Thursday, 13 September 2007

BNP site gets most political hits

The British National Party has the UK's most visited political party website, online researchers have revealed. The far right website gets seven times more visitors than Labour's website, and three times more than the Tories' much-promoted effort. The BNP's website attracts more than half of all internet traffic to political party sites, according to Hitwise, an online monitoring firm. Robin Goad, research director at Hitwise, said: "Visits to a political party's website are not the same thing as votes in an election. "This is borne out by the fact that the BNP has occupied its position as the most visited political party website for two years, but hasn't managed to translate this into electoral success. "One explanation for the site's popularity may be that people are using it as an 'alternative' news source." Last month MPs called on social-networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace to ban the BNP from spreading its material on their pages. With 18 per cent of visits to the top ten political party websites, the Conservative Party's homepage is the most popular of the mainstream parties; in August 2007 it received 150 per cent more visits than Labour's homepage.
Top ten: most visited political party websites

1. British National Party per cent
2. Conservative Party per cent
3. Labour Party per cent
4. Liberal Democrat per cent
5. UK Independence Party per cent
6. Green Party per cent
7. Scottish National Party per cent
8. Respect Coalition per cent
9. Sinn Fein per cent
10. Plaid Cymru per cent
This must be very worrying for the political establishment. No wonder they are so keen to censor the internet.
Tameside Citizen


Liam said...

I am not really surprised over these statistics, as we all know rival parties are constantly watching the BNP movement. The increased visits may come from worried rival parties or John Taylor.

It is good to see that people are seeking alternative sites to get a different political representation within the media. Blogs such as this one are an excellent example.

Tameside Citizen said...

Liam said: "rival parties or John Taylor".

I like your style Liam; I think we all know that Cllr Taylor scours the web looking for any little titbit's he can find about the BNP. He comes up with some pretty obscure and bizarre stuff. He has a friend in Google. ;-)

NCB1970 said...

"BNP site gets most political hits"

The answer is obvious, the BNP is different and interesting.


west roy kevin said...

Back in 2003 a letter sent to me from cllr John Taylor states, "I do not wish to receive any more letters from people, who i think are supportive of the bnp."
This is democracy John Taylor style.

west roy kevin said...

It is very strange that Councillor John Taylor has never acknowledge what has taken place against my family. He knows about all the violent attacks and our windows being smashed, he knows why New Charter housing re-housed us in Dukinfield. In fact the conduct of all three Dukinfield cllrs has left my family wonder if there is an hidden agenda. What is stopping Cllr Wild from showing support and helping us get some answers from the police as to why the thugs were allowed to carry out acts of violence against my family. I am amazed at Cllr Taylor's conduct at the Town Hall count when he turned his back and walked away has I gave my few words. These politicians talk about respect for democracy and free speech. At least I can say that support is continuing to grow in Dukinfield.

mums the word said...

The following letter was sent by cllr John Taylor to a citizen then living in Hyde.
Thank you for your post card again, I am already aware of letters that have been sent to our local papers and radio stations, telling them about your attitude when contacting agencies and the possibilty that someone took a court order against you. someone campaigning on law and order with a court order against them if you have one will not look good, and I know that during the election period you will be exposed.

mums said...

The following letter came two days later from cllr John Taylor to the same citizen then living in Hyde.
If it is true you have a court order against you. Should you be preaching about law and order. You can not stand, or be a councillor, you have to abide by certain rules from the standards bence and the code of practice.

mums the word said...

This message was sent to an email source by Cllr John Taylor.
....and we have some real shit on one of your Tameside members wife beater and could be more keep looking we are almost ready to print. Message on the 12/07/2007.

mums the word. said...

Following message sent by Cllr John Taylor to the same email source. 12/07/2007.
"We will wait untill he becomes the local candidate in Tameside then during the election we will expose him this will give you time to route him out for yourselves, he had to move out of the family home during the period he was abusing her, it's all documented we have all the shit we need on him and we will do it.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe for one moment that these are genuine e-mails from Cllr John Taylor.


mums the word said...

Oh yes they are genuine emails from the king of Dukinfield himself.

Liam said...

For some reason, I think they are aimed at me as I replied to a blog post titled "mums the word" recently.

However the context does not relate to me and I am absolutely confused as to what the context means... perhaps it is to intimidate a political opponent? This is clearly the objective.

I am not standing this year and don't intend to as there would be too much scrutiny over my prefered "lifestyle".

Answers on a postcard please Mr. Taylor.

mums the word said...

Taylor is going on about the Tameside bnp having a wife beater in it's ranks.

Mr wag said...

I am joining forces with sean parker-perry in the campaign against the local fascist in my area.

Anonymous said...

FFS... What is all this domestic violence biatching on about? Lets face it, no one is perfect and perhaps she deserved the wrath of a BNP members hand.

Never the less, there are plenty of rumours concerning domestic violence in the Tameside Labour party. So I don't see how Labour can gain any momentum from this.

Stick to the real issues as to your personal bickering and perhaps people would feel inclined to vote and have faith in democracy.

ncb1970 said...

Someone went to prison recently for wife beating.

Was the culprit a BNP member or a Lib-Dem councillor?

Why doesn't Taylor condemn this crime?

political correctness said...

No man hath power over my rights and liberties and I over no man's.