Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Axe thug spared bill for £10,000 wrecking spree

A thug who ran amok in a town centre smashing windows with an axe in a drunken rampage has walked free from court – and will not even have to pay for the damage caused.

Kyle Lees-Stockton, 20, launched his mindless spree of vandalism causing almost £10,000 damage in Ashton under Lyne.

He smashed an axe through the windows of a McDonald’s, the Halifax bank and also Tameside magistrates court – where he was later hauled to admit his crimes.

Lees-Stockton, an out of work labourer of Manor Road, Denton, was angry after being kicked out of his grandparents’ home and was so drunk he later did not remember any of the incident, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

The court was shown dramatic CCTV footage of Lees-Stockton striking several windows with the axe, and his arrest soon after.

The defendant was facing detention in a young offenders’ institution, but was spared immediate custody by Judge Yvonne Coppel.

He was handed a six month sentence, suspended for a year.

Lees-Stockton earlier pleaded guilty to four charges of criminal damage and also admitted possession of an offensive weapon when he appeared before magistrates. Patrick Williamson, prosecuting, told the judge how the defendant ‘ran amok’ in Ashton town centre in the early hours of August 24. He broke several windows worth more than £9,000 in the spree.

Alison Heyworth, defending, said: “He has absolutely no recollection of the events at all, and does not know how the axe came to be in his possession. His actions were born out of drink and frustration.”

She added that he had never been to custody before, and that ‘a suspended sentence would be the sword of Damocles he needs to stay out of trouble’.

The court heard Lees-Stockton had previous convictions for possession of an offensive weapon and criminal damage.

Judge Coppel told him: “You behaved like a thug and caused damage and great inconvenience and expense.

“What is worse is that you were drunk and carrying an axe. I have considered immediate custody, but I have decided I’m going to put the ball back in your court. I have decided that you can be punished in a more constructive way.”

He was not ordered to pay compensation for the damage caused to the windows – because he doesn’t have a job – but was given a 12 month supervision order and a night-time curfew for two months. Manchester Evening News


JCT said...

flog and feather and tar him

Anonymous said...

Don't give me that Taylor, you'll probably meet up with him.

Tameside Politico said...

Oh look... He is a BNP supporter:!/profile.php?id=100000072701837

Link here said...

You can see the profile if you click on the link above.

Anonymous said...

No he's an edl supporter just like John Taylor is.

Tameside Politico said...

No matter who he supports, he's a moron.

Anonymous said...

It's BNP financial services, not the political group you numpty.

See Link Here! said...

Oh please lets not have these Labour/UAF clones on here pointing the finger at anyone.

The list of Labour scum/criminals, that infest our political system seems endless.

It's so depressing.

Anonymous said...

Send the fucker to work in the sweat shops of India.

sarah said...

You thickos fail to realise he was angry at the time but feels ashamed of his actions now.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's ok then, glad you put all us thickos right. Poor little fellow.

Mad Max. said...

Or maybe drugged up angry, boozed up maybe.? Anyway which way, he's still a waster and a twat.

Anonymous said...

On his Facebook profile the axe thug describes his political views as "BNP all the way". He certainly fits the profile for the BNP core voter.

Denton Blue said...

Typical Marxist stereotype of a white working class male - albeit a thuggish one.

Anonymous said...

Apologies. That should have been an ex-BNP core voter. Not even the NEDS (non-educated delinquents) vote for the BNP anymore. Nobody likes being laughed at.

It's a strange old world said...

Hey, that's pretty bad - thanks for the info, but did you hear about the Labour councillor jailed for child rape? Apparently the Labour Party is riddled from top to bottom with paedos, but people still vote for them in large numbers.

The Toad of Toad Hall said...

Any news of the village idiot's political career? Is it true that he's now the leader of Tameside BNP?

onwards and upwards said...

The new leader of Tameside BNP is RKW. the old guard have been expelled and the new era has begun.

The Fool on the Hill said...

That's the news all patriots have been dreaming of. Britain is saved!

Heil West!

Who will be the next victim? said...

I urge everyone to visit this site and read it very carefully. It is information regarding the street jihad which every Brit must read for their own safety and the safety of their loved ones.

Social Justice! said...

It's not a political career, yet! note, it's a political hobby.

'Politics for people.'
Roy West.

sarah said...

Who is it attacking the camera man in that video clip?

Dad Longworth said...

19000 views. Well done Mr West for exposing the other side of 'the pensioner's friend.'

Frank Castle said...

Sarah, no-one sane or with an IQ of more than 50 cares about his 'feelings'. He should have been thoroughly birched and given seven years hard labour. He wouldn't be grinning then.
It's called deterrent and punishment.

not on my watch said...

That website makes grim reading.

New Leader Of Tameside BNP! said...

Dear friends and colleagues, and some select close enemies.

I will drasitically reduce my time spent using the internet, allowing myself only half an hour a day using the web. Hope you can all understand, it's not very good for your sleep.
I would advise all folk to reduce their time spent on the internet.
You can get advise from your JP on the health issues, in relation to personal over use of the internet.

New Leaders Advise!
Look after your health and ruduce your time spent on here.

Thank You and God be with you.
Roy Kevin West.
Tameside British National Party.
One Year Leader (2011)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the publicity you numskulls, love it to bits.

Judge for yourself said...

It doesn't matter if he's laughing before or after sentencing. The 'punishment' received was a joke. Worse, he KNEW before he went in it would be.
A lot of Judges have got their own agenda. They have far too much power and virtually no accountability. We should adopt the American system where they are elected and consequently have to reflect public opinion not their own.

Village idiot takes over said...

rejoice Taylor and co the lunatics have taken over the LocaL BNP,its the end for them a bit sooner than we thought, many thanks xx

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he should meet up with Councillor Parker Perry and find out how to act as a Councillor.
Reade the latest on Mr Perry and his love life.
Is this another example of Birds of a Feather group together in TMBC.
Blog: Congratulations to Sean & Sian - just don't tell the wife!
Well, it's rare that one of the talked about turns up to talk to us, but it may well be that we have an exclusive. You may remember in a post last week we mentioned that Sean Parker-Perry's mistress - a certain Sian Dominey - has seemingly changed her name on facebook to Sian Parker-Perry (try not to laugh).

Well now the lady in question - or at least someone masquerading as her - left a comment on the post with the following news:

I will be Sian Parker-Perry as of next summer when we get married!

Of course, this is all very lovely: but there is the small inconvenience in the fact that Sean is still married to someone else - Baron (Tom) Pendry's daughter, Lady Fiona. At this rate, Miss Dominey will be lucky not to be named as co-respondent in the no doubt impending divorce proceedings...
I spotted the details on the blog including picture on

Anonymous said...

Anyone- is it true nobody from UKIP turned up at the count last Thursday in Longdendale

tonydj said...

Hello.... somebody checking his facebook our pet carpet munching bloater around??

tonydj said...

"Oh look... He is a BNP supporter:!/profile.php?id=100000072701837"

Really? There is no mention I can find on this site regarding the BNP.....BUT He did graduate from Westhill High School in '01 (when he was 11)

That's Westhill in Connecticut USA

Errrrr have we got the right person

underterraingrunter said...

19,000 views of someone who didn't want his actions viewed. I love YouTube.

JT said...

Why dont the shop owners take civil action against the thug and recover their cost, if more did this it would shame the courts the judge in this case needs removing or if you want it in my language sack her.

Anonymous said...


Thug rulers said...

Because he hasn't got any money Wittgenstein. How the f**k did you get where you are. God help the Borough.

tonydj said...

You're right anonymous. no UKIP turned up

Take another look said...

The two shops he damaged are big national stores not little shop owners JT could be right on this one.

Thug rulers said...

HE HASN'T GOT ANY MONEY. That's why fines as part of a criminal justice system are so useless.
If his offence carried a MANDATORY, (i.e. he KNEW that's what he'd get) sentence of seven years hard labour, and after working a twelve hour day he went back to a small concrete room he wouldn't have done it, it's called DETERRENT.

BNP said...

UKIP come on here and explain to us why you did nothing during the Longdendale by-election, and why you thought it was right not to be at the count.

Anonymous said...

BNP pull the plug on any help for the village idiot in Dukinfield, two more members have jumped ship because of his stupid antics.

No faith in Justice! said...

Thug rulers, I totally agree with you. Justice is never seen to be done these days.

New Leader? said...

A new urgency must now be adopted by all BNP candidates in Tameside for 2011 local elections.
A massive push for 'politics for people.' Getting to those people in the community left behind by the greedy Labour Mafia. The £30,000 type, greedy ones.
The individual can still make a difference in the struggle against the corrupt Labour Mafia.
That is why they fear you so much.
'Rocking their boat.' they don't like it.
They want to stay on that gravy train at all costs.
It's so rotten and corrupt.

Very, very strange stuff. said...

Take a look at this, John Taylor is very strange.

Shalom Zionism for the east. said...

Shalom John and how are you this fine morning.
I am a Zionist Jew. We believe it is our destiny and birth right to rule over the lands in the EAST.
We salute you for your support. Six million Jews perished at the hands of the Nazis.
Now the world must pay a heavy price for those crimes against The Chosen People of God.
Shalom John and stay strong in the face of the Nazi/Palestinian threats against you.

Follow Link Here! said...

My sole mission in life, is to set out to sink the Dukinfield Labour Mafia at all costs.
I owe this mission to their memory. While other people sit back and allow the 'Labour Mafia' to rule through corruption and thug rule, I refuse to allow the 'Labour bullies' here in Dukinfield to relax.

William Goldman jnr said...

PETA video against Kapparot ritual.

Every year, devout Jews around the world engage in an age-old ritual called kapparot, in which an individual swings a chicken over his head imbuing it with his sins. The chicken is then slaughtered and its meat donated to a local food charity. In this video, the animal rights activist group PETA documents abuses inconsistent with Jewish ethical laws in an attempt to convince the Jewish public that the ritual should no longer be practiced -- especially considering that Jewish law permits that money be used (and donated) as a substitute for a live animal.

yellow Jacket said...

Calm down Roy two of the Mafia are on holiday,and ones out playing bingo while you increase you blood pressure, they could not be more relaxed if they worked in the tranquillizer factory.

Evil personified said...

Are PETA doing anything about the barbaric atrocity of Kosher and Halal slaughter?
Shalom Zionism for the East, why are you wasting time on here when you could be bulldozing the house of someone who was not 'chosen' by God? The only difference between you and the Nazis is they admitted what they were.

Stand upto Labour Thugs said...

John Charles Taylor said...

Just take a look at few recent council by-elections more will follow and we will do very well, the coalition wont last much longer ,get ready for another election Lib/Dems cant stand the heat.
You either stand up to bullies or give into them.

Taylor does not allow the right to reply on his blog. But I'll stand upto the bully everytime in Duki.
Yes indeed.

Blood pressure test. said...

Yellow Jacket thanks for the advice.
Went for a blood pressure check up last week.

Thanks for you concern but no need.

PS your comment just shows how corrupt they are.
Loads of gravy train money to spend.

Anonymous said...

"19,000 views of someone who didn't want his actions viewed. I love YouTube."

Actually I think what the person in question didn't want was Roy West shoving a camera in his face, which is why he gave him a good slap. For that reason the footage is more of an embarassment to West and credits JT for standing up for himself. Watch the footage and the cheeky swine sticks the camera within arm's distance of the man. I think I can reassure Roy that JT doesn't give a damn how many people see it.

Personally I think West is a little over-zealous with that camera of his and needs to learn that he doesn't have licence to film whoever he pleases whenever he pleases. The guy is a loose cannon and was taught a lesson. By keep going on about it he only shows how upset he still is about it.

Interviewed under police caution for assault. said...

To Coin That Phrase, you are so fond of saying councillor John Charles Taylor, 'Those in Glass Houses.'

Remember that, you were interviewed by two police officers under police caution. This, for assault and criminal damage'
Just remember how foolish you look when you judge others for their conduct.

UAF said...

Taylor does allow people to reply on his blog he just keeps the village idiot off it.
Taylor's destroyed the BNP in Tameside with our help.

Donald Campbell said...

UAF, I've no idea if the local BNP have been 'destroyed' or not, but revelling in the possible destruction of a democratic Party speaks volumes about you and your anti-democratic fascistic organisation.

James Irwin said...

Anonymous, the reason Mr West started filming was because Mr Taylor had just delivered an unprovoked four letter tirade (something he has never denied) and Mr West asked him to repeat it on film. Perfectly reasonable I would have thought.
Mr Taylor is now Deputy Executive Leader and this footage of a man in such a position behaving like this, he should have simply ignored Mr West as he and everyone else are fully aware of the latter's problems, reflects extremely badly on our Borough. If, as you describe, Mr Taylor is happy about the footage it confirms his appalling lack of judgement.

19,454 views said...

Then why bother waste your time to even mention it then?

The Zionist Deputy Leader said...

BNP destroyed in Tameside, you carry on dreaming.
Taylor will bring problems onto himself from the Muslim community if he's not too careful.
All this zionist, Israeli, flag waving in their faces will all end in tears for him.
It's like a red flag to a bull.
He's either filled with courage or just plain stupid.
With a growing Muslim population here in Tameside. Is it then, truely wise of the deputy to show his overt Zionist beliefs.?
I just wonder.

Get me on the front page said...

West was interviewed under caution then charged, a bit different from being interviewed and not charged its police procedures.

I agree John Taylor is loving all the extra publicity its what he does best.

Anonymous said...

I see that councillor John Taylor has taken down his Zionist support article.
Shows provocation towards the growing Muslim population here in Tameside.
Thats the same tactics of the edl to provoke Muslims with Israeli flags at their rallies.
Wonder if councillor Taylor will put any more of those Zionist articles on his website.?

Frank Castle said...

They should have used the same axe on Mr Lees-Stockton that he used to do all that damge. One hefty swing and all the damage that this subhuman dross can do for the next few decades would never happen.
As Josef Stalin used to say, 'No person, no problem.'

Ian Hook said...

Get me on the front page, Mr West was interviewed, charged, tried and convicted for having an argument with his German neighbour, during which Mr West made some silly anti-German remarks, that is not in dispute and you are eager to condemn it. But when the Deputy Leader of our Borough lashes out with virtually zero provocation that, in your view, is apparently something to be admired and desired.

Anonymous said...

@James Irwin

We are not all living in fantasy land. This wasn't some little old lady that Taylor had swore at. It was his most hated political rival in the area who had just approached him in the street and made derogatory remarks to him about his wife. Any self-respecting man would've been tempted to land one on him straight away, but Taylor's more measured response was a four letter word and an attempt to walk away from a highly provocative situation. And what does West do - go chasing him down the street screaming "repeat what you just said!" and shoved his camera within arm's distance of his face to be posted all over the internet to be mocked before the world and his 40,000 youtube friends (as had happened with his wife weeks earlier).

Now I think most right-minded people will agree that in light of all that Taylor's response was moderate and totally forgivable. As for suggesting that Taylor could've just 'ignored' someone doing this to him, perhaps I should refer you to the incident where Peter Tatchell attempted to humiliate Griffin before the cameras and was very quickly removed from the scene by force.

19,514 views said...

Get me on the front page I'm glad he likes the extra publicity.

It shows him in a very good light, and allows him to judge others on their personal conduct.
Police procedures or not, he was still reported to the police for assault and criminal damage.

Front page would be great! It will give people a much closer look at this man's corrupt methods.

Hypocrites are a plenty! said...

Get me on the front page whats wrong?
I'm only doing what he does.
When people make allegations against me, he puts them in his leaflets.
So my leaflet for Duki, will mention Taylor's interview under police caution for assault and criminal damage.
So when folk read Taylor's smear leaflets about people making allegations about me, they can at least read a leaflet all about his interview under police caution for assault and criminal damage.
Taylor mentions in his smear leaflet, that a woman with mixed race kids made an official complaint against me.
There was no police interview, nothing at all.
But he was interviewed when I reported him for assault.

aluman2000 said...

I would love taylor to hit me like that ? I would kicked the shit out of him and get away with it. pls pls slap me taylor

James Irwin said...

Anonymous, 'Derogatory remarks about his wife'? first anyone's heard of that, but it must be true if John Taylor says it. The Deputy Leader of the council swearing at and lashing out at one of his political opponents for merely trying to film is totally irresponsible and unacceptable, cool heads are required from someone in that position.
The previous night's incident when Mrs Taylor knocked on Mr West's door and harangued HIM did not result in an attempted assault by Mr West, simply an attempt to film her which was met with, guess what, a lash out. Perhaps it runs in the family.
No idea what relevance Peter Tatchell has to this. I would imagine Mr Griffin's security (very necessary given the number of unprovoked assaults on him) were simply doing their job.

running scared said...

Mr West how many times have you pushed your camera in Front of John Taylor face since he smacked your arse that memorable day.
I would love to know what happened after your camera went blank,something did because its got you very annoyed and your obsessed with Taylor.

It's all in his methods. said...

Remember. I do not underestimate this man and his methods in anyway.
I have had to watch this man meet the father of the two thugs convicted, for the violence at Werneth Avenue. Then send me a letter gloating.
I see that they are both in last weeks advertiser for stealing cars.
Taylor sent the police to my house on election day 2008 with bogus allegations about my name being false.
Despite the police saying, that there was no wrong doing he still went ahead with a smear leaflet about my name being false.
I watched with amazement when he made threats to use information from new charter housing (untrue allegations) in a smear leaflet.
I know what I am up against with this corrupt individual.
I knew that right from the start, after he met the thug that forced my family out of our home on Werneth Avenue.
I am up against a man that knocks on my neighbours door trying to bring conflict.
I know, they have told me Mr Taylor.
I am up against a man, that is going round the community looking for people with a spiteful agenda against me.
Just like that woman with mixed race kids.
Nothing ever came of her allegation, but Taylor used her anyway for his smear leaflet.
His methods are vile, but I will not stop in Duki.

Anonymous said...

@'James Irwin'

Let's be clear about this... West walked into a stationary finger. As for honesty, I seem to recall West first saying that he'd told Taylor he didn't want leaflets through his door. More recently he's elaborated on that slightly and stated that he made remarks about his wife, which (surprise surprise) sounds kind of similar to Taylor's version that he'd remarked about having reported his wife to the police. Both you and I will agree though that only the two of them know the truth about actually happened.

You also credit West with not assaulting a woman half his size and strength, and I regret to inform you that the two incidents are not identical in nature. And having a 'cool head' is one thing, being a door mat for the benefit of West and his YT account is another matter entirely. That you suggest Taylor could have easily ignored that fruit cake ranting in his ear whilst holding a camera to his face as he walks down the street shows how far removed from reality you are. But perhaps you think he ought to have stopped for formal interview with Roywestreports LMAO. GET REAL!

James Irwin said...

Anonymous, let's be clear about this, Mr West was hit with a swinging right hand/arm that also broke the screen on his mobile, check the footage. Point out where Mr West said he'd made offensive remarks about Mrs Taylor other than saying he didn't want her knocking on his door haranguing him.
I didn't credit Mr West with anything, I simply stated the fact that when he was being harangued on his own doorstep by Mrs Taylor he kept his cool, didn't 'snap' like John Taylor and merely attempted to get filmed evidence of her.
I didn't say the incidents were identical, I pointed out the similarity in that both Taylors lashed out.
Mr West was not 'ranting' in anyone's ear, he asked Mr Taylor to repeat his foul and abusive language (something Mr West was held to account for when HE snapped at his neighbour, which you would no doubt readily condemn. Of course when Mr Taylor snaps he is simply standing up for himself. It's called double standards), and Mr Taylor lashed out.
You're the one who's removed from reality, as well as the facts.
I don't think Mr Taylor should have stopped, as I've already stated I think he should have walked away, and as Deputy Leader he wouldn't now have the 'wonderful' publicity, for himself and the Borough, of 20,000 views on YouTube.

It's all in his methods. said...

Not running scared of anything. Just exposing the corrupt methods used by councillor John Taylor.
A Morally Bankrupt individual that met the thug,that forced a mother and her two children out of their home on Werneth Avenue.
Taylor ignored all the facts, in relation to the violent crimes against my family.
Yet it suited Taylor's spiteful agenda against me, to give support to those behind a vicious campaign of violence against my family.
New Charter Housing re-housed my family here in Dukinfield.
Taylor then knocks on my new neighbours door, telling them that I was responsible for smashing folks windows in Hyde.
Taylor does not tell them, that, 14 convictions followed all that violence against my family on Werneth Avenue.
But instead of looking to be fair, this corrupt man then meets those responsible for all that violence against my family.
Then Taylor informs my family, that, he's prepared to meet them again if they had information for him.
Yes, and we both know what you do with those allegations don't we Mr Taylor.
You are never going to stop me, no matter what corrupt methods you may use.

Iron Lady. said...

Anonymous are you talking about this video, of Taylor's wife hitting out at West on his own doorstep?

Anonymous said...

@James Irwin

"You're the one who's removed from reality, as well as the facts.
I don't think Mr Taylor should have stopped, as I've already stated I think he should have walked away"

errr... well forgive me for pointing it out, but from what I can see of the footage Taylor WAS walking away and West was giving chase - no confusion there.

And perhaps you'd care to explain why West couldn't at the outset have done like Taylor and just ignored the other man on the street. Perhaps you'll also agree that when swore at West could just as easily have said something equally offensive back and left it at that... O SORRY! West is one of your local BNP chums isn't he, and being fair and objective about it doesn't enter the equation.

You can dress this up any way you please. The plain truth is... stick a video camera in the face of your most hated rival in the area to be mocked before thousands on the internet and you are asking for trouble from ANYONE - whatever their position. And in my book anyone who would've kept their head down whilst the individual that they have been in such bitter conflict with for two years walks beside and films would be a contemptible pushover not worthy of the label 'man'. West made a characteristic crass error of judgement and came off worse - get over it!

The Real Truth Seeker. said...

Telling the truth always rocks the boat.
Here's someone that can certainly rock the boat.

Ian Hook said...

The key here is to watch the two Taylor videos back to back. The instant, violent reactions of both when confronted by someone simply trying to film them speaks volumes. I wonder what the Taylor's would do if their neighbour confronted them and told them they couldn't put up a flag in their own garden, doesn't bear thinking about.
And this man is the Deputy Executive Leader of our Borough, how will he react under the coming massive financial squeeze for Tameside, and consequent personal pressure? Let's also hope his numeracy is better than his literacy.

nothing is over you just don't turn it off. said...

running scared.
I'm going to ask councillor John Taylor a very important question, in the form of a local leaflet for Dukinfield.
Was it really wise of cllr Taylor to meet the head of a well known criminal family.?
A family that is known in the area for drugs, stabbing people, stealing cars, smashing people's windows.
This leaflet will not hold back on the truth.
It is just one of a number of leaflets for Dukinfield in the run upto 2011.
This leaflet will explain about cllr Taylor's meeting, with thugs that attacked a woman and her children in their home.
We will see what this cllr is made of, when his methods are truely exposed to the people of Dukinfield.

The Local Labour Mafia said...

I put the hatrick of the Taylor videos up. What do they all have in common?

James Irwin said...

Anonymous, Mr Taylor wasn't walking awy when he stopped, turned round and lashed out at Mr West who was simply trying to film him and asking him to repeat his previous four letter tirade - no confusion there.
Mr West chose not to ignore Mr Taylor's foul mouthed outburst and instead asked him to repeat it on film, perfectly resonable, totally unlike Mr Taylor's violent reaction. Try to be fair and objective even though you're clearly a friend of Mr Taylor.
The only reason Mr Taylor is being 'mocked on the internet' is BECAUSE he didn't walk away. If he had kept his cool there would have been nothing to film. His behaviour showed an appalling lack of control and judgement, especially considering his position.
Perhaps you'd also care to praise Mr West's reaction to his German neighbour's objection to Mr West's erection of a flag in his own garden. After all it showed he wasn't a 'contemptible pushover' and 'a man', your definition of which seems to be someone who uses totally unnecessary physical violence.
Explain how Mr West made an 'error of judgement' and/or 'came off worse'. He got footage that portrayed Mr Taylor in an extremely bad light that has had 20000 views on YouTube and is clearly enjoying every minute. He came off a lot better off - get over it!

Dude Master said...


Anonymous said...

@James Irwin

I will praise Roy West for...

1. ushering some daft upstart ninny away with a camera who'd come to rant at his front door.


2. for giving his arrogant neighbour what for when he tried to lay the law down on what he could / could not do on his side of the shed.

You see what you don't get Jimmy is that this isn't about loyalties or friendships. I live in Hyde and have never met West or Taylor. It's about looking at a situation and judging where right and wrong lies purely on the basis of actions / words.

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it... if someone I had been in such bitter dispute with came chasing me down the street and shoved a video camera in my face to deride me on youtube, then I (and probably many rational people) would be more than a bit inclined to "lash out" in the heat of the moment.

THAT is what is understandable in ANY context irrespective of any words that have just been exchanged and irrespective of job titles held. I can see that, the police could see it and most people who are not Roy West lackeys would also see it. And your persistent feeble attempts to argue otherwise are doing nothing other than making you look silly.

Anonymous said...

@James Irwin

and one other thing... I really wouldn't mention how many views Roy West's videos get. The only reason that Taylor vid has clocked up so many views is because West has it on autoplay on his YT channel page, and spends all day every day sending out friend invites (44,000 and counting) so people will visit his profile and see it. That's hardly an endorsement of the man and his state of mind. Other videos he uploads tend to languish on view counts of 2 figures for quite some time, despite having 44,000 friends registered to view them.

Anonymous said...

@James Irwin

"Mr West chose not to ignore Mr Taylor's foul mouthed outburst and instead asked him to repeat it on film, perfectly resonable, totally unlike Mr Taylor's violent reaction."

and my point there was that Taylor was ignoring West - just take a minute to remind yourself of who exactly it was who starting that confrontation in the first place. The best thing that either man can do when seeing the other in the street is to ignore the other irrespective of any minor incident with his wife the day before (a brief poison stare across the street might be in order). But West being the cocky upstart he is obviously couldn't help himself. Perhaps you could enlighten me as to whether West has made any further attempts to film an interview with Councillor Taylor...

James Irwin said...

Anonymous, so Mr West was RIGHT to film Mrs Taylor (the daft upstart ninny) but WRONG to film Mr Taylor.
YOU might agree with the Deputy Executive Leader of the council lashing out in a violent and almost totally unprovoked manner, I and any other fair minded, objective observer would strongly disagree. Glad you agree that Mr West's overreaction to his neighbour, although a mistake, should never have gone to Court. Mr Taylor's total overreaction has had NO consequences, which you presumably agree with. Your argument lacks any consistency. Some people might be 'inclined to lash out' in the face of such trivial 'provocation', the vast majority would resist that inclination and respond in an adult way. Do you have any evidence that Mr West has the John Taylor video on autoplay on YouTube? Thought not. I'm starting to think you're prejudiced against him despite your earlier protestations of impartiality and neutrality. Just take a minute to remind yourself who started this confrontation. If Mr Taylor was ignoring Mr West why did he launch into a four letter tirade.
You describe Mr West as a 'cocky upstart' despite stating previously that you had never met either man, again revealing your prejudice against him, or perhaps it's his Party you don't like. As for further interviews, I think Mr Taylor would be very reluctant looking at the results of this one.
If you believe the rabid zeal the modern, politicised police display towards a BNP candidate accused of a nationality based verbal outburst, also applies to a possible assault by ANYONE on that BNP candidate you're extremely naive, to put it mildly. Anyone who wasn't John Taylor's 'lackey' could see that, OK Jimmy?

He lost his rag. said...


Looking forward to 2011 said...

Anonymous. I plan to film him soon, to ak him about his meeting with the thugs that attacked, and forced my family out of our home.
But this will take place in the sight of the media and a big audience.

Politics For People said...

This will be the BNP campaign/motivation in Dukinfield.

The words!

It's not on autoplay. said...

This is another West video with 19,598
views It's not on autoplay.

Anonymous said...

@James Irwin

The only 'consistency' you seem to understand is a complete refusal to find fault with anything a local nut-job does simply on the basis of his affiliation with a certain political party. I think you are the one who has displayed a remarkable bias.

Anonymous said...

My goodness the above has got it bad with his obsession on West.

James Irwin said...

Anonymous, your response has got considerably shorter, that's because you've lost the argument.
I DID find fault in Mr West's overreaction to his German neighbour but also with the authorities' complete overreaction in sending him for trial and I am extremely suspicious of their motivation for doing so. His actions had dire and excessive consequences, Mr Taylor's have had no official consequences. We need rational cool headed people to lead Tameside, especially in light of the coming massive financial cuts which will put immense pressure on our local elected officials.
I didn't absolve Mr West and if I had it would have nothing to do with his politics, that's wild conjecture to disguise your inability to construct a reasoned response.
I think you are the one who has failed to disguise a remarkable bias.

Anonymous said...

The only obsessions around here are West's persistent stalking of Taylor; and his pal's unbelievably obsessive nannying need to defend the man against any and all criticism (the same West-obsessed individual who has the nerve to accuse other of obsession when he loses an argument).

Anonymous said...

Above get a life! your obsession on West, is too much.

James Irwin said...

That's an even shorter response that lacks any detail or argument. Mr West and Mr Taylor do have a running verbal and campaigning battle and a 'past' but neither has ever stalked the other.
I'm not Mr West's 'pal' and I've never 'nannied' him. I didn't 'defend him against any and all criticism', I directly cticised his overreaction to his neighbour. In the latest exchange between the two Mr Taylor was clearly the one in the wrong for HIS violent overreaction.
Point out where I accused anyone of obsession.
The only one 'unbelievably obsessed' with the West/Taylor situation is you, I'm simply countering your persistently erroneous statements.