Monday, 4 January 2010

Fraudster collects money in military uniform

A man has appeared in court after people in Ashton were conned by a man pretending to be a war veteran.

Liam Kissane (born 30/3/82) of no fixed abode has been charged with three counts of deception.

He appeared at Tameside Magistrates Court on 31st December and was remanded in custody.

On 29 December 2009, a man dressed in military uniform pretended to be a war veteran collecting money for the charity Help for Heroes.

He was challenged and arrested on suspicion of deception by a neighbourhood police officer. GMP

What’s the betting this individual is a heroin addict? If found guilty of this disgusting crime how about we have a whip round, fly him over to Helmand and let him try a bit of real soldiering - starting with mine clearance and bomb disposal duties. Tameside Citizen


Death at the jaws of piranha's said...

Kick him out the back of a police van in Glodwick dressed in a British Army uniform. He would be devoured quicker than you could say 'Islam is a religion of peace'.

JTs best mate said...

Just remove his testicles, and if he is a smack head its a good idea to send him off to Afghanistan he can take all the smack he can take and hopefully overdose

busted said...

Roy can we have an update on your health and safety issue at the community centre Dukinfield, the paving stone is still lose,we have been told that someone called in on new years eve and offered to lay all new flag stones all around the centre free of charge
We are looking at CCTV footage for that day on Tuesday because the description of the person making this offer sounds a bit like you, something a bit suspicious about this.
We will let you know who's on the disc when we view it Tuesday looks like another BNP scam to us.

TMBC - BUST said...

You'd have to grit the pavements first. But that's not 'til July is it.

Sick of it said...

Shoot him and all junkies, they aren't victims they're just a waste of space.

Totenkopf said...

There are millions of people in Britain alone we'd be better off without. The criminals and traitors should be executed first.

Death to traitors said...

Islamic population of what used to be London-
Circa 2001: 607,000.
Circa 2010: At least 1,000,000 legal and countless illegal.
Labour are responsible.

Roy West said...

There's nothing suspicious about it, I went into the community centre today to confirm our offer. The offer still stands in relation to this matter. The manager of the centre explained that it's a council owned building, and it's for them to say yes or no to our offer.

code blue said...

Nick Griffin is going to Wootton Bassett to block the Islamic extremisrts. On this day I will be there and marching side by side with the BNP.

Gis a Job said...

Mr west if you can post leaflets and now you have confirmed that you can lay stone pavings surly you can get a job and stop scrounging off the state each week.
The men who do this work are very skilled it takes years to train them, I dont think the council will allow a bunch of cowboy benefit cheats to do the work leave that scam to the gypsies.

get the bagpipes out said...

According to this mornings papers the preacher Anjem Chodary is another benefit cheat,another work shy gob shite preacher taking us all for a ride.
Muslim fanatics like him need to get out of this country even if born here and see if any other country would keep him free of charge he lives in a house valued at £350,000.
If he goes ahead with his march it will be a turning point for this country and many will wake up to the threat of these these fanatics, lets hope he does it,then we need to give him and his friends a greeting they will never forget.
After that get his benefits stopped and let his friends keep him and his family.

Anonymous said...

Stop all these Muslims and immigrant benefit cheats. England wake up.

send him to roy said...

I know what to do with him TC get him and take him to Roy West's and make him sign up for the BNP he will fit in there perfect robbing people by deception it is nothing compared to the insult of the BNP my great grandfather died fighting bastards like these and it is a disgrace to see anybody that supports such a gang of racisits

i am not a racist said...

Dukinfield BNP candidate Roy West has been fined after admitting charges of directing racially aggravated abuse at his German neighbour.

The charges relate to an argument between West and his neighbour, Bernd Kugow, which happened in August last year.

West had put up a number of flags in his garden and was attaching another Union flag to a shed Mr Kugow believed was on his property.

He asked West to remove the flag but an argument ensued, during which, Tameside Magistrates’ Court was told, Mr Kugow was met with a torrent of racial abuse.

West, who polled 754 votes when he stood for the BNP in Dukinfield in last May’s elections, was fined £125 by the court and ordered to pay £215 costs plus £50 compensation to Mr Kugow.

West, who changed his original plea from not guilty to guilty, admitted making the insults, including calling Mr Kugow a ‘Kraut’, telling him to go ‘back to Krautland’ and ‘kill some more Jews’ plus adding ‘remember Dunkirk’.

However, he denied they were racially motivated.

“I can put my hand on my heart and say I don’t think this is a racist issue,” he said.

“I know I changed my plea and I’m not denying that I used those words but there was never any racial intention. I deeply regret saying the things I did, but I feel this has been blown out of proportion.

“If I was to be charged then it should have been with verbal abuse, but without any racist element to it.

“How can I be racist to a white man?”

Mr Kugow did not wish to be interviewed following the court case but said now the case was over he wished to put the incident behind him.

During the court case Mr Kugow, who has lived in the UK for 20 years, said he had been subjected to an “incredible torrent of the most vile abuse I’ve ever heard. He said if I tried to come in his garden he would kill me.”

Mr Kugow’s British born partner, Susan Holt, told the court: “I was gobsmacked. I was shocked because you don’t expect your neighbour to come out with those sorts of comments.

“Normal people don’t do that and I’ve never experienced it before and never want to again.”

Following the incident West visited his neighbours with chocolates and a handwritten letter of apology as the two parties attempted reconciliation.

Both the BNP and West had said they felt the case was one of ‘malicious prosecution’ by police and the crown prosecution service.

The party had originally intended to stage a protest before West said he wished the matter to remain private.

Since the case a BNP spokesman has stated that West’s membership of the party was “under review.”

more please said...

Stop West and his mates also another group of cheating bastards.

Anonymous said...

Well how can he be racist towards another white man? good question.

UAF said...

Mr West did you really think the council would let you and a bunch of cowboys on benefits touch any of their building or do any work on their footpaths,strict procurement rules operate in councils,you need to find another publicity scam to pull.
There is a lighting column on King street opposite the town hall on during the day try that one, and there is a grid missing on Furnace street,its a sewer grid just up your street BNP scum.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

uaf talking about benefit cheats, most that rabble have never worked. What a laugh.

Anonymous said...

UAF you dumb shit, the issue is, that the council have left these steps in a dangerous state for many years now.

UAF said...

They were OK until you interfered with them for your stunt,now your pissed off because you have been caught out, try dumping rubbish again the clearing it up like you did in Hyde.
You will like our next UAF leaflet your criminal case is front page, enjoy the white out we are having do you get extra state handouts in this weather.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha UAF benefit cheat

Anonymous said...

I welcome all your leaflets, the more the better. Hope the advertiser bring up the old crap over and over again.

Death to traitors. said...

Your Great Grandfather did not die to put Britain into its present near ruined position and on course for utter destruction as a nation. None of the men who fought did it for what New Labour, with its thirteen year forced, uncontrolled mass immigration project has turned Britain into.

Juggernaut said...

UAf/Taylor, f**k off this site, get off your arse and get something done about the Borough's icebound roads and pavements. They are an utter disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Griffin and his pals will be as welcome as islam4uk in Wooton Bassett. The scum from both sides should stay away.

Anonymous said...

How do you know, do you live there?

Towton 1461 said...

You're right about sides, between the British and many of those those with British passports.
Never mind Muslim 'extremists', the silence on all these types of contentious issues from 'moderate' Muslims and their representatives is deafening. Muslim's loyalty lies with their religion/culture and country of origin, not with Britain.

Anonymous said...

Taylor and wild out all afternoon clearing the pathways on Lodge close and Crescent close.
To late now for other to do it now.

Anonymous said...

Your joking, Wild out shovelling show he's pissed most of the time.
St John volunteers see him in there pissed as a fart.

Anonymous said...

A Dukinfield St John volunteer told me a week ago about Brian Wild's drunken state, after he came out of the Top Astley.

No work no pay said...

Many people could not get into work today but many tried very hard and got there, did you manage to get to work today Roy?

chris@admin said...

The British National Party have had a professional survey carried out on the lethal steps at the community centre. We have offered to rectify the problem free of charge utilising the services of a professional builder. We are in the process of contacting the owners of the community centre to reaffirm our offer. If the owners (TMBC) refuse our offer and an injury or fatality occurs - it cannot be said the owners were not made aware. Local people in Dukinfield have commented on the lack of interest shown by their ward councillors on this serious health and safety issue.

Roy West said...

work no pay thanks for your interest, I was out posting these new Euro leaflets. I had to put my snow shoes on but I managed to post a few hundred.

Frankfurt School Absentee said...

The history of Political Correctness part 1.
Part two - The Frankfurt School. Part 3. For anyone unaware of the ideology behind PC please watch the three videos. You will be wiser when you have watched them.

labour made my day said...


all welcome said...

Unite Against Fascism is holding its annual national conference on Saturday 13 February at the TUC Congress Centre in central London.

This will be a crucial event for everyone who opposes the fascist British National Party and wants to prevent it from making gains at the next general and local elections. It will also be a focus for all those resisting the rise of racist anti-Muslim groups such as the English Defence League.

The climate of racism against immigrants and Muslims, together with harsh and uncertain economic circumstances, have created conditions that have allowed the Nazis to grow.

The BNP has been steadily building support over the past few years, culminating them gaining two MEP seats at the last European elections. Now BNP leader Nick Griffin intends to stand for parliament in Barking, a constituency where the fascists already have 11 councillors.

But the BNP has not gone unopposed. In the past year Unite Against Fascism has organised dozens of high-profile protests, rallies and campaigns against the Nazis. We helped disrupt Griffin's press conference, blockade the BNP's annual rally in Derbyshire, and most recently organised a huge protest outside the BBC studios when Griffin appeared on Question Time.

UAF groups around the country have also regularly opposed the EDL in cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

The next six months will be vital for turning the tide against the fascists. UAF stands for uniting everyone who wants to fight back against the BNP and EDL - black and white, gay and straight, people of all religions and none.

If we stand together we we can defeat the Nazis just as we defeated the National Front in the 1970s and the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s. Come along to our conference and find out how you can join the momement.

never a bnp councillor in tameside ever said...

The reputation of the British military is under attack. The BNP are cynically exploiting the reputation of Britain's military to promote their nasty brand of racism, segregation and intolerance.

It is a deliberate political strategy to exploit the good name of the British Armed Services and to manipulate public opinion.

It is time we said enough. The Military's image is not to be used for a political party's gain.

read this Roy said...

“Nick Griffin has lost interest in being a Member of the European Parliament and has abandoned the people of North West England who voted for him.

Speaking a few days after the British National Party leader announced he would be standing in Barking in the general election, Simon Darby, the BNP deputy leader, said: “Nick believes he should be an MP in Westminster and not in the European Parliament”.

Darby was only confirming what was already clear: that Griffin has little concern for his North West of England constituency. While the people of Cumbria were suffering the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in England and even Griffin’s own publicly funded staff were worried that the roof of their new constituency office might blow off, Griffin went on a walkabout in his east London target seat, followed by a trip to Spain.

His actions have exposed him as the same type of power-hungry politician that he always accuses MPs from the three main parties of being.”

Nick the Greek said...

it shocks me the support on this site for the BNP! British public are at a low at current but lets not allow our selves to become desperate enough to resort to the BNP?! things are not so bad as to pin all our hopes on one party, let alone one who has never even been in power before, and racist?

as a young British person who has just been through the education system (NOT home educated and NOT private school educated) have not one negative thing to say only positive. in primary school i suffered from learning disablement and received A* help and i recently got very satisfactory GCSE and A-level results, so please tell me what is exactly wrong with our education system? when the youth who do badly do not help themselves.

as a half Greek half Caucasian member of the British public i feel i do not even have the right to be a supporter of the BNP even if i wanted to (when my father and his family took salvation here) so who would you BNP supporters suggest i vote for in the next general election?

I QUIT THE BNP said...

I have been asked to keep my mouth shut however i find that i can not keep this secret any more in a discussion between roy west and the bnp from failsworth they are planning to stir up racial tension three week before election with various tactics how do i know this because i am a spy for the local conservatives who for the last twelve months have managed to inflitrate the bnp around Oldham and Tameside and they are dogs of war do not vote these people they are to extreme if they were to find out who i was well i would be in fear for my life

there is a man going round collecting names said...

And I heard as it were the noise of thunder
One of the four beasts saying come and see and I saw
And behold a white horse
There's a man going around taking names and he decides
Who to free and who to blame every body won't be treated
Quite the same there will be a golden ladder reaching down
When the man comes around

The hairs on your arm will stand up at the terror in each
Sip and each sup will you partake of that last offered cup
Or disappear into the potter's ground
When the man comes around

Hear the trumpets hear the pipers one hundred million angels singing
Multitudes are marching to a big kettledrum
Voices calling and voices crying
Some are born and some are dying
Its alpha and omegas kingdom come
And the whirlwind is in the thorn trees
The virgins are all trimming their wicks
The whirlwind is in the thorn trees
It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks
Till Armageddon no shalam no shalom

Then the father hen will call his chicken's home
The wise man will bow down before the thorn and at his feet
They will cast the golden crowns
When the man comes around

Whoever is unjust let him be unjust still
Whoever is righteous let him be righteous still
Whoever is filthy let him be filthy still
Listen to the words long written down
When the man comes around

Hear the trumpets hear the pipers one hundred million angels singing
Multitudes are marching to a big kettledrum
Voices calling and voices crying
Some are born and some are dying
Its alpha and omegas kingdom come
And the whirlwind is in the thorn trees
The virgins are all trimming their wicks
The whirlwind is in the thorn trees
It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks
In measured hundred weight and penny pound
When the man comes around

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts
And I looked and behold, a pale horse
And it's name it said on him was Roy West
And Hell followed with him.

Old Labour1958 said...

Thousands of illegal immigrants from almost every Third World country imaginable have been given jobs in the public sector while indigenous British unemployment continues to creep up towards the three million mark.

Former Conservative now BNP supporter said...

If the BNP leafleted my house five years ago they would have received their leaflet back ripped in two followed by verbal abuse. If the BNP leafleted my house in 2010 I would invite them and offer them a donation. I was completely misled on what the BNP actually stood for. When you study the policies of the BNP and then listen closely to what they have to say you realise that the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats parties are three branches of the same tree. They offer no alternative and all support the ongoing erosion of the British way of life and absorption of Britain into the EU.

When you hear all these people constantly calling the BNP it is worth bearing in mind that they all support immigration and loss of British national identity. They support multiculturalism and minority over majority rights. They are slaves of political correctness and the kind of people scholars of the future will use as case models on a form of cancer which can destroy a nation from within.

The future is terrifying. Islamification and Sharia are the future if the monopoly of the three party con trick is not broken. It is heroic figures like Roy West and his comrades who can save this country. If they fail; start growing your beard and choosing Jilbabs, Hijabs and Burkhas for your women folk.

the blinkers are off said...

If you think this is acceptable, vote Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat.

vote Lib/Lab/Con for more of the same said...

Its all part of the Lib, Lab and Con multicultural dream

Max Cain said...

That's why white people need to WAKE up, new Labour are scum they are destroying Britain.

let the peoples court decide said...

Forget the elderly, you know - the ones who have worked and payed tax and insurance all their lives and are currently freezing to death because they cannot aford to have the heating on. This is how you local Lib/Lab/Con cartel members think money is best spent.

Roy West said...

Former Conservative now BNP supporter thanks for your comment. I don't see myself as an heroic figure, But you watch this video and you see the reality now facing British folk. It's nothing to do with hate for other races. The issue facing Brits is clear cut. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.

The likes of Taylor/Wild/UAF, will not see the concern of ordinary white people in communities where Brits have become a minority, because that is what they want for all of our communities. They are in favour of mass immigration like you said.

Here is the means of showing that the immigrant communities can organise to consolidate their members, to agitate and campaign against their fellow citizens, and to overawe and dominate the rest with the legal weapons which the ignorant and the ill-informed have provided.

As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’.

That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic but which there is interwoven with the history and existence of the States itself, is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect. Indeed, it has all but come. In numerical terms, it will be of American proportions long before the end of the century.

Only resolute and urgent action will avert it even now. Whether there will be the public will to demand and obtain that action, I do not know. All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal.

Anonymous said...

It almost passes belief that at this moment twenty or thirty additional immigrant children are arriving from overseas in Wolverhampton alone every week - and that means fifteen or twenty additional families of a decade or two hence. Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre. So insane are we that we actually permit unmarried persons to immigrate for the purpose of founding a family with spouses and fiancées whom they have never seen.

Anonymous said...

It almost passes belief that at this moment twenty or thirty additional immigrant children are arriving from overseas in Wolverhampton alone every week - and that means fifteen or twenty additional families of a decade or two hence. Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre. So insane are we that we actually permit unmarried persons to immigrate for the purpose of founding a family with spouses and fiancées whom they have never seen.

no change without revolution said...

When you consider the disgusting treatment of the British people at the hands of the traitors who have infested the corridors of power for the last four decades, you have to ask yourself what will it take to wake up the masses. Maybe they enjoy being fourth class citizens in their ancestral homeland while immigrants and the political class squander our collective wealth.

MADE IT said...

What a hard slog getting to work today, left the car at home got the train then onto the bus finally walking a couple of miles into work arrived half an hour late, my boss was waiting for me with a cuppa and some toast.
She let us all go home one hour earlier with a promise of a goodwill bonus at the end of the month shes a star make it all worth it, how did you go on today Roy getting into work, did you make it again?

UAF said...

Roy's new new years resolutions.
Not to racially harass his good neighbour,and he will not beat the shit out of his wife again.

John Yates said...

Made it, your employer is one of a rapidly vanishing breed.
Under the international capitalism that has begun to engulf Britain in the last thirteen years, cheap foreign Labour, beloved of employers and the treacherous, Britain hating New Labour government has been shipped in in massive uncontrolled numbers at the expense of the existing population and what they are paid.
The increase in one of Labour's core votes, unemployable benefit scum who do not WANT to work has gone hand in hand with increased and unreformed welfare payments. The payoff for Labour is the votes of these deadbeats. I don't know Mr West or his situation but you'd be better attacking the Judas New Labour government than one man whose politics you don't like.

A.H. Lawton said...

UAF's New Year resolutions:
Stop hating white people.
Develop some character, policies and guts to stand for democratic election rather than trying to wreck it because we don't like the policies of one Party.

UAF said...

Deadbeats,benefit cheats, Mr West no we dont want them voting for us the BNP are welcome to them.

A.H. Lawton said...

No-one will be voting for you as you're not a political Party, just a buch of infantile anti-democratic thugs.

Pavlov's dogs said...

The Labour mafia and their allies will not know what has hit them when their day of reckoning comes. Does anyone remember the look of disbelief on the face of Nicolae Ceausescu as the Romanian people turned on him? Three days later he and his wife were in front of a firing squad. Something the Labour troughmeisters reading this should bear in mind.

conditioned reflex said...

This is a very informative website about Ceausescu and the Communist regime in Romania. Let us hope that none of our local politburo members end like the Ceausescu‘s did.

.22 for Beria said...

While on the subject of Communist dictatorships I come across an interesting piece in today’s Telegraph. Here it is Britain's quality of life worse than former Communist countries

Labour Out. said...

Two plots in six months to get rid of Brown. He's wobbling.
Imagine that miserable, sour faced git in a live 90 minute TV debate. Even Michael Foot had more electoral appeal.

tonydj said...

This is the last straw! Pensioners are burning books to keep warm!

All you Labour members read THIS, then hang your heads in shame.

Speak no more to me of "Fighting Fascism", "Racism" or "Hitler". Even in the darkest days of WW2 we never fell this low. This is the stuff of the seige of Leningrad...and it is happening under LABOUR ...NOW.

"Where they burn books they will soon burn people"

Labour Out. said...

Gas bills up 40% in the last two years.
Electricity bills up 20% in the last two years.
Labour will give pensioners a few quid extra if it's ultra cold for a set period. The rest of the time they'll just have to manage or freeze, while bankrupt Brown jets off to Copenhagen to give ANOTHER £1.5 of our money billion to the Third World.
You'll be glad to know all the main Parties have ring fenced international aid as it's top of their priorities. The lives of British people and pensioners, and doing something about the obscene profiteering of the Utilities companies is a distant last.

only carrying out orders said...

Lets be honest when it comes to burning people we have some real experts with good historical knowledge on how to do that with the BNP.

The final solution said...

Want some good advice tonyj stay clear of issues about burning people with your party's links to the Nazis.

Labour Traitors said...

Muslims urged to vote Labour

Anonymous said...

I see Ky Marland is in the paper again doing good work, hes in more than the three ineffective councillors we have in our ward. said...

Halal Slaughter Practices Exposed

Big brave BNP man said...

Would you include people like West who beats the shit out of his wife and gets kicked out for it ?

Birch lane resident said...

Thamk you Mr West, he was out again to day getting that deadly ice up off our path way.

UAF said...

To late for that one Westy Taylor and Wild beat you to it.You concentrate on beating up defenceless females and benefit fraud your speciality.

Anonymous said...

Never too late, thats why you need to make a comment.

Keep the ban said...

Lets make the 5th November Ky Fox night,help save the foxes from them dreadful toffs who want to kill them.

Anonymous said...

0808 2000 247 24 hour help line National Domestic Help line.

up early for England said...

If you can shift snow you can get a job, what's the excuse now Mr West to busy to get a job now are we ,never mind lets all do some more overtime to keep the lazy sod.

Anonymous said...

Reading all these comments on here about roy west, you are a sad lot fixed on this guy. Really un-healthy stuff on this blog. Has this guy got a plan to take over the world or something? Bloody hell get yourselves a life.

Ronald Oakshott said...

Big brave BNP man, as Mr West is not to my knowledge a traitor or repeat criminal, no.

Nationalist said...

Without Roy West, Nick Griffin would not be an MEP. Fact.

oh rrrr said...

Every area has a village idiot ours is West it makes life less boring.

Anonymous said...

A vilage idiot, that you just can't stop talking about and posting on here about. Get a life you tit.

Anonymous said...

NHS 'steals' millions from our hero carers

Millions of pounds earmarked to give Britain’s unsung army of carers vital short-term breaks is being plundered by the NHS to plug big holes in health budgets.

A shocking 80 per cent of a £50million package has been creamed off by primary care trusts before it reaches hard-pressed carers who work round the clock to help loved ones to stay at home.

Health chiefs have been accused of “moral outrage” and “stealing” the money which was meant to finance paid home help to give carers respite breaks from their duties.

Carers support groups have now written to NHS chief executive David Nicholson to say: “Hands off our cash.”

Last night support group boss Charles Walker said: “The Government accepted that carers are a valuable part of the community and save them millions of pounds.

“Unelected primary care trust representatives have said ‘Stuff that, we’re going to make our own decisions’.

“There are thousands of people daily grinding their lives down looking after loved ones. A weekend away, a day trip or even a couple of hours at the social club is invaluable.”

Labour’s National Carers Strategy earmarked £150million over two years to support Britain’s six million hard-pressed carers with paid home help, allowing them short breaks from their duties.

The cash was given to primary care trusts to distribute but just £10million of the first year’s £50million has made it to the people who look after elderly relatives, sick children or the disabled which enables them to live at home and save the NHS a fortune.

Research by the Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Crossroads Caring for Carers revealed PCTs were using the cash to prop up their own budgets.

its in the open now said...

Try looking at some facts before you have ago at people who slag the village idiot off.
The village idiot spends all his time moralising on this blog,hes a convicted criminal, a serial wife beater hes been removed from his home for it, children in the home complained of feeling threatened by him.
The village idiot as been arrested several times for threatening behavior, he racially abuse a young girl in Hyde park hes been caught sending unsolicited mail to his neighbours, caught sending taxis and other delivery agencies to neighbours homes when in Hyde.
He tells people he had to move from Hyde to get away from thugs who attacked him, the truth is he was moved to prevent a riot on Werneth Ave,his neighbours demanded his removal, video evidence proved beyond any doubt it was him causing the trouble.
He is well known for sending huge amounts of repetitive emails and post cards to elected officials and council officers,MPs,and other government offices he even does it on this blog,we all know its an illness despite constant posting on here about him being a benefit cheat the truth is he cant work with his illness.
People who use this blog may have received a strange phone call some weeks ago from a man clearly trying to disguise his voice this is another one of his tricks, nuisance calls nuisance mail its all part of his illness.
He has even tried calling local radio stations with his disguised voice because most of them will not allow him on any more,he now uses other names to try and fool them,all of this is being monitored.
His political party know of his illness and they are aware of the problems he causes in the community, not a worry for the BNP they are using him they wont dump him until he does something silly again and he becomes an liability they need all the workers they can get.
This man wants to be an elected official and represent a community if you want to know the truth go and knock on the doors and streets around Werneth Ave in Hyde and ask them about him,for years he threatened to stand in the local elections as an independent candidate, he never did and that's because he knew the locals knew all about his illness and anti social behavior in the area.
The same will happen in Dukinfield already several neighbours have logged complaints about him, he will turn on them just like he did with his German neighbour and his landlord will have to move him once again, hes been moved several times now and every time he blames everybody else for the move.
All this information comes from a member of his family he knows who it is and he knows its true.

Anonymous said...

Yes above but supply evidence, allegations are no good with out evidence. Put up or shut up.

Why I shall not be renewing my UKIP membership said...

During over 10 years in UKIP in which I was National Chairman of Wales, Officer Manager in Birmingham for 6 months, Branch Chairman of Cheltenham, stood in 3 General Elections (The first being with the Referendum Party in 1997), 1 Euro and 1 Local Election I am finally leaving the Party and will not be renewing my membership this February.
My last 5 years I have spent trying to raise the standards of the party to make it electable in its own right. Many of us believe it is not more politicians we need but to leave the EU. Our failure to achieve this and set a clear direction for the party has been reflected by the abject failure of UKIP to achieve anything at all towards leaving the EU.
The lack of probity and transparency has dogged the party escalating under Nigel’s leadership. Sadly it looks as if UKIP have learnt from the EU and not exposed it! Furthermore and nearly as important the party has suffered from abysmal leadership and lacked an overall plan and has never adopted a workable strategy or tactics that would help it achieve its primary reason for being.
, but he fought for the post to ensure that his comfortable EU existence on the gravy train was NOT disturbed. Now of course despite a new puppet leader, in Lord Pearson, Nigel has marched his MEPs into the EFD Group, in the EU pretend Parliament ,a group that has people in it who are even worse that our own BNP.
Despite an increasingly Eurosceptic public UKIP’s membership has declined from around a high of 29,000 in 2004 to 13,000 today. This is clearly an indication that all is NOT well in UKIP.
Life after the ratification of The Lisbon Treaty has changed many things and I now believe UKIP is not only beyond reform but that reformed or otherwise it is now largely irrelevant to us being able to leave the EU.
So before I finish I think it only fair to explain the type of party I hoped to be working towards:-
A party open to all regardless of race colour or creed which used its successes in the Euro Elections to fund the essential work in the UK to educate the public about the reality of being part of the EU. UKIP MEPs should have had the strength of character to stand in the EU Parliament on their own while spending far more of their time in the UK rather than Brussels. Full transparency of MEPs accounts should have been mandatory. The party should have initially concentrated on providing electoral pressure on the LibLabCon turning success in this area to its advantage to build into a fully fledged party when the time was right. The MEPs should have used their elected status to lead the drive to educate the British people cascading the information down through the membership to the general public. Training and more training should have been carried out at every level and PPCs for General Elections should have received endless in house training to fashion them into a competent professional candidate. Candidates should have been able to stand as UKIP then put in brackets New labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrats thus instantly doing away with the need for any time wasting on producing ‘policies’ as it would have been all too clear as to a candidates beliefs. So a UKIP (New Labour) candidate would have been saying to the electorate I believe in New Labour policies but on the EU I’m for coming out.
As to the future I believe that one of the existing parties will eventually have to offer the people a referendum on the IN or OUT option as it becomes increasing clear how disadvantaged we are by the Lisbon Treaty.
Having given up on UKIP and the LibLabCon I believe my only honourable option at the next General Election is to stand as an Independent candidate and have set this in motion already in my constituency having distributed 5,000 leaflets already with another 5,000 to follow in JanuarySo farewell UKIP a party that promised so much and delivered so little for the PEOPLE of the UK that is apart from the self enrichment of its 13 MEPs.

Niall Warry.

Roy West said...

People should know that, for five years, UKIP leaders were passing members details to Searchlight SWP.

John Yates said...

It's in the open now, if Mr West is such an obvious and hopeless troublemaker and mental case why are you so concerned that you produce such a long, detailed and totally unsubstantiated rant?
True he was mystifyingly convicted of racially abusing another white person after apparent provocation and losing his temper, but I'm told he's in his mid forties with an otherwise clean record.

Truth said...

Roy, have you ever had a job? have you ever paid income tax or NI?
If not you are just another able bodied sponger who has found a way to milk the system. You can spend your life whinging about how hard working you are, whilst stealing money from genuine tax payers, You are just canker, lower than scum. Put something into the community before looking up what you can claim.
You are I an afraid lower than a Labour MP, they have at least been to school/college/uni. Whilst your life as a professional victim, neither knowing or caring where your next monetary fix comes from. Please have the dignity to beg, instead of stealing hard working peoples wages to fund your idleness.

We know it's you Westie said...

Its in the open now is actually West himself. He craves attention and posted the above to become the centre of debate.

Tameside Nationalist said...

In many parts of Britain it's now scum rule. These animals are protected by New Labour's worship of the EU and its Human Rights Act. The BNP is the only Party that will withdraw Britain from Europe and scrap the Act and all other European laws. As a truly independent nation we could then deal with ALL criminals by instituting a PUNISHMENT based Criminal Justice System which would include restoration of the death penalty and the birch for the local thugs and vermin who blight the lives of the decent law abiding majority.

Fake UKIP said...

We already know it's a FAKE party, we have a FAKE UKIP candidate here in Tameside.

Tameside Citizen said...

If any of the people named above want posts removing please contact me via email.

Anonymous said...

TC - that would require us to read them!

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