Thursday, 22 March 2012

What spoils the view on this photograph?

Yes, ugly power pylons. The stunning views around the Walkerwood Reservoirs area is totally ruined by these ugly but necessary pylons. This area just about qualifies to be classed as part of the Peak District and the good news is that the Friends of the Peak District are working with the Peak District National Park Authority and local electricity suppliers and are looking at identifying overhead power lines that are suitable for putting underground. Why not take a look at the Friends of the Peak District website and nominate this area for underground power lines to replace the ugly pylons?


Green Hell said...

As an experienced hiker I would say that, whilst not attractive, pylons don't bother me that much, and if they can be buried they should be. As the article says they are undisputably a necessity, they are also a drab grey and this plus their steel framework, 'non-solid' structure means they do often blend in a bit, especially from a distance.
Unlike the unnecessary, garish, solid, white, grossly inefficicent and expensive monstrosities called windfarms. The blight of a lot of the precious, diminishing open spaces in our chronically overpopulated country.
Take a look at Knowl Moor near Rochdale if you want a good example of the visual ruination they bring.


never mind the pylons ? give us more life and times of the pest

Anonymous said...

As an outdoor enthusiast I can't say pylons have ever bothered me much either. Those ugly conspicuous wind turbines are another matter entirely.

Friend of the Earth said...

Anyone who opposes wind turbines is an environmental menace. Do you not realise that fossil fuels and nuclear are not the way forward. The future is renewable and the three best forms of renewable energy are wind, solar and wave power. Give up worrying about how the turbines look and be glad they are helping reduce our carbon footprint and in the process supplying us with limitless amounts of free green energy.

Green Hell said...

The Green lobby are not known as watermelons for no reason: Green on the outside, red on the inside.
They've latched onto the man-made global warming scam as the latest method of state control freakery, state job creation, and state tax grabbing, and crucially anti-capitalism.
There is increasing evidence that solar activity is by far the mostthe most likely cause of recent temperature rises and man's influence is relatively trivial. Some so-called scientists, in search of financial grants have bent the truth regarding man-made global warming and have been caught doing so. Politicised scientists are in the same category as politicised law enforcers, their objectivity and commitment to 'doing their job' has been replaced by corrupt, ideological politically correct zealotry.
Wind farms are a chronically inefficient and expensive form of power generation, racking up the bills of hard pressed consumers, and are of course fundamentally useless anyway as they HAVE to be backed up by other, conventional forms of power generation. Gas, coal etc will continue to supply the bulk of our needs until genuine, useful and practical new tecnologies come along. The blight on our landscapes that are windfarms, are none of these things.

The Climategate Scandal. (Part 1) said...

Green Hell is correct. Just study the history of the earth and you will see climate change has always occured, long before mankind was ever heard of.

Calvin Emperor said...

Proper weather records only go back 250 years, the rest is made up by guesswork, which would be bad enough, but it is ideologically motivated guesswork (translation: lies).

Anonymous said...

Brian Wild posting leaflets today about Tories squeezing Tameside.
From a man that's squeezed £135,000from the people of Tameside, in just the last 8 years.

one down two to go said...

We are hearing strong rumors that one of the best Tory councillors Cllr Bains from Werneth was deselected by the Tories by a bunch of no hopers from Denton,Floyd their new candidate is getting no help from other Tories and hes only been to the ward three times to do some work.
A Tory party insider told us they expect to lose the seat in May and are amazed at the number of Labour party workers they see every week in the ward,any hope of retaining the seat drained away yesterday with the budget stealing money from pensioners to help out struggling multi millionaires,according to our insider.

Anonymous said...

Baines not bains you dumb twat Taylor.

Please do all you can to expose this terrible shame said...

Why are Labour Councillors so keen to have their picture taken with children?
Labour Councillors Convicted Child Molesters
Mark Burton: Sexually Abusing Children
Darren Pedley: Child Porn
John Friary: Child Grooming
Bob Bates: Child and Animal porn
Keith Potts: Child Porn
Joe Shaw: Jailed Child Pornography
Jonathan Phillips: Child Abuse
Stewart Brown: Child Pornography
Ben Williams: Child Pornography
George Harding: Child Abuse
Derek Woodvine: Child Abuse: Child Rape
Ken Brookman: Assault and Child Abuse
Martyn Locklin: Rapist
Keith Rogers: Child Abuse

Anonymous said...

Councillor John Taylor far-left Labour. Deputy Leader of Tameside Council "Love and hate on his knuckles"
£235,OOO made over the last 8 years holiday home in Spain.
Not bad for a violent far-left Zionist nutter.

Rotten Borough said...

Anyone stupid enough to select a candidate with a British name DESERVES to lose New Werneth. The Tory leader John Bell only just got away with it last year.

The Case of The Two cases said...

Is it correct your neighbour made a comment about the Taylor case and you 'moving on'? And then Taylor, who is apparently so desperate to avoid your company turns up at THEIR court case. Sounds very odd to me.

Reimer said...

I rather like pylons meself. Quite like wind turbines too.

Anonymous said...

The Case of The Two cases said...

Yes Cllr Taylor shot himself in the foot coming to the recent court hearing.
Looking forward to his explanation in June when questioned about his actions in court.
Councillor Taylor thinks that his actions won't matter to the case in June.
That's how confident these Labour Mafia have become.

it's only a joke wildy said...

I was talking to Wildy yesterday. He is very upset about the leaflets being circulated in Duki regarding his expenses. He says peope start to wave £10 notes at him when he walks in the pub. They do this to wind him up because his wealth has been exposed. I could hardly keep a straight face when he was telling me. Next time you see him get tenner out and start waving it him while saying loadzzzz a money and see how he reacts.