Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Poverty blamed as white children do worst in Manchester schools

White children are getting worse exam results than any other ethnic group in Manchester, we can reveal today.

New figures show only 42 per cent of white pupils in the city met the government benchmark of five good GCSEs, including maths and English.

That compares with 47pc for black children, 53pc for Asian pupils, and 59pc for Chinese children. Children in the city’s schools who speak English as a second language are also outperforming those who consider it their mother tongue.

The figures mean white children in Manchester are among the lowest-performing in the country. Experts blamed poverty and a culture of 'low expectation' in communities blighted by successive generations of unemployment.

Council education chiefs said the performance of white working-class children was a national as well as local issue – and said poverty, not race, was the most important factor.

The new figures, which refer to average GCSE performance in the four years to 2010, show Manchester is the only place in the north west where white children finish bottom of the pile. Manchester Evening News


What a s**thole said...

Only in Marxist Manchester where the effort and resources are allocated on ethnocultural grounds. It's well known Labour spent a lot of time and money nationally on improving the appalling results of Afro Caribbean and Islamic children, I wonder at whose expense that was. The relatively good Asian results will have been significantly raised by Indians who generally set great store by their children's education, unlike the vast majority of Muslims.
No wonder some indigenous children are disillusioned when they see the unrecognisable ruin their own country is becoming.

Zaffir said...

That's odd, so what's your explanation for us outperforming white kids in Tameside. Is Tameside also Marxist?

What a s**thole said...

You didn't it was only in Manchester. Tameside is Greater Manchester. Did you study geography?
And who's we? If you're of Pakistani/Bangladeshi Muslim origin your lot presumably came bottom or near it like you usually do, Indians raise the Asian overall result.

Bob and Marcia said...

The picture of the happy negresses is often shown by the BBC when exam results are shown. The way they have come on in a few centuries is astonishing. When European explorers first landed on the dark continent the negro inhabitants had not even invented the wheel or the written word, but now in 2011 they are beating their white schoolmates hands down. That is evolution in action.

What a s**thole said...

Bob and Marcia, they are apparently marginally beating some other ethnic groups in ONE city's schools in the entire country, this after massive ethno-culturally targeted investment in time, effort and resources from the previous government. If you're crowing about this group doing better in Manchester than the indigenous population perhaps you'd care to do the same where whites beat black people in the rest of the country. Thought not.
You're right about the gender aspect though, if the boy's results, particularly Afro-Caribbean and Islamic were factored in, the overall results for those groups would plummet far more than the other groups.

progressive socialist said...

This is great. It proves when the barriers of racism are smashed down to create a level playing field black people can do as good and better than whites.

The Bell Curve said...

Average IQ by race.

The Facts.

Oriental - 106

White - 100

Mixed Race - 85

Black - 70

Sorry folks, but there are racial differences in IQ - government manipulation of exam results notwithstanding.

William Ford said...

Progressive socialist, why are they doing worse everywhere else?

Street robbery said...

An IQ of 69 is classed as mild mental retardation, 70 to 84 is classed as borderline intellectual functioning. If 70 is the average for blacks, virtually all of them must fall into these two categories. That would explain, at least in part, the apparently unredeemable hellhole of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Just Concerned said...

Immigration figures for 2008 showed that in terms of immigration from Africa, Asia and the Americas, Britain received 307,000, Germany 238,000, Italy 284,000, and Spain 499,000.

These figures only take into account recorded immigration entries and therefore do not take into account illegal immigrant numbers, putting the actual number of non-European immigrants entering Britain much higher.

According to the figures, Britain received 165,000 from Commonwealth countries and 142,000 from non-European countries.

The 2009 figures which have recently become available, again illustrate the non-European colonisation of Britain. In 2009, 303,000 recorded non-European immigrants entered Britain.

Cheshire Cat said...

Average IQ by Political Allegiance

Mainstream Party 75+

BNP 40

Roy West 20

Hope for us all. said...

John Taylor bottom of the class Crescent Road.
Looked after the garden and the bees.
So there's hope for us all.

Anonymous said...

Average IQ by Political Allegiance

Mainstream Party 75+

Andrew Doubleday.
Groped a woman at the cricket club.
See what you mean Cheshire Cat.
Such high standards.

Street robbery said...

Cheshire Cat, the actual figures are calculated by psychologists who are acknowledged experts in the field, and are internationally accepted as accurate.
Yours are made up.

Andrew said...

Beg you pardon why pick on me. So I groped a few women in my time. I'm not the only one at it.
Yes I got caught, but you'll find alot more of my ex party colleagues at it.

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Anonymous said...

Why give them title? Are we going to be competing on who prettiest next? Grow up! I don’t look at someone and think oh there’s a black person, their just a person. Segregating everyone into their little pigeon holes and competing shows nothing more than self conscious mind. Being good at exams does not indicate intelligence