Sunday, 17 October 2010

A reposte to Dukinfield views

This photograph is reproduced with no apology. It was taken in Palestine in July 1947 and shows the bodies of two hanged British army sergeants, Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin, murdered by the Jewish terrorist group The Irgun. The bodies were booby trapped and the resultant explosion severly injured the officer trying to remove the bodies.

The odious leader of the Irgun, Menachim Begin, was later elected as Prime Minister of Israel.

The quality of the photograph leaves a lot to be desired. It is the only photograph known to exist of this barbaric crime, unlike other crimes in the 1940's which received, are still receiving, the full Hollywood treatment.


Kent said...

How many Hollywood films have been made about these murdering Jewish terrorists? I wonder why that might be. Perhaps Mr Spielberg will make one. I won't be holding my breath.

KTR said...

Murdering load of racist b******s.

Eric Pickles minister for destroying communities said...

I would like to say I am very sorry for not standing up to David and Nick like Dr Fox did and other ministers, I just thought I would be first in to get in their good books, there could be bigger and better jobs for me in the future.
Its done now and we are all in this together just because a few of us are millionaires does not mean we will not feel the pinch,we could be down to three holidays next year and may have to sell one of our homes.

All this same. said...

Don't let anyone think that the Tories are any different to the mass immigration Labour party.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget Andrew Gwynne Tameside MP is one of the most vociferous spokespeople on behalf of Israel in the House of Commons,and Gwynne Chair of the Labour Friends of Israel group, the large lobbying group constantly asks questions to ensure Israeli interests are maintained.
Israel has been ignoring every UN approved ruling since the 1950`s and sticking two fingers up courtesy of its supporters in the UK and here we are in Tameside supporting an Israeli puppet.
What about the Palestinians trod on and kept out of their homeland for almost 70 years.

B. Entrulers said...

Well said, Gwynne is a stooge for the most racist country on the planet. Why are they allowed to have a totally illegal nuclear arsenal? No doubt Mr Gwynne receives absolutely no financial or any other reward for his selfless work.