Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Shock challenge for Tameside Council leader

Britain's longest-serving council leader is facing a power struggle after 30 years in charge.

Roy Oldham, 75, the boss of Tameside council, has been told he faces a challenge from fellow Labour councillor Kieran Quinn.

And Coun Oldham’s local constituency Labour Party – Stalybridge and Hyde – has added fuel to the fire by backing Coun Quinn. Coun Oldham has been leader of Tameside council since 1980, making him the longest-serving council leader in British history.

He considered stepping down last year – saying he was minded to do so following personal problems – but said this week that he now hoped to stand again.

But Coun Oldham was left reeling after members of Stalybridge and Hyde CLP, a patch which includes his Longdendale ward, pledged their support for his rival.

Coun Oldham described the decision, made at the party’s monthly meeting on Friday, as a ‘slap in the face’.

He said: “The decision of the Stalybridge and Hyde CLP not to support my nomination, which in fact has little bearing on the Labour group’s own decision on their choice of leader, was nevertheless a good slap in the face.”

Coun Quinn, Tameside economic chief, had previously been tipped to take over in May.
Manchester Evening News


Nine Bob Note alert said...

What's the MP's comment? We all know of Mr Purnell's selflessness, honesty and integrity.

Look at me when I'm talking to you said...

In the Kingdom of the bent the boss-eyed man is King.

Putsch said...

Roy deserves better than this! I hope the treacherous fails in his plot to seize power.

justice for victims before PC said...

Only days after the horrific race attack where a white youth had his ears cut off by racist taxi drivers we have another brutal race attack . The victim, a white child battered senseless by a 20 strong gang of Asians was lucky to have escaped with his life. The biased newspaper begrudgingly added a footnote about one of the 'offenders' making a racist remark.

Now tell me what the hysteria would be like if 20 white men attacked and nearly killed an ethnic child and made a racist remark. Would it be tucked away in a local newspaper or would it make national news headlines?

Quinn is a nutter said...

Roy Oldham has shown bad judgement. This news has been 'rumoured' on here for weeks. If he'd acted a few days sooner, he could have announced he intended to stand down in May, and all his treacherous 'colleagues' would have been singing his praises and sending him flowers. His 30 year record would have been unblemished.

The Tories have been giving him a hard time in Longdendale and his 'colleagues' have just been waiting for a sign of weakness. They've now moved in for the kill.

What a shame for 30 years service to end like this.

Old Labour said...

Yes, I agree. He does not deserve to end his reign like this. Quinn is a sly bastard if you ask me.

The ones responsible said...

Unless the government and Police grow some balls problems like the ones in Oldham will soon spread to Tameside and nationwide. New Labour with their floodgates welded open immigration 'policy' have a lot to answer for.

Reimer said...

Anonymous justice for victims before PC said...

we have another brutal race attack . The victim, a white child battered senseless by a 20 strong gang of Asians was lucky to have escaped with his life. The biased newspaper begrudgingly added a footnote about one of the 'offenders' making a racist remark. "

Those readers who bothered to comment are under little illusion about the character of what their town is having done to it (and the way in which they are being experimented upon) - the disconnect between their sentiments and the paper's reporting (tacitly the view of the ruling caste) is a microcosm of the disjuncture between this country's sons & daughters and the cold-eyed reptiles who run many of its functions.


George Galloway for PM said...

Did anyone watch George Galloway MP talking about the murderous bandit state (Israel)on BBC news 24? He is a brave critic of this criminal entity. I would love to see him challenge my local MP who is the current chair of the Labour friends of the Bandit State.

I'm backing Roy said...

It is time for everyone who appreciates what Roy has done for this borough over the last thirty years to rally behind him and help him fight off the buffoon pretender to his throne.

Death to traitors said...

Galloway occasionally making some good points, about Israel for instance, does not make him fit for Office in Britain.
Let's hope his Muslim mates in his constituency see his Israel bashing as the attempted vote winning drivel it is.

Anonymous said...

Taylor number two in charge,fucking hell what a cunt of a thought.

Council Offices said...

John Taylor served six months, I bet he never thought that he would have the chance to have real power being number two at council.

Roy Oldham said...

A day in the life of Roy Oldham:

8.00am awake to find my dearest soon to be out of a job Don Charlesworth with local papers and tea.

9.00am Don and I head of to work planning the assasination of Kieran Quinn and his new cabinet.

10.00am: Ged Cooney calls kissing my arse as he knows if I go so does he.

11.00am: three big gin and tonics and then back to work promising everybody possible all the traitors jobs. I will win.

Don has a cunning plan we are going to get Jim and John to fall out and then have all of hyde and Stalybridge Shot.

1.00pm Ged Cooney phones again saying he also has a cunning plan after 5 mins of his tiresome shit I hang up.

Bribe a couple more councilors with the same job the fools they can fight it out once I am in.

3.00pm the day is nearly over Don has gone for the Jag and Ged has offered to come around and make tea

4.00pm arrive home and go through the nomination papers david moore took with him so we can see who voted Kieran in and me out only a matter of time now and the handwriting will be assessed.

5.00pm Ged Runs me a bath and Don pours the drinks tonight I am going to write another fable just like the one I did for Longdendale that might make all those fools like me.

receive a call from phil fitzpatrick the mole is now in place.

Called John Bell to ask him how it feels to be shit on by his own team.
John says not to worry Roy you are going to lose Longdendale anyway.

8.00pm Ged tucks me into bed and once more I promise him the deputy's job bless him the fool he does not realise he has not got a cat in hells chance poor bastard so loyal.
Feeling sleepy now the Scotch has worked maybe I should just call a meeting and then shoot the lot of them.
good night Tameside

Please Kieran dont do it said...


used, abused and taken for granted said...

Yes, if you say so KIERAN. Goodnight traitor.

Anonymous said...

Oh whats up? John can take it. He knows his past is crooked. John is a street thug from the 70's 80's.

GMP said...

We have also received a complaint from a Ms Sandra Stewart in relation to a libellous comment by Mottram Tory.
We are becoming irritated and frustrated by this blog.

You have been warned.

Bring back James Anderton said...

Go and catch some career criminals doing 32 in a 30 zone.

tonydj said...

Libel is a civil and not a criminal offence, hence the police are not involved.

They are too busy tracking down real criminals like the taxi driver who draged a young white lad along the road with his taxi in a non-racial incident.

Tell you what GMP, you stop the censorship of the local press so there is no need of blogs like this printing controversial articles.

As for "tracing the IP address" I have just tried that with my IP address. Apparently I live in Liverpool!!

No wonder innocent Brazilian electricians get shot or civil servants with learning difficulties get fitted up!

Anonymous said...

Good shout TonyDJ.

Tameside Eye said...

It amazes me how GMP have all the wrong priorities. Have you not got time to investigate people clocking cars?

for whom the bell tolls said...

One may have served time in Borstal but not prison?

roy walker said...

Anyone who thinks it is actually the GMP who posted that is a little bit mental.
Not that Ms Stewert wouldn't over step her remit as that would be so unlike her wouldn't it?
Oh and a message to Cllr Taylor who has been lobbying his fellow councillors against Roy. You are not going to be deputy leader as your fellow councillors think you're an idiot who has been played nicely by kieren.

Council Offices said...

We would like to make it Absolutely clear, that Cllr Ged Cooney has no past criminal convictions and has led a completely blameless life.

tonydj said...

Councillor Oldham claims that "We are being robbed by a conspiracy of international financiers" and that "It doesn't matter who wins the election they will still rob us" at the last council meeting.

Then suddenly he faces a hugh challange to his leadership.

Hmmmmmm coincidence or conspiracy??