Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tameside what does the GMFRS Corporate Plan really mean?

I'm not sure if this is a legitimate issue or an FBU propaganda video. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

This site and the information contained should become to all bloggers a need to know if its considered a Council and its members are overstepping their role in society council’s legal position

"Material published by a local authority as an organisation is, for obvious reasons, restricted in terms of content. It must not contain party political material and, in relation to other material, should not persuade the public to a particular view, promote the personal image of a particular councillor, promote an individual councillor’s proposals, decisions or recommendations, or personalise issues. Nor should the council assist in the publication of any material that does any of the above.
Some councils take a strict line on this and do not provide links to councillor blogs or social media accounts from councillor profile pages. But many people (especially young people) prefer to communicate via social networks and so this is as valid a method of communication as an email address. This can have significant advantages in terms of transparency and the ability to answer frequently asked questions more efficiently through an open format. Bearing in mind, of course, the data protection requirements.The council’s legal position

This paragraph is just one of many
interesting points.


Friends of Emma West said...

Emma West caught on camera saying what most of us are thinking.

Copy and paste the link below and watch this brave White woman tell it like it is.

Perhaps it was unwise of Emma to express her opinions in public especially given the presence of young black men, but she should be respected for being bold enough to speak out.

"Cowards wither away and fizzle out leaving no trace, but the brave live on in the minds of others."

Herclitus ( c.535 - c.475 BC )

Floyd Patterson said...

On Tuesday this week I attended the council meeting in Ashton What I witnessed shocked me, My Conservative group speaking against a motion to keep the winter fuel payments to elderly residents at the present rate,not only did they speak against it their performance in the chamber was pathetic.
I had to leave I could not sit there and listen to them ,and put up with the cheers and applause of Labour speakers, we will lose seats again at the next elections in May 2012 and I blame that lazy useless,and clueless lot who were sat in the council meeting this Tuesday.

Roy K West said...
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Blue Rinse said...

Well said Floyd. We share your concerns and it is only a matter of time until we get the change we need if we are to survive.

Roy K West said...
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Roy K West said...
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Anonymous said...

West, you have totally misunderstood the point NCB was making.
People from the middle classes are reluctant to speak out on racial matters because they don't want to appear low class. The now infamous YouTube clip of Emma West ranting about immigrants will reinforce this.

Roy K West said...
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Roy K West said...
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Anonymous said...

Having logged onto this site mentioned on this blog council’s legal position

I find it strange that bloggers are definitely missing the obvious if you do not read what Councils can and cannot do.
Time to swot up when its staring you right in your face instead of the repetitive remarks.
Use the system already there for the electorate, you don`t need rhetoric just get your complaints into the the right area`s.
Wise Monkey

Anonymous said...

Official response:
Photographs of Children with elected councillors are taken with their parents’ consent. There is no law or guidance that suggests that such conduct is detrimental to a child’s well being. Clearly, you hold a contrary position.

Just watch out for this TMBC official statement if you are a parent,guardian,or child minder.
Make sure you complete a form or letter stipulating your agreement or refusal and retain a copy.

Perverts,molesters,and others feed their evil twisted minds on childrens photographs in the press.

TMBC will not agree to stop Councillors using children as political pawns and will obviously continue posing with Tameside children for political purposes in local press which covers all Tameside.
Does not say much either for the Advertiser`s and Reporter,and even less for Councillors who could easily refuse such press photographs exposing children and infants across the Borough.
TMBC enjoy soft targets as PR stunts which once again defines their characters.

Anonymous said...

"People from the middle classes are reluctant to speak out on racial matters"
Will this still be the case when it comes to their areas in a flood.
Because it will take place.
What's going to stop it?

Anonymous said...

The middle classes are spineless to the core. Only when the nice Tory areas like Longdendale, Broadbottom, get their share of Racial Awareness and Cultural Enrichment, will their panic start to set inwards.

Anonymous said...

Racial Awareness and Cultural Enrichment is an Unstoppable torrent. Taking over all walks of English life, a steaming train that cannot be stopped. Our
schools already in the front line of this Unstoppable torrent.
Racial Awareness and Cultural Enrichment is not just a thought of mind, but a firm plan for Britain. So my question for those that feel safe from this Unstoppable torrent, what makes you feel safe from it? Are you going to construct massive gates round your area? Electrified Gates to keep out the master plan, of Racial Awareness and Cultural Enrichment coming into your lives?
"We shall will not speak out oh Lord, just keep me safe from the torrent that's coming our way"

three cheers for J Hall said...

Forget the racial talk, have you not read what J Hall has posted regarding children being used in propaganda photo-ops for local politicians? That is the important story which needs discussing. People like J Hall who keep the corrupt in check are true local heroes.

Dragons' Den said...

Tax avoidance by Dragons' Den venture capitalist, James Caan (Real name: Nazim Kahn)

Hamilton Bradshaw [Caan's UK private equity company] is owned by a Cayman Island company, which allows him to circumvent UK tax as a non-domiciled resident. Fellow Dragons' Den entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne argues that UK-born entrepreneurs are at a disadvantage to non-domiciled residents who have made their fortune in Britain but can fund their lifestyles from monies held overseas that do not attract UK tax. Also that someone can come to the UK at two years-old and take advantage of the UK education system and health-care system, then turn 18 and take their money offshore. In his opinion they are saving tax on money earned in Britain. "The next Government needs much stronger rules for any new non-doms registered in the UK from the end of this year." said Duncan.

Slay the EU monster and drive away the invaders said...

Three cheers for Prime Minister Cameron for thwarting the Franco/German fiscal EU power grab today in Brussels. At last a PM who is prepared to act in Britain’s interest. What a pleasant change to the traitorous years of the Labour betrayers. Now stop immigration and expel every post-97 immigrant, all of which are here illegally, and there is real hope that Britain can be saved even at this late stage.

Anonymous said...

09/12/2011 12:36

Yes we have read it, and for those of us fighting this Labour corruption we understand what he's saying.

Gay Nationalist said...

We should have more, good, honest, citizens like Mr Hall.
The exploitation of children is disgusting by this Labour mob.
But what do you expect from this rancid mob of money scammers?

Roy K West said...
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Stack said...

Three cheers for J. Hall, according to the last government's official figures, between 2004 and 2008 the Muslim population of Britain increased TEN TIMES faster than any other group. The vast majority are of Pakistani/Bangladeshi descent. But we'll forget the 'racial talk' as this obviously isn't a pressing issue.

Hammerman said...

Anyone who seriously thinks Cameron is going to 'grow some' and do something meaningful about immigration is a credulous idiot.

illiterate lower class twat said...

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