Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hyde, Tameside. Disgracefully neglected Public Footpath

Thanks to the gentleman who went to the trouble of making this video. I wonder if, Craig Halliday, Nigel Byrne or any of the other volunteers who have helped clean up eyesores which the council choose to ignore in and around the Hyde area would be interested in tackling this neglected footpath?


Jungle said...

What a bloody shambles. If they let it grow over for a bit like that, less and less people use it, eventually it becomes impenetrable, no-one uses it and it becomes maintenance and expense free for the council.

Anonymous said...

It takes less time to phone the council than do a 5 minute video. I phoned council last week and they are ready to clear it shortly.

Peter Wilson said...

Well done, it's a pity you didn't leave us your name so when I check next week I can congratulate you when/if the job is done.

There are other videos like this in the pipeline so be sure to keep the council phone number handy. The knotweed is likely to be a particularly challenging job.

Do the basics said...

So they've abandoned it all this time and suddenly they're going to clear it next week. The point of the video was obviously to demonstrate the council's failure to do basic environmental maintenance.
If this is the one I think, off Bennett street, there's an even worse one behind the church that leads to the railway station. No doubt that (with its seven foot high weeds) is due for clearance at any moment.
Footpaths aside, the amount of rubbish in many areas of open space is a disgrace and should not HAVE to be reported, it's the council's job to maintain a clean environment.

Anonymous said...

But they don't that can't afford it.
Not with-out cutting the £234,000 in 8 years, wage bill for Councillor John Taylor.

Anonymous said...

They'll need four skips to clear that lot.

Anonymous said...

Never mind the council what about criticizing the people that dump the stuff in the first place.

Ref No 11/20884. said...

I got fed of seeing this fly tipping rubbish for years, walking down into Stalybridge.
So I bagged it all up and called the Council to come and collect it.
Ref No 11/20884.

I'll post the after clean up video soon.
Failed Labour Candidate (labour til i die) Ballagher
Michael Patrick.
Failed local residents, not even making an issue about rubbish BEING dumped on his own street.

concerned bloke said...

Yes, but they can afford to do iPhone apps. Bunch of pillocks.

1200 dickheads per ward said...

If scum dump rubbish it's the council's job to clear it up.
Re the video: Overgrowth was clearly the main problem on that excuse for a path, not rubbish.

NCB said...

I'll keep you informed about the footpath TC.

I've just watched a classic episode of Yes Minister (The Skeleton in the Cupboard) which contained this little gem: "Of course, if I had been a properly trained lawyer they would never have put me in charge of the legal department".

degenerates, crooks and perverts said...

Another 'alleged' Labour kiddy fiddler arrested. This time local.

It stays there now! said...

I would like to advise folk wanting to be public spirited, wanting to keep their communuty free from fly-tipping and litter louts.
In this case, the Council told me today, that they have no powers to get this removed.
I was sick of the fly-tippers using this area as a dumpimg place.
So I bagged it all up and called the Council to come and collect it.
No can do, they told me today on the phone.
They can write to the owner of the garages, but thats it no power to force them to remove it.
Anyway there you have it. If your are public spirited think twice before you act.

C Halliday said...

Where in Hyde is this?
If others are interestd, I would be happy to join in and tidy this up. That is if the council do not do it as mentioned.
Let me know the area.

Anonymous said...


Check with the council. They told me they are going to do it. Won't necessarily be next week as Peter Wilson mistakenly said but it's due to be cleared.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's been 'due' for the last five years. It should never have been allowed to get anywhere near this state. The council have utterly failed in their responsibility of regular maintenance.

Bull...............shit said...

Pseudo do-gooders: 'Yes we'll clean it up.' Translation, 'This will look good on my CV when I try to get selected'.

yip, yip, pong, wong, nip, nip, said...

Above your not talking about labour scammers are ya?
looking good in the advertiser cleaning up dog shit or litter for the camera?

Up-Date Link Fly-Tipping said...

Dear Mr Michael Ballagher
(failed labour candidate)
And labour til i die poster on this blog.
I've been to your area and cleaned up the street of lots of fly-tipping rubbish, left their for years.
How come you've never made an issue of this fly-tipping on your street? Don't you care. It took an evil BNPer to come and make you feel ashamed? you should spend leat time spreading smear on here, and more time on matters like this.

s. tiesthi said...

Why all the interest in Ballagher, Roy?

Even his own lot seem to consider him a spent force.

Police Scum Could'nt be bothered to investigate said...

Just want to show him up for the FAKE he's always been.
He's posted comments on here calling Pauline's son a nazi after the lad attacked on the canal.
The lad is going to London on Monday to the see princess Anne with Duki St. John ambulance volunteers.
The lad goes on duty when City play at home.

Labour Councillor - Child Pornography said...

I like the way, Cllr John Taylor attacks other politicians for claiming expenses.
Yet his bank account sees £234,000 go in in just 8 years.
The guy posts leaflets about BNP members, yet he ignores the endless list of child molesters in his own party.
These bastards have been in our communities molesting children for years.
You don't see Taylor rushing to tell people about these Labour scum, do you?

Is this man totally insane? said...

Dear Free Thinking people everywhere.
This insane man sends the police to my house, when I post leaflets telling residents he's made £234,000 in just 8 years on the Council.
How much has he made since 1984 from being on the Council gravy train?
Why his he so worried about people knowing how much he's made? his he worried what folk may say or think?

jutice awaits said...

After six months in Strangeways he will be sorry for offending his local councillors.

Anonymous said...

No he'll be a hero.

Phil Woolas said...

jutice awaits indeed, remember there's two sides to this matter.
Remember Phil Woolas making false statements.
Whats the difference between John Taylor's methods since 2006.
Telling the people that his BNP opponent in 2008 was approaching children in the park.
Councillor John Taylor does not fully understand, that he will also be under the spotlight of JUSTICE for his vile allegations and false statements.

Anonymous said...

Some of these questions will be extremely difficult to answer.