Gilbert Symes, the crowds line the streets as a brass band leads a parade up the High Street to the King George V playing field (otherwise known as 'Black Meadow' ) .

Don't believe everything you see on tv or read in newspapers said...

Jesse Owens was allowed to travel with and stay in the same hotels as whites, while at the time blacks in many parts of the United States were denied equal rights. After a New York City ticker-tape parade of Fifth Avenue in his honor, Owens had to ride the freight elevator at the Waldorf-Astoria to reach the reception honoring him.

Owens said, "Hitler didn't snub me – it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram." On the other hand, Hitler sent Owens a commemorative inscribed cabinet photograph of himself. Jesse Owens was never invited to the White House nor were honors bestowed upon him by President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) or his successor Harry S. Truman during their terms.

On reports that Hitler had deliberately avoided acknowledging his victories, and had refused to shake his hand, Owens said at the time: "Hitler had a certain time to come to the stadium and a certain time to leave". "It happened he had to leave before the victory ceremony after the 100 meters. But before he left I was on my way to a broadcast and passed near his box. He waved at me and I waved back. I think it was 'bad taste' to criticize the man of the hour in another country".

Owens surprised many by winning four gold medals: On August 3, 1936, he won the 100m sprint, defeating Ralph Metcalfe; on August 4, the long jump (later crediting friendly and helpful advice from Luz Long, the German competitor he ultimately defeated)

Anonymous said...

I forced myself to watch the opening ceremony through to the end so that I would be fully prepared to engage in any debate on the matter.

Danny Boyle, was interviewed earlier in the day about his part in designing the opening ceremony and he spoke about it representing Britain's history, a view of where we are today and a vision of the future, and in a sense it was all these three things.

I must admit to having enjoyed much of the initial 'historic' phase of the ceremony, it was broadly patriotic and the transition from pastoral origins through the industrial revolution and up to WW1 was imaginative and effective in providing the kind of spectacle that we might have all hoped for. I was not impressed by the black faces that were included in this 'historic' phase of the production, but I was prepared to overlook this politically contrived inaccuracy. Like you however, I was disappointed that the ceremony from there onwards, turned into a celebration of everything that liberal Marxism holds dear intertwined with themes taken from popular culture, such as James Bond, Mr Bean etc.

The portrayal of the arrival of the Empire Windrush and the woman in the mini car with her mixed race child and her entrance into what was supposed to be a typical British household, was the turning point of the event. The rest of the ceremony consisted of a collage of multiracial themes set to pop music; with the depiction of a typical British family as mixed race; a love story featuring a girl of dilute mixed race origins and a black boy; an extended episode featuring 'Dizzy Rascal' and his rap gibberings; all culminating in the scene of eight 'champions' of our era carrying the Olympic flag up to the hilltop. Eight so called 'champions' including Shami Chakrabarti, Daniel Barenboim, Banki Moon and the now ubiquitous Doreen Lawrence.

I recall Doreen Lawrence being shown on TV recently as an Olympic torch bearer; she was a guest on Dessert Island Discs in June and was one of the 60 people chosen by James Naughtie for inclusion on his Radio 4 programme featuring the 60 most influential ‘New Elizabethans’ as part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. It seems she is now to be wheeled out to be a spectre at the feast whenever there is a major national event. All that was missing from the finale in terms of emotive multiracial appeals was a parade of 'British' survivors of the Holocaust dressed in Olympic lycra, but there were some truly spectacular elements in the closing stages, including the novel arrangement of flaming petals to form a very original and spectacular Olympic cauldron and also the special effects, lighting and the final firework display was very impressive.

Chris said...

Hey tc why have you put comment block on, have you have silly comments put on?

Tameside Citizen said...

Yes, Chris. I will monitor the situation until certain individuals decide to grow up.

More than a Games said...

Trivia omitted from the Olympics opening ceremony:

Roman Britain.
The Battle of Hastings.
The Middles Ages (5th to 15th century) when much of our sense of national identity was created and developed.
The domestic and foreign wars of the above period of intense conflict, chivalry etc. Specifically, the Wars of The Roses.
The Elizabethan era and the Armada.
The Civil War, which created the modern idea of parliamentary democracy (no doubt a couple of coffee coloured girls talking shite on their mobiles is infinitely more significant and PC).
The 18th century when British scientific geniuses such as Halley, Hooke and Isaac Newton dominated advanced scientific thought.
The Battle of Trafalgar.
The Battle of Waterloo.
The British Empire in general and its controversial but fundamentally highly benevolent and civilising effect on large parts of the world. The Empire's part in developing and massively expanding world trade.

All these things fundamentally shaped our nation and us as a people, some simply put, saved us from annihilation by foreigners.

In modern Britain the ONGOING annihilation is now being enabled and celebrated by the lunatics, cowards and traitors in power.

Mud and Blood said...

600 knights on horseback riding down the enemy and hacking them to pieces would have been a good set piece as this country was founded on CONFLICT, not on infantile, 'sensitive', feminised, 'acceptable' leftie crap.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention perhaps the worst and most blatantly manipulative aspect of the presentation, the mixed race family with the two half-breed offspring. True to form, a BMWF coupling with the woman a typically English, fair skinned, light-haired and quite attractive specimen.

The entire objective of this particular vignette was clearly to present such liaisons as the New Normality, an entirely unremarkable state of affairs in contemporary Britain and something which is to be looked on with approval by the rest us, especially the younger generation.

This is enemy propaganda at its its most invidious, what Goebbels termed the Big Lie. In reality, less than 10% of white British women are in inter-racial marriages, a level of miscegenation which the promoters of the MultiKulti find a major obstacle to the furtherance of their objectives, hence exhibitions like the one we saw on Friday night.

SerpentSlayer said...

I had no idea it was even near ten percent. I suppose as long as you put cocoa beans in a sack, some will fall to the bottom, law of physics.

I really wish the Queen would use her position and power to invoke the people of this nation into a lawful rebellion, she has the army, sworn to her name, the best army in the world. I really hope the rumours of her family being freemasons or bilderburgers or whatever are untrue.

Oh and click on my name, new blog post, I'm either a bit rusty or it's my aversion to the subject matter.

Blah blah said...

The race card was probably less reflected in the opening ceremony than the actual truth if you take a walk around London. Not sure anyone truly British lives there these days.

I doubt most the planet had a clue what the show was all about as it got nearer the end. Don't think they give hoot about Eastenders even if they knew what it was. The whole thing towards end turned into a show about everything a hate about this country.

Anonymous said...

Jack Davis at Uppermill Yorkshire day events today.
The thing that spoils the day, the rip off prices. Sad reflection on the day.

ED West, Daily Telegraph said...

Yesterday, after I wrote that “the EU, multiculturalism, the Equalities Act, anti-racism, hate crimes, bastardised human rights, Marx, Marxist feminism, Marcuse and Gramsci” all belong in history’s dustbin, lots of people screamed: “If you’re anti-anti-racism that means you’re pro-racism!”

So I thought I’d help your deprogramming with a little explanation.

“Anti-racism” is not the same as being opposed to racism; rather it is the name sometimes given to a particular authoritarian view of what racism is, and how it can be combated.

The conventional definition of racism is the belief that “race” (however one defines that) is a primary or significant cause of differences between men; that some of these races are superior to others; and that it is acceptable to discriminate on grounds of race, or to behave unpleasantly to someone because of their race. The term dates to the 1930s, although “racialist” and “racialism” go back to the Edwardian period.

“Anti-racism” means something altogether different, and is best explained by the Civitas book Racist Murder and Pressure Group Politics, an account of the Salem-like events that gripped Britain in the 1990s. The authors cite the example of the Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (CCETSW), which in 1991 set out the implementation of its new Diploma in Social Work.

The first tenet was "the self-evident truth" that "racism is endemic in the values, attitudes and structures of British society".

The training manual then stated "steps need to be taken to promote permeation of all aspects of the curriculum by an anti-racist analysis". All "racist materials" had to be withdrawn from the syllabus and CCETSW would decide what was racist.

In the rules there would be no freedom of speech for opinions that can be constructed as "racist" or favourable to "racism", and "anti-racist practice requires the adoption of explicit values". The first value is that individual problems have roots in "political structures" and "not in individual or cultural pathology". (In other words, if different groups have different outcomes in terms of education or crime levels, it is all the fault of British racism, not of individuals).

A second value is that racial oppression and discrimination are everywhere to be found in British society, even when invisible. In other words, impossible to disprove!

This is “anti-racism”, and it is heavily influenced by a Marxist interpretation of race. Oliver Cox's 1948 work Class, Caste and Race presents the idea that race originates in "a practical exploitative relationship" used to justify the exploitation of one group by another as part of capitalism.

Racism is created to justify imperialism, exploitation, and scapegoating when things go wrong, and to divide the population to prevent class consciousness from forming.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this? a traffic/people shared space scheme for an extremely busy junction in Poynton (on the A6) through the middle of their village - faster travel times, but a lot lot nicer for pedestrians, cyclists, etc. It worked!

HGV Driver said...

Thanks for sharing. I have travelled through Poynton since this was carried out and I find it frustrating. It should never have been allowed on such a major road. It causes mayhem on the way to and from Macc.

Cindy Dy said...

Thank you for this post. Keep it up. Hope to read more post from you guys.


Bypass Now said...

The bypass is approved but they wont commit to a start date. I wanted to share the link to the petition asking them to name a start date: