Wednesday, 18 February 2009

FC United in Tameside

You’ve got to take your hat off to these guys for making the break from Manchester United PLC – a club who are totally devoid of principles or loyalty to their fans and I say this as a ‘K stand’ season ticket holder of many years standing. FC United should be a model for all genuine football fans that have become or are becoming alienated from their clubs due to boardroom greed and genuine disregard for the wishes of fans.

Would you believe that since the Glazier takeover of United, season ticket holders have been forced to buy tickets for all home cup matches regardless of if they do or do not want to see these particular matches. It is plain and simple extortion and it led me to take the painful decision to become a ‘profiteer’ in so much as I now ‘hire’ out my season ticket on a year by year basis rather than attend OT. I used to really enjoy the Euro away games too but no more!

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