Monday, 30 January 2012

St Peters priorities tackled

Police in Tameside have launched a new operation to tackle antisocial behaviour.

It sees neighbourhood officers from the Tameside North Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) patrolling areas the public have told them about in St Peters. They will be supported by Tameside Patrollers, Trading Standards, the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and social landlords New Charter, Ashton Pioneer Homes and Regenda to target issues such as nuisance behaviour, street drinking and licensees that breach their conditions.

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Robert Kelly said: “Antisocial behaviour is an issue that we take very seriously as it impacts on peoples’ lives. From the information we have received we will have extra patrols on the streets to directly target the issues that have been raised and we will help to find long term sustainable solutions”

The main streets the public want tackling are Birch Street, Chapel Street, Oxford Park, Katherine Street and Manchester Road. Officers will be using powers such as stop and search, issuing fixed penalty notices and giving people directions to leave the area.

PCSO Helen Brockett added: “We have been out in our communities speaking to people and leafleting areas to try and build up and much information as possible. Information is vital to our success so if people have any concerns it is important they tell us about them.”

To report your concerns please call the Tameside North NPT on 0161 856 9350 or

To report a crime call police on 101 the new national non-emergency number


Towton 1461 said...

20% ethnic plus chavs of all races and guess what, solid Labour. But then that's their core vote along with lefties, morons, weirdos and traitors.

Tha..tha..that's all folks! said...

Is it right there's a pig's head in the foundations of the mosque in that ward?

SerpentSlayer said...


Are these streets not our own?

Do we not have men living on them?

If these troglodytes are causing mayhem on your streets, hassling you and your family, go outside If you are a man, if not, find one) and tell them to wrap it. Bring mates with you even, organise neighbours.

Do men not have balls anymore?

The police are what holds us back, people expect those lumps of overpaid lard to solve every problem and if they don't, then they resign themselves to their miserable fate.

The police cannot enforce law and order, accept it and learn from it. We are on our own. the police eist to investigate 'hate crimes' and persecute political opposition, not to defend us from the scum that they practically dote over.

Until they beg for mercy said...

Forty five years of the same liberal bullshit and look at the state of the country.

Recyclist said...

Render them down for something useful. Result, no scum and useful by-products: Double bonus.

no mercy for racists said...

They should bring back the noose and hang the racist bastards who killed Stephen Lawrence and who now are appealing in the hope of getting out on a technicality. You would think the bastards would never have the nerve to attempt to appeal. They are guilty and everyone knows they are guilty and nobody would complain if an exception to the law was made so they could hang and then that would be the end of the matter.

flick the switch and dispatch him to hell said...

Talking of murderers who should be put down, watch this video filmed today of a bond (bail) hearing in the U.S. The chap in the stripes is accused of murdering a cop. Is he truly insane or putting on an act to avoid the electric chair? After watching this clip you will agree no trial is needed and he should just be disposed of.

SerpentSlayer said...

I'm not convinced that the men convicted of the Stephen lawrence murder are guilty.

How can a trial be fair if the papers print inflammatory garbage about the accused 24/7 and the defendents are draged back into court repeatedly, and retried after being found innocent.

The police should give up on the murder, it happened 18 years ago. There are many more recent and horrific murder cases that have been flat out dropped.

It was a terrible crime, but does it deserve more attention than other terrible crimes just because the victim was a black man?

Seems to me that many anti-racists are more predisposed to be angry about racial crimes aginst non-whites and do not care one bt about racial crimes committed against whites.

It only confirms to me that in truth, most anti-racists are in fact actually anti-white.

jailer take him down to the cells said...

Let's hope the Duki white supremicist is not banged up with someone like him as a cell mate on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

31/01/2012 13:12

Full a shit!

Labour Councillor - Child Pornography said...

A guy stopped me today on Lismore Road Dukinfield.
He said "those leaflets your posting are Obscene" I said, I know they've got Obscene, Labour Cllrs in them convicted for molesting children"

Labour Councillor Benefit Fraud said...

People of Dukinfield
When Taylor/Wild/Lane come round with their nasty little smear leaflets about the BNP, ask them about the rancid filth that infest the Labour party.

Lakes Road said...

I had one last week.

U H8 YT said...

No mercy for racists, no doubt you'll be campaigning strongly and writing to your MP about the grossly disproportionate number of racially motivated violent crimes, rapes and murders of whites by non-whites.

BBC Click Here said...

Look what happens when you import non-native species and allow them to flourish. In time they wipe out the local life forms. There is a message in this tale for us to learn from.

a great man once said said...

"We human beings are not to question why Providence created races; we are only to recognize that Providence punishes him who disregards their divine creation"

SerpentSlayer said...

Only a religion created for the purpose of intellectual slavery could say such nonsense.

"We human beings are not to question why Providence created races; we are only to recognize that Providence punishes him who disregards their divine creation"

Christianity and Judaism also believe that mankind is inherently sinful, as a legacy of the original sin. If a religion is to be dogmatic, then surely it should at the least be also consistent.

It takes a pathetic and intellectually backwards mind to follow such a 'religion'.

Only folk religions contain within them any trace of fact. Folk religions are born out of ancient stories, knowledge of the world as it is known and sound moral guidance (not least of which the love of your own kind)

Christianity, it's brother Islam and it's father Judaism, are nothing but spiritual fraud. A way of enslaving minds to unsound principles in order to control the human race.

The three are constantly in conflict with each other (the latter of which often avoids it's members fighting directly if it can)

Now we see Islam being used as a tool to repopulate the UK from the weak willed Christian majority. It is no mistake. Our ancestral faith was taken from us by murder and terror.

Our Scandinavian kin attempted to avenge and reverse this but failed, perhaps they lost sight of their intentions.
It us up to us to continue this legacy and attack the church, the synagogue and the mosquein the way that works best, expose them for the frauds that they are.

Free your mind.