Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Rail links 'would create £10bn' (and eliminate the need to build the bypass)

Creating better and faster rail links between cities in the north of England and London could benefit the UK economy by more than £10bn, a report has said. The report for Development agency group The Northern Way said it also wanted to see new fast cross-Pennine services, connecting all northern England cities. The benefits would be £3.5bn for the North, £3.5bn for Greater London and £3bn for the rest of the UK, it said. Reduced travel times and better access for businesses would generate funds. The Northern Way includes three Northern Regional Development Agencies. They are Yorkshire Forward, One NorthEast and the Northwest Regional Development Agency.
The Northern Way wants to see:
An eastern high-speed rail line running from London via the east of England and East Midlands to Yorkshire, the North East and on to Scotland A western line from London to the North West with connections to Heathrow and the West Midlands A trans-Pennine link. Professor Begg said: "There are very worthwhile benefits for the North East and Yorkshire from a high-speed line on the east side of the country and for the North West from a high-speed line on the west side."


Liam said...

We do need more cross rail links in Tameside and further out. I find it ridiculous that Glossop and Hadfield doesn't have a much needed link to Sheffield and other parts of the High Peak. We do need money invested in public transport, I thought the TIF would be welcome in Glossopdale which the GMPTA covers.

Also, you all maybe interested in an article from Graham Brady, Conservative MP for Altrincham, Sale & West. It describes what economical benefit Manchester would have by selling Manchester Airport which I am massively in favor of.


Anonymous said...

Ex Para

I too think it would be a good idea to sell the airport. Graham Brady makes a lot of sense on this issue.