Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Quiz Time

Which one of these councils employs the greatest number of Diversity Officers?









Logic would dictate Manchester because of its size, but there again Leicester with its vast immigrant enclaves, or what about Burnley, Bradford and Oldham - they too are well known for being ethically enriched. Maybe Luton or Leeds - if you give any of those answers you would be wrong. The joker in the pack is of course Tameside. Below are the facts as revealed by the Tameside Tax Payers Alliance

Tameside Council’s £501,481 Non-Jobs

Tameside taxpayers are paying out over a half of a million pounds to pay for council non-jobs which are of no benefit to the taxpayer and can be cut without effecting frontline services.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance report has a small sample of four roles including European Officers, Political Advisors, Diversity Officers and Climate Change Officers. The true cost is much higher and shows that taxpayers’ money can be painlessly saved.

Tameside Council employs a total of twenty staff which is classed as being unnecessary. A breakdown can be found in the table below:

Job Title Number of Staff Cost 2009-2010 (£)
European Officers 1 £42,650
Political Advisors 2 £67,438
Diversity Officers 16 £322,558
Climate Change Officers 1 £68,836
Total: 20 £501,481

Tameside Council ranks ninth in the tables for the most spent on non-jobs. This is mainly attributed to the large number of diversity officers employed at the council where Tameside is second to Birmingham who employs 28 diversity officers.

The borough of Tameside has a very small ethnic minority population of 6.9% compared to the neighbouring borough of Manchester which has an ethnic minority population of 24.2% claims to employ no diversity officers at all.


taken for a ride said...

Who ever put this shite together is knob ,everyone knows the political officers went months ago and the other jobs are park of someone's job description.
Is this the best you can do? who the F**K are the tax payers alliance anyway we know Billington who is a first class knob is part of them, did anyone out there elect any of these people.
TC you can be fooled very easily sometimes anything to have a go at the council.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks you struck gold reading the onslought from "Taken for a ride"
Knowing the background and work carried out by the Tax Payers Alliance,they are exposing the Council gravy trains across the UK which we the mugs pay for.
Obviously a TMBC employee me thinks sweating on the future of the Tameside gravy train.

Anonymous said...

Too true. Certainly touched a nerve with 'taken for a ride' - the poor sensitive soul.

Clearly this employee (or Labour Councillor) should have a good look at themselves if they don't know who the TPA is.

To answer your point about the political officers: It is clearly just a time-lag between submitting the FOI and getting the answers (Nationally) and publishing the data. There, that wasn't too hard to understand was it.

Well done TC and well done the TPA. Hopefully 'taken for a ride' will be taken out and shot in tomorrow's spending review.

Gis a Job said...

What a complete waste of money!

emma boon said...

The TPA is an oddball group, full of failed politicians and activists. They operate at the very end of the spectrum.

They look at absolute savings, and were they to be implemented then local authorities simply could not function. This is as damaging as the fools at the other end who believe council taxpayers money is their own to waste. The happy medium comes somewhere inbetween.

Of course, they make easy headlines for newspapers but maybe it would be an idea for the TPA to put an FOI request in to find out how much their FOI request have cost taxpayers over the last five/six years!

As for the Tameside branch, there is no mention of it in the TPA's contacts list. I would be very dubious about the motives behind the Tameside branch. Wasn't its chief protagonist a member of both the Tory and Labour parties? Hasn't he attended election counts representing UKIP? He seems to be a bit of a Walter Mitty.

sandra stewart borough solicitor said...

TAKEN FOR A RIDE right whos the KNOB? if you read the top of the report you will see it clearly says 2009/2010.so if its taylor or any of the other gravy train cretins YOU BETTER GO TO SPECSAVERS knobs

Paul Traynor said...

Taken for a ride, going by your hysterical, abusive reaction you are either one of the Tamesdie labour mafia or affiliated to them. The political officers may have been forced to go, under scrutiny, the point is they should never have been there in the first place. The same goes for the rest of the non-jobs that are soon to go, in particular the ludicrous -give the ehtnics a leg up to get us a few more votes - diversity officers. What a disgraceful waste of other people's hard earned money. Well done the TPA.

2011 local elections said...

It's always a struggle, but then again, it would not be worth doing if it was not so!
Local elections 2011.

Slasher Osborne said...

There you go I have done it, gone a bit easy on the public sector only slashing about 500,000 jobs,but like I told you the benefit scroungers are having it.
People who can work will have to work the jobs are there they just don't want to work.

Anonymous said...

Bit worried about the cuts to the police. I may only see 0.85 policemen per year, instead of my usual one.

Burglary: Ten years, MANDATORY said...

Yes and they'd be in a vehicle.

Anonymous said...

A comment in the MEN tonight:

Tameside Council employs 25 recycling officers on a minimum of £27000, average salaries a year approx £850,000 , they dont make a penny from recycling so why have all these non required jobs.

Get it sorted Quinn said...

So they can get a gold star as an 'excellent council'. Their pigeons are going to come home to roost big time...ha ha ha.

A Concerned Taxpayer said...

And if you read Councillor Taylor's letter in the Advertiser, you will see that the council also employs a cycling officer to encourage bicycle usage.

Kieran and his lefty loons are moaning about the effects of cuts on public services. No doubt, frontline services will be given the chop first just to prove a point. But we will still be able to have our 16 diversity officers and 25 recycling officers.

If we don't make money from recycling then why are we giving money away via the community chest fund? The same fund which is full of Labour party stooges.

KTR said...

Because large numbers of the elctorate in Tameside are either thick or to apathetic to vote. Labour regularly win wards with the support of only 15% or less of the electorate, these are their core, braindead 'Labour'til I die' types. The 70% plus who don't even bother to vote, many of whom hate Labour's guts, are however the ones mostly to blame.

Anonymous said...

KTR Your absolutely spot on with your summary.
As a Labour Voter over many years
Tameside Council proved me wrong,
being full of elected brain dead,couldn`t run a chip shop, and mouthy with it,especially in the Tameside Advertiser rag with its sycophantic devoted Labour reporters sucking up to Labour big time.

Council lapdogs said...

The Advertiser is a pathetic ragbag of grovelling non-entities who have zero integrity or guts.

Taken for a ride said...

What a load of thick t**ts, these job titles are part of peoples jobs they deal with many areas within a department,the glass and plastics ect does not recycle its self somebody does it for us,you thick t**ts.
I wonder what jobs some of the above do, if any.

Anonymous said...

What jobs eh "taken for a ride" ?
How about being UK Regional Manager where budgets,targets,and profit,are the daily objectives.
The TMBC jokers wouldn`t last a tea break before being dispensed with.
"Send in The Clowns" should be the TMBC anthem

You don`t know who you are dealing with ??

Achtung! said...

Taken for a ride, you're right Tameside's council taxpayers (just like the rest of the country) have been 'taken for a ride'. That's all over. Get used to it. Mass privatisation for everything apart from GENUINELY essential services. Everyone will be paid - shock horror - the market rate.