Friday, 11 November 2011

Lest We Forget

Where ever you may be today at 11am, do remember to hold a two minutes silence in honour of our heroic dead. 11/11/11/11


Anonymous said...

Plenty sat around in Ashton,Hyde,Denton eating in the Food Giants stuffing as much as they can in their gut,but where were the
Whether you believe in wars or armed services or not surely these young men & women past and present should be treated with the respect that wearing a poppy signifies.
Even 5p gets you a poppy if your that strapped.

Anonymous said...

The silence was respectably observed in Hyde and I found it very moving.

Roy K West said...
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Roy K West said...
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Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep said...

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Never Forget Them! said...

The Enniskillen Rememberance Day Massacre 1987.

Anonymous said...

I know its not April 1st
but here we now have
Hazel Blears tipped to become the regions Police Commissioner.
No doubt the Labour Party endemic in our region will be involved in the selection,and another known loser and expenses manipulator could be fixed up as a further Labour pawn placed in the chain of influence to protect the backs of her Labour comrades and her very very strong links with BICOM where all her big mates hang out as financial backers for Israel.
Looks like we could get stitched up yet again with a devious Labour Party fiddling runt administrating our lives.

No surrender said...

Murdering scum. No doubt some of the perpetrators are part of the new Northern Ireland government. Personally I'd rather have kept the war going than see animals like McGuinness as Ministers.

One-Eyed Jacks said...

Lots of people, particularly in the government/media/establishment love this 'easy' patriotism as it's an open display of respect that gets them lots of kudos and positive media coverage: "Look how much I care" etc.
The 'hard' patriotism however, such as dealing with the difficult and distasteful issue of mass immigration that will destroy our nation and everything it stands for within a few decases if something isn't done, they ignore and turn their faces away from, as if it was a spoonful of dog dirt someone was trying to force down their throat.
They don't care about Britain, if they did they would do something about this most crucial issue.

nationalist said...

yes keep wearing your poppys and keep supporting all these illegal wars ? 200.000 women and children slaughtered in the last 10 years ?

Well not in my name

Anonymous said...

Comment on this Nationlist because
here`s the threat you should fear.

The Manchester event will now be entitled The Big Tent for Israel.
Whitefield Hebrew Congregation's Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag, who is behind the November 27 gathering, used his sermon to call for "galvanising the quarter of a million Jews who live in this country" and to "leverage that into several million non-Jews, who are surely fair-minded and can see that it is to their benefit to be supportive of Israel."
So how many Tameside Councillors and MP`s will be attending to swell the Israeli/Zionists supporters up to 7 Million in the UK.
If the objectives are achieved "be afraid,in fact be very very afraid" because our children and grandchildren will be forever dragged into Israeli Wars,besides the UK becoming a vastly increased target for the suicide bombers from the Middle East who will see us as a Jewish State Mk11.
The present self inflicted immigration problems and the need to stop further immigrants entering will pale into insignificance when we have 7 Million War mongering Israeli
puppets and supporters entrenched in our society.
To those who have British Nationalist objectives do not take your eyes of this 7 Million massive threat declared objective because even now the BICOM and House of Commons
numerous Israeli supporters dictate policies,but imagine what 7 Million UK signed up Israeli conscripts and supporters will turn OUR BLOODY COUNTRY into.
This for the benefit of Gwynne,Taylor and Reynolds is not being anti semitic but the reality now being confirmed by Israeli sources on their march for support regardless.
The march for supremecy has started in the UK by Israel, so if 7 million UK nutters want to sign up then pack your cases and go to the Gaza where you will be most welcome,and allow
our country to retain "some degree" of democracy for our futures,and not a manipulated Israeli led dominance.

nationalist said...

Im sick to by back teeth of all this fucking about around the world and in things that has fuck all to do with us ?

Anonymous said...

thats the way war criminals operate.

tonydj said...

Freedom? These are coming to the UK

tonydj said...
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Anonymous said...

What no comments on this 7 million
UK Israeli supporters targeted.
Apathy actually exists right here
on TC unless its Dukinfield issues.
Take the blinkers off and see the future reality for Tamesiders beside the immigration issue.

Moshe Pitt said...

several and seven don't mean the same thing for a start. You seem to think so, five times at least.

If a massive proportion of the populace cannot be bothered to get out and vote, what makes you think that millions are prepared to sign up to some imaginary pro Israeli cause?

It is about as likely as millions of Britons volunteering to sweep streets and wipe arses in the name of the 'Big Society' because some Tory millionaire tells them to.

Is apathy always a bad thing?

Islander said...

Moshe Pitt and Anonymous 22:27, Mr Pitt is right, whatever the negative effects on Britain of international financiers/Zionists the figures quoted by anonymous are speculation at best. The FACTS are that the Islamic community in Britain is multiplying at an exponential rate. They WILL stick together, they DO exist and ARE multiplying much faster than any other group. And that's only one immigrant group, we also have Eastern Europeans, Sub-Saharan Africans and all the rest to deal with.
Whatever the machinations of international financiers the Muslims, as the best example, know all too well, from 1400 years of success, that their proven methods of: Control the female and you control the reproduction rate, then reproduce as fast as possible. There IS strength, and increasing influence, in numbers.
We, as Nationalists, shouldn't become fixated on one threat or another, we should prioritise maintaining the predominance of British values, British culture, British identity and British demographics.

Political thuggery and war mongering said...

12/11/2011 09:15 posting.
We live in a world/society of great corruption and evil.
Apathy is very real, and relies on corruption and political thuggery.
These people understand the reality of what you are saying.
(follow link)